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4:17 AM
AssalamuAlykum @SilentKiller @Alif @Aamirkhan @QuokMoon @shihab_returns
GM all :)
4:35 AM
@SweetWisherツ WalekumAslam very good mornning..
How are you ??
@QuokMoon M fine.. :)
@SweetWisherツ wa alaikm salaam :D
Good Morningss
4:53 AM
Morning :)
How are you All ?
@SweetWisherツ @QuokMoon Paypal Payment working on that ?
@Strider nop
GM to All
5:10 AM
@AnilPrasad vgm
Good Morning All
5:27 AM
Good morning :)
5:46 AM
@Strider no sir
@QuokMoon okok ... sir ??????
any1 for jQM/html ??
@SweetWisherツ no idea
6:07 AM
@SweetWisherツ good morning
Q: Getting NPE when do tap on List Item

SophieI am listing Audio files in a ListView and playing which one user has tapped, but getting NPE when user do tap on any another song in a List if already playing first one ... mediaPlayer = new MediaPlayer(); ............................. listview.setOnItemClickListener(new OnItemClickL...

NPE at ?
mediaPlayer.setAudioStreamType(AudioManager.STREAM_MUSIC); // NPE
chk waht is NULL there
what could be the issue, i also posted complete log please check sister
i m confused at one line
6:17 AM
which one
i wanna play when medaiplayer.isplaying()
why ?
     strNURL = videoMovieArrayList.get(position).getUrl().toString();

                    if(mediaPlayer!=null && mediaPlayer.isPlaying())
                        try {
                          } catch (Exception e) {


@SweetWisherツ THANKS i got the solution, i just moved mediaPlayer = new MediaPlayer(); from onCreate() to play() method
Greatt :)
Thank YOU :)
how to play next song after completion of current song ?
get the next item from list and play it
6:31 AM
this is my code: pastebin.com/PnrWaBHx
strNURL is Global ?
better to pass it to the Play function
did not get you like ?
6:33 AM
@Sophie is position also a global var ?
then make it global
and in play method
get the next list item with position+1
nd play it
can you show me the way please ?
private void play(View view, String mediaURl) {
		// TODO Auto-generated method stub

			// If u want to play first song
		play(view,  videoMovieArrayList.get(position).getUrl().toString());
@Sophie got it ?
6:46 AM
@SweetWisherツ trying to understand where to place this inside play(..) or onCompletion(...)
so what to use here: play(arg1);
inside onListitem click
i told u to pass the url
as I showd u
oh sorry sis ...
nd waht is the need to pass VIEW
remove it..its useless
just pass the url :)
6:52 AM
not done...playing same song again.. anyways thank you so much for efforts i will see that and will let you know soon
check the position and the URL whic has been passed @Sophie
it must take the next list item
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8:12 AM
1 hour later...
8:38 AM
@SweetWisherツ Hello
how to save images in application data in android ? @PiyushGupta @QuokMoon @SweetWisherツ @SilentKiller @NarendraPrajapati @Rosalie @RoshanJha
Q: Saving Images to Internal memory in Android

Xtreme_EnigmaWhat I want to do is to save image to the internal memory of the phone (NOT SD CARD). How can I do it? I have got the image directly from the camera to the image view in my app its all working fine. Now what I want is to save this image from Image View to the Internal memory of my android device ...

@maveňツ let me check
1 hour later…
10:06 AM
1 hour later...
one hour later there was :P in chat...? :/
10:41 AM
hi i am develping google tv web apps. when i write code for getting keycodes from dpad all key working fine but left/right/up/down only not working y?
@SweetWisherツ Walaikumassalam
1 hour later…
12:07 PM
1 hour later...
ditoo same
Yeaahhahhahhh :P actually he is copying me ;)
ya, and now I am pasting her... :P
12:14 PM
khikhikhi :P
this also copied
12:16 PM
Q: BLE 4.0 getting the broadcast data from device to phone

Ajit I have two devices. one Android phone with API level more than 18 and other is blue-tooth device 4.0. Devices are successfully connected to each other. Now flow of command is as follow: a. Send the "hello" text to blue-tooth device. UUID uuid = UUID.fromString("18cda784-4bd3-4370-85bb-bfed91e...

@PankajSharma is it serial communication ?
@SilentKiller yes
@PankajSharma UUID is same for sender and receiver ?
12:24 PM
@maveňツ O_o
@SilentKiller i am getting right now the UUID of services offered by bluetooth device
plz help yaar
i have stuck from 15days
@PankajSharma do you have one more day ?
yes bro
when u free?
ur mail plz?
@maveňツ hello
@PankajSharma import apidemos and check there a bluetooth chat application available.
@PankajSharma gud evening sir :)
12:33 PM
@maveňツ ge bhai
change UUID in that sample app and check message and broadcast in that app.
@PankajSharma how r u
@SilentKiller actually i have a different device and i m getting the broadcast but dont identify which characteristic i have to use
@maveňツ i m good
any one into PHP here?
@PankajSharma its good to be good :)
12:35 PM
@PankajSharma understood that and are you sure it is broad cast or message to specific user ?
@Vikram Here
@SilentKiller ye broke teh train!!!
@SilentKiller i need to echo a message to that BLE device but confused with 8 charactistic broadcast whic i have to use
@DroidDev i just added a bigger boggy :P
A: How to broadcast information with Bluetooth on Android?

zeitkunstUnfortunately the Android Bluetooth API doesn't provide a public method for getting the names of discovered services. Nor does it provide a way to get the UUIDs of running services on a target device. However, when developing my own application I found this post which details the steps necessar...

