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3:00 PM
its basically a fleshlight in some mechanical thing
that can be controlled via an API
That's some kind of fucked up
the demo they showed was some anime girl giving you a hj
yay I just got more revenge downvotes.
@BartekBanachewicz well now that Apple uses better touchscreen glass (sapphire I think) a touchscreen Macbook might be a future (near) option
but yeah... porn is available on the rift
3:00 PM
I agree that since Lenovo bought thinkpad line they are worse
Ill be 100% honest though I haven't delved into that at all
@Loktar tbh... I think I'd try it
that shits a bit too far/weird for me lol
No way man
3:01 PM
@Sterling I don't have time. I needed it by the end of this week
Oh cool and a comment from bjb!
@BenjaminGruenbaum In my eyes, it is. — bjb568 37 secs ago
@BartekBanachewicz oh you need a machine now?
Coincides with the two downvotes - awesome.
I was thinking about SFP3 but also only preorders
@BenjaminGruenbaum should be easily catched by the rep system, shouldn't it?
3:01 PM
@BenjaminGruenbaum because bjb woke up
@rlemon yup. Definitely.
@GNi33 nope, he knows that 3 or less downvotes in a time span is undetected.
@Sterling I am switching jobs ans my new company is buying a new machine for me
as soon as you said that I looked at his profile "last seen"
prior to that it was like 8 hours
@BartekBanachewicz congrats! (I hope)
he wa ssleeping :P
3:02 PM
@BenjaminGruenbaum what did you do to the guy?
@BenjaminGruenbaum Upvoted
What are your options? (is that why you were talking about Lenovo?)
Well I have already picked it and I am now going to pick it up
New computers are always fun
I was thinking about XPS 13, Spectre 12 or Yoga
3:03 PM
Configuring and customizing a fresh computer.. it's beast.
Can't go wrong with an XPS
Excellent hardware. Shitty customer service tho
I liked the carbon fiber lid
Isn't XPS a dell product? Dell is just crap customer service all around.
But it was overall more expensive and lacked a proper docking station and digitizer support
I do love carbon fiber
Thanks for the revenge downvotes on my questions from 2012. Clever of you to downvote old questions of mine - doesn't cost you the one rep of answers that way. The fact you'd still focus on finding revenge rather than fixing your answer (which you should definitely do) is extremely disappointing. I hoped you've improved since our last conversation :/ — Benjamin Gruenbaum 5 secs ago
@GNi33 he was in chat several times and was really abusive towards new users. He is a pretty big douche imo anyway.
3:04 PM
My phone case was carbon fiber until it shatter from an unfortunate drop off a balcony
Well, in general I think Yoga gives you way more for the price
XPS line is a lot about the logo and looks
@GNi33 he also deleted his MSO account haha
I just realized how strange the term 'thumbnail' is when referring to a thumbnail picture.
And it's supposed to be a work machine, in which case you can't go wrong with a thinkpad
@BenjaminGruenbaum I don't like him. He doesn't give you any follow up information you ask for and gets defensive when you persist.
3:07 PM
@BenjaminGruenbaum By reading through some of that user's content, I can tell that he's not the brightest bulb.
@BenjaminGruenbaum what if I edited it to not extend String.prototype while still keeping the function body?
I was in MSE chat and I was talking about a troll, and he simply up and said the JS room should be deleted or closed or something like that
@JanDvorak he should fix it, not me or you he knows how. He should also not revenge downvote anyway.
@NickDugger nope.
@BenjaminGruenbaum what makes you think it was him?
@BenjaminGruenbaum I may have missed it, but why do you think it's him? It could be coincidental timing
3:08 PM
(doesn't look good for him, but I've seen crazier coincidences)
Sorry, this is becoming a witch hunt. Not my intentions... kind of
@NickDugger don't revenge downvote him back :P
I won't!
1 message moved to Trash can
@NickDugger just so it's not witch hunty
3:09 PM
@JanDvorak it's from 2012, it got two downvotes followed by a comment by him on my comment and this is not the first time.
inbf4 !!s/w/c/
someone flagged that
@BenjaminGruenbaum Flagged? XD
3:10 PM
> I am a homeschooled 12-year-old
interesting: a robotic js api
okay, maybe that's why he's getting all childish with revenge downvotes.
flags are funny because they come from people who don't contribute to the conversation
@bjb568 please don't silently flag stuff that isn't offensive.
if you feel you need to take this up with mods use the mod flag.
don't annoy everyone else.
and yes I know it was you
(I don't see his avatar?)
3:11 PM
you can flag from the transcript
@SecondRikudo don't care enough
@rlemon why would he go the lengths to?
I just want to post that one again...
@JanDvorak no clue, but he registered the first flag
3:12 PM
@rlemon how can you tell?
Ah, cool - screenshot?
go on irc, I have one better
How many operations per second is a lot?
3:13 PM
I guess that can't really even be made into a question.
@rlemon Please make us a script that reveals those
@Jhawins It generally varies from buttloads to "holy shit"
@towc yeah that is pretty cool, been around for a bit a guy here was messing with it controlling an AR Drone with a leap motion
@Neil Yea. lol
3:15 PM
I just am trying to decide what language to use for this... But none of you guys are automotive so you won't understand what I need
2+2 = accelerate
^ DUDE!!!
@Loktar wall crash in 3..
!!> 0.1 + 0.2;
3:16 PM
@jAndy 0.30000000000000004
just because I can :/
<3 JS ^
One time at my old pool boy job I was fixing an oil leak (cracked hose or something), and my boss asked me a bunch of questions and slipped in "Did you change the turn signal fluid?" and I of course was in "yes mode".. "Yeah.. wait.. wat?"
js is like an husband who is way TOO honest
concerning numbers
The entire fucking loading dock laughed at me D:
3:17 PM
@CapricaSix why?
@SterlingArcher Hahahahaha
caprica is back!
Yes, honey, that equation does make your butt look big.
@JanDvorak email me
I don't know if I even can choose a language... ECU/PCMs are still written in Assembly for a reason.
3:19 PM
Now my comment got deleted :/
@BenjaminGruenbaum got deleted long ago
More than likely flagged as non constructive
few minutes after you posted it (I never saw it on the Q after clicking it in here)
God dammit I'm stuck on a game about squares now
3:20 PM
yea that game is a trap
avoid if possible.
!!> +('0.' + (+(0.1 + 0.2).toPrecision(17).slice(-1) - 1));
@jAndy 0.3
@rlemon Well, to be fair it was a dumb comment to begin with.
yea arguments in comments is never a good ending :P
3:21 PM
I've never been able to find source in a language I understood lol
Mega Squirt? Sounds... wet...
How did his answer get more upvotes? It's really really stupid...
@NickDugger For EFI on engines man.. Squirting injectors
hehe it does sound dirty
3:22 PM
Q: Is bandwagon voting thru chat voting fraud?

