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5:49 AM
My Academy example question to Help All teh n00bs: area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/72987/stack-overflow-academy/…
7:02 AM
7:16 AM
@Stijn You're welcome!
7:30 AM
8:09 AM
@ProgramFOX So that's where we've meet before. I knew I'd seen you somewhere before, but couldn't quite put my finger on it.
@rene Almost finished the function...
Yeah, I saw it...
Keep me posted :)
8:20 AM
@Sam Ah, right. I had the same feeling, but had no idea where it came from...
9:11 AM
I wish software tools would stop living in the previous century
tortoisehg nicely wraps my long commit messages when I enter them
but then it goes all passive-aggressive on me with their ridiculous 80-character guideline and refuses to wrap it when displaying the message later
giving me a scrollbar -_-
9:28 AM
If it is not broken, don't touch it...
Which basically stops innovation...
9:53 AM
@rene Ok, I think I've finished it. I'll just post a link to the gist...
@rene Here.
That looks more like it...
I'll merge that in the current version
Glad I could help :)
So, I guess the bot is completed then?
Btw, that's the first piece of JS I've ever written, so you may need to optimize it.
10:37 AM
@Sam I've never in my carriere written software that is completed. Can't imagine it would be any different this time...
Not everything is star-worthy...
@rene And it's a very good/true one too ;)
@Sam That is a comment only true software engineers make ;)
How did that?
? you edited your response ?
I saw your message, then I posted mine.
But it showed up before yours.
Oh I know, my time machine has started working now.
10:44 AM
Time- what?!
Yeah, I made it last year. It was summer project thingy, you know ;)
One cupcake on it's way
One cupcake for @Sam
@rene When you've got the time, don't forget to add a pic for the cupcake command.
11:08 AM
Is it just me, or is the tag not as active as usual?
tag has been more active, but it's still suffering from give me ze codez and duplicates.
I'd imagine most/all tags have that disease already.
@Sam might have to do with people going on vacation
Probably. I guess all the decent users went on holiday and left us few survivors to defend SO from rubbish.
Oh, come on now, it's such a wonderful chance to --soak up all the rep-- I mean help out new people without having to race to answer!
11:17 AM
Lol. It's still a race to get your answer out first though (well in C#, anyway).
Which is why I stick with older posts.
I like answering posts which makes me elaborate my code and type a lot. Those answers are usually more complex and high rep rep hunters stays out of them anyway, giving me a better chance to take a better grasp and work with optimal solutions.
I'm actually composing an answer to this at the moment:
Q: Find missing entries in one file

user3346601I've got two files: 1st: Entries.txt confirmation.resend send confirmation.showResendForm login.header login.loginBtn 2nd: Used_Entries.txt confirmation.showResendForm = some value login.header = some other value I want to find all entries from the first file (Entries.txt) that have not be...

Same, but I usual find I have to post a question in order to have such an answer. A good example would have to be this one.
I'm off for lunch, back in a few mins...
11:41 AM
Hello folks. I am a bit weary at understanding internet slangs...like for e.g. in the following post...what does PO mean?
A: How to pass string array in SQL parameter to IN clause in SQL

Zohar PeledIntroduction: Even though the PO already accepted an answer, I thought it would be better to share my experience, because I belive the approach I'm about to show is better then the one accepted by the PO. I find that the best way to pass Arrays to sql server database is using a user defined tabl...

Probably typo in place of OP (Original Poster).
he repeats it?!
Or can it be Post Originator?!
Not everything is star-worthy...
11:44 AM
22 hours ago, by Unihedron
You know, potential for anything. ;)
Not everything is star-worthy...
Stars get removed under peer-pressure?
Not everything is star-worthy...
Stars get removed under peer-pressure?
@rene Hmm, I think you'll want to limit that ;)
@deostroll it's probably a typo indeed, perhaps that person doesn't know what OP stands for and doesn't realise the mistake
11:46 AM
@Unihedron Nice answer btw.
@Sam Thank you!! :)
Have you read this yet?
