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4:09 AM
no one is there..i am the first :P
Good morning all :)Have a rainy day :)
4:36 AM
@Shadow :D
morning morning @SweetWisherツ @MysticMagic @PiyushGupta @Shadow
@maveňツ mrng
@maveňツ Mrngss
@SweetWisherツ nice link
which one is u :P
Good Morningss
5:00 AM
:D to whom @Alif ?
@maveňツ lemme show uu
@SweetWisherツ Georgina ?
@maveňツ Me :P
@SweetWisherツ lol :D
5:03 AM
AssalamuAlaykum @SilentKiller :))
@SweetWisherツ walaikumassalam
@SweetWisherツ me
@SweetWisherツ :P
i have name also
@SweetWisherツ @SilentKiller Assalaamu alaikm :D
5:11 AM
@Alif walaikumassalam
@Alif walaikumassalam.
@Tops u
GM guys
Great :D
5:14 AM
I have a method which is called when the app enters foreground and another method when I receive push notification. Now if the app is in background and I receive push notification. I tap on that notification,instead of notification method my foreground method is loaded. How can I overcome this?
Help need devs
good morning devs
@Dany your foreground will call anyhow. if you want to stop that method you need a verify that from where app is coming from notification or from background. you can use intent for that. as well as sharedpreference also.
@SilentKiller quiet didnt understand.. Can you explain more pls
@Dany show your notification click code.
and that foreground method too.
@PiyushGupta morning. you drop a msg on hangout.
@Droid morning. hows you ?
5:24 AM
@SilentKiller Morning. Yes i had. Seen that?
@SilentKiller morning, I am fine, hows you?
@PiyushGupta but didn;t found in f.list. inbox me.
@DroidDev same here.
@SilentKiller Not found Piyush Parmar??
@PiyushGupta nopes. not there. thats why i told inbox me.
@SilentKiller Okay nope. I will
5:28 AM
Q: UIApplicationWillEnterForegroundNotification vs application:didReceiveRemoteNotification:fetchCompletionHandler:

DanyI have a method which is called when the app enters foreground and another method when I receive push notification. Scenario :1 Now if the app is in background and I receive push notification. I tap on that notification,instead of notification method my foreground method is loaded. How can I ov...

@Dany This is android room not for IOS
@PiyushGupta no issues. we can send him a on right way.
@SilentKiller yeah we can. I know little bit. so we can go ahead
@Dany Have you checked with didFinishLaunchingWithOptions method???
5:37 AM
@SilentKiller ok thanks..
Hello all
Good mornning
5:52 AM
@QuokMoon Very Good Morning
Have nice day man!
@QuokMoon Same to you Man!!!
6:19 AM
Good Morning!!:)
Morning :)
6:27 AM
@SilentKiller Check inbox
6:31 AM
What is this ? :O
seems like a plane
A plane :D
. ~~~
back to the work :P
@maveňツ :)
6:34 AM
@Liza :(
@Alif i has been a year i have not talked to him
@maveňツ whta?
@Alif Its What not whta bro
spelling is not a problem :P
6:37 AM
@DroidDev no zig zag. :P
@Alif It is. Because Correction makes a man perfect.
@SilentKiller I wish he was here :P
so much fun
@QuokMoon Sleepy?
@QuokMoon today also something for you
7:00 AM
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Anyone worked with horizontal listview with scrollbars ?
@B.rohitNare Yes what is issue
Mate just looking for source code to implement scrollbar for horizontal listview.
Ive found only one resource the following link.
Implemented code but by doing that the layout is invisible and type is undefined for intializeScrollbar(),
So just looking for anyone came across resources for this topic
@PiyushGupta hahaha.. i would like to see...
7:08 AM
@PiyushGupta Hello brother
where is Roshan ?
@Strider Hi. @RoshanJha was in Java and Android Era room
@Aamirkhan I mean scroll bar mate
@B.rohitNare Need to see
no more idea currently
loll ok
7:12 AM
@PiyushGupta its awsom i realy need this kind of switch.cause as before i just change image background ..
Cause implementation of horizontal listview is done, just need to implement scroll bar
@B.rohitNare y lol? is it a joke?
@QuokMoon Nice. bro
@Aamirkhan loll to just carry up conversation mate, doesnt mean to sattire you
7:22 AM
@PiyushGupta ok
@MysticMagic Good one
@MysticMagic why ?
@Strider just
7:47 AM
@PankajSharma boss skype not allowed in ofc
1 hour later…
8:48 AM
hay anybody here use xmpp server for chat app in android ?
whatsapp is using the same!
ya did u use that
yes bit all all functionalities!
i am not getting how am i going to start that can u pls guide me with steps
i am using this link
but not getting clear idea
define "not getting clear idea"
8:53 AM
i mean how i am going to make setup of xmpp
did you read the whole blog?
am i with the right link ?
what did the blog say?
that you have to decide that you are with right link or not :)
9:19 AM
AndroidLollipop rollout has started and will soon be available on most #Nexus devices. Dessert is served.
not only in nexus hope can expect in most of the devices too :)
Q: How to find wifi and network data usage separately by particular application in android?

