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5:35 AM
@Shell this time don't aspect a help from my side or @TheDictator's side and @Belinda also :D
sure man
@Justcode what?
6:23 AM
@Belinda nothing i just warned him
6:40 AM
be tane hamesha evuj kem lagtu hoy chhe k bas hu evu j karto faru chhu? @Justcode
aa Gota ne, Lijo ne, Yash ne pan help karu chu
ane oli karta vadhare
nah, emne personally to nathi krto ne ? :D
abe me evie ne kidhu tu k ASP ma aay pan ek divas aai ne pachi nai aai
@Shell hmm, do it
@Justcode thats call Chul
6:56 AM
band tha @TheDictator tara karta to ochhi j chhe.. vaat vaat ma seal bhang thavani vaat aavi jaay chhe
@TheDictator lol
@Shell mara ma hoy as hu married nathi.... amare atyare apna hath jagannath j hoy che
pan e to me joyu.. hu 5 ma thi 1 chhokari ne help karu ne to tamne e 1 dekhay chhe bakina 4 nathi dekhata
@Shell i don't mine bro.
baki na 4 kon?? @Shell name please?
6:59 AM
you can do it
@TheDictator don't take it longer otherwise he will put a tag on you Jealous
@TheDictator yash, gota, lijo, partha, jebs, ane amuk bija C# room ma pan chhe
@Shell but same point as @Justcode has raised.. personally to ene j karo cho ne.. Ane peli elahe ne pan.. eni maa ne ene to code banavi ne ahi thi parcel karta hata
@TheDictator kya thi personally thayo bhai e room public chhe
@Shell but ema aave che ketla... and tame joya amne koi diwas atli badhi help karta k ena mate thai ne aapdu kaam malie chadavi ne bija nu kaam karie?
and rai vaat e room ni to e room ni to e room na owner tame ekla j cho.. so that means e personal j kevay pachi bhale ne e public hoy
bhai evi tari vichar sarani chhe.. mane j room ma koi question kare e room ma hu answer appu chhu..
ene koi bija room ma lai jaine answer nathi aapto
jevi rite tu invite kari ne chat kare chhe
7:13 AM
But ena mate thai ne tame alag room banayo ne.. baki aa room nu existance j kya hatu??
@Shell maru to khule aam che... but me pahela j reason aapyu.. k hu married nathi... to hu line to mari saku
@TheDictator ani pehla no room automatically create thayo hato ema koi ownership nati mate mare navo room create karvo padyo.. ane tane khabar chhe windows form mate have u .Net Devs use nathi karto
@Shell to karvo joie ne.. aam haji tame eli na room par chori chupi thi to najar rakho j cho ne k e su k che koni jod vaar kare che badhu j
ena par najar rakhva nu karan ej chhe k mare ene nathi janava devu k Shell kon chhe.. already maro Nimesh user ena lidhe band karyo chhe
@Shell to na pade ne khabar.. kon kevanu che ene k tame j shell cho? kevu j hot to atyar sudhi ma kyar nu kai didhu hot.. ane j kevay CHUL
mare etlij chul hot ne to me eni sathe bolvanu band na karyu hot.. ane eni help karto j rehto hot.. 5 gm nu magaj dodaay jara
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7:59 AM
jaak ei mohashoy tahole deshe achen...
asole bangladeshe import rate ta khub beshi....
shala..ato din por ki jigges kore
amar j kota bangladeshi frnd ache sob baire thake.....
@The_Lazy_Man na na sure hochilum bhai jaan...raag koren ken...?
apni baire jaan nai ken....
desh charte bhalo lage na ?
ha ha ha... ami o fun korlam..agey biye kore ni
@Avijit don't poke on this issue.. :P
@The_Lazy_Man ei sob baje jukti onno jaigai diben.....
9:00 AM
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10:34 AM
I have foolowed this Link @Adi
@Adi pastie.org/9450135 This is my ExpAdapter
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11:05 AM
uyk tahw
:D Image not found
It can be found for me.
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@Unihedron Search Google Images for "C++++".
Must be location thing :/ tried opening it in new tab, won't work either
ok :P
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11:24 AM
A: How should I create my Data Mappers/Domain Objects/Services?

ziGiSecondrikudo can you tell the idiots to stop talking about me please Thank you