Nope, and I love it. xD
1 hour later…
12:55 PM
I'm seriously considering if I should create a "snack" event for this room...
I'll supply chips and homemade omelette.
I'll bring the drinks, and I guess rene can make the cupcakes.
(Goes to raid local vending machines)
(Goes to clubbing around local streets)
Sam has added an event to this room's schedule.
Wait a moment, I thought I set that for today, not tomorrow. Hmm, I'm going to miss it (I'm out all day). I'll just wait 'till next week. But I'll bring my drinks now...
That'll have to do for now.
1:08 PM
Nice, how many of those vending machines were out?
Well, 2 for the coke, and 5 for the lemonade. lol
Wed Jul 30 2014 15:11:16 GMT+0200 (W. Europe Daylight Time)
And now we get to have some cupcakes.
One cupcake on it's way for @Sam ....
1:12 PM
Out of dough...
@rene Was that pic automated?
nice :D
It now has your rate limit function
and the starboard handler is throtled
1:15 PM
Is the update on GitHub yet?
Not yet
Can you test the coffee as well?
It all works nicely ;)
Ok, I'll push to git
@rene is it case sensitive?
yes, it is
1:18 PM
pushed out to the repo
11 messages moved to Trash
Just tidied up the room a little.
2 messages moved to Trash
There are some smart ones in here...is anyone able to clear up a debate about the low quality queue we are having in the Android room? I don't think it deserves a meta post and what I have found is a bit ambiguous
1:35 PM
@codeMagic Please one-box that. I'll do it for you this time.
in Android, 14 mins ago, by codeMagic
Well, answers get automatically flagged when they are short. So it probably wasn't any user who flagged it
@codeMagic Thanks. But I can't chat.
Oh wait. Just refresh the page.
Sorry, unihedron and thanks
Sam, I gave you access
Yeah, takes a minute or so
Not really sure why you're linking a message from a gallery room to a public room, but eh.
1:36 PM
aren't short answers automatically converted to comments these days?
at least that's what happened earlier this week when I was posting short answers in the sandbox on MSE
I just thought I could get an answer from someone here then link to that. You should still be able to see the conversation we had
That's true, I've experienced it before as well. Then I deleted my comment thinking it's a bug.
Hmmm...not sure about that but maybe. Something else for me to check into
@codeMagic Please:
heh, didn't think about that. Will do
1:39 PM
I'm reading through some older posts on MSE
apparently both systems are in place
an answer can be automatically converted to a comment for being trivial
but it can also go to the review queue as "This answer was automatically flagged as low-quality because of its length and content."
Ah, interesting system.
Ah didn't know that.
I can't find hard criteria on it, the devs are probably intentionally vague on it so people don't game it
You're probably right, Stijn
It's a reasonable concern.
There should be a badge for posting several answers receiving score of 1 in a row...
1:47 PM
hello so community
@N0062eclipse Hey!
do any of you guys have any experience with android?:)
hello there
not me, but you might have more luck in chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/15/android
I am from India :) what about you all?:)
Earth, Alpha Centauri.
1:50 PM
Hi, I'm from the UK.
Belgium represent
have around 12 hours to finish a small android project :D
Good luck! Coding some Java here myself.
:) android has mostly java
but m basically new to both:D
1:53 PM
Oh, there's a room for Java too!
there is a room for everything over here:)
what do you suggest .. i have a server set up on free hosting
my app needs to access sql database, should i test it in localhost
or the real thing is better
You'll probably get better technical advices if you ask in the relevant rooms. That's also why messages gets moved from and to rooms around here.
your dev environment should resemble your production environment as much as possible, but sometimes that's hard
so for that reason you should also have a test environment that is identical to your production environment
can i post a link that you guys can see and advice?
Go ahead, don't ask to ask. :)
1:59 PM
Eh, leave out the quotes so the link hyperlinks itself.
now if ull see the php files,
hi there
you will notice config.php and db_connect.php why has he separated them, i dont see any reference to the server data from db_connect file. cant i just assign the username, pass etc in one file?
