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7:16 AM
7:42 AM
I have a regex and I have no idea why it works
>>> RE_TOKENS.findall("a,b,c")
['a', ',', 'b', ',', 'c']
I never included commas in my regex
8:08 AM
gooddd morninggg..
Hi there x)
Oh, I found the bug
I had an accidental character range in one of my [] groups
I wanted to match literal -
by the way, where are you from?
8:15 AM
I'm from Poland
I'm from the UK
me from SK
I know what I'll name my programming language
i have a problem, can U help me?
Depends on what problem
8:19 AM
I want to set style of element, but it doesn't work.
HTML: <div id="text1">Down</div>
JS: document.getElementById("text1").style.backgroundColor = "yellow"
...why this JS doesn't work?
No idea
Try using single quotes? (just a random idea)
@Sam But that isn't how it works
okay, i'll try it
in JS?
See if it's running at all, add an alert("Running"); before your code
If it pops up a message it's running
8:21 AM
@Mateon1 As I said, it's just a random idea ;)
Because the style name is "background-color"
You have to access it with style["background-color"] = "yellow"
Hm, try setting it to "#FF0"
8:26 AM
Are you sure it's the name of the element you're trying to edit? Can I get a link to the page?
this page is on my PC
Hm, odd, try setting the color of the parent
I don't know how to help in any other way then if I don't have the page. Sorry
It's possible there is some CSS overruling everything with !important
i want to show U that page
just wait...
8:45 AM
@Mateon1 that's not a regex, duh
9:11 AM
I'm rewriting my tokenizer to be part-regular expression and part-character-by-character-thingy
The character by character thingy encodes strings in a friendly way for the regex and then the regex does everything else
9:27 AM
Morning. Very sleepy today
@Mateon1 That's still not a regex.
@Unihedron It used to be just a regex
It didn't do well with strings
So I made it a hybrid
You want a regular expression? Here:
I am a human
2 hours later…
11:53 AM
I think someone is trying to tell me something
Found this in my uploads folder
@ImagineStudios Kinda got a hack, could let me inject php code:
1 hour later…
1:16 PM
@its_justjack how did you do that?
@Mateon1 So... It's not a regex.
@ImagineStudios Try entering in the username box " <div> hello
Injection... hehe
@ImagineStudios Make sure you include the quotation mark, it's not a mistake
@Unihedron No longer, yes
1:19 PM
@Mateon1 :(
-1 not enuf regex
-100 Needs regular expressions
permanent ban from stack overflow: needs more regexes
First result for 'needs more regexes', youtube:
@its_justjack ahhh, i see, I will fix your little hack! (enter coding stripper)
@Unihedron Oh, I see what your first message is quoting from. That was a pure regex then. That's how Python regexes work and the comma was because I had an accidental range, when I wanted a literal '-'
1:21 PM
@its_justjack Downvoted the vid cause guy doesn't pronounce "regex" properly
@Unihedron How does he pronounce it? How should you pronounce it?
1:21 PM
it should be: ri-jec(t)
I pronounce it "reg-eks"
I downvoted your message 'cause you didn't pronounce with word segments properly.
I pronounce it re-gex
Wait no
1:23 PM
@Unihedron ri-jec? But then you lose the "x" sound.
X-tree-me pronunciation class time!
I pronounce it like you write it.
@ProgramFOX arr ee jee ee esk?
@ProgramFOX Yeah, I pronounce it like ri-jec without the esk.
'Cause my pronounciation sucks
1:24 PM
Suggestion: just say "regular expression" and everyone is happy!
@ProgramFOX Reading out the five letters :P
@Unihedron ah, lol :D
reg-u-lar x-press-ion!
Anyone know of a script that gets views of a website?
The number of them
Google analytics
1:25 PM
I am too lazy to write one...
@ImagineStudios It's called installing an analytic script
Yes! you just gave me something to google!
Google is evil.
Use this search engine:
Called it!
1:26 PM
@bjb568 What have you done to @Unihedron that he recommends DuckDuckGo?!?
Because google is an evil company
@ProgramFOX Whatever you make guess of, he's not angie the cat. :P
@ImagineStudios You may as well add Microsoft to that list :P
@Sam Of course, that's why Linux doesn't take Microsoft Office
1:28 PM
Microsoft actually convinced me to quit minecraft
I've stopped playing Minecraft, but I still develop my network.
10% for the money, 90% cause I don't want to drop the project I'm working on.
Guys, wanna know what's like the best site ever?
@Unihedron yes
Wanna know why?
1:30 PM
Because chat?
@Unihedron yes
'Cause there are other strange programmers online?
Ohh, here's my last weeks' stats
@Unihedron Yikes, Facebook.
Huh, must be the ads.
ah, okay
1:33 PM
Evil facebook hiding somewhere again..