bjb568 Voting with socks is abuse, since the socks don't evaluate the quality of the post, the votes are low quality. Serial voting is abuse, since you don't fully evaluate the quality of every post, the votes are low quality. Should bandwagon voting thru chat (i.e. asking for everyone to up/down-vot...

I feel bolt bald right now
@BoltClock hey! What's up?
There's a whole lotta salt in here right now
3:24 PM
@BenjaminGruenbaum I don;t even know what to do there... lol. I just want stupids to go away. next thing you know, we'll have another zigi on our hands.
@BenjaminGruenbaum jesus christ
A: Is bandwagon voting thru chat voting fraud?

Benjamin GruenbaumBringing questions and answers into discussion in chat rooms happens. In fact it is quite common. We discuss questions and answers on the site all the time. Discussing questions in chat rooms naturally prompts chat room users to vote on them. Since voting is confidential - I don't recall an inst...

@BoltClock oh hay
Voting with socks?
@BenCraig creating alternative accounts.
3:27 PM
@BenjaminGruenbaum "for example closing bad questions in the php room." -- lol'd
Voting with rocks.
Okay, so, the opposite of the term I was asking for earlier: A subject in a sample that doesn't affirm the hypothesis. Any thoughts?
the results we will ignore for now.
Like the opposite of a constant?
..inconsistency maybe?
No... like the coin that comes up tails when you're measuring coins that come up heads.
^ edited
3:30 PM
@GNi33 Where is this from?
his website
I read this medium.com/@sgehrman/banned-for-life-c62f2404f66 and asked myself why the author doesn't start web-development. Anyone a clue ?
@GNi33 Oh ok
If he outs his age on SO then, well...
Go on?
could be outdated/wrong information anyway
3:33 PM
@GNi33 what user?
scroll up a little, I don't want to engage in any of this anymore
@SterlingArcher Then the user needs to be reported because users under 13 legally aren't supposed to be here
^ Ah. Did not know there was an age requirement
Wait, on the chat or Main?
Well both
it's pretty universal by US Law iirc
3:34 PM
@GNi33 Yeah, COPPA
But where are the children supposed to get help? And potentially verbally abused by interneters? D:
@Cereal that is your end result?
I'll probably still tweak it. It just happens to not crash the browser anymore, so I figured I'd post it
3:37 PM
@GNi33 Did whatever user you were talking about change their bio or is it still there?
the website was not mentioned in the bio
god eff that fiddle
froze up my browser
@Loktar same here. Way too slow for my comp
@BenjaminGruenbaum since I don't wanna get meta banned, bjb means the screenshot of his deleted comments
He feels like you hang it over his head anytime you disagree with him
morning gents
Yeah, it hangs on the first pass, then works fine
3:42 PM
It's a good example, though
(3rd party viewpoint, personally I agree because you)
@GNi33 Where was it mentioned
Because I forgot to put the scaling back in
herp de derp
Fixed it. Disclaimer: May crash computer: jsfiddle.net/BsPG7/12
@SterlingArcher oh, I definitely do.
I done
bower install bootstrap
but not bower comps folder
just a packages one ????
with this folder: nji.
3:45 PM
@BenjaminGruenbaum of course, of which I agree because I've only see you whip it out when a fit is pitched or he asks for "proof"
@BenjaminGruenbaum Is it necessary to point out I'm an asshole in your opinion on every one of my metaposts? — bjb568 5 mins ago
@Benjamin you didn't call him an asshole, did you?
@bjb568 no one called you an asshole. The only things being pointed out here are reality. If what is said here makes you feel like you're being called an asshole maybe you should take a step back and look at your behavior, because you yourself are apparently interpreting your behavior as being an asshole. Bad/incorrect answers are downvoted and it doesn't matter where from. — Jhawins 21 secs ago
