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4:00 PM
you guys will soon get those concepts
I refuse!
We will force you
In that case I accept
nah, it's something else, just wait for it
@Mr.Alien you played with css animations?
4:08 PM
@mikedidthis many times..would you like me to help for the same?
I need to fade in and loop an animation
However it seems I need to use two classes?
fade in and out?
just fade in
stackoverflow.com/a/22243384/1542290 something like this but instead of falling from top, you want to fade in the elements one after another?
@Mr.Alien winner thanks.
tl;dr I am going to have to apply more than one class :D
4:11 PM
7years of web development and it's the first time i have to create a css initial cap
any good practices?
@mikedidthis glad it useful to you :)
@easwee what is that
@easwee what do you mean by css initial cap
Ohh drop cap.
4:13 PM
drop cap y
don't even know how to call it xD
the designer is mad cause i didn't put that in yet :D
gonna try that from csstricks yeah
@DarkAshelin okay done in fiddle, but there the animation is not working...
it should change top: 30px to 0px in 0.5 seconds...
4:29 PM
!!wiki Drop Bears
A dropbear or drop bear is a fictitious Australian marsupial. Drop bears are commonly said to be unusually large, vicious, carnivorous marsupials related to koalas (although the koala is not a bear) that inhabit treetops and attack their prey by dropping onto their heads from above. They are an example of local lore intended to frighten and confuse outsiders and amuse locals, similar to the jackalope, hoop snake, wild haggis or snipe hunt. Various methods suggested to deter drop bear attacks include placing forks in the hair, having Vegemite or toothpaste spread behind the ears or in th...
but there that bug does not appear :(
thought we are talking about code and no bears xD
Bears are terrifying. Especially drop bears.
4:41 PM
@Mr.T are you really using a lot of javascript animations besides this, that could make the page lag?
Hi @DarkAshelin
@DarkAshelin can I get your no :p plz plz I need it badly...
Ha Ha Ha @DarkAshelin
@DarkAshelin is there a way to clean memory or so of the browser?
4:46 PM
@Illaya if you @ me one more time you'll be on my blocklist
posted on March 19, 2014 by Lawrence Howlett

    The O’Neill Clothing store had a nearly 600% revenue increase from going responsive, and Skinny Ties saw a 377.6% increase in revenue for iPhones after going responsive as well. Even Think Tank Photo’s transactions on smartphones and tablets increased by more than 96%… go figure! In this article, we’ll walk through all of the vital steps when planning a highly co

