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Hello Hello Hello
I have one issue...hello hello hello
@RoshanJha hello
@MagicalPhoenixϡ Are you MysticMagic ?
5:21 AM
yup @Roshan
@KushanRandima access granted
@DroidDev hello Gm
@DroidDev need ur small help :P
@MunimJi yes please
@DroidDev i am checking for whitespace ontextchangelistener of editext.. but its not working..
5:26 AM
I think there are in-built methods to check spaces in string
@DroidDev but its not working..
i tried using s.tostring().equals(" ")
GM guys ALL
Hi Harish
GM all
Can U do me a favour?
5:27 AM
@MunimJi that won't check the spaces IN the string, that will only check if string contains only a space character.
Morninf Devil
Morning Devil
@DroidDev then what should i do for that?
Can do me a favor?
@ Devil.
ya say, kushan
5:28 AM
@MagicalPhoenixϡ ok
@SweetWisherシ GM
@MunimJi I think trimming a string removes space from the string, but, its pretty easy task
Please star one of my chat messages. It will help me to get a winter hat.. Thanks
Good morning all
@SweetWisherシ Please star one of my chat messages. It will help me to get a winter hat.. Thanks
5:29 AM
@DroidDev are i dont want to remove space buddy.. i just want to check if user enter whitespace or not.
Dec 15 at 7:01, by SweetWisher シ
Stop starring messages, hat-seekers :@
yesterday, by DroidDev
Don't mass ping
@SweetWisherシ I can get a hat from stackover flow then
Hope you help me
@KushanRandima kindly do that in some other room. may be of casual chat, etc :)
or you can try posting a message which is worthy of a star :)
OK thanks.
I did so.
No one starred.
5:32 AM
which message?
Don't worry.. I'm sorry
@MunimJi you just need to check if the last character entered is a space or not in textchangelistener. Its pretty easy I think. Easily findable
good. have a nice day
@MagicalPhoenixϡ ya, like I do all the time
I will try my own
5:32 AM
@DroidDev ya ya :D
@SweetWisherシ What is your counrty?
Somalia...wait....that's where I live
Sounds good
hehe :P
not again
5:35 AM
Hey. @SweetWisherシ, How did U do that>
How did U post that Google thing
@SweetWisherシ do you know why those rockets are fired from google, I mean all those things, what do they signify?
pasted the image url
@DroidDev i think other PSLV was also launched...not sure :/
@SweetWisherシ and other things?
@SweetWisherシ What is your favorite programming language ??
@KushanRandima @Sweet is room owner and can do anything in this room. Room owners can do lot of things apart from banning people from chat :P
5:37 AM
@SweetWisherシ all d best for interview :)
brb :P
ya. u need to prepare, I understand :)
@DroidDev realy thnks for it. i didnt knw about it.. :P
where whats app saved all images can whats app save images other than their whats app media folder ?
5:49 AM
@DroidDev asking me? :P
@MunimJi oh! no no...that was about whatsapp :P
i m not sure i m asking from someone
who has idea about whats app
in which folders whats app can saved images ??
developers of whatsapp
5:56 AM
@ErumHannan O_O
well-prepared :P
@MagicalPhoenixϡ wechat :P
@SweetWisherシ wework :P
@SweetWisherシ no, we don't chat :P
@DroidDev wrked with Android Studio ?
@DroidDev i hazz smartzz phonezz :P
5:59 AM
@SweetWisherシ ya, for a little while, some time ago
@SweetWisherシ LUCKY YOU
Dec 26 at 12:36, by SweetWisher シ
in Java and Android era , 4 mins ago, by SweetWisher シ
Getting error when I run the project :
DEVICE SHELL COMMAND: pm install -r "/data/local/tmp/com.example.appname.myapplication"
pkg: /data/local/tmp/com.example.appname.myapplication
@SweetWisherシ lol, I think that the application you are trying to install was just installed from another computer in the same device
any idea ?
and now, the debug keystore don't match
so the android studio is telling you, that it will uninstall the app
before installing it from your computer
@DroidDev no no no...dong it for tht first time..
6:02 AM
@SweetWisherシ you are installing the app for first time on device?
