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6:01 PM
@Kevin another Kevin is answering @MartijnPieters's question!
@MartijnPieters Unfazed? Nice because it's another word whose logical antonym, fazed, doesn't exist.
@davidism That explains why I'm fading in and out of reality, Back to the Future style.
english.stackexchange.com/questions/216370/… sounds like people get annoyed because he doesn't have a solid command of the language and he's talking nonsense
@ZeroPiraeus I like that one, in the context of a person that is not discombobulated.
He's disturbing the space-Kevin-time continuum!
6:02 PM
It's like that bad sci-fi/fighting movie The One, where the more alternate universe copies of yourself die, the stronger you become.
@davidism I was fooled by that, until I noticed that the avatar was the wrong green...
I remember that film. Decent for what it was.
@ZeroPiraeus and the fact that unfazed has no equivalent fazed is a nice touch. Post it as an answer!
there's unfazed to fazed
@tristan who uses fazed these days.
6:04 PM
i weep for my native tongue
I think we can get combobulated to be a thing if we use our collective clout.
@MartijnPieters The reference you want is thesaurus, not dictionary, for synonyms/antonyms
webster is one of my drinking buddies
@AirThomas yes, you are correct; I was muddling up the terms.
Now petitioning to rename str.join to str.combobulate in Python 4.X
6:05 PM
Computer geek of Dutch origin, so I'll claim foreigner status in this case.
@Kevin you mean python 2.9
No disclaimer required. One expects a pirate ninja to have many more important things occupying his mind.
Okay, not too many comments, so I can go catch a train. BBL perhaps.
@Kevin And str.split to str.discombobulate...
petition to change "mutable" to "fuckwitable"
6:06 PM
@MartijnPieters Done.
ya i got a YaFuckedUp exception "fuckwitable type unhashable for dict"
@tristan That should be YamError.
i know what i meant
We can't reveal our secret society's language to the greater Python community... Yet.
6:11 PM
got the chameleon hat by creating a profile on english.se
I think it might be more terrifying that my crab hat
i got that too!
3 mins left for 1 answer, if @MartijnPieters want's pizza...
@MartijnPieters there's answer #5 from me
I'll expand it in a second, need to make a good sample sentence
lol that people are linking to merriam webster as if it's somehow authoritative
merriam-webster is the w3schools of dictionaries
6:21 PM
@Ffisegydd, I think your OP asked you a follow-up question, but commented on his own post instead of your answer
Well, the OED isn't very accessible
that doesn't make MW correct
Nor does calling it "the w3schools of dictionaries" make merriam webster incorrect
There we go, I think he figured it out.
I'm surprised that wasn't a SyntaxError tbh
6:23 PM
@AirThomas your logic doesn't follow
You should throw in a "you should be using collections.Counter anyway" there, or else somebody will beat you to it
w3schools is accessible, but inaccurate sometimes. merriam websters is accessible, but inaccurate sometimes.
A: Antonym for "discombobulate"

davidism"Together" can be used as an adjective to mean level-headed or well organized. "Level-headed" and "organized" are good words as well, in that case. Martijn Pieters is one of the most together people I know. Nothing can faze him.

I accidentally a phrase
My sample sentence uses flattery, I'm sure to get the accept. :)
It also borrows from @Zero
6:25 PM
It's a good thing one of the Other Kevins popped in because my answer would have been the 5th otherwise, and it was 2 seconds too late
Mine was fifth
They should make an adjective form of "discombobulate" with the same spelling, but pronounced like "inconsolate". Just to confusify things further.
@davidism :-D
@davidism Yes, but it was only the fourth from this chat room, is what I'm saying
6:26 PM
@Kevin I think you just did.
well, there was Minnow too
@Kevin good shout, done so.
Ah, fair. Apparently it's too early on a Monday for me to be able to count to five.
As they say, "verbing weirds language". I expect the same for adjectiving.
@Ffisegydd - Printing a Counter object yields Counter({'b': 14, 'a': 7, 'd': 3, 'c': 3}), not a list of tuples.
6:27 PM
Adjectiving adjectives language.