@Mr.T not that I know of, but it's hard to believe that you really have that much going on that it'd make the browser lag
I am enjoying so much since yesterday
@DarkAshelin c, u r my friend. so I can @ you
@Illaya goodbye
4:47 PM
@DarkAshelin goodbye tooo
Incase you're wondering, all of your messages are hidden now to me, so I'm not ignoring you, I just can't see your messages :)
@DarkAshelin I dont care about it. But Others will c this
@DarkAshelin Cooooooooooooooool
@Illaya Should I flag for ban?
I'll type anything about you. ok?
@Mr.Alien ignore him too
4:49 PM
sorry I'll not type anything about you
@DarkAshelin nah lets set things straight, wait
@Illaya nah don't type anything for anyone
the mods got mad at us for flagging him 3x before already
@Mr.Alien ok
4:50 PM
@DarkAshelin I'll make another fiddle, with that bug one moment
@illaya, are we there yet?
@illaya, are we there yet, huh?
@Illaya you know few hours ban can also be turned to year long bans ?
@Matthew wat?
@illaya nevermind.
@Mr.Alien Don't feed the trolls. Simple as that
4:51 PM
@Illaya just have social talk, stop pinging randoms, I explained you yesterday not to ping random peeps, and if she doesn't like to talk with you so don't... and not just her, its anyone, if they don't like, don't talk, simply ignore... I hope yo get that
@SomeGuy it was funny at start, but feels sucky now
Cool everyone
Ok ok cooool everyone.
!!Should I download Awesomenauts?
@SomeGuy All signs point to yes
No, Caprica, you're supposed to say no!
And make me reconsider until I give up the idea until next time
I'm new to chat room. so give me a chance
4:53 PM
@someguy, I have that game on Steam, it's fun, but not as good a cooperative game as Left 4 Dead 2 or Splinter Cell: Blacklist or Payday 2.
Yeah, everyone has their own preferences
I'm not really into First Person Shooters
Awesomenauts had me for ~720 hours, though
@someguy, Then how about the new cooperative arena game called Loadout? That's fun and hectic.
pongada en soooos u
Haven't tried it yet
@DarkAshelin sorry dear
4:55 PM
@Illaya that's good and make sure that's your last ping for her..
@Mr.Alien ok
@Matthew Payday 2 is awesome co-op.
@SomeGuy me, you and @rlemon should totally rob a bank...
... in a videogame I mean.
@mikedidthis Yeah! I play with my ex-roommate and my little brother. It's so much fun, but definitely a product with some edges. Their February update fixed a lot of the blaring glitches, though. Add me in Steam and we'll play later! steamcommunity.com/id/matthew_sanders
I heard payday, it's somewhat related to robbery yea?
bank robbery?
@DarkAshelin Hey sorry
4:57 PM
@Mr.Alien its all about the robbery. Banks, shops, etc.
@Matthew private yo!
@DarkAshelin Am Asking sorry to you...... Am extremly sorry
@Mr.Alient, yes, you make a team of 4 robbers and go rob banks, malls and senators' homes :p You can either be stealthy and take out cameras and guards without them alerting the police or go in with full body armor and shoot the place up.
it's around 13 gigs, need 2 nyts to download or 3
1000 times sorry @DarkAshelin
@Illaya she muted you, so she will never see your messages.
4:59 PM
hahahahaah @illaya, you just agreed to not ping @DarkAshelin again.
@DarkAshelin later
@mikedidthis Sure! I don't own it yet, though, so let me know if you guys are up for it
I don't care, I don't see his pings anymore
6pm, cya guys ;D
@mikedidthis Please ask her to unban me
@Mr.Alien, the building walls are always the same, but the position of furniture inside, the people, the guard rotations ... those are based on probably 10 different patterns. So, each time you load a mission it is different and you have to adapt.
5:00 PM
unmute me
@Illaya no. Now I am muting you.
@DarkAshelin later...
@mikedidthis pls pls
@SomeGuy uh, I wish you had said, I would have got it you.
Not like you knew to say btw.
5:00 PM
@Matthew aaah thanks, will download it by this weekend
@someguy, add me on steam, my profile link is a few posts above.
@Matthew Ooh, a fellow spendaholic
@mikedidthis pls pls
haha, yeah. I've probably spent $2,000 on steam products.
5:01 PM
So we have a HTML room payday team?
You're doing it wrong, then!
I've spent maybe $500
$350 on Steam itself
The rest is an estimate of what I've bought from other sites
I remember when I was in high school my best friend's dad, who was the vice president of marketing for Cisco, said that he wanted to start a digital download service for video games and I tried to convince him that would never happen because download speeds on modems were so slow.
Hahaha, you showed him!
The best deals are the bundles sold by third party websites.
!!afk Dinner
@Matthew Yeah, that's true
@mikedidthis I wouldn't have been interested unless we were doing co-op anyway!
5:04 PM
@SomeGuy <3 now go eat.
@Matthew Please ask @DarkAshelin to unmute me
How do we ban users from the room?
who is flagging all shit
@Illaya are you flagging?
@Illaya is that you?
sorry mistakenly clicked
5:07 PM
@Illaya seriously? Mistake? Let me show your mistake
how to unflag it?
how the fuck can you mistakenly flag 10 posts in a row is beyond me
also I can't believe this is going for two days already
5:08 PM
Your mistake ^^^
you should bookmark this guys
@BartekBanachewicz am flagging to mod anyways
yeah, do it. It's kinda out of hand.
@DarkAshelin okay here is a updated version: jsfiddle.net/5VRrc/15
I leave for lunch and you guys get so carried away with flags
is there a parade or somethnig?
5:09 PM
I think you are right, it is because of too many js functons
@Mr.T nice example
@BartekBanachewicz done
pinning up the flag message so that it can ease up mods to review things here
@Illaya thanks
well and if I use my example in my hole page I'lll sometimes get: bs-apps.square7.ch/beforeAnimationBug.JPG
and after that top animation: bs-apps.square7.ch/afterAnimationBug.JPG
Any idea? Is there a way to clean cache or memory of browser or a redraw function without page reload?
found: api.jquery.com/empty, but it clears all content inside a class or id... I only want to clean memory or cache of actual web page session
Q: URL Mask/Cloak with redirect