Use an ad blocker!
It's running.
Ads will always... find a way
Ah, no, the reason is probably that some profile pictures on Stack Overflow are hosted on Facebook.
cough like Jack's cough
1:37 PM
Shoots @Sam
nobody saw anything, understand?
Pham & Gham come to the rescue
wonders if anyones' seen inf and I's new chat user descriptions
@its_justjack I saw indeed nothing until I unblocked Facebook Social Graph in Ghostery. Then I suddenly started seeing your profile picture.
Oh... I missed...
@ProgramFOX Same.
1:39 PM
How can I get stack to stop serving my profile pic from facebook?
@Unihedron Have seen yours, but not yet Inf's.
@its_justjack Upload the pic.
I hav eit on my server
@its_justjack Try uploading the pic using "edit -> change picture".
@its_justjack Go to your user profile, "edit" and upload the picture.
1:40 PM
@Unihedron Now I have :)
"Upload a new picture"
@ProgramFOX :D lol
@Sam Awh, you were too quick xP I only saw your message after I finished typing mine
Eww, just seen my old identicon pic :O
Self portrait
1:41 PM
I should take a picture of myself and put it in an obscure corner of the internet.
Behold, my old avatar...
Behold, once my great avatar...
@Unihedron What, your website? chuckes
@its_justjack Which?
1:43 PM
There, no more facebook
Might need to refresh, 'sec
Yay thank god!
Perhaps it's cached in chat, because I still see "Facebook Social Graph" in Ghostery.
Probably. It normally takes a few mins...
1:44 PM
If you click 'View Image' on my pic, it's still served in FB
Wait, that means I've only been in this room for two hours...
@its_justjack oh
Hold on, I'm leaving and rejoining
Woot, lets have a party!
1:46 PM
Meh, maybe tomorrow it will cross over
Meh, maybe tomorrow google will rule the world, oh wait...
/me wonders if GeorgeStocker is stalking us
/me too
/me notices he's in both Taverns and the HQ
1:52 PM
/me wants to ask if he knows SQL
What should i put on a dashboard?
@ProgramFOX >:)
a site editor dashboard
I have the edit links, but am at a loss of what else to put on it
Explain what the oage is for to the user
22 hours ago, by Sam
You're not using enough jQuery.
1:56 PM
@its_justjack About the portal@imagine account for you, ver 2.0.1 allows me to add you in seconds, all you have to do is get the editor package, and upload it to the website you want edit.
Would you mind just creating a directory for me to test it. I can't break it, right?
Ver 2.0.1 should be released within the next month or so
falls off chair. again.
Yeah i can make an example, or you can edit your own site with it...
falls off chair. and dies
Ok, that would be cool if I could try an example
1:58 PM
RIP Imagine
is buried in a small graveyard, at the bottom of the pacific
decides he hates sharks eating his graveside visitors, so he comes back to life and floats up in north korea, where he is executed
That is the end of Jacob Gray aka Imagine Studios aka The awesome one
did i scare everyone away?
... I was thinking the Tavern was kind of empty.
@Unihedron how is Hong Kong?
@ImagineStudios still amazed it's still alive
Have the tanks rolled in yet?
2:06 PM
nope, not yet
better get your self a javelin
The FGM-148 Javelin is a United States–made man-portable fire-and-forget anti-tank missile fielded to replace the M47 Dragon anti-tank missile in US service. == Overview == Javelin is a fire-and-forget missile with lock-on before launch and automatic self-guidance. The system takes a top-attack flight profile against armored vehicles (attacking the top armor, which is generally thinner), but can also take a direct-attack mode for use against buildings. This missile also has the ability to engage helicopters in the direct attack mode. It can reach a peak altitude of 150 m (500 ft) in top-attack...
@ImagineStudios If I got your computer:
Haha :P
@ImagineStudios It's not possible to get guns here :(
@Unihedron Where in the world are you?
2:08 PM
A missle isnt a gun... :(
That really sucks
Even worse... o_o
@its_justjack if i got your computer:
lol :D
@ImagineStudios Awesome, that computer repairs itself!
even though it is really old..
2:10 PM
Yep, that's my computer! Auto-repairing!
@Unihedron just read this article: keepandbeararms.com/information/XcIBViewItem.asp?ID=2161 wow
I think that the liberals in America or either evil, or stupid. or both
@ImagineStudios :(
@Unihedron And what I would do to YOUR laptop:
Eh... Those are compact discs.
Watch it.
Did you watch that video? A black nintendo gameboy pops out of the laptop when it's being crushed! lol
2:54 PM
Hey, does anybody want to have a go at hacking(/cracking) a website?
But don't break anything :-P
@its_justjack sure
But it's legal because I'm giving you express permission (unless you cause damage)
Well I cannot log in to the forum with a' OR 1=1 as username and a' OR 1=1 as password, so SQL Injection protection looks OK to me.
