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7:52 AM
Q: Determining If Form Location Is at a Specific Spot

GregWhat I'm trying to do is determine if my form location is at 0,0; it would show up in the center. I tried this but it doesnt work: (on show event) If Location = New Point(0, 0) Then StartPosition = FormStartPosition.CenterParent Else StartPosition = FormS...

^ first Joiner's downvote & closevote request
You've changed your question again. You have added informations you did not know from the current answers (New Point(0, 0)). You are now asking about a total different problem, that is StartPosition! Downvote and closevote, please.Joiner 11 mins ago
^ upvote if you agree
8:38 AM
@FunctionR Hello :)
@Joiner Seems like someone flagged your answer as NAA:
This does not provide an answer to the question. To critique or request clarification from an author, leave a comment below their post. — jam 22 mins ago
Welcome to Stack Overflow. Editing is for improving post with new information, while fixing grammar and formatting. Do not vandalize your own posts or invalidate existing answers by replacing it with a new one - They are called "charmeleon questions", and is not an acceptable behaviour. Instead. Close the question by solving it (accept an answer if one helped, or post the solution as a new answer). I've rolled back your edit. Please also take a tour. — Unihedron 7 secs ago
9:06 AM
This answer on Puzzling is really awesome: puzzling.stackexchange.com/a/3959/153
10:12 AM
@ProgramFOX Haha, well worthy of a populist badge. xD
Half-Life 3 confirmed. — generalcrispy 11 hours ago
10:28 AM
@Unihedron It's worth a bounty, but I cannot yet start one.
EEEEEK, someone has a Twitter account with "ProgramFox" as account name!
And it's not me.
Good grief!
I think there's someone on youtube with the name "unihedron".
@Unihedron Cool!
Hmm, someone with the name Unihedron is on reddit and livejournal.
Oh wait, that's me.
Well, there are some other ProgramFOXs apparently.
10:34 AM
Anyway, the top Google results for "ProgramFOX" still lead to me.
The top google results for "Unihedron" leads to a laser and helicopter production company.
^ actual me
Ha, I have more followers than the other "unihedron".
@Unihedron Nice!
This box is too small for me to tell you anything interesting...
Why does that make me think of @rene's chat bio....? :P
Coincidentally, a day after posting that I noticed that rene's chat user bio was so similar.
10:36 AM
oh, cool
Yeah, that's what came to mind as well. :P
The example code looks more golfed than obfuscated. — Peter Taylor Oct 20 at 15:13
@PeterTaylor I'm pretty sure FizzBuzz can be shorter than that. ;) — Doorknob ♦ Oct 20 at 16:53
Sometimes you find funny things when searching for you name in Google.
Once I found someone who said that "ProgramFOX" is a file format.
And now I saw this:
> For the an zone you reinstalled ie8, are ProgramFOX, 2011. Software Internet 2011.
11:20 AM
sigh The politeness of some users here surprises me.
@ProgramFOX Thank you very much for replacing a perfectly cromulent title with a nonsensical yes/no question. I can make myself look stupid on my own; I need no help with that. — R. Martinho Fernandes 4 mins ago
Wow, really?
Oh, but in this case the original title was indeed better (and was short enough as-is). Are you following through a query or something?
And I've already been told about that, by a moderator. Let's just assume that the person who commented hasn't seen that.
@Unihedron Yes, I was following the advice of the question on Meta about writing good titles.
yes, that too
This was the moderator comment, which was more polite than the other comment:
@ProgramFOX Please stop editing titles to make them grammatically incorrect. You're not improving them at all. See the Meta discussion about this. meta.stackoverflow.com/q/276058/1288Bill the Lizard ♦ Nov 4 at 21:17
Ha, I found and linked the comment in a comment before you find it. :P
@R.MartinhoFernandes There's no need to be rude with cuss words within revision history. Fox was told to stop on November already, where his edit here was casted back in October. — Unihedron 27 secs ago
11:26 AM
I wanted to post an ironic comment about politeness, but you were faster. Thanks!
If they want to start a debate just pull them in here. The comment thread is getting long.
Oh, they're a regular of the Lounge. Explains the temper.
Never been there, but if I read your message I think I shouldn't go there.
Not without a firesuit.
11:32 AM
Oh well, looking at the Lounge (in Private Browsing so I'm not logged in), it looks like they have discussed the titles thing.
@ProgramFOX Yes, discussed.
More like bad long period of time.
I did go over the top and want to apologize.
Then I'll clean up my comments.
@R.MartinhoFernandes That's a nice gesture. Thanks!
@Unihedron I flagged asking a mod to sweep a big fat broom over them.
11:35 AM
@R.MartinhoFernandes :)
It seems that the Lounge has gotten even more infernal than I last remember.
Now I want my snacks.
Sure! Here's a jar of cookies:
@Unihedron If you mean my behaviour, I can assure the source of my bad mood is not the Lounge.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Eh, I mentioned it in no way related to the discussion, it's just how I talk. I'm a very multitaskful person.
