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4:00 AM
Actually it's not going at all because I realized I could workaround the SNI bug in userland and manually do the SAN name matching and peer_fingerprint matching as well.
So now I have a userland lib that emulates most of the new 5.6 TLS features in userland for 5.4 and 5.5
At some point I will go back and do some backporting though.
hehe awesome
It's just less pressing for me now that I can accomplish the same thing in userland for legacy versions :)
But I thought capture_peer_cert was only introduced in 5.6?
So how are you capturing the cert then?
4:02 AM
No, that's been around. The problem was that it wouldn't capture the cert if peer cert verification failed (from the CA file).
morning friends.
So as long as you have a usable cafile and you don't pass a CN_match you can let PHP handle verifying that the cert was issued by a CA you trust and then do the rest in userland.
I just hope you didn't have to write your own ASN.1 parser to extract all that stuff out, such as subjectAltName, etc.
nope. openssl_x509_parse()
4:04 AM
drunk man going to bed
night folks
nite :)
@DanLugg later dude
I'm going to do some localisation stuff, later!
4:42 AM
This does not provide an answer to the question. To critique or request clarification from an author, leave a comment below their post. — Ravimallya 13 mins ago
gods below, I hate these fucktards
@tereško I agree, it's not answer. :)
There were two options .. I used the less-insulting way
4:54 AM
aslo, stackoverflow.com/questions/25069639/… .. there is only one vote missing
5:31 AM
@tereško it's ready for delv now
animuson helped us
I'm wondering if changing my name to 'Downvoter' would influence the perception of other users ...
@Jack I'm not sure you are quite sure that you definitely are not qualified
You mean I don't actually downvote enough?
morning @all
5:42 AM
@Jack Change your name to "rep whore". :)
it has already been done
@YogeshSuthar haha, funny.
@tereško and .. what were the results?
general "meh"
5:49 AM
@tereško you're going to love this: github.com/EllisLab/CodeIgniter/milestones
"get ready"
@Jack you will have to ask @PeeHaa
I thought Pieter had a "rep whoring" attribute to his name?
not sure what it was before that.
6:16 AM
^^ Not SO
One thing about having to work with SVN after a long time of using Git is that you simply feel inadequate ... "How do I branch again?" ... "Why do I need to specify what to commit?" ... sigh
anyone knows a good tool for m4a-to-flac converting ?
doesn't ffmpeg do that?
@bwoebi technical reasons
@Jack hmm ... I was hoping for a GUI tool
I don't think I have time to dig through manpage today
6:26 AM
why flac though? is the m4a uncompressed?
no, my phone doesn't do m4a
I will put in a feature-request for Walkman , but I suspect it's Apple's proprietary format.
^ s/range/upid
6:42 AM
@LeviMorrison ping
hey, i saw your comments in the bug tracker regarding the behaviour of current() when applied to traversables.
i've started a branch that would address it, but do you reckon it'd be worth the efforts? on the one hand I feel that current($iter) should behave like $iter->current() ... but, i dunno
Long-term I'd rather see current($array) and friends to go away, along with the internal array pointer.
I think it's actually doable, as well.
So I don't think it'd really be worth the effort, no.
Doable to separate out the array pointer? nvm
Actually, I use current() quite often; just always on arrays and not objects.
Right, but we'd like to remove it from array (huge win from many standpoints)
6:50 AM
What do you mean by 'remove it from array' ?
No more internal array pointer, no current or next functions.
i see; so how would you get the first key from an array?
besides array_keys($arr)[0].
well, maybe if array_keys() is a generator :)
There are surely issues, hopefully all could be worked out.
if no pointer, how foreach is supposed to work?
@AlmaDo internally foreach can use an external pointer.
6:57 AM
sounds insane (:
it's all part of the zend_hash_*_ex() family of functions.
_ex() for "extra cool"
At the risk of chris rolling his eyes at me and muttering "not another array_ function" ... would array_first($arr) -> [$key, $value]|false be a reasonable way?
oh yeah. and array_second. and, of course, array_third. Don't forget array_fourth too. And add array_fifth .. Dream day
hello can i join
^ left or right?
@AlmaDo well, a function that returns a tuple based on the index may be a suitable alternative.
not sure what to call it, though ... however, it won't be very efficient because it performs linear search each time :)
7:09 AM
^ what's the sense? You already have it: if your input is key and you want that tuple, here it is: [key, array[key]] - it's by definition
index != key
if you want "ordered" thing (like "get me third key-value pair") then it's another issue, but nothing is wrong with iteration over array to get that pair, I think
regardless of whether wrong or not, currently that's the only way :)
adding a function will just hide that fact, but nevertheless it would simplify userland code imo
but you won't be able to get it another way
yes, that's what "the only way" means ;p
7:12 AM
okay, not bad
hmm, with each foreach maintaining their own hash positions, it would be possible to iterate the same array twice =D
or was that already possible? not sure heh
But for me this "problem" sounds ridiculous. If you need to get element at "certain position" (i.e. first/second/third) - then use proper data structure. Use indexed structure which has maintained ordered indexes. Hash-map is a way unordered thing by definition. This task is for me similar to: "Ok, how to get N-th row from table"?
@FlorianMargaine clhs.lisp.se/Body/…
hehe, caught him
7:20 AM
@AlmaDo sorry, I watch the status bar when hovering links :>
yes, yes I believe (:
@AlmaDo of course, a supporting structure is ideal if you need to pluck key/values from arbitrary indices ... that said, the most common scenario of that pattern (for me) is just the first one.
@Jack I stand for: use proper tools for proper issues
if you see that current data structure is a way uncomfortable with the issue (that is: hash-map when you need to get "ordered" item pairs) - ok, why not change that structure?
because: apis
? it's you who are using it. it's you who decided that it fits your task. So.. not sure what api are we talking about
7:26 AM
the return value of an api is not necessarily always tailored to what you need it for.
create a wrapper then
surely you could write a set of functions that each return the same data in a slightly different form, but imho that makes no sense.
that's debatable. Like: you know that you should search over fields A and range of field B across your table. Why don't change it's structure to add index on (A,B) ?
Is there something like PSR-2 or JSLint for CSS?
@AlmaDo not sure what you mean by that
7:36 AM
@Jack may be not a good comparison, but.. idea is: don't fight with your data structure. change it
of course, i should add that the array dereferencing of function results dramatically reduces the need for current().
in fact, in one random project i have, total replacement is possible.
i have a question and want help...
@Jack If anything I got a lot of rep from jquery answers :P
Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay monring room 11!
7:52 AM
heya @Fabien. Sorry about I might have been drinking again and missed your ping :)
morning :)
hey, @JoeWatkins
morning @PeeHaa @Fabien
hi @peeHaa
mornigin @JoeWatkins @AlmaDo @viji
gud morning
7:53 AM
@JoeWatkins so now you're king of the hill ? (:
@PeeHaa No worries. It's your potential millions of money! :P
i need a help @peeHaa
Morning @Joe
@Fabien :D
@Joe, I got a question for you. How can I install PHP 5.3 on an installation including mysql parts without having mysql installed on that server.
@PeeHaa You probably won't even like/go for the idea anyway :P
7:54 AM
I developing a site, which include open login with twitter.