Aww he's here :)
@Jhawins be civil :P
Let bjb and Benjamin have this one
It's clearly mostly between them lol
3:47 PM
@GNi33 No, I'm not.
@BenjaminGruenbaum ... somehow I think that you shouldn't be doing that. Maybe give him a chance, and not pull out old things and hold it over his head?
To be honest, I really don't care
Oh good, just in time for lunch
the rooms been too hostile lately. I'm urging these two to hash it out on their own. can we not stir the pot please @Room
^ this
3:48 PM
@SterlingArcher I am lol I'm just pointing out that he's the only one calling himself an asshole.
@GNi33 My account was somehow merged with another one belonging to my friend. The website is his child's.
And it's way to hilarious to ignore.
I'm not even a room owner and I agree
@hichris123 Probably, I just didn't like the fact he randomally downvoted two of my answers... honestly I don't know why or what it accomplishes.
Attempt at the galaxy picture
3:49 PM
Why is bjb's profile page a 404?
Looks nice if you zoom out
!!stat 2888561
@Jhawins User 2888561 not found
@BoltClock Please delete the whole thread. It's just a shitstorm.
3:50 PM
@CapricaSix I said my account was merged!
@bjb568 I deleted the comments
@Jhawins what the hell? it was there before
I think it looks fine... for now. The answers are useful
Not too keen on removing those answers
@Cereal I'm going to (today) work on the finite number of images
31 secs ago, by bjb568
@CapricaSix I said my account was merged!
3:51 PM
I've written down how to manage them, just need to write the code from the pseudo code
I saw that, alright
Not the bot's fault
The chat system's fault
@BoltClock newgrounds drama was a lot funner... where you there for "Are we still friends"?
@BenjaminGruenbaum I don't remember that
3:52 PM
@BoltClock it was ~2004 I think
with bedn
!!afk lunch, you kids play nice now.
looking for reccomendations on angular tutorials, any suggestions?
@BenjaminGruenbaum Oh. I know who Bedn is but I wasn't active on NG until 2005
@Bjb your account is all kinds of screwed up dude... Or soemthing
3:53 PM
@BoltClock ah, it was an epic post with the first reply being is head and the next 30 being his neck, the 31st was the famous bedn thumbs up iirc. the title was "Are we still friends?"
It was awesome.
You've gained 41K rep this year but only have ~4K
@Jhawins position change, not point change iirc
@rlemon Yeah, leaderboard position
@rlemon Oh lol I was really really confused
Umm I'll take bjb's chat quandary to the staff. Not something a mod can fix apparently
3:55 PM
!!doge mod,powerless,bug
             very mod
                          so powerless
such bug
@BoltClock I'd rather the whole thing would just be over with.
happy Friday
Anyway, I'm going to just kind of go now and be back in an hour... I'm sick of the drama. Thanks for fixing your answer by the way @bjb568
@BenjaminGruenbaum Oh I mean his chat user sync issue
Not... the drama, or whatever
3:56 PM
I newgrounds still a thing?
I remember playing those stupid undressing games when I was like 9
Yeah it's succumbing to the HTML5 video plague though
Isn't that where Burnt Face Man and Salad Fingers originated from?
@rlemon thanks for trying to de-derp the room. I'll help if I can lol trying to find good things to discuss >|
@IanClark Yes
#define true (math.randfloat() < 0.999)
so.... evil
3:59 PM
Yeah, that's why I don't want macros in js or go
Make a fiddle or give us a live link. This problem is sort of odd and it would be silly to try to debug without actually debugging. — Jhawins 28 secs ago
Someone go solve that question
It' weird

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