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6:40 AM
@rene No, just 31 :(
7:07 AM
Many SO answers refer to wixwiki.com pages, unfortunately wixwiki.com seems to be a different website now. Where has the content moved?
@NicolasRaoul Do you have an example?
Ah, nevermind, I found an example: stackoverflow.com/a/1807084/2619912
Morning @Stijn!
Hmm... I cannot find the new location of wixwiki.com. And web.archive.com is not very helpful in this case because it doesn't show the content of the page, just the sidebars.
7:24 AM
Neither can I. DNS was updated half a year ago. I wonder if there's an existing meta discussion on how to handle such cases.
The domain now points to a non-harmful site, but it could host malware in the future.
Hmm... perhaps flagging if it's a link-only answer? And editing the answer if it also contains the most important content.
@ProgramFOX Yeah that sounds good
7:43 AM
Ok, I edited this one. Opinions about the edit?
Oh, the link already was removed in a previous revision.
Is it worthy to say that wixwiki doesn't longer exist/host WiX content, or is just removing the link enough?
Just found this
Q: How to handle link rot and broken links?

pinouchonSome questions and answers on stackoverfow have broken links. And sometimes it is important links in accepted or most upvoted answers. If the question is old, and I have no idea of what the link should be pointing to, how can I tell the author to try to fix it? In my case, I am refering to thi...

but that doesn't say if link should just be removed or if a note should be added
Yes, I assume the question is asking about really broken links, if the web page is not longer available, not about changed pages.
help needed
Hi @ShoaibChikate!
@ShoaibChikate Help with what?
Q: What should be done with links to defunct sites that are now hosting different content?

StijnAn example came up on the chat: Many SO answers refer to wixwiki.com pages, unfortunately wixwiki.com seems to be a different website now. Where has the content moved? The domain currently points to an unharmful placeholder site. In the future, this domain could link to malware. Sometimes ...

7:55 AM
goodstuffer.net has copied one post of wordpress.stackexchange
And I want that goodstuffer.net should remove this post
@Stijn Thanks, upvoted!
@ShoaibChikate Go to their contact page, and explain the issue.
@ShoaibChikate If they comply with the license they can host the content, if they don't you can report them: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/262272/…
There is no attribution, so it doesn't comply with the license: blog.stackoverflow.com/2009/06/attribution-required
7:59 AM
I have requested stack team but they didnt responded
The team gets many emails, it can take some time.
@ProgramFOX I think meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/261664/… is a dupe of the question I just asked, agree?
Ok Thanks.
all experts
@Stijn Hmm... it does nowhere say something whether you should add a note or not, so I think it can be left open.
8:03 AM
But adding that we couldn't find its new location looks a good idea.
@NicolasRaoul That links to a CodeProject article, not to a wixwiki article.
oops sorry wrong page. Actually the example you found is good. Some of the answers that point to wikiwix are nearly link-only.
8:27 AM
@ProgramFOX hmmm, on first impression you always think: an easy target.... :-)

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