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12:56 AM
Welcome @Creator
thanks :)
and I am off LEMON GRENADE!
6 hours later…
7:06 AM
Rather quiet today o_O
I am so tired
9:24 AM
I'm not tired!!!
Because today is my BIIIIIIIIIRTHDAY
and I ate a chocolate donhut :P
Many Many Happy Returns of The Day ! :)
9:39 AM
Happy birthday!
Fanks :)
A: Android - Switch Tabs from within an Activity within a tab


@Reno Very awesome :D
The caps put you in mind of a screen 5 year old :)
9:55 AM
The fact that his username is in caps, tell me that he does not know how to turn caps off
Reminds me of this :
user image
@Graeme Today is your birthday?
Yup :)
merry birthday and a happy new beard!
@Graeme Happy birthday then! Mine is tomorrow! :P
Mine was three months ago, and you guys didn't buy me anything!
10:05 AM
Woo :) Sagittarians Rule :)
Why didn't you say a thing?
I probably did :P
Jul 13 at 5:58, by Glitch
My birthday is awesome, because it marks the first day of spring :D
You should've said that when someone was around.
As you can see I was probably still sleeping when you told us. :P
It's your fault. :D
10:10 AM
It's ok, I accept late presents :P
Happy birthday though.
Guess who has got API v2 private beta access?
Guess who doesn't?
Did you register?
10:12 AM
Nope, I don't even know what you're talking about :P
Best thing to come out of cult religion since ever
True story
Oh no wait, suicide pacts.
S'gotta be up there.
10:16 AM
Unless they take other lives with them
hmm, I have this crazy bug with my seekbar animation
but it only affects the first element in my list O_o
Hit it with a brick or something.
First element how?
It's some obscure but where it animates like crazy
I'm sure it's something obvious, I've been ignoring it :P
First element, either you play nice with me animation or you dead!
I'm slowly splitting my code into advanced and simple modes
at the moment the dashboard reads 'ambient level' instead of 'lux'
What's the chance that I could use an arrow character in a string?
10:34 AM
14.7% in fair weather.
10:49 AM
TIL: "Taking an arrow to the knee" is not a legitimate excuse for missing a test
"I used to be an adventurer like you once, until I took an arrow in the knee"
11:14 AM
Just got the Guaulder Amulet - The bosses at the end of that do the whole dragon shout push thing where it looks like you've died.
Had to resist the urge to call them c***s quite often
11:25 AM
I stopped playing already
That because you're wrong
As soon as I found out you couldn't marry Karliah, I quit :p
I am not able to see the user's in the room, any idea?
only I can see is their chats :P
Try to refresh the page.
Tried many a times, even tried a hard refresh(ctrl+F5).
11:32 AM
Morning everyone!
What's a Karliah?
And why is marrying anyone even a part of the game?
They couldn't possibly do social interaction as well as Fable 3 so they shouldn't even try :P
@Graeme Karliah is the nightingale chick. I love her accent, sounds very much like Katherine Parkinson
I have no idea what you're talking about :)
If you don't know who that is...
11:43 AM
this one is hilarious
Shes funny, but her voice is not what I like.
@Reno the very premise of that site is kinda creepy :P
Apparently I have a unique attraction to English voices :P
shuts up quick just incase he overwhelms @Glitch
I do too, but I like Birmingham, Bristol and Irish accents. Scouser sometimes.
Oh my goodness, you're BOTH broken.
11:52 AM
I don't like the Posh London or the Cockney or the farmer accents like those in Norfolk and Kent. It depends. Welsh is okay
I mean it depends on the person speaking it. The generic British accent is good. :)
@OctavianDamiean I need a sane voice on this - please say you don't agree with these two?
Suppose it doesn't help that I can't really hear accents :P
So true, there are about 200 accent variations of Konknni (my mother tongue) but I can recognize only about 6 or 7. Being a native speaker does not help.
I can't even recognise American accents that well :P
Hello, I can't even speak my native accent anymore... unless I'm around my parents.
Then I turn into a farmer hick
American accents make me cringe. Except the Boston one.
You mean "Bwoston"
Ye gatta paa'k ye caa' in the caa' paa'k
12:00 PM
Right, off to Birthday Musical :)
Have fun!
@Graeme I'm not even here.
Well right now I am but generally I'm not.
I do like all kinds of English accents. I especially like the South African English.
12:18 PM
hi guys
I'm not broken, I'm just tuned to a different frequency of love
Hey this IT Crowd thing is huge
1:18 PM
Q: how to open specific folders images using android default gallery

piyushI want to open images of specific folder in my program using default android gallery application. i have used this code given by the piyush mishra in a post but the problem i have written below the code public class GalleryActivity extends Activity implements MediaScannerConnectionClient{ /*...

