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7:44 AM
Is it true to say that the controller and presenter are same the only difference is that the presenter is responsible for two-way communication where the controller is responsible for one way communication?
8:27 AM
hi all
9:03 AM
hi Do anyone Know abt StreamInsight (Complex Event Processing)?
@rlemon @christianstuder @nokheat : Hav u guys worked on Microsoft Streaminsight(Complex Event Processing)..?
@sandeep No.
@christianstuder : Is FileSystemWatcher is the only approach to watch files. Is ther any other ways for watching files.
@sandeep I don't know, sorry. Try asking on Stackoverflow proper.
9:27 AM
@sandeep I don't know of anything else. Why would you need one, if you have one?
9:42 AM
Hi! :)
can anybody help with memcached?
Q: NullReferenceExeption while get Data from Memcached (.NET)

Evgeniy LabunskiyHave problem while getting data from Memcached on .NET MVC solution. I have this custom repository: public List<DropDownLocalization> GetLocalization(string key, string lang) { var result = cacheClient.Get<IQueryable<DropDownLocalization>>("DD_" + key + "_"...

4 hours later…
1:25 PM
Anyone over had an FatalExecutionEngineError?
@christianstuder @username @RMartinhoFernandes Hi all
Die Laufzeit hat einen schwerwiegenden Fehler entdeckt. Fehleradresse: "0x001aa508" in Thread "0x136c". Fehlercode: 0x80131623. Bei diesem Fehler könnte es sich um ein Problem in der CLR oder in den unsicheren oder nicht verifizierbaren Teilen des Benutzercodes handeln. Übliche Ursachen dieses Bugs sind Marshallerfehler für COM-Interop oder PInvoke, die den Stapel beschädigen können.
Nope, sorry.
(I seem to remember a website which provided translations for error messages...)
I just pasted it here, so I can easily grab the error code :)
any1 in here have some thoughts about my question?
Q: Implementation of an enterprise license

PeeHaaI've developed a piece of software n C#. And I already implemented a way for customers to upgrade the software using a single license key. The single license keys are (32 chars) calculated based on some hardware stuff which isn't likely to change (a lot). This all works pretty good. However n...

1:31 PM
@yas4891 Gosh, localised error messages are so annoying.
@yas4891 sounds really dangerous
@RMartinhoFernandes +1
just pasted it to get the error code. sry for that
I feel like I've screwed up good
2:08 PM
2:58 PM
Say: You want to read some source code, to learn from others and improve your own style. Which open source (obviously) project would you take a look at ?
I like FluentNHibernate and Ninject's source code.
2 hours later…
4:51 PM
Hi yas how r u
5:05 PM
@DeveloperX Hi. I'm fine. How are you ?
fine thx
How was the weekend
tomorrow is a holiday
oh why
ist it?why
is it a bank holiday?
anyway I don't know its meaning, I only know the title
the name isnt important the holiday is fact
5:15 PM
Yes, it's a bank holiday
so happy holiday,we havent bank holiday!
at least one thing christianity is good for
gets you another holiday
but we have alot of religion holiday and notional holiday and gov have plan to reduce them
how many days of leave do you have per year ?
20 day + each friday
5:27 PM
CellState cellState;
MeasurementStatus measurementState;

foreach (var cell in Model.Cells)
cellState = View.GetCellViewState(cell);

if (CellState.None == cellState) continue;

if (CellState.Empty == cellState && !cell.HasOngoingMeasurement)

// empty, but not updated yet
if (!cell.HasOngoingMeasurement)
goto UpdateCellView;

measurementState = cell.CurrentMeasurement.State;
if (CellState.AllMPTaken == cellState && MeasurementStatus.AllMeasuringPointsTaken == measurementState)
whats that
Question here: Would you rather use the goto or the two line version with the continue ?
never use goto in code
@DeveloperX too dogmatic, IMHO
I'd put the body in a function and use return.
5:30 PM
@RMartinhoFernandes that was my next idea
:) but using goto makes our code spagetti
@RMartinhoFernandes thanks
@DeveloperX you're probably right in 99.9% of the cases
The loop is too long for my tastes. I don't like when you can't easily see the whole thing at once.
one time i used goto at first class of university and my professor put a big zero on my exam sheet and write never use goto!
5:32 PM
I'll split it up into two methods
using function is good idea
sorry,what does IMHO mean ?
In My Humble Opinion
bla... link follows
how about that ?
@RMartinhoFernandes that's better - isn't it ?
I like it much better. Each piece fits neatly in ~10 lines of code.
@RMartinhoFernandes You know, that you're in deep trouble, because you're doing a project with me? :)
And now I know what all those tests were for (IsNeedToUpdate speaks for itself).
@yas4891 Sorry, what do you mean?
5:44 PM
I mean: I come up with these questions all the time :)
would you inline measurementState in the first method?
Hmm. I don't see a reason for it.
Do you think the code would be more readable if you did?
Well, then, there's your answer :)
Martin Fowler would probably argue that it can be omitted
but I think it is too lengthy a statement to be inlined further
@RMartinhoFernandes I wanted a 2nd opinion on that - as I'm about to ignore advice given by someone with superior programming skills
5:57 PM
@DeveloperX thx for what ?
for saying the mean of IMHO
is'nt cellState==CellState.None more readable than CellState.None == cellState?
it depends...
to what you are used to
may be i addicted to first style
if you've ever fooled up a pointer in C, because you did variable = 0 instead of 0 = variable (the latter doesn't compile)
you'll quickly change :)
it differes
6:02 PM
what differs?
do u speak about code readablity?
no. It's IMHO a good practice for coding in C
and you get used to it, so it becomes 'more readable' to yourself
did you here about nine gate puzzle?
6:09 PM
me too , some body asked me
need to reboot
my GFX card just lost all colors!
aha,what is your OS?
good lord...
I thought it was time for a new GFX card
yes do it
6:24 PM
no money, no fame :)
yes ,money money money must be funny chineese grabbed all money in the world!
1 hour later…
7:36 PM
how can i use maskedtextbox allowing only numbers..?
in C# .net winForm Application
7:48 PM
anyone here a directory guru?
having a problem getting operational attributes from ldap dir
get all the text attributes fine
no operational ones though...
8:26 PM

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