In login section, twitter logged in with user account and also connect with spreadmax, but it doesn't return data to my site spreadmax.com
you need mysqlclient libraries @Fabien
lol @ the 1990 under construction gif :)
@viji What does your code look like?
its a php, containg twitter auth for open login
That does not tell what your code looks like. Also what data / status code you get in response
7:57 AM
when i set the permission "Read" it works fine for me, but i change it to "Read and Write" it doesn't work....
@viji Where? In the dev console of twitter?>
@JoeWatkins Any idea which?
yes @PeeHaa
Maybe it'd be easier to install mysql then install php then remove mysql
this is my link, please try spreadmax.com/log
7:59 AM
Good morning!
@Fabien the package will be called libmysqlclient-dev or mysqlclient-devel or something like that ...
morning @salathe
Cheers Joe.
@PeeHaa STEAK!!!
wat @PeeHaa
8:00 AM
You've moved everything over now Joe? No reason to come mainland.
@Fabien yeah :) you mainlanders are on your own ...
heh. School sorted?
@viji Last time I am asking. What does your code look like and what does twitter return in response
8:02 AM
@JoeWatkins congrats on the hoose, hope things are looking up for you and yours :)
@PeeHaa yes youtube.com/…
not yet, she is still unpacking everything, I don't get more than "have you" out and I'm met with "fuck off Joe, I'm busy" ...
they are so looking up :D @salathe
8:06 AM
@Gordon To @PeeHaa that's called 'Everyday'.
cv-pls: Docs, Backlog | Tools: Explain, phpdbg, devdocs.io | Addons: [cv-pls], PHP Manual Linkifier | Snippets: ext/mysql | Reference: QAs
Morning Dave
We need a script to do that or something
@Gordon do your mod powahz allow you to perma-pin stuff?
@DaveRandom no. same pin power room owners got
who wants to write a server-side chat client?
I would very much like to but I have waaaaaay too many things to do first
I can walk someone through what information I have gleaned through previous projects that have required me to reverse engineer chat
8:10 AM
@rdlowrey Would. He's desperate to show what sockets can do for us php folk in a php way.
Meh, this is child's play really
hi guys, what do you think is the best system in thesis, i prefer web based
It's just listening to a single websocket to receive state and making a POST to send messages
Why do you need one anyhoo?
The auth stuff is probably more complex though
@Fabien Automatically re-posting the pinned messages is what caused me to ask the question here and now
8:13 AM
What about a XML feed and just needs a pin then?
But I also want something with a message processing hook to let us do stuff like a global manual linkifier and better handling
wow, niki done the ast already
@Fabien feeds just appear as links when you star them, we need the actual text so it needs to be a proper message
morning @Joe
Hi guys, i have 2 question
1. do you think codeigniter can hold big system like hospital?
2. if codeigniter update is my website affected?
morning @DaveRandom
@CodeSlayer the thought of someone's life or even well being being dependent on code ignitor, or any other framework with a name really, is terrifying ...
8:15 AM
@CodeSlayer 1 yes. 2 no. but both answers won't help you.
@CodeSlayer please don't use that horrible framework
@AlmaDo Hmm. CakeIgniter sounds like an idea so horrible that I already like it
8:20 AM
@Gordon ouch.. we've revealed your dark side, which you were hiding from us - so, you like BDSM
Behavior Driven Software Management?
Sara is on reddit :o
@tereško why it is horrible?
The same reason why c:\progra~1 doesn't work, but `cd c:\progra~1` works
How can I make the above work?
The same reason why `c:\progra~1` doesn't work, but `cd c:\progra~1\` works
@Gordon you are a mod, so your sole purpose in live is to help people with the stupid markdown issues! ^
@PeeHaa do
ln -s /bin/sh c:\\progra~1
you may not thank me (:
8:26 AM
@PeeHaa what?
@CodeSlayer bad practices, low quality code, idiotic stuff in documentation, contains PHP4 artifacts
.. that should cover the high-points
some points
@Gordon I'm tying to write the above comment, but markdown breaks it
@tereško misinterpretation of design patterns
that was kinda covered by first 3 items
8:27 AM
The same reason why c:\progra~1` doesn't work, but `cd c:\progra~1` works — PeeHaa 4 mins ago
God both my english and my markdown fu suck
@tereško but my client demand a website using codeigniter framework and mariadb as database
hmm, test … cd c:\progra~1\
@CodeSlayer you probably should explain to your client, that the framework which he demands has been dropped by the maintainer about 1 year ago: ellislab.com/blog/entry/…
but it doesnt seem to be able to escape the backslash itself. though it says "Markdown provides backslash escapes for the following characters: \ backslash"
8:32 AM
also, why the fuck would your client care about the framework which you are using ?
This is code1\ and this is the second `code\`
Meh I give up :P @Gordon
@PeeHaa just put a space between the backslash and the `
Now you tell me :P
Oh yeh the chat markdown quote matching thing is fubar
Danke Deutschland, danke, fur Mercedes und Marks :D
8:40 AM
@tereško thanks a lot, so what is the best php framework now?
there is no "best framework"
it depends on the requirements and your previous experience
in a big system, what is the good framework?
who da fuck is staring those ?!
Why the heck are there random stars?
8:42 AM
please, stop
it's so funny that he asks you that, considering your stance w.r.t frameworks.
He sounds like a bot...
@CodeSlayer a "big system" says nothing about what you are actually making. In general the most popular ones are Symfony and Zend for large scale projects and Laravel for "we have to ship it in 2 days" projects. But, IMHO, if you have a large and complicated system, a better option is to write a custom site and avoid using some magic frameworks because your will have very specific requirements.
i saw some forum say that laravel is good framework, why?
8:47 AM
It's not "good". But it's the least-like-complete-shit in the "rapid prototyping" category of frameworks. Then again, it's like being the smartest kid in the remedial class.
@CodeSlayer because of ignorance
^ that too
@tereško thanks, if laravel was updated and changes some syntax, will my website be affected?
did you understand a single word that I wrote ?
8:50 AM
@CodeSlayer Please stop starring every message
yeah, that's my impression
Stack Overflow Academy