sorry for confusion
I'm just going through a bad phase. Gotta go back to fixing my bugs.
Sorry again.
11:39 AM
No worries, good luck!
Thanks for removing the comments. Nuked mine too.
2 hours later…
1:42 PM
2:19 PM
do you say "written syntactically wrong" or "written in wrong syntax" or "written with wrong syntax" ?
do you say "you must write day in two digits" or "you must write days in two digits" ?
@Joiner Usually, "syntax error" is the appropriate term. Saying "wrong syntax" makes it harder to follow.
@Joiner days, if you mean general "day" - Otherwise, if day is a variable, or any way used such that it's not a general term, use day.
Be right back, syncing between two Firefox profiles.
Okay, I'm back.
I'm using Firefox Developer Edition now.
Hi, Fox on Firefox
How's dev-edition?
@Unihedron It's nice. More web-dev tools.
I'm now messing a bit with the Themes.
2:35 PM
I like Userstyle scripts.
I'm not a huge fan of Dark themes, but when I disable the dark theme in the dev-edition, a menu bar gets a lot larger.
Hmm... no, it's the Firebug button that makes it that large.
But it's only that large when I enable the dark theme.
So, I pay a lot of money to have a designer create a website theme for me and then some user decides to use a dark theme, phones the help desk about the yellow on black theme, driving the engineer nuts, right?
It's my fault :(
2:40 PM
@Unihedron It errored, but it didn't fail.
@rene Wolfram|Alpha ftw
-(cornflower blue) etc for inverted colors
Well I'll just remove Firebug from that menu bar. Problems solved :D
Cool, FDE has a chat feature included!
2:46 PM
@Unihedron Firefox Developer Edition
@ProgramFOX Oh. So you get to chat with other FDE users?
@Unihedron you can, if you share the URL
But it's only video or voice chat.
So it allows you to host a FDE-server for FDE-clients to connect iff they have the url?
@Unihedron It uses an online server, so I don't know whether you really need FDE.
Perhaps it also works in other browsers, I don't know.
So it's been there for ages and Firefox didn't tell their users until they install FDE?
2:50 PM
I have no idea. I just got to know about it now.
Wait, this is totally a conspiracy of mozilla.
I switched to the dark theme now. The only bad thing is that I hardly see dark favicons now.
Hi all, I would need an advice
How should an answer like this: stackoverflow.com/a/26867591/1699210 be handled, is it a 'me too' , ignore or downvote it, the question is full of those
If it's a "me too", flag as not an answer.
@bummi It's a duplicate of this.
3:02 PM
which is even a duplicate of stackoverflow.com/a/6813017/1699210
I protected that question
I changed back to the Light theme, even though some icons are too big. It is still more readable.
Does anyone know how I can stop Wordpress from redirecting to nl.wordpress.com when I just want to go to wordpress.com?
Ah, there is some language setting at the bottom.
thanks @rene I was thinking about
The ace engine ace.c9.io looks cool.
@Unihedron Yes, nice!
3:17 PM
It's lightweight for embedding too, the script code is short, and it's open source.
puts on todo
@bummi Yeah, don't see anything valueable being added ....
One more close vote please stackoverflow.com/q/26366902/3622940
Also quite evident that the file repair guys were here ^
@Unihedron done
I was to slow :(
3:25 PM
Actually, that one in the middle wasn't OT, but instead too broad.
Still close-worthy though.
was the mac question asking for a programatic solution
@Phrancis HELLO!!!
@bummi Eh, it's a "pls gimme the code for making new shortcut on mac".
@Unihedron thats what I would agree with :)
@Unihedron I'm having weird issues, for some reason it appears most sites on the SE network I can log in OK, except Code Review
Even when logged into my profile on SO, and click CR from there it logs me out
3:31 PM
@Phrancis Oh, really?
Try clearing cookies, restarting your computer, kicking / restarting your router?
I logged in from my home computer OK this morning but the work PC is not letting me, unlike usually
It is acting like sh** though so I guess I should reboot it
@Phrancis windows?
3:33 PM
@bummi voted
voted 2
merci :)
bitte sehr ...
Yeah @Unihedron and IE, pretty crappy setup
3:36 PM
4 mins ago, by Unihedron
Try clearing cookies, restarting your computer, kicking / restarting your router?
Done that? Windows machines always have these tiny problems.
Let me try that, brb
@Unihedron ex-terminated
@rene yay!
3:37 PM
Hi Frank
wait, does roomba care about self-answered-accepted posts?
Hi @J.M!
@Unihedron Muahahahah!
@J.Musser Reminds me of when Vog was playing with the bot
in Java, 21 hours ago, by Vogel612
in Java, 21 hours ago, by JavaBot
@Unihedron Ha!
Thanks everyone!
3:42 PM
"cv-pls Java"?
user image
HackOverflow over 60%!
@Unihedron yay!
cv-pls cross-posted / ot / too broad stackoverflow.com/q/25609627/3622940
rm rf /
(The more questions I review, the less descriptive my close vote request reasons are.)
Calculators reached 10% in the Definition phase according to Area 51!
Wow, very nicely done!
3:53 PM
@Unihedron cv-pls crap?
cv-pls closeworthy
Hi @Joiner!
please upvote this new user's first answer
A: mix strings "string1","string2" and "string3" with all possible combination