@SweetWisherシ I don't think so, according to that note, the application already exist on your device
press OK anyway
is there any possible to create horizontal number picker ?
6:03 AM
did that. then m gettin error "
DEVICE SHELL COMMAND: pm uninstall com.example.name.myapplication
Unknown failure"
please guide me if is there any custom number picker ..
@SweetWisherシ sorry, in that case, ME NO KNOWZ WHATZ WRONG :(
@GurumoorthyArumugam tried wheel?
what exactly u want?
i want create a number picker in horizontal mode.
6:06 AM
same operation similar default android number picker doing
or spinner wheel
i want to edit the value
@DroidDev oke :D
i want to use edittext @MagicalPhoenixϡ
6:07 AM
@GurumoorthyArumugam edittext in picker?
not getting wht u want :/
@MagicalPhoenixϡ yeah you know number picker functionality ?
I know. u can scroll n pick a number from it.
yeah right but its editable then we can increase and decrease value of that edit text.
6:10 AM
I guess u would not get it readymade
u would have to take any horizontal picker library n make changes in it,
customize urself..
can someone tell me how can i maintain status of multiple images selection in grid view
I like the sound of that, you would not get it readymade lol
hi gm to all , there is any options like spinner with search box in android
sound of ur soul again:P
@Pans autCompleteTextView ?
@SweetWisherシ but, it only the sound of one of voices from my head...you know there are many inside :P
6:15 AM
@SweetWisherシ i have an dropdown listview using with spinner , here i want to show 100 items but also i want to search also
3 mins ago, by SweetWisher シ
@Pans autCompleteTextView ?
Morning Friends
@SweetWisherシ I posted it in tavern, 3 stars so far :P
hi GM to all, I how to sms plugin implement in android. I tried this github.com/asanka-x/Phonegap-SMS plugin, but I don't know how to call the javascript interface.
@DroidDev hahahahah greatooooo ..havnt got a hat yet :/
6:19 AM
@SweetWisherシ as you sow, so shall you reap, lol :P
Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_UID_CHANGED] tells to root a device O_o
@DroidDev :P
hates two ROs talking to themselves through removed messages
RO:Room Owner
Any body know about how to sms plugin javascript interface in phonegap...
@DroidDev hehehhee
do u want like this? @Senty
6:22 AM
@MagicalPhoenixϡ I tried but i don't know how to call the javascript interface
how can i maintain multiple selection in grid view any tutorial ?
@Senty I think there is a sendJavascript() method to send javascript from native code
@Senty did u read whole doc ?
I want to receive all the sms and send to another phone number in phonegap
@DroidDev ohooo PG guy :P
6:25 AM
yes I read all this
@Senty normally I use myJSInterface.methodName(param1, param2); from js to call JSInterface method. N that works
r u getting ny error?
in Java and Android era , 36 mins ago, by DroidDev
@Appu trying to debug an already made phonegap project and get how its werking :P
just saw that in it
and it WERKING, don't tell me itz WORKING :P
I followed the way to gave this docs
I want to implement this plugin github.com/asanka-x/Phonegap-SMS
where r u stuck?
6:27 AM
@ErumHannan yet working on the same? o_0?
@ErumHannan search on google. there are many.
on the same means ?
This does't work for me..

if possible can u pls guide me
what to guide, do googly.
6:29 AM
@MagicalPhoenixϡ did you see this plugin? github.com/asanka-x/Phonegap-SMS
yuppiiee..... successfully run but not launched :P deleting some files in Misc saved me
@DroidDev please mention hat-courtesy :P
@SweetWisherシ already done that, that's how I posted it, your name is already on it
@RobinHood actually i want to change imageview image on selection and deselection how will i manage ? will i manage on imageview click inside adapter or gridview item click following same tutorial
And you're welcome.. I was the first to star ;)
6:31 AM
@MagicalPhoenixϡ hehe, THANZES
@Senty yup
@MagicalPhoenixϡ yes..
Welcomessss @SilentKiller :))
@DroidDev ping me again.. :P
@MagicalPhoenixϡ morning
@SweetWisherシ chenx
@MagicalPhoenixϡ I want to implement that plugin please guide me
6:34 AM
@SilentKiller morning.., weccumm :)
@Senty m not getting where r u stuck.