Proposed Q&A site for programmers who want to learn how to ask good questions on Stack Overflow

Currently in definition.

im starring because tereško answered my question, is it illegal?
^ It really seems that almost all those questions could be asked on meta SO. So I don't really see the point on creating yet another separate site.
@CodeSlayer You're ruining the star board. If we're going to star every single correct message we would be having a million stars
8:52 AM
@HamZa yeah, later coming: Stack Overflow Academy College (how to ask good questions on SO Academy) and Stack Overflow Academy College School (prepare young folks of how to ask question on SO College). Resolution: What. A. Dumb.
@AlmaDo lol
If someone can't use his brain, no academy, no manual, no google will help
@AlmaDo they should have called it HomeworkFlow.com
@tereško this (too)
8:54 AM
@AlmaDo touche :)
@ircmaxell ping
'You've earnt the popular question badge. 1,000 views on a question'.
@CodeSlayer what exactly is the problem that you are trying to solve by using a framework (asside from "client told me to use a framework" because that one is invalid)
Question score is 0 :P
@Fabien yay, I've answered one of your questions.. long ago it was
8:56 AM
rep whore -_-
Was probably a terrible question :P
How do I life? :P
to do life you should do that without "protection"
The breaker is out //cc @tereško
@HamZa awesome
also, could someone please clean up the stars ?

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