Jordi BettingYou can loop over the array by creating another nested loop for each repetition. for (String word1 : words) { for (String word2 : words) { for (String word3 : words) { System.out.println(word1 + word2 + word3); } } } Here is how to avoid having the same word...

Oh no! Out of votes. Going to retract some other votes...
@Joiner Are you sure it answers what the question is asking for?
Not sure if your edit is actually valid @Unihedron.
3:55 PM
@ProgramFOX Yes. Actually, I should probably remember not to do that for every single Java post.
It changes the style of someone's code, while it was already perfectly valid.
Personally, I would rollback it, because I prefer to have brackets there.
thank you @ProgramFOX !!!!!
@Unihedron always edit
and steal my edit D:
@Joiner Thanks for what? I don't have anything done, I think.
3:57 PM
@ProgramFOX hotfixed it.
@Unihedron What's "hotfixed"?
@ProgramFOX you said what i think
@Joiner ah, I see
@ProgramFOX Post-edited within grace edit period.
@Joiner Haaay. You had an entire hour to push anything. When I was on the page, there were no pending edits.
Michael forked jSEchat.
@Unihedron i spent about 30 min on my edit and other 30 min to see it accepted
4:00 PM
@Joiner :)
then you arrive and submit a 2 seconds edit
I'm not as edit-happy as Jamal, though. He edits every single post on CR.
@Unihedron That pinged me. Weird.
@J.Musser :o
That did too.
4:02 PM
What about spoiler <- that?
@Frank How 'bout this?
@J.Musser Look at the edit history of that message ;)
@Sam That pinged me too.
@ProgramFOX Ah!
4:03 PM
no new upvotes... :(
I didn't upvote because it looks very inefficient.
But I did not downvote either because it works.
I didn't upvote because it's too simple and doesn't seem to address- Wow, that edit. WHOA.
Wow, that looks cool.
But I don't have any knowledge about it so I don't vote.
It's even worse.
there is a new edit
4:05 PM
It's so... unnecessarily nested.
I like this bit:
String tmp = values[i];
values[i] = values[j];
values[j] = tmp;
Hey, don't judge. At least it's not JAVA.
4:09 PM
@Unihedron Is it even necessary to return the new array there? In C# it isn't because an array is a reference type, but I don't know about Java.
@ProgramFOX It's not. Actually, that was what I was trying to say. These two bits are abundant:
values = swap(values, i, j);
and the return of the other method.
But it's good for first try.
4:22 PM
Testing (because I can't be bothered to go to the sandbox)...
so does the 2nd edit work ?
i'm trying to improve its formatting
but you said it does not work
so... yes or no ?
@Joiner I have no idea whether it works or not, we were just discussing improvements.
4:29 PM
testing it... it works!!
@ProgramFOX @Unihedron
@Joiner I don't know, because you edit the code.
4:36 PM
Eventually I rejected because of the code changes.
@Joiner There's a reject reason within the suggested edit review task itself, I think it's pretty accurate.
Here you go:
A: How to deal with persistent incorrect formatting?