@iCodez I...uhh...don't know what you're talking about mate.
<.< >.>
Next time I'm just going to edit it in so its in the history. :P
@Kevin Unfortunately there is already an adjectival form of "adjective".
I need to begin actively closing Flask and SQLAlchemy questions...
@Zero just noticed your tiny hat :3
6:30 PM
I had been using Imitation Crab in the same way, which was much more discreet.
Too bad Lattyware doesn't have a crab hat, it would be nicely meta on his crab monster avatar.
("but that looks more like a mollusc than a crab". Silence, hypothetical dissident! Avatars are subject to artistic interpretation.)
I can't flag, but i agree the last one is low quality and wants "make the code please" @Ffisegydd
6:32 PM
Is that a gong? Yep. GONG!
@Ffisegydd I don't think that question was customer support, I think it was just too broad/unclear.
i want the following to be closed:
@tristan Last one's already closed.
as well as:
oh yeah
6:34 PM
@matsjoyce TOCTTOU
The Official sopython gong is italics and contains 10 Os btw.
What's this gong business?
I can only vote on some of those because I don't understand what like 90% of them are asking
Pizza time! :-)
Thanks everyone, that was quite fun too.
And loads of good choices to pick from now.
6:36 PM
@Kevin most of them are "give me the code that does X"
+1 Just for the blatant buttering up of the OP in the sample sentence. — Martin Smith 29 secs ago
You know how python dictionaries are not guaranteed to store your data in any particular order?
6:44 PM
...Does it follow that values updated using PyDict_Update are not guaranteed to be located in the same address?
Err, do you mean that the objects will have the same memory address?
hmm, if dicts are implemented as hash tables, I'd expect existing values to remain where they are during an update
I was thinking of taking the &(PyObject *) of the value in the PyDict (somehow)...
With new items being added to the end of the bucket list
6:47 PM
...that way, if the user updated the dictionary, i'd still be able to reference the same spot.
@Kevin My assumption as well.
But I haven't read the code, so that's only my gut feeling
@NoobSaibot The value should remain the same, but its key position in the hash table may change if the number of bucket's change.
@matsjoyce Which would be a problem...
Ooh, number of buckets can change? That's cool.
@Martijn Your question has 3 upvotes and each of its 6 answers has 3 upvotes. Have quarters started pouring out of your CD tray?
6:50 PM
@Kevin I don't know. I'm just guessing of the C++ unordered_map
The memory address of the dictionary key can change when the C list underneath gets extended IIRC, but a reference is left to the new location
Let's see, if I was the dict implementation, where would I hide?
I guess for now i'll just have to put a disclaimer saying, "Don't update __dict__".
Thanks, all.
Wait, what @NoobSaibot? why are you leaving notes that say "hey, don't program"
Or rather "i did a thing that doesn't work with the design of the language, please adhere to the thing i did"
I found PyDict_Merge but I forgot that I don't speak C
Uh oh @Kevin. You were wrong and @matsjoyce was right. You know what that means. You need to give him your Room Ownership...
Uh oh!
I didn't write the rules :( I just make them up on the spot.
I've buried my room ownership in a lead box somewhere in the New Jersey pine barrens. If you can get past the inhospitable weather, the fugitives of the law, the cryptid beasts, and the overterritorial cranberry harvesters, you can have it.
6:59 PM
found it. they dredged it to build a stripmall
Ugh! Next time I'm shooting it into space.
@Kevin And the key is buried under 1 mile of Antarctic ice...
I've always wondered what a "strip mall" is. Oh ok, googled it.
It's like a regular mall, except there's no shared interior space that connects all the stores.
@Kevin Hello Huston, we have a box.
7:01 PM
Hah, I earned mullet again.
Slow cooking BBQ beef brisket tomorrow. Going to be amazing.
@tristan: Lol, it's more like "Don't update this particular function in __dict__ until it has completed in its dispatched thread.". But to be honest, I don't have a solution yet. A disclaimer will have to do.
...especially since it seems @matsjoyce was right about the addresses.
7:17 PM
@AirThomas The lights are flashing and the sirens are going.
