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12:50 AM
Welcome @funkatron
no one ever thanks me for welcoming them... makes me sad
thanks for the welcome!
anyone any experience using TouchDelegate?
I have it working fine for one view, but if I try to set for multiple views in the same parent, each TocuhDelegate overrides the previous
any solution, except having each view in a separate parent ?
2 hours later…
2:30 AM
puts on sunglasses
2 hours later…
4:51 AM
2 hours later…
6:45 AM
Must.. not.. say things.. in brain...
7:00 AM
are things trying to escape your brain?
Good Morning
Is it possible to import an external Java-Libary into my Android Project, if yes how? I'd like to use this Libary commons.apache.org/io/download_io.cgi
HI Safari
you should search for a question on Stack Overflow first, and if you can't find it, then ask on SO,
and then post the link to the question here
allright, i just though that should be an easy question.. ^^
Alright, I honestly cannot take the name "Poptani" seriously.
It's just plain funny sounding.
If he had gone to my school, we'd have called him poptart
@safari I searched on SO and it seems like it's a pretty common question
7:21 AM
Oh look, someone made an Android emulator emulator! engadget.com/2011/11/24/…
@nil In some parts of India, that name means : Parrot. And where I live, well it's slang for <something inappropriate to say here>
I just updated my drivers and now the keyboard isn't working.
7:37 AM
Iris can't understand me, so I've started speaking with a British accent (Essex).
I spoke to it in Klingon. Didn't work.
Is that the iPhone voice assistent?
Android, but it mostly talks rubbish. Siri in reverse.
I got that it was reverse, but didn't make the leap that it's for Android
Siri understands me pretty well.
Iris is the clone which is essentially useless, and will probably never amount to anything apart from undeserved publicity
7:52 AM
Well, if work on Iris was started after Siri was announced, they've probably not had 1/5 the time to work on it, nor 1/100th of the brain power ...
just saying that Apple probably had/s lotsa people working on it.
Siri is quite feminine, Iris talks shit like a dude.
haha but I'd say Iris has a more feminine name...
The should make Siri and Iris chat.
Yes the should.
and see if Iris hits on her :D
8:00 AM
like everyone else has been.
Iris doesn't have the hundreds of thousands of dollars of investment to match Siri
Apparently Apple bought a company that had done tons of R&D already.
I found the line that was the source of my problems for the last 3 hours
"stupid brain for not finding the line!!"
I fixed it
and the error still occurs
do I get more mad at my brain for not finding the right line????
Eh, they'll figure out a way to rip off Siri properly sooner or later
Er, I mean, innovate it
I realized that while I was in university.
waits for everyone to sit around his "old man chair"
Time to reboot and see if that fixes this stupid bluetooth crap on Windows
'Cause otherwise I'm rolling back drivers.
8:09 AM
I was walking along and found a four function calculator... floating in the fountain on campus.
just 30 years ago, 4 function calculators cost arms and legs
now we can find them floating in water... and they still work.
with you young whippersnappers innovating at light speed, we should find voice activated assistants floating in water by 2015
Well if they still work 60 years from now, they will cost arms and legs again, as antiques.
8:30 AM
Q: Best Way to combine Audio files in Android

VenkyI am developing Recording App that includes Pause/Play option. I tried with both Media Recorder and AudioRecord In case of AudioRecord , the recorded audio consumes larger size, so if the recording size increases say for eg: if i record 1 min audio it consumes 40 to 50MB an it really paining to...

8:58 AM
yo yo
yeah blud
Siri, translate this cartoon.
well that's cute.
yo man who you callin blud man you aint in my crew!
er, or something...
9:17 AM
Today is Thanksgiving Day.
happy Thanksgiving!
All my friends, thank you for your help me all the time.
9:44 AM
Happy Thanks Giving TR :D
Also, I think I may have solved my problem :D
I had a Turkey sarnie for lunch, I honestly did not know it was Thanksgiving.
10:06 AM
Nice, Reno.
aight I'm out
I hope the magic of SO will give an answer for me in the morning. :-)
Q: refreshing map ItemizedOverlay gives ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException

Thunder RabbitUsing the com.google.android.maps API, I've got a MapActivity which uses ItemizedOverlay to place several (up to about 1000) icons on a MapView. I want to refresh (or perhaps just add to the list of) the icons when the LocationListener detects the device has moved a certain distance (currently 5...

Please note the "I think I may have solved my problem" was interrupted by my line manager as he got stuck setting up eclipse. I'm now screwed again. :(
1000 icons works on your MapView :O ?
My MapView gets drunk and sad.
10:42 AM
@ThunderRabbit I think the solution to your problem is to add the overlays in a batch then call populate().
So you haveta modify HelloItemizedOverlay so that holds an ArrayList of n elements. If the ArrayList is about to overflow, add all the overlays using addOverlay(ArrayList<item>) and then call populate().
Also if the queue is not full, run a Timer that calls populate() in a few seconds. This is a hacky solution, I know.
2 hours later…
12:23 PM
Anyone want to see a really pretty question?
Q: Zooming towards a pinch center

GraemePlease see each section below for a description of my problem described in three separate ways. Hopefully should help people to answer. Problem: How do you find a pair of coordinate expressed in canvas/userspace when you only have the coordinate expressed in terms of a zoomed image, given the or...

It's got diagrams and colours and math and code!
@Glitch It's almost solved! ALMOST SOLVED!!
I'm just a teeeeeny tiny bit away. On the bright side I've fully expressed the questions in three different forms.
I can share your happiness, I just found out that I passed math!
@Glitch Anything new?
12:29 PM
Also, we're getting air conditioning installed tomorrow!
@CSchulz nope :(
I think this host is dodgy now
Oh damnit ... If you need something we can move all to me
Might have to do that >_<
@Graeme that custom button you sent me, do I have to use the class too, or can I just use the XML?
12:51 PM
You need the class too
2 hours later…
2:40 PM
And the solution:
A: Multiple zooms towards a center

GraemeSo, after redrawing the problem I've found the solution I was looking for: It's pretty easy to find the values for each between A and B (both X and Y) since you can convert known distances by dividing by the scale factor in order to find it's distance in canvas/userspace. This along with the f...

Which unfortunately shows I may have answered the wrong question... hmm...
Modified the title of the question in order for it to make sense compared to what I'm actually answering. Still useful but just... less so.
3:03 PM
4:02 PM
Hi guys
Does anyone know how I can change the child component of a layout when it's clicked (and reset 'em after the click) ?
@Glitch poor guy
4:28 PM
@Glitch Let me know if you are ready

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