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4:10 PM
@SomeGuy did you check out DayZ ?
Saw it yesterday made me aww and doubt my manliness :P
@PatsyIssa Yeah
Haven't tried it yet
add me on steam i m playing it patsy.issa
I don't own it :p
But sure, sending you a request
4:17 PM
it's awesome worth the 30$ even though it's full of bugs :P
Haha, I'll probably buy it eventually
Right now, I have way too many games to justify buying more
steam sales man :/ they are the devil's creation
Haha, yeah
I had the classic, "Whoa, I can afford things now. BUY ALL THE THINGS!"
in JavaScript, 25 secs ago, by Cicada3301
In italian grammar is whatever has to do with how sentences work...
@Wes confirm plox?
or enter the room and lay the plumber brother smack down on him
4:34 PM
he's saying that grammar is about spoken languages and not programming/markup languages?
No, he just keeps blaming all his comprehensive mistakes on grammar
js/html/english/italian grammar? xD don't make me read all the discussion
He reads English sentences. Says, "Fuck grammar, I don't understand"
We told him that his mistake had nothing to do with grammar
@Wes come tell him off in Italian
4:38 PM
He says that in Italian, grammar can refer to all kinds of rules
you have my permission
@SomeGuy There's a big difference between having the money for something and being able to afford it :P i learned that the hard way >.<
@SomeGuy well he's right
grammar refers to everything
italian equivalent of "semantics" or "syntax" are used just in programming
4:44 PM
@rlemon AHAH
today you will learn: italian insults?
vafanculo or smth like that
italian people is always annoying somehow, right? including me ofc
Worked with italians when i was a rock climbing instructor ( 1st year of uni )
@PatsyIssa that's the ABCs of insults
4:52 PM
They taught us a few more things but i can't remember em :P
I like italian people they're fun :D
do you know that between good mates it's common practice to greet insulting each other's mother?

english: "hi mate wassaaap??"
italian: "heyy your mother had to buy a chalkboard to count c***s she ate!" <- very edulcorated
Nearly killed us when we added ketchup to a really shitty pizza :P
Happens everywhere :p
...I think!
@PatsyIssa WHAT
Believe me this pizza wasn't a pizza :P
after they took a bite they added ketchup :P
I usually go with spicy olive oil <3
5:01 PM
you can't imagine how a nightmare is for an italian see things like ketchup on pasta|pizza...
it's like vomiting on the pope
I had an Italian room mate for a few years - and my aunt is Italian
both off the boat
the stereotype that you are all hairy Def. fit the bill with them
Def. ? xD how is your aunt hairy? xD haha
Def. === Definitely
like hairy dude
you don't even know
5:08 PM
my eyes.... they hurt....
i'm not sure... i bet spanish|portuguese are more hairy than us
Have you met arabs
xD i was talking of latin ethnic background :P not sure about arabs, the beards are misleading xD
7:30 still @ the office and got a shitton of freelance to finish
5:45 PM
@PatsyIssa :(
18:50 here, still in office too. but in my case freelance, junior, senior and guy who does photocopies and brings coffee is the same person
Could have just said, "intern"
I don't see how you're a senior too, though
this is a weird company
well technically i m a junior, yet senior ios developers don't know how to setup a back end for http requests, and the guy that's been here for 6 months and graduated this year knows how to :P
5:54 PM
@Wes A startup, I'm guessing? :p
i'm in fact director of my division. but just because i'm the only man of my division currently
nope @SomeGuy not a startup, a dying company xD they have in common the bad organization
you can't even imagine... -__-
5:59 PM
first activity of company is maintain some vb6 software for local administration. but thank god i don't have to touch it. i'd rather quit instantly and go homeless
damn i d harakiri myself if i had to maintain that
ha, true
6:15 PM
my first task when I started this job was to migrate a Access (VBA) 'shipping database' program over
what was the worst task you've had to do ?
migrate to what? @rlemon
i started with asp3/vbscript and access, then i had hypnotherapy to forget everything xD
i avoid m$ like a plague
beyond college courses i never touched it again
@Wes winforms application
6:19 PM
c# is not bad :P
@PatsyIssa tough one, i will think on the way home, answer tomorrow, ok? xD
@Wes Isn't it emails? :P
no sadly i'm 100% convinced that i had to do things much, much worse xD
damn :/
recently they asked me to print a website. and i had to do it, something like 500 urls
6:23 PM
because boss of this company wanted to read the site i made "on paper"
anyway... saying good by the usual fashion
Because I want to spread the annoyance of having a song stuck in your head
6:26 PM
it's awesome
Wait till you can't stop dancing even when it isn't playing
i don't dance to such music :P
Haha, okay :p
like electronic music ?
!!youtube funky fat why go home
6:36 PM
I like some
I'm mainly into Alternative Rock
But a lot of stuff from here and there
know Ok go ?
Now I do :p
not a big fan of their music but their videos are sick
Yeah, you linked that earlier
oh true
6:37 PM
I'd forgotten their name
all their videos are like this :D
fun to watch
Yeah, I watched a bunch of them earlier
Pretty awesome
Q: how to set a control to be always on top

Mahdi HesariI'm using a control to pick date from calendar this is script manager of the control: <pdc:PersianDateScriptManager ID="PersianDateScriptManager" runat="server" CalendarCSS="PickerCalendarCSS" CalendarDayWidth="50" FooterCSS="PickerFooterCSS" ForbidenCSS="PickerForbidenCSS" Forbi...

7:13 PM
heading home later guys
7:46 PM
I just learned that:
1. Opera ---is running--- used to run webkit
2. Google forked webkit to blink and now Chrome uses blink
3. Opera is running blink
And this is all OLD NEWS
The Opera announcement was made 11 months ago, and Google forked webkit nearly 10 months ago!
Where am I supposed to be getting my news? I should know about these things way earlier than this!
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