@Senty did u try running that demo project ?
@SilentKiller lol, welcome for short period, because, I somehow have intuition that you won't stay for long
is there any error?
@MagicalPhoenixϡ chenx
@DroidDev lol
6:35 AM
although, we would like you to visit den, so that we can ping you once again from there too @Sil :P
@ErumHannan like this?
yes from right first one i want to highlight selected pictures and then want to get how many pictures are selcted if selected then deselect @RobinHood
@MagicalPhoenixϡ nop
Erum the Hannan!
@Senty can u kindly define Not working?
6:37 AM
the Hood Robin
@DroidDev i did i did if i repeat plz plz forgive... ;)
@Senty use paste.ofcode.org for log code please
use any code sharing site of ur choice for code @Senty
@MagicalPhoenixϡ no pastie :/
6:39 AM
@ErumHannan here is your breakfast,enjoy :P
works fine here @SweetWisherシ so habitual
@MagicalPhoenixϡ how to do that?
1 min ago, by SilentKiller
@Senty use paste.ofcode.org for log code please
@Senty instead of posting code here, use paste
share a link here.
@RobinHood i want omlet + Cheese jam sandwich + Coffee + wait for next order. ;)
6:42 AM
u will have to share from all veg items as m hungry :P
@SilentKiller I only pleased one person in a day and today is not your day.
@RobinHood please pass date and time. xD
@MagicalPhoenixϡ u want to file project code?
You are in a queue:)
6:45 AM
Hello hello hello
Light cut issue
@Senty what to do with this ?
@RobinHood am in asia not in qatar ;)
@SweetWisherシ thannks
@MagicalPhoenixϡ lol, eat less and run MOAR :P
@DroidDev may be new year resolution of 2020
6:46 AM
@MagicalPhoenixϡ hahaha sure sure
but I'm not sure about myself that tomorrow where I will be ;)
@MagicalPhoenixϡ I believe that :P
@MagicalPhoenixϡ how to share my hole project ?
@SilentKiller :D
@DroidDev yo
@Senty search on google
ok thanks @MagicalPhoenixϡ
6:49 AM
How to start one fragment for result ?
I have 2 fragments
On Save click of second fragment I need to change imageview's bitmap of 1st fragment
I created interface..... method is called but ui updating like text change of textview, bitmap change of image is not working
Any idea ? .... Any idea ? ......Any idea ?
@RoshanJha oye. subah se mike testing mode me ho? ya serial ke actor ka bhut aya he?
@RoshanJha we have invalidate in imageView. :P
@RobinHood adapter.setOnItemClickListener(new OnItemClickListener() {
public void onItemClick(AdapterView<?> adapterView, View view, int position, long id) {
Toast.makeText(this, "Item click: " + adapter.getItem(position).name, Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();
why they are using clik listener on adapter why not on gridview
@SilentKiller :P, interface method in 1st fragment is called successfully... but dont know UI is not updating.
6:54 AM
@RoshanJha try runonuithread
@ErumHannan no idea.
@ErumHannan call them
how ?
@ErumHannan ask the person who gave you link.
6:56 AM
@SilentKiller Not working
I have tried that
@MagicalPhoenixϡ :|
@RoshanJha show your interface method
This is in 2nd fragment
This is 1st fragment
@RoshanJha why this.getResources() ?? use getActivity().getResources()
22 mins ago, by SweetWisher シ
1 min ago, by SilentKiller
@Senty use paste.ofcode.org for log code please
7:03 AM
@RobinHood tag him..
I'll, if I feel :)
@RobinHood tragic.
comic :D
7:07 AM
@SilentKiller That was just test to check if it is taking resource drawable or not but it is not working
@RoshanJha can you show toast there ?
I have also tried getActivity().getResources() but it is not working
Let me check that
@RobinHood What happned ?
Yet nothing and your side?
Toast shown
7:11 AM
@RoshanJha it mean you are getting context and no issue with UI operation too. how you're setting that path image ?