Erickrecived = TrafficStats.getUidRxBytes(uid); send = TrafficStats.getUidTxBytes(uid); TrafficStats.getMobileRxBytes(); TrafficStats.getMobileTxBytes(); TrafficStats.getTotalRxBytes(); TrafficStats.getTotalTxBytes(); i have application id and i can get that application data usage but i cant get...

any ios developer ?
1 hour later…
10:36 AM
1 hour later...
Ctrl+v :P
Ctrl+v :P
10:46 AM
lol, I was so much tempted to write " :/ " but then thought, you might get annoyed. ROFL
starts missing coffee :(
starts crying like a baby
and punching floor
you lieing....
i dont like crying babies :(
@PiyushGupta lieing :P
10:52 AM
ha ha ha
11:22 AM
@Unihedron GM
he hee
@Alif O:
@PiyushGupta oh hello
@Unihedron Hows you?
11:24 AM
@Unihedron hi
@PiyushGupta noon @Alif
iframes are driving me nuts
@MysticMagic nooons
@MysticMagic Very good noon
Rohit Sharma again hits double century
@MysticMagic Hows you?
Good. you?
11:34 AM
@MysticMagic Me too. Thx
@Unihedron try w3fools.com :P
@DroidDev I know how iframes work. I'm trying to bypass headers. :P
@Unihedron lol, try WAG, you might get some clue. Shadow and SPA might know things about those
India 404/5 Rohit finally out at last ball of pver with 264
11:52 AM
@PiyushGupta updates every where :P
ha ha ha
ha ha ha
ha ha ha
Laughing classes
ha ha ha
11:56 AM
@CapDroid flag? :P
@MysticMagic na yaar....:D
@CapDroid How are you?
@MysticMagic BTW how's you?
:P fine :) you?
@MysticMagic :P me too fine
11:57 AM
@PiyushGupta what is final score ?
@MysticMagic on android or else ?
rohit 264
@PiyushGupta bas ?
ohh teri
11:58 AM
@CapDroid android
@CapDroid ROhit sharma
@PiyushGupta r u in stadium :)
@MysticMagic great, same pinch :)
Nah nah @maveňツ
@PiyushGupta party dega na tu ?
@maveňツ :D ha ha ha :D
11:59 AM
@CapDroid Yes you can also join with us..
@CapDroid (Y)
@CapDroid :D :D :D
@PiyushGupta ya sure
@PiyushGupta bhai party
@maveňツ Yeah you can come here
@CapDroid me , you and Chintan
12:00 PM
@PiyushGupta when, where ?
@PiyushGupta too costly :P
@CapDroid This will decide Chintan. When he will tell me then will go
@maveňツ he will also give you ticket
@maveňツ :P
@PiyushGupta okey
12:03 PM
@PiyushGupta @CapDroid :)
1 hour later…
1:21 PM
LOL, I see what you did there :P
@maveňツ :O
@DroidDev ur age o_O
do u still develop?
@maveňツ you have no idea, what I did for the 92 summers before that :P
@DroidDev i didn't knew ur age :P
1:24 PM
@maveňツ there are many users of that age on SO
@MysticMagic I was rep harvesting :P
don't tell anybody ;)
(zipping my lips)
@DroidDev oldy
@maveňツ in short, nobody born in 1920 does coding :P
In short
@maveňツ dear god, I was only honest because I am in this room and thought it won't be a good manner to troll. If it was tavern on MSE, you'd be trolled to infinity
We once trolled a user to even post question on MSE, based on wrong information
@DroidDev trolled to infinity?
@maveňツ to the end of times
Its not my real age
that's what I am trying to tell you
2 mins ago, by DroidDev
@maveňツ in short, nobody born in 1920 does coding :P
sorry @mav wasn't able to read it :(
1:29 PM
@DroidDev time to leave :) ...... enjoy
@maveňツ hehe, bye, see you later :D
bye oldy
ye trolled
tata all.. time to leave
1:32 PM
@MysticMagic cee yaa!
2:26 PM
2 hours later…
4:34 PM
@Prince der
You Proceed.
4:52 PM
I sit!
I bit!
She slapped!
I think busy with work.
5:05 PM
can u know me ..how to android app UI fit for all devices.
Using difference size images, using xml proper layout implementations.
Can buttons change size based on zoom level?
xml . relative or linear ..layout ..any thing i have to add for comfort all devices.
My Android stills are basically non-existent...

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