UnihedronEditing is for fixing grammatical or spelling errors clarifying meaning without changing it correcting minor mistakes adding related resources or links, improving and fixing the formatting and readability of the post while always respecting the original author There's no limit to users overusi...

tl;dr: Editing is not for changing answers (or questions, actually), you should address code improvements within comments. It's up the the poster whether to accept it and change it or not.
i added a constructor and removed the first method, which is useless
And you changed how the array was located.
Actually, that's changing a contract for most of the methods.
located ?
4:40 PM
what does it mean
Unless it's superfluous stuff, code edits are generally not accepted, and should be comments instead.
so bad...
!!priv editing
@Joiner Would you have been happier if we approved it?
(Hint: It's not approve-worthy.)
5:07 PM
I hope you and Pham had a nice break @Sam. ;)
Good night!
Mandatory test for github tickets to see whether they ob:
@Unihedron Yeah, well it's more of a "business retreat". ;)
@Sam :P
Someone remind me to put up a license for the chatbot. :|
(I can't run him due to poor internet, again)
Aww, don't worry.
Not much spam today ;)
5:09 PM
@Unihedron Go with GPL v3 ;)
Good good :)
@Sam using GPL v2 for jSEchat since I saw CE and your CE.NET went with GPL :)
I have to ask Vog though too, he also built a huge portion of it
Oh, kk :D
@Unihedron Go with the Code Project Open License.
@ProgramFOX Sounds like a decent license, thanks for the tip! I'll definitely look into it :D
You're welcome!
5:11 PM
I actually researched two hours (such effort) through all the licenses and then decided to go with GPL, then I studied what I have to do to get the license as valid.
Adding comment blocks, et cetera.
@ProgramFOX I like it!
I'll check with vog first, though.
@Uni Btw, what's JCE's functional progress (what can it do atm)?
5:35 PM
@Sam absolutely nothing. It does compile, but noone will ever get anything out of it in the current state.
It's only been 1.2 days since I created it, so. shrug
@Unihedron Ah, I see. Well, feel free to give me a ping if I can be of any help ;)
I will! :)
6:20 PM
And yes, I actually rejected it with that reason ;D
After I added some dots for the character limit.
7:17 PM
Here is a link to the ugliest code you have ever seen: stackoverflow.com/questions/26872675/…
4 hours later…
11:01 PM
11:31 PM
It was so ugly it got nuked out of orbit lol
this one?
My eyes!
Is it just me or is there no way this is an answer? stackoverflow.com/a/26875829/1783619 (Note the OP admitted the first item was the result of a typo). My NAA flag was declined
11:39 PM
yes, bleeding to see the poor code
I would not see NAA too
You think it is a valid answer?
it's a partial answer
trying to answer at least
Besides the first answer, it seems like a comment to me ("Did you try...").
*first part
which the OP had addressed by the time the flag was handled
Not that it really matters of course, just trying to determine if/how it crossed the line from coment to answer.
11:44 PM
I can't find did you try, still searching
Without technical knowledge it does sound like it gives a partial answer on point number one.
I guess I can see that
With a little technical knowledge you would know that if that was the problem, it would result in a NullReferenceException, which the OP wasn't reporting
I don't know. Is it handled by a moderator?
Looked like it
I got the "reviewed by a moderator but no evidence.." message
Oh, I see.
11:47 PM
There were comments to that effect on the question itself as well
'Cuz the community review queue usually has no problems deleting everything that seems bad.
@Unihedron that a real problem IMHO
Have you noticed a lot of false positives?
yes ... I feel sometimes lost
How did you even run across them. Were the deletes on your posts?
11:53 PM
One on Meta :) , but I got it back -18 I'm willing to stand
Yeah, that shouldn't have been deleted
At least Shog backed you up
but the problem is seen in the VLQ review stepping back through the queue after finishing is showing many delete votes where I would see clear answer, bad answers but answers

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