FarhadAm trying to do the following. My website is hosted on www.sitehost.com/uk But I own this domain. www.mainsite.co.uk Is it possible to redirect the user hitting www.mainsite.co.uk to www.sitehost.com/uk but retain the www.mainsite.co.uk? I tried doing .htaccess redirect and it worked but i...

Hi guys any help on the question above
@Farhad It's been up for two minutes... Why not just wait for a response?
5:24 PM
found another function, whitch could be good: api.jquery.com/detach - lets check
Q: Can room owners have an option to add users to blocklist?

Mr. AlienCan we have a feature where room owners can add users to block/black list so that they cannot chat in the chat rooms? Yes, I am aware that the chat rooms are open to anyone, and they should be, if somebody is pissed off, they can surely add the user to the ignore list, but what if the things go ...

no way
not gonna happen
would be good feature to add though
it's a duplicate btw
I'd opt for a flag-blocking ability
5:27 PM
@BartekBanachewicz I searched but I didn't got any similar question
@wes :D
@patsyissa, I've played that a bit over the last week. It took me a while to figure out that your "shout" ability is the only way to remove the piles of rats blocking access to the forest.
40 mins ago, by Dark Ashelin
the mods got mad at us for flagging him 3x before already
@BoltClock can mods ban users to enter certain chat rooms?
5:32 PM
@BoltClock, did you see the false flagging that user did to a large number of our posts?
@Matthew no, I'm not often on chat.SO
@Mr.Alien no, bans are always across all of chat
@Mr.Alien This is a screenshot from Mr. Alien, @boltclock.
@BoltClock ohh thanks...
If a user is misbehaving in one chat room, there's no reason to expect them to behave in other rooms. So might as well block them completely
@BoltClock What if he exceeds the comment limits in the question/answer area, where the comments get ported to the chats automatically, are they banned from there as well? I guess the answer should be yes
5:34 PM
Illaya should come back after graduating Junior High :)
@Mr.Alien I'm not sure how that mechanism works
I did have a comment thread recently migrated to chat though
Q: In JavaScript, how would one determine that all elements matching a given CSS selector would match another given CSS selector?

MiloszSpecification The inputs to this function would be two selectors. This implies that there is no pre-existing DOM element, which is an important constraint in this problem. The question that the function should answer is "would all elements matched by Needle be matched by Haystack?" In other wor...