The quarters still keep on rollin'
This includes 3 hats as well (2 I already had on other sites).
I got a hat from that question too :-) "warm welcome", I assume for upvoting a new user.
I just was awarded the Legendary badge on Meta.SO.
Nice :-)
7:19 PM
Okay, did not see that one coming.
awarded 19 hours ago but I only got the notification just now?
...oh, on Meta. I was confused for a bit.
Meta sites are the only sites where I've ever mortarborded. Ho hum.
I'm pretty sure the answer to this question is "No."
Backdated to midnight UTC.
@MartijnPieters Pineapples all round
Your ninja avatar works so well for so many hats.
7:21 PM
Next challenge: Red Baron.
Much, much harder, I fear.
@Kevin yeah, unless the process expects something special or expects to be able to write to stdout
my run file for flask has a task that requires cleanup in its thread so it doesn't vomit out exceptions
I'm not really in the mood to answer and get a comment saying "actually..." but you guys can go for it
too much typing for no internet points. i think i'm going to keep my answers under 200 words for a while
@MartijnPieters you're tied with one other use for 1st place network wide
7:25 PM
@davidism Yes, and the moment he gets a gold badge he'll pull ahead.
The only hat I can earn at this moment is Red Baron, the others are all tied to future events.
I'm going to be gone the 25th through the 2nd, so I'm going to miss most of the future hats. :(
@MartijnPieters did you use android and ios apps to get those badges?
@tristan what badges? I used my iPhone for the iOS app badges, and I used an emulator to run the Android app for the Bugdroid hat.
I stole my wife's phone to get the iOS app.
She was all, "give me back my phone!" And I was all, "It's important!"
It wasn't important. :(
My Selfie question was posted from my iPhone to also score the On the Road hat.
7:31 PM
I need more hats, woman!
I don't think I'll manage the close-reopen hat as the only site where I have those privileges rarely closes anything at all.
I had considered borrowing my daughter's Android tablet, but the emulator was just easier..
@AirThomas You only need to vote to reopen..
@MartijnPieters This might be considered by some here worthy of downvotes, I suppose ... but we never found a dupe, and a really good answer might then change people's minds ...
Those were the ones I was referencing, yes
@MartijnPieters The privilege is shared; it would have to be one of my own questions.
Which I can't vote to close.
7:34 PM
@ZeroPiraeus Hrm, not sure if it'll go +6 (or more) within Winter Bash though.
Unless I'm missing something.
@AirThomas Breaking Bad works for a question you voted to close, then voted to reopen.
I think the key to red baron is going to be a great answer with heavy edits to the question
@MartijnPieters Right. I can flag for closure, which may satisfy the VTC requirement, but I can't do anything to reopen except edit.
@AirThomas Yeah, the key then is finding the -2 or -3 question that can be edited into shape and answered to that extent.
Or earn some rep.
7:35 PM
Yeah, at <2k that's not going to be easy.
Anywho, dinner done, time to put up the Christmas tree.
So the kids can decorate it tomorrow.
@abc Codereview question
I need to work, instead I'm counting Os in my message
Hmm, if I ever decided to go back to reddit and do the secret santa, people would get the wrong impression of me from my post history.
I have something that google has been unhelpful on, and am wondering if anyone in here has come across it. I'm hoping to get the external (specifically if behind NAT) ip of a machine (lets call it the client) with python, without querying a webservice or externally running application, only the client application.
normally this would be done with socket.getsockname() as i understand but behind nat, this resolves to the internal IP
now, using another machine isnt a problem, so I could use paramiko to another server, but I'm hoping to have the code be entirely client side, and I haven't been able to bend paramiko to my will and use it to tell the remote server to give me back the client server's IP
7:54 PM
Makes sense to me that you have to ask an outside server what it sees. There's any number of places between the local machine and the outside that could change the address.