@MarcdeVerdelhan Hello
2:02 PM
Still looking for upvoters for my open source project: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/260377/…
@N0062eclipse Nice blog, shame I have no clue what his code is about.
just a simple user registration and login code
@N0062eclipse Probably because the db_connect only holds the code for interacting with db... so you can use that file across different projects. It is a not uncommon practise for php stuff to work that way.... but I'm not a php dev so I might be wrong...
yea i saw the code files
seems there is a index.php that includes all other files as needed:)
btw can i just upload the whole folder with php files to my server:D? and then map them when needed?
That would be my first try. If it didn't work I'll google...
2:44 PM
Ooh ooh ooh, I thought of another great example question for the Academy! area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/72987/stack-overflow-academy/…
I've already used all my votes :/
@Cupcake Wait, did you just post that in 3 rooms? :P
@ProgramFOX ? He's only in this one.
@Sam The SO Tavern, MSE Tavern, and The Ban Hammer (the chat room of the new site moderators.SE).
Oh, right.
@ProgramFOX Must be a script?
2:49 PM
Probably just copy-paste, a lot easier than writing a script :D
hey everyone !
Lol, true.
Hey @TGMCians!
@TGMCians Hi there!
2:55 PM
@TGMCians \o
3:06 PM
@ProgramFOX yes. Yes I did. That's not a problem, is it?
@Cupcake I don't think it is a problem, I just found it funny to see the same message in three different chatrooms :)
@Cupcake I like the work that's being done, but like someone said somewhere on that proposal, a Q&A site might not be the best format for this. It could get integrated in the help center maybe.
3:27 PM
It seems @Unihedron is our new XKCD archive search bot.
I am honored. I'm a decent xkcd fan. :)
4:09 PM
I'm not a native English speaker, can someone point to me if this comment on my answer is a positive one or negative one?
Escaping the backslashes is spot on! Look at the Stack Trace, it matches perfectly! — asrivat1 2 mins ago
Just looking at the original conversation...
It's positive ;)
It looks to me like the person was just backing up your claim of the problem...positive
Yeah, what code said.
Thanks... I was worried lol. "Spot on" is new to me...
"Spot on" usually means something like: "correct", "accurate", "right", etc.
4:13 PM
@Sam That is spot on
Lol :P
Well played, sir. xD
phew Finally finished the main feature of my project. It doesn't sound too bad, if I do say so myself. (Here's a Before/After if you're interested.)
Well done!!!
4:18 PM
Thanks :)
Hmm, I wonder what code metrit results I'll get...
Lol. Cyclomatic Complexity: 909, Class Coupling: 85 and Lines of Code (IL): 1,671.
5:08 PM
@rene So what does the !!silence command do?
5:37 PM
maybe turns off your chat sounds?
5:52 PM
I'll check...
Lets see if it's running first...
new cupcakes can be ordered...
@rene Is that really you, or just your bot?
6:07 PM
@Unihedron I think the bot's not running, so I can't test it.
6:19 PM
Im off to dinner, laters...
@Stijn tl;dr, sorry :(
Seeya @Sam
@Unihedron only takes a couple of minutes :) I found it interesting. But I won't judge you if you don't read it :)
My attention span survived to "Help vampires", then I gave up.
But it's a really nice article.
6:31 PM
@ProgramFOX here's what I have atm, it's still very basic (e.g. it can't handle responses > 1024 bytes) but it works. Thanks again for your sample :)
@Stijn You're welcome!
Got to go now, see you!
6:53 PM
@Sam that was the bot...
@Sam it is an emergency break. If the bot misbehaves anyone can silence it. It's owner is the only one who can un-mute it....
@Stijn It's an interesting article, although, I only speed-read it.
@rene Ah ok.
the cupcake delivery is now a proper statemachine...
@rene You're going to have to add something to the bot's messages (like ~ message...), so we know if it's you or not. As I can hardly tell the difference.
7:09 PM
perhaps rene was a bot all along
OK, a ~ seems like a good idea... I never use that character
~ right
@Stijn Lol, we'll never know. ;)
@rene Thanks. So, was that last mesage you?