@DarkAshelin Okay I solved my issue I think... Added ".css({WebkitTransform: 'translateX(0px)'})" right before the ".animate..." in my jquery js code and now it works - hope it will :D
they are massive, but when we click on lets continue this.... with users < 20rep , we get a notice that the user has not chat privileges
@Illaya Flags are very serious business. Please don't flag anything unless you're very sure something needs our attention. Read stackoverflow.com/privileges/flag-posts and chat.stackoverflow.com/faq#nice to learn when to flag things
You should all look through those links too as a refresher
@BoltClock it's useless
5:40 PM
@Mr.Alien Has he been doing this for a long time?
Are people who use HTML/CSS called designer or developer?
@BoltClock since yesterday, you can check the favorite message list to get close to his postings... just before few mins I wrote
45 mins ago, by Mr. Alien
@Illaya that's good and make sure that's your last ping for her..
and see what follows after
@VarunAgw developer
web developer
whats a web designer then
who generally does the front end stuff using JS, Pshop, fireworks etc
Don't we design webpages in HTML/CSS?
5:42 PM
depends on what you do
@ZachSaucier how?
You can see why I never engage in that discussion personally
we had a blast infact :p
its out of interest.. lol
5:43 PM
To my solution, I added "-webkit-backface-visibility: hidden;" too on all classes or ids I animate in any way
@VarunAgw If you are designing how the page looks in addition to adding the code of it then you are a designer and a developer. If you primarily just do the code for what another person designed you're a developer
designing is blocking out how it looks. developing is using the languages to actually create it
of course you also need to split design into user design and visual design
(how does it work vs. how does it look)
@ZachSaucier Thanks. This question was in my head from several weeks. :)
@varunagw Identity crisis?
I agree with TylerH's statements
5:49 PM
many sites don't do this, though
if you have access to google analytics for a site, you can see how well it was designed for use
how many clicks does it take to get to the most popular content
correct answer should be: as few as possible
@JFit What do you mean by Identity crisis? Sorry, english is my second language
@VarunAgw never mind :) a joke.
@VarunAgw he meant "Have you been calling yourself designer when you are in fact a developer? And this was a cause of concern for you?"
@VarunAgw it means you cannot make out what to say when people asks you that what you are
5:51 PM
or vice versa
oh ok
@Mr.Alien kind of like when people ask what my degree was, and I say "MIS" and they say "what?" and I say "Management Information Systems" and they say "what?" again
at which point I usually just say "business computers"
Actually, I am a PHP developer and work very less with HTML/CSS :)
and then they go "ohhhh yeah okay"
@TylerH I am happy with developer, web confuses them
@VarunAgw than you can also say server side developer
5:53 PM
I feel your pain, Mr. Alien
As soon as you say, "I make web sites for a living," you'll have people asking you to make their website for free.
I'm astounded by the number of people that think I directly code in 0s and 1s
@BoltClock as a serious question: from a mods point of view (I dislike using mod flags because I feel they would be annoying) - if the user doesn't get the picture and will not cease the undesired behavior, (todays instance being posting a message again and again after room owners bin it and tell said user to stop) should I flag the message(s) or use a mod flag to get some help cleaning up the mess?
@Mr.Alien Actually, I work with jQuery too :)
@ZachSaucier I am well versed with front as well as back end techs, so can't choose one, so developer sounds pretty good
5:54 PM
but I am a student so who cares
jQuery FTW
@BoltClock Did you picked my flag?
@rlemon Feel free to use mod flags to explain the situation in cases where regular spam/offensive flags alone won't convey the full story
@Mr.Alien I did
Question is are there any mods who moderate chat regularly? Doubt so
So that's a bit of a problem
@BoltClock, you are the only regular moderator?
@BoltClock thought so....
5:56 PM
Stackoverflow is massive. I assumed there were more regular moderators.
@Matthew I'm not regular on chat either
On Q&A most of us are around regularly, yes
!vote new mod just for chat :D
stackoverflow.com/users?tab=moderators The ones you see here? Yep
I am nominating myself for that (would surely hit my rep speed)
@Mr.Alien Not needed rep, needed stars!
5:58 PM
not here, we star shit .. :D
I have to go though, it's late here (you can ask @Mr.Alien his timezone isn't far off from mine :)
At least I assume it isn't far off
would you say...
@Mr.Alien But isn't that the purpose of chat?
@BoltClock Yes it isn't :) nyt...
you're going to "bolt" ? @BoltClock ha de ha ha .. narf'
6:00 PM
@ZachSaucier I started my chat from PHP room, there people are toooooo much serious ... so when I saw the stars here, I was like aah yes, this room is my types :D
@Mr.Alien ewww you were from the PHP room?
@mikedidthis lol yap
building relationships, having fun, and doing a tiny bit of code > doing lots of code
@ZachSaucier We tried to get a more chat-centric mod elected. He didn't win.
@BoltClock cool. I was getting flack from another room because the message (at a face value) wasn't "offensive" but it was if you read it in context (mildly) and it was also spam.
I dislike that you can vote on flags without seeing the context of the message being flagged :/
6:06 PM
posted on March 19, 2014 by kbironneau