@Connor i meant, the end user is the person using your output code... err, you understand what I mean, u r just nitpicking..
Flaggged immediately
11:26 AM
no, don't flag it
Too late, but why not?
push his rep beyond the chat rep limit and leave the answer
How much rep do you need?
How did it get an UV
or 25?
11:27 AM
He's got 1
That should be enough
20 is it.
25 I think
did he just get banned?
No, I don't think so.
user got removed
11:27 AM
omg lol
Bluefeet annihilated Zigi :D
It was an imposter account...
Had 1 rep
there is another zigi account alive
So he sockpuppeted the UV
11:28 AM
Yeah, a sockpuppt
Well, I'm sick of this.
ziGi, Netherlands
349 2 14
I'll see you guys in the evening.
Cya later, Ben
!!afk I've had enough for now :)
11:28 AM
see you
Hm, is Caprica broken?
@Cerbrus Information on interacting with me can be found at this page
Someone is trying to create bad reputation for zigi
@Mr.Meshuggah zigi is
11:29 AM
It could be zigi himself
Why would he do this?
That is really moronic if he does it by himself.
because internet
If you put some thoughts into it you can conclude that there is no reason for him to harm his own profile.
why don't we see main site notifications in chat rooms? where is the super multicollider dropdown?
11:32 AM
If I were him I'd do a different profile and just use it instead of using a duplicate of my own.
Yes, Awal, many people have thought that before, but I have proven them wrong.
in Room for ziGi and Mr. Meshuggah, 17 secs ago, by ziGi
can you tell the JS chat that I have flagged that fake profile and that someone is just trying to ruin my reputation?
Haha ruin his reputation, ahaha!
can you tell him back that we think he has got a very high reputation and we all hail him. he is our god. hail Zigi!!!
How was he aware of that fake profile that quickly?
11:36 AM
@Cerbrus Because he made it.
@Cerbrus perhaps he's watching this room?
He can still do that, @JanDvorak?
Apparently Benjamin told him
11:37 AM
@Cerbrus read access is free
@JanDvorak Though I'm starting to wonder if it should be...
How did the Greeks used to mute people at the forums back then?
No wait, you need it to be free for people to be able to initially join, and you can't set a user to explicit-non-read, I guess
Cut out their tongue, @Mr.Meshuggah ?
Shoot them?
11:39 AM
You do realize you guys are trying to impose restrictions that people can avoid anyway?
Shoot them, Cut out their tongue, then shoot their tongue?
@Mr.Meshuggah they used TV remotes...
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Haha Florian is a French policeman
11:44 AM
totally looks like one
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Do you people find it insulting to ask someone if he is gay?
11:46 AM
@Mr.Meshuggah sometimes, yes.
@Mr.Meshuggah depends on the way you ask.
There is nothing wrong with being gay, but asking someone randomly about their sexual preferences is rude.
Cause some people have asked me and I am not offended but I guess I look gay to them for some reason
this glitched chrome tab is getting worse by the day. It's not loading images now
"Dude, you a fag?" <-- how it's not done.
11:48 AM
But mabye I am not offended cause I am not I just know I look strange sometimes
My style is just similar to this one
You look dapper as fuck
@Mr.Meshuggah stop posting images...
@Cereal That's not him, though. It's a model.
yes it's not me
11:49 AM
What does dapper mean?
!!urban dapper
@Cereal Dapper A compliment made to someone who looks incredibly smart, sexy and stylish
Oh, Cereal, thank you
Dapper means you're gay.
Are you dapper?
11:49 AM
I am also quite gay at times
Enjoy having good times with friends
But I am not homosexual
Hm, maybe that didn't sound quite right :D
"good times"
!!define gay
11:51 AM
@Mr.Meshuggah [gay](http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki?curid=1009098) (dated)
Happy, joyful, and lively.
1405 Geoffrey Chaucer, The Wife of Bath's Tale, The Canterbury Tales (source)
(Line 221) To bringe me gaye thinges fro the fayre.
(Line 236) Why is my neighebores wyf so gay?
(Line 298) That I was born, and make me fresh and gay,
(Line 508) But in oure bed he was so fressh and gay
(Line 545) For ever yet I lovede to be gay,

c. 1692, William Walch, preface to Letters and Poems, Amorous and Gallant, in John Dryden, The Fourth Part of Mi┼┐cellany Poems, Jacob Tonson (publisher, 1716), page 338:
Yeah that's what I meant
Like the expression having gay time with my friends.
Is definitely an outdated definition of the word
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2:05 PM
posted on August 05, 2014 by kbironneau

/* by iveinsomnia */

posted on August 05, 2014 by kbironneau

/* by squalloid */

posted on August 06, 2014 by kbironneau

/* by Cyrus McDugan */

The coding love
when I've mastered the keyboard shortcuts in my editor
posted on August 06, 2014 by kbironneau

/* by ranucci */

Waaaaaat spam
Damnit feeds, don't be that way
@FlorianMargaine Time to delete some more?
I was about to ask what you changed, @FlorianMargaine :P
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