Well yes, I mean, this could be done in a few lines with Flask to return flask.reqeust.remote_addr, but this requires the external server app to run
That's just how it's gotta be
There's plenty of simple sites out there that already do this, icanhazip.com for example
yeah, but can this not be done over ssh? surely when a server receives an ssh connection it must know the computer it came from, why cant i get that info?
what davidism said, seriously.
sure, you can ssh to a server and then have it send a hook back to notify you of the ip address
7:56 PM
SSH still requires an external server ???
but no server side applictation
but it requires either talking to the multihomed box and saying "hey, what's my IP" or something that is talked to externally
what do you think sshd is?
a server side application
it's not like ssh works by magic
SSHD is a server-side application. You cannot get this information with the SSH client.
yes im aware that sshd is a server that facilitates this connection, im meaning no additional serverside app that doesn't come with, lets say, ubuntu
server side app*
7:58 PM
you could send the remote address back over the ssh tunnel
press up from the edit box to edit previous messages
unless it takes a different route than your http/https traffic
davidism: thank you, didnt know that
you can also delete messages using the drop down at the left
tristan: yeah, i just havent been able to figure out how to do so
8:00 PM
@tristan I actually don't know what command you'd use to get sshd to tell you the client's ip
@MikeRixWolfe seriously, it would be easier to use an http server, if you want to know the http route
env var SSH_CLIENT or something
@davidism yeah i'm aware, i've already written that, im just trying to see if i can get it to work with only a client side app
@tristan thank you ill go look into that
then the answer is no
you need something on a remote server
8:02 PM
i think he means 'requiring no extra software on the webserver' which is also sort of weird because then some web worker is sshing out, but hey, not my network
none of these are webservers
my bad, i lumped in some flask question
that was just another option i explored, my bad for muddying the question with a cross protocol example
@tristan thanks by the way, ssh_connection env var works perfectly
no problem
do you have an open question?
8:07 PM
no i do not
cool, no worries
Q: Find the IP address of the client in an SSH session

flybywireI have a script that is to be run by a person that logs in to the server with SSH. Is there a way to find out automatically what IP address the user is connecting from? Of course, I could ask the user (it is a tool for programmers, so no problem with that), but it would be cooler if I just foun...

well don't I look foolish, i was googling specifically how to do it with paramiko/python libraries so i missed that
also why i popped on here instead of the linux room, my bad i suppose
sorry for bugging you guys
unforgivable. turn in your access card.
cbg all!
8:19 PM
cbg inspectorG4dget
cbg dude, everything good?
This morning I entered the office and it smelled like salt water for one second.
This worries me.
She's in a really good mood today. Tried to shape my hand into what I can only assume was a gun - that was entertaining
She's asleep now, though, so that's good
had a great laugh with the family though, over the conversation with ml_guy last night
8:23 PM
@Kevin Just your mind playing tricks on you. Also, you didn't get a fleeting impression of scaly creatures transforming back into your colleagues.
He came in again this morning.
oh my! What happened? Did you have to kick him again?
hey guys
hey @ml_guy
8:27 PM
Do I sense an awkward coincidence?
are you kidding, the awkward coincidence meter is off the scales!
It's only awkward if we make it awkward guys. So...about that weather...
@inspectorG4dget summoned me. By the way, I have another question... How can i label a training corpus with scikit learn?
probably by using some labeling function it provides, along with labels and data
@ml_guy that's an incredibly broad question, so I'll give you a nice and simple answer: probably.
8:29 PM
The solstice has finally passed. I look forward to longer days.
Hold on... i will give details. Im writing more stuff.. hold on...
step 1: decide what to call each instance in your training set. Step 10: get a piece of paper, some scotch tape and a pen. Step 11: write the name of each label on a piece of paper. Step 100: Affix the corresponding piece of paper to the corresponding instance in the training set with the scotch tape
@Kevin possibly untrue! bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-30549149
@inspectorG4dget place sticky notes on your monitor next to the words
Ahh, I'd forgotten to import that library
8:31 PM
@Ffisegydd That's OK, I can accept later sun rises. I just need more total day time.
Yes. More daylight at the end of the day is very good.
If anything, later sun rises are desirable, because daylight occurring while I'm asleep is simply wasted.
That is the part of the day when toddlers become especially evil, unless you give them over to the great outdoors.