@SilentKiller which broke the train. Glares
@SilentKiller it is older answer
now BLE provide these serives
12:41 PM
Does anybody here use Windows and IDEA for Android programming?
you seem to like this room @Unihedron , do you or are you just sleeping here? :P
@DroidDev It's not bad, I idle here with my userscript to alert me when there are potentially interesting messages :)
like trains
Or anything I say :P
@Unihedron you too have a script. What does it do?
@DroidDev /hide behind self. :D
12:43 PM
@DroidDev it plays http://danosongs.com/music/danosongs.com-now-is-now.mp3 whenever a DOMEvent for message matches a regex :) The regex happens to be what I may consider interesting,.
wondering where did @SilentKiller go
@Unihedron and that sounds interesting to me :D
Nice work
I'm also contributing scripts to an experiment:
@Unihedron is it with tavern bots?
@Joe'sMorgue whats the prob ?
@PankajSharma buddy try that app.
12:45 PM
I have some code that appears to run, but I don' t know how to get it to run on my tablet....
Actually, JavaBot is supposed to work across multiple rooms.
@SilentKiller which app?
@Joe'sMorgue Open this link
@PankajSharma Api Demos -> bluetooth chat app
@Unihedron wow! seems like great work so far. Although, I have never worked on scripts, but seems interesting. Still trying to get lost in code :D
/Droid lost somewhere
12:48 PM
and here's the bot I'm working for my home room, will extend to multiple rooms for cross-room events later :P
@Unihedron what is this dependency?
@DroidDev FindBugs plugin for eclipse
@Unihedron I am using eclipse since about 2 years and I strongly dislike it. I hate it so much, I want to kill every developer who has ever contributed to it, but then I think, they might as well be good people.
in Java, Sep 26 at 19:18, by Kylar
Well, I could be persuaded that an occasional smart person (IE: @Unihedron ) might use eclipse. but NetBeans????
At least it's not Netbeans. ;)
@Unihedron I like notepad more :P
12:53 PM
@Unihedron I like notepad more :P
@Unihedron btw, the amount of work you've done on bot is unbelievable. Its just amazing. How do you find so much time
in Java, Jul 17 at 18:52, by aliteralmind
You haven't programmed until you've used TextPad.
@SilentKiller Thanks. [Now all I need to do is install Eclipse]
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, Oct 18 at 13:40, by Infinite Recursion
@Uni, how do you manage to balance everything? Talk in all SE/SO chat rooms, 112 SE accounts, so many area51 commitments, Smokey and Pham on git...play chess...omg!!
@DroidDev we need to attend school again.. :D
12:55 PM
@SilentKiller exactly. I want to get admission in @Unihedron's school. Not to learn, but to spoil @Unihedron ;)
@DroidDev lols
It is easy to do in IDEA?
@Joe'sMorgue never coded in that
i only call from IDEA and think on others IDEA
12:57 PM
I tried installing Android Studio, but it doesn't seem to want to work right. My friend who wrote the code I have now used IDEA, so I'd thought I'd try that...
@Joe'sMorgue Android Studio had same issues for me. It just add dependencies whenever it feels like doing so and then same code won't work on another machine.
My biggest issue is the screen limitations I'm dealing with [1024x600 MAX]
what's the issue in it?
Too small!
I couldn't get the Android SDK installed in A.S.
When I try to update the Android SDK, it can't because it "can't move files" and I'm not sure why they get locked...
Cool, just heard my favourite song in a D&B mix. :P
Totally unexpected..
1:18 PM
@Unihedron that's the kind of sound, which pushes you to dance floor
@DroidDev resolved issue.. now sending release.. <3
Grat! :D
(could stand for great or grats... choose for yourself :| )
@Unihedron khikhikhi
@SilentKiller great! now you can go home :P
How come none of these Android IDEs come with installs, and are just copy to the HDD?
@Unihedron thanks buddy. :)
@DroidDev its party time. :P
1:30 PM
But...I havn't finished my water....
@SilentKiller ya, as only saying that you are going to party wasn't enough to make me feel jealous. Just kidding, enjoy :D
@Joe'sMorgue you can copy eclipse to your windows, but you have to install ADT.
@DroidDev lols.. if you feel so then i'll upload party pics too.. :D xD
@SilentKiller you didn't read my message in den :P
Q: Disable/Enable ListView Scroll Effect on listview's Button Click Event

Aamirkhani am having one custom list view, it contains enable/disable button on each list view item , When user tap on enable/disable button, list view scroll should be enable/disable I have tried guide like Disable ListView scrolling & Disable scrolling in listview and several others , But it disables ...

@DroidDev done done..
1:35 PM
I DL'd the bundle, now I'm unzipping it.
2:06 PM
Time to leave.. Ceeya.. :)
cee yaa!
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3:21 PM
1 hour later...
3:31 PM
I am IN
1 hour ago...
3:47 PM
Q: How to change incoming call Vibration level when incoming call made?

PrinceSomehow tricky question. I am working with one app through which user can set incoming call custom ringtone and different vibration level for different contacts. I have stuck with vibration level setting. We can set vibration level using, Vibrator v = (Vibrator) getSystemService(Context.VIBRATO...


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