2:57 PM
@its_justjack access denied
On the /uploads/ directory, I presume? If it's the image then something's wrong
I cannot access the image you linked.
> The owner of this website (www.mawersoft.co.uk) does not allow hotlinking to that resource (/uploads/lolugothacked.png).
Are you clicking on the link?
Which browser?
2:59 PM
Refreshing the page helped.
Works on my firefox, latest
@its_justjack 33.0.2, the latest version
But now it works, for some reason.
Yep, I'm running latest
Maybe just a random glitch in the thingy
3:00 PM
So someone else uploaded that image?
Nope, me, to see if you could figure out any exploits in my uploder, if you could find it
Eh, you didn't add limiting for the contact form, so I spammed you with post requests.
@its_justjack What's behind the mawersoft.co.uk/uploads/upload.php file?
That's the php core of the uploader... You're close...
3:02 PM
@its_justjack I just found it by trying some URLs :P
@Unihedron YOu realize all of those posts go to my personal email? Lucky it's rerouted through the systm first to stop spam...
@its_justjack :D
@ProgramFOX But you can't do much with THAT file
@its_justjack well, I can try :D
"34 new messages"
'Jacob Gray'
@ProgramFOX How are you getting on?
3:06 PM
@its_justjack Getting on what?
I haven't tried much.
@ProgramFOX How are you getting on as in how are you doing?
@its_justjack Fine
@ProgramFOX You don't appear to have found my uploader...
not yet
Now I have! >:D
But you can't exploit it...
3:11 PM
oh, I should try that
Wow, sounds like you never debug.
It's meant to block php files
Off for maintenance...
> My website is offline for maintenance
Yep, I just pulled it
Very good!
3:13 PM
@its_justjack woah, I was just too late :P
I'll fix that and put it back up in a min
//Block php
if ($uploadFile_type == "text/php") {
echo "To avoid exploitation, PHP files are disabled.";
$uploadOk = 0;
Why didn't that work?
I never uploaded a PHP file...
cuz yer using php
I did
3:14 PM
use jsp
Can't use jsp; don't have tomcat server
@its_justjack Try some more MIME types:
I once gave a presentation about hacking at school. Only a few people understood it.
Lol. Try one with regex, they don't even understand what a state engine is.
'Cuz I held a talk about regexes.
Bet it was more boring than any other talk they've ever attended.
Ok, that should be fixed, putting it online...
I also gave a presentation about the Internet once. This one was easier than my hacking presentation, but people still didn't understand it.
3:19 PM
Still works... -_-
@ProgramFOX I'd be amazed to hear anyone understand file directories or OSes or file extensions at our age. :)
But make sure you block all PHP extensions.
@Unihedron There is one person of my class who also knows much about computers and he knows about these things, but the other people don't :P
The best indicator of whether someone knows how to use a computer is if they consider "hacker" and "cracker" as the same entity.
@Unihedron I consider it as one entity when talking to noobs, but as separate entities when talking to people who are as knowledgeable as me.
3:26 PM
I've seen more script kids than noobs. :(
@its_justjack Error in upload.php:
> Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_IF, expecting ',' or ';' in /home/mawersof/public_html/uploads/upload.php on line 52
Yep, saw that 2 seconds before you
Forgot to add the colon to the print
I hate php! Why won't ti just work!
I uploaded a PHP thing.
It's supposed to print "Exploit!" but it has a syntax error.
Haha. xD
3:28 PM
Which gives an error :D
ME: Can someone just tell me how to get the ending and if it's NOT .php it just goes through
Unihedron: STFW
^Why I don't ask questions here anymore
@its_justjack goto
@its_justjack Well I linked you to that...
10 GOTO 20
20 GOTO 10
@its_justjack Would you like a dose of RTFM instead?
There isn't a manual for PH....
Oh. Of course there is
3:31 PM
Your proposal has a new follower @Pro!
So THAT's how that works!
@Unihedron yay!
does it keep the dot?
oh, yeah, already seen that one
I wonder if it will get off the ground.
3:31 PM
I hoped there was a 6th follower :P
@Unihedron I hope so.
@its_justjack No idea, try it out.
@its_justjack It still allows PHP files: mawersoft.co.uk/uploads/test1.php
I know
Might just password it...
That should work.
Suggestion @its_justjack: instead of just disallowing PHP, only allow specific files.
@ProgramFOX Yes but that's an arse! I just want to stop php exploitation while allowing file uploads
The problem is, with php files anybody can access my root folder, including private files that aren't even in the webroot!
The 'type' of the file is null...
3:48 PM
@its_justjack weird
I'll be afk for 15 minutes now, cya!
I'll probably have gone to sleep by then.
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