There is a brand new play park near me that has loudspeakers installed which yell at you if they sense motion after dark. They say, "STOP!!! This is a restricted area. Your picture has been taken and will be used to prosecute you. Leave the area now."
It makes me want to violence.
I wake up at 5am, it's dark no matter what time of the year.
@davidism: that's when I go to sleep these days
8:35 PM
Barring (an)arctic circle shenanigans.
You're a crazy person though. I'm usually up at 7am.
I'm not crazy. My mother had me tested
I was referring to davidism, but I'm sure you're crazy too.
You weren't crazy at the time of testing. That tells us little about now.
By now I fixed the I/O problem, actually I all ready vectorized both parts of the corpus (train/test). The problem right now is I dont figure how to build the labeling, let's say i want to classify with Multinomial Naive Bayes and i have the train .txt in a directory as follows: ('string','string'),('string','string'),...,('string','string'),'LABEL'
8:37 PM
@ml_guy you need to decide what aspect of your documents you want to study
mnb = MultinomialNB()
mnb.fit(trainset, y) my question is what would be the best way to build this "y"
What is the desired output for one such line from this file?
let's say HAM or SPAM are the classes just as an example
Well if you have the data then you should already know whether each document is ham or spam. You just need to append that to the line when you save it to your text file. It makes no sense to do it after the fact, once you're processed into bigrams.
@Ffisegydd: it's already in the lines of the txt file. @ml_guy wants to know how to get them out of the lines and put them into some datastructure
8:40 PM
Oh I see, I misunderstood.
It's along the lines of "I want to make two lists/arrays - one contains the bigrams, the other contains the labels. labels[i] is the label for the i-th set/sequence of bigrams"
Yeah. In which case there's nothing builtin that can do that in scikit-learn as far as I know.
As i said before i all ready do some classification in order to see what is happening, i have the training corpus in a list like this: training_data = [[('this', 'a'), ('good', 'movie'),('its', 'great'), 'POS'],
[('the', 'movie'), ('is', 'bad'),('it','actually'),('sucked','lots'), 'NEG'],
[('and', 'other'), ('one', 'more'), 'NEU']]
So easily i tagged them as follows:y = [doc[-1] for doc in test_matrix]
and then: mnb = MultinomialNB()
mnb.fit(training_data, y)
But you're trying to get it from a file as opposed to a list you've already created? hmm.
or perhaps he wants to read it out of the list he already has?
8:44 PM
"and i have the train .txt in a directory as follows: ('string','string'),('string','string'),...,('string','string'),'LABEL'"
Yes.. so what would be the best way? I was thinking treating classes as separate folders, do you guys think could complicate things?
I think you may be overcomplicating things. I prefer to get something simple (and possibly hackish) working as quickly as possible, and then expand it out and make it Pythonic.
For example I spent this afternoon doing something very similar to what you're doing, TF-IDF analysis (but of unigrams, not bigrams). And so I got something really basic first and am now making it "pretty"
How can i fit this corpus?..
any idea?
What part are you struggling with? Getting the data out of train.txt?
no, labeling the data in order to present it to a classification algorithm
8:49 PM
But it's already labelled in your train.txt so why do you need to label it again?
When you do fitting don't you just do clf.fit(X, y) where X is your data and y are your labels?
in order to fit it
yes, after you build that y
im struggling building that y
I see. You need to do that while you load train.txt then.
Can we stop using the "cv-maybe" tag? It's confusing.
8:54 PM
It's so disappointing that unicode doesn't work in tags.
bonus points if that linked to an actual post to cv
Fizzy delivers.
I tried wlkin over the .txt documents with glob library but i dont now how can i tag them up
8:56 PM
@ml_guy how do you load them at the moment?
on that tag itself :|
def load_files(folder,pattern):
path = os.path.join(folder,pattern)
for filename in glob.glob(path):
with open(filename)as file:
yield ast.literal_eval(file.read())
with that i vectorized both(train and test)
Ok. So what's going to yield a tuple of tuples, yes? And the final tuple in that tuple will be your label.

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