@SilentKiller I also tried to set text to one of my Textview... that simple thing is also not working
I am priting that path... Checked in device image exist there
@RoshanJha ny error?
@MagicalPhoenixϡ not a single one
I am just clue less
Should I try to force my whole layout ?
okok ?
7:14 AM
@Strider this is not time pass brother
@RoshanJha tell me your error..!
Let me invalidate whole view
Anybody used page curl library?
not yet
Give me suggestion if you find guys..
Invalidate not worked
7:18 AM
@RoshanJha check one thing whether its assigning old image again ?
@SilentKiller old image means ?
@RoshanJha but what is your problem brotherr..!
@RoshanJha you are assigning any image to that imageview at onCreateView or on onResume() method ?
@SilentKiller Got it :P
7:20 AM
I am doing that in onCreateView
I think thats issue
@RoshanJha very good. :P
@SilentKiller :D I am new to Fragment world
@RoshanJha lols.. okay whether you issue solved or not ?
@SilentKiller Checking it.
So I need to make that view global in 1st fragment... and id onCreate if its null then only inflate otherwise not.. right ?
@RoshanJha nopes.. use a global bitmap assign default or old image at onCreate() and assign that at onCreateView() while in interface method assign new image to that global Bitmap
that will resolve your issue
7:26 AM
@SilentKiller But as I am replacing fragment, when I come back its onCreateView will be called again
@RoshanJha but your global bitmap will have data of new image which you'll assign in interface method.
@SilentKiller default image is set using layout.xml file
so I set it using onCreate... it will work
@DroidDev :D
@DroidDev its so easy. :P
@RoshanJha yup
7:28 AM
@SilentKiller How would I get access of imageview in onCreate method ?
as view is created in onCreateView method
Using global imageview ?
@Sadiq access granted
@MagicalPhoenixϡ Thanks
i have a menu which works fine until a posback occurs
and that resets the state of Menu
@RoshanJha you need to assign Bitmap not imageview
let me share with you the code
7:33 AM
@SilentKiller I am facing while setting bitmap to imageview.. I am getting bitmap from 2nd fragment
I want my Menu to retain the state even after postbacks
Im coding in ASP.Net and using jQuery
@SilentKiller Are you getting me ?
@SilentKiller Thanks, but problem is UI updation, I am getting bitmap, line 22 from your code is not taking effect
@Sadiq no idea abt asp.net
7:38 AM
Let me test though
did u try invalidate ?
@MagicalPhoenixϡ alrite!
@SilentKiller I got your point, thought it will work but no success
@SweetWisherシ If this was for me then yes
@RoshanJha then try setBackground(drawable) once :/
aah silly mistake, let me check it again
Done dona done done
@SilentKiller Thanks you are my true friend
7:48 AM
hehehe wht was that silly mistake
Forgot to call setImageBitmap... :P.... but defining bitmap in onCreate worked as @SilentKiller suggested, we dont need runonuithread though
Good.. congooo
anyone worked with volley?
8:12 AM
@RoshanJha Nice
so nice
8:34 AM
@RoshanJha good. if this was helpful to you then please accept my answer.. xD ;)
@SilentKiller Ok sirji
@user3232044 access granted
@SilentKiller I have accepted it, check your points :D
8:46 AM
@MagicalPhoenixϡ thanks for accept
appView.sendJavascript("javascript:getMassTimes();"); not working in phonegap
any error in logs?
and also:
try with appView.sendJavascript("getMassTimes();");
@MagicalPhoenixϡ i will try after checking i told result
2 hours ago, by SilentKiller
@Senty use paste.ofcode.org for log code please
@MagicalPhoenixϡ CordovaWebView: TIMEOUT ERROR using
8:57 AM
Q: Cordova webview TIMEOUT ERROR

FilnikI've tried to use the following code: cordovaWebView = (CordovaWebView) findViewById(R.id.cordovaWebView); cordovaWebView.loadUrl("file:///android_asset/www/index.html"); And I get various URLs injecting javascript like this: cordovaWebView.loadUrl("javascript:CreateFormPlugin.showPage('1')")...

try solutions on this
@SilentKiller I have one question
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