If anyone have idea about this..please answer
1 hour later…
2:43 PM
stackoverflow.com/questions/7518154/… does anyone has some better answer to this question ?
3:33 PM
this means nope :'(
1 hour later…
4:43 PM
2 hours later…
6:56 PM
posted on December 08, 2011 by Dirk Dougherty

[This post is by Eric Chu, Android Developer Ecosystem. —Dirk Dougherty] On Tuesday, we announced that Android Market passed 10 Billion app downloads. We wanted to look a little deeper at that huge number. First question: which app was lucky number 10 billion? Photobucket Mobile. They’ll be getting a great prize package, including tickets to next year’s Google I/O developer conference.

hi , anyone here?
I am
can i ask a question?
welcome @JaVAndroid
sure can
can we pass a value in the same activity in java/android ? if can how do we do it?
a string
7:07 PM
what do you mean by same activity?
in my activity i have

public class A {

in public class B i want to get a string from class A
well if it is a generic class you could pass the value through a constructor, or use a getter/setter to assign it
or just publicly declare the variable inside the class and then set it
If your passing it between activities you should use the putExtra in with the intent
Ok , thanks i try to figure it out now , how to do it
If you were more specific about what you were trying to do, I could give a better answer, but I hope that works for you
or can you try to take a look at my code?
because i dont know how to explain it
7:14 PM
If you paste in in Pastebin I can look at it
alright, now what do you need it to do?
example , if the app detected the package name is 'com.airpush.' i want set the textview with the package name with the word 'AirPush' but i cant figure it out how to do it ,
Thanks for the acceptance @Pyrodante !
np java
7:18 PM
same goes to 'com.Leadbolt.' if we found 'com.Leadbolt.' i want set it to Leadbolt in the listview
well it looks like you generate an array to be put into the list view right?
so take that arraylist and stuff it into the listviews adapter
This looks like all one class, so there shouldn't be a problem
seems like your already doing that... What exactly is the problem?
but i only do the comparing

if(pkgInfo.activities != null) { for(ActivityInfo activity : pkgInfo.activities) {
and it manage to show the list of app and apps name , so now i want to add it to show which package name it was detected
so your displaying the wrong info?
7:29 PM
no , what i want is to do like this , i.imgur.com/CeDYF.png , but i cant figure it out how to do it
gotcha, so it looks like you have all the data loaded, it just isnt displaying. Is that correct?
:/ it is displaying , but i want add it to show the 'detected types' , now it only show lh5.ggpht.com/… <- like this
(sorry i dont know how to explain)
Right it isnt displaying all of the data, but you already HAVE the data, it just isnt displaying it
ya , in the source code that i given to you , you can see the adPackagePrefix so i want to add it to the listview too..
at line 113
You probably need to make your own adapter and list view item to display it the way you want
7:36 PM
@xDragonZ : Are you able to get the correct values in line 114?
@JaVAndroid , yes i am able to get the correct value but now i also want to add adPackagePrefix to the listview too
Right, you will have to create a custom Listview adapter and replace android.R.layout.two_line_list_item OR you can concatinate all the data that is going in the top row and present that
Almost all of my listviews are custom built
@Pyrodante Ok, i have made my custom listview layout and adapter
it should insert the proper values into the proper txtboxes
Also: youtube.com/watch?v=wDBM6wVEO70 this is very VERY good info about listviews functionality
ok , i try take a look later , thanks
8:39 PM
this terekso guy is hilarious
hes a regular on the php chat i guess
gods below , this guy is so full of shit that there small wonder he has no room left for brains
rage lol
9:33 PM
welcome @dubyaa
1 hour later…
11:01 PM
Has anyone experienced shared preferences "loosing" information?
cant say i have
that would suck, i store a lot of important stuff in there
Yeah, at runtime the it checks if it has a mac address stored in SP and if not puts one there. Then when I sync I authorize through that stored mac. Problem is one user, whos device has been working, suddenly is syncing without that piece...
not that this solves the problem of shared prefs failing, but would storing this data in a db work?
yes, well there are several solutions obviously. But I would rather determine the cause of the problem since, as you pointed out, a lot of valuable information is stored there
i mean thats where i store my isloggedin boolean for instance
11:15 PM
yeah I store a lot of my app restoration data in it as well
yea, that sucks
is it only one guy? is there a model of phone that causes the issue i mean
one device only has done it... also odd
what kind of phone does the guy have?
and what api
I am not sure at the moment
either an infuse or a galaxy s II
that could be helpful, i dunno just a guess
maybe user error? if its just one guy. can you recreate?
11:26 PM
the problem is nothing in the code touches that variable unless there is no stored mac address, I ensure each one has a stored mac before I release the device to the user, and that process is automated
theoretically the only thing he would have to do is launch the app with the wifi enabled, but the fact that the problem even exists is troublesome

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