@Sam You'll never know....
7:12 PM
borked it
~ 418 I'm a TEAPOT
~ Wed Jul 30 2014 21:13:03 GMT+0200 (W. Europe Daylight Time)
~ One cupcake on it's way for @Sam ....
hehehe :)
7:18 PM
I hate bugs
~ Wed Jul 30 2014 21:19:54 GMT+0200 (W. Europe Daylight Time)
7:43 PM
@rene Did you fix it?
~ One cupcake on it's way for @Sam ....
Just double-ly checking... ;)
So I can fix bugs...
7:46 PM
Lol :D
@rene I read Lingo is going to end. Not a regular watcher but I have seen some funny moments of it
pretty impressive that they went on for so long
@Stijn Oh, that is a great loss :)
I watched it when Robert ten Brink was the presenter
@rene almost chocked on my food when he said "take 20 balls"
You might like the Koefnoen versions as well....
@Stijn be careful :)
love that one :D
8:28 PM
@Stijn I did read it and the last comments is this OP's question... I copied the comments from John and do the same...
@rene heh, cute :) yeah I also remove such things but I don't leave a comment
Same here.
@rene is there documentation on connecting to the chat socket or did you piece all of that together?
@Stijn I basically watched the network tab of the Chrome devconsole....
But there is this as well
ah great, thanks
8:42 PM
Do note that live is easy if you already have authenticated and a session with cookies...
hmm, I just realised, it probably isn't possible to authenticate with SE using just .NET
@Stijn It should be doable if you have an oauth client.
Haven't tried it yet though...
@Stijn on the Stack api they offer two ways to get aurthenticated, one in a web/browser scenario and one in a client/commandline one. I assume that last one should be useable for a .net client without webbrowser/server component
I'm close voting now...
9:08 PM
Are questions allowed in the general room?
What sort of questions?
Programming related question if the appropriate chatroom is dead?
Sure, we won't kick you out or anything. But, I can't guarantee you'll get the info you need ;)
I actually asked it on SO itself but was just wondering if that's allowed, say if I have to ask something small and don't feel like creating a new question :P
Since so many language-specific rooms have no users..
Yeah, that's fine.
9:42 PM
Anyone think that : "The top prize is paid registration to Apple's 2015 Worldwide Developers Conference as well as 3 years of Apple's Mac Developer Program and a $100 gift certificate. " Is a good prize for an app dev competition?
For what they think will be a real production app
@inquisitiveIdiot That is probably worth 2000 dollar.... divide it by your hourrate and you get how many hours you can spend on that app to break-even...
I can't say really anything since I don't do any apple stuff development...
Considering these are college students do you think that app development like this is a reasonable ask?
I don't really know dick about ios dev other than you have to jump trhough hoops to do it on anything other than OSX and you need to write objective C
9:58 PM
I guess it would depend on the specific task(s) of the competition.
Management of the university's regional alumni community
Hmm, yeah I'd say it's worth it.
Doesn't seem too difficult, so it sounds like a decent reward (IMO).
Alos why should it be an app? Why not just a good mobile website?
I don't know, I didn't set the competition. But, my guess would be so they can test the candidates' desktop coding skills, rather than thier web dev skills.
This is an alumni group looking for an app to interface with members not an interview/recruitment thing
and where do you get the $2000 from?
10:06 PM
Oh right. Well, it's still a valid reason. As I said before, I can't say too much since I don't have much xp in this field.
I honestly am interested in how that amounts to 2 grand
I didn't say that, @rene did.
@rene where did you get $2000 dollars @Sam my bad
@inquisitiveIdiot That is just the prize I see for these kind of events, if you have to buy a ticket.
10:14 PM
$1600 (wwdc ticket) + $300 (3 year dev license) + $100 gift card? @rene?
I didn't check but if that are the prices....
soemthing like that
1 hour later…
11:20 PM
~ Don't hammer me...
11:43 PM
It's time for me to shut down for the night, see you guys later.
Oh, and enjoy the snackage event.

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