/* by zupmeL */

where do we get these from ^^^
Its part of the feeds
@mikedidthis O: SO PROFOUND
@mikedidthis I know that, but where are these feeds coming from?
6:11 PM
^^ actually helpful
@mikedidthis nevermind, I add the feeds over there too, I just wanted to know the real source of the feeds..
@ZachSaucier yea, I love him
it just uses the RSS feed for the site?
no you not getting me, wait, let me check the feeds
Ok it's this, thecodinglove.com/rss <--- It's this mike, its that what I was asking ...
2 mins ago, by mikedidthis
it just uses the RSS feed for the site?
@mikedidthis I was asking the site, the source ...
6:16 PM
@Mr.Alien you are lazy.
yes :)
@DarkAshelin You were the one who mentioned z-index not working sometimes in the past, right? Like 3 hours ago?
@mikedidthis I will prove the lazy image wrong someday :p
@DarkAshelin If so, I looked in my bookmarks for a handy and thorough explanation of them: philipwalton.com/articles/what-no-one-told-you-about-z-index Hopefully it helps for future uses of z-index :-)
6:19 PM
@Mr.Alien nothing wrong with being lazy man.
> Hard work pays off later. Laziness pays off now.
immediate satisfaction, baby
lots of coders argue that good coding is lazy coding, though only once you've been not lazy for a while
@mikedidthis the fact is am not lazy :p
@Mr.Alien dayum dude. I was joking. YOU ARE NOT LAZY.
pfft every knows this is not true
6:22 PM
wtf happening, why everyone's getting serious with me all the time.. @mikedidthis punch you mike..... right on the face..
aliens can't even be bothered to land their spaceships while making a rendezvous
@Mr.Alien eat a dick.
@TylerH we prefer shooting lazers from our spaceships...
I guess I would too, if I had lasers
or a spaceship...
@mikedidthis rlemon had it already :p
6:23 PM
@Mr.Alien ha!
!!should I finish this CSS video on Lynda or look at JavaScript instead?
@TylerH look at JavaScript instead
a: http://jsfiddle.net/7V9Qw/
b: http://jsfiddle.net/7V9Qw/1/
@mikedidthis @RyanKinal @TylerH
6:35 PM
@mikedidthis How many times has this been pinned again?
@rlemon a
@SomeGuy its a battle between that and eat a dick for my most starred message
I gotta go with b.
Or c. (for centered)
room topic changed to HTML / CSS / WebDesign: Don't ask to ask! Support room for HTML, CSS, DOM technologies and WebDesign. If you need help post an example of your issue, please. Religion and Politics are off-topic. Thank you! devdocs.io documentation often helps. [css] [css3] [dom] [html] [html5] [microdata] [responsive-design]
I like b, but it's a bit verbose
You could just have the remote login part in the title
@SomeGuy I should really make some on the html repo with useful links
6:36 PM
feel free to propose changes.
Sep 27 '13 at 1:16, by rlemon
my most stared in this room
in that flowchart you just quoted, does a continuing side arrow imply "no"?
otherwise if it's a major navigation block and it makes sense on its own, then both <article> and <nav> would apply
if you ever suggest &nbsp; to anyone again I will find you and hurt you...
what's wrong with it? I honestly don't know
as a novice web developer
use css to control that stuff.
it is not kerning, it is a layout issue.
so adding "spaces" should be done via the layout, not with content.
not always
6:50 PM
I feel like the case of content vs layout is pretty weak for that subject
I echo @rlemon
but I guess if it's a single space before a phrase just for the sake of element separation then CSS would be the proper choice
not only that, it has a use, and its use is forgotten because it is used everywhere
if you can tell me why I would want a nonbreaking space over a padding / margins, then I will concede in my argument
(outside of typography)
there isn't one as far as I can think.
@TylerH I suppose the real argument comes down to this: why use a rock to hammer in a nail when you have a hammer right next too you, and you need that rock later to hold you books upright.
6:54 PM
I think typography concerns are the main reason for &nbsp;
you have better tools meant for the job, don't abuse other tools because "they work"
I think RTEs are the main users of &nbsp;
@rlemon it's a little more difficult to do the proper thing in this case than rock vs hammer
but only marginally so
@mikedidthis one of the main users of it today. yes.
I used to &nbsp; all over the fucking place.
anyone? no?
6:56 PM
but I also used <br> everywhere and <hr> all the time
my joke went unappreciated :-(
Hey how come the spammer/troll was unmuted for me?
I don't know, but @DarkAshelin did you see my link re: z-index?
(the philip walton blog post)
6:59 PM
looks interesting, will read soon. ty

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