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12:58 AM
@rlemon emm emm emm emm emm emm, PIZZA.........
Pete's Uh?
@SomeKittens how's married life?
A: Center div inside a parent div using JavaScript

HugoSince you said JavaScript, I can't avoid mentioning jQuery's position function: $("#myDiv").position({ my: "center", at: "center", of: $('#parent') });

1:19 AM
the <div> cannot hold
zalgo he comes
2 hours later…
3:20 AM
@BadgerGirl Interesting. Different than single life, for sure.
Ahhhhhh my ocd.
What's a RESTful url for "logging in" when you're using HMAC?
POST api/sessions doesn't make sense because there is no session..
though you could consider having a valid private key to be the same as having a valid session - that's just a bit unclear, though.
3:51 AM
//			Last edit before drinking
1 hour later…
5:18 AM
If I have a File object, how can I pass it into a Filereader object manually?
Q: Change the link structure using Wordpress

vs7I'm writing a WP plugin, in which I used custom post type , Everything is working good but only i need to update my link I want to change my current link structure Current Link Structure is : http://buyyelpreviews.org/sfp_forum/woman-runs-over-boyfriend-three-times-because-they-didnt-stop-at-...

@user1876508 More details
@vs7 Not a JS question
sorry, using the HTML5 file api
@copy can we it using location
@vs7 No
5:24 AM
okay thanks
1 hour later…
7:01 AM
parallax.js + skroller.js = orgasm.js
parallax = ew.js
hover effects = fail on touch devices
@JanDvorak She has an android now
i shall make her something orgasmically awesome [she sent me a hand made card which melted me down to misty eyes]
7:13 AM
@BadgerGirl Hiiiiieeee
@JDev yo man wazzup
@JanDvorak como estas ?
				// Adds ;D
						item = getIds(item);
					return (b-a);
any better way of doing this ?
Don't overload your functions
1 hour later…
8:20 AM
why not ?
jQuery does that all the time, and look at how bloated it is
passdropit.com @FlorianMargaine i remember u asking for lockable links
8:43 AM
abhishek xx
could someone help me here. I can't see my username on the top of this site, just an number is visible. I'm logged in via stackExchange, with username: bonaca ?
@user182196 that's
@JanDvorak, thanks, but I don't undestand how can I avoid this status tag ? What should I do? A few months ago I could see properly the username at the top.
I mean, it's deliberate. Maybe a userscript would fix that, but I don't see a reason to
@JanDvorak, How can I contact moderators or someone who could fix that ?
9:38 AM
@user182196 there's Meta Stack Overflow, but expect community disagreement.
also, remember to search first. It might have already been posted.
!!weather goa
@IamDesai Goa: 26.67C (299.82K), sky is clear
@JanDvorak, thanks, I will try.
10:05 AM
Q: I m using jquery autosuggest. I want content like give below

Sandeep KumarI am using a auto suggest of jquery in a website. if I type Teek then list content list should be something like below. if it is possible please send the MySQL query @ sanjunaga@gmail.com Teek Teek1 Teek 2 Ateek Mateek Prateek Yateek

2 hours later…
12:02 PM
2 messages moved to Trash can
!!weather MosCow
@AbhishekHingnikar North Pole: -1.4081F (-18.56C, 254.59K), overcast clouds
@AbhishekHingnikar Moscow: -2.52C (270.63K), broken clouds
12:23 PM
!!weather South Pole
@IamDesai Logan: 21.1999F (-6C, 267.15K), sky is clear
12:54 PM
abhishek u there?
opening the chat window after 7 days running crashed the bot :P
we all got the same hat :D
@rlemon 2.9
you too! wow! such awe!
@BenjaminGruenbaum soon a golden badge for this one stackoverflow.com/questions/16650223/what-does-this0-mean-in-c/…
yay 2014
1:02 PM
Not really, it has been at 90 for quite a long. The AJAX one will likely get it sooner.
I've never gotten a gold badge for a post
yeah, you're even further than me
@rlemon How about running the bot as a background page ?
chrome apps ?
@AbhishekHingnikar what would that save?
still needs the transcript
1:09 PM
@FlorianMargaine I got one in programmers.se
and in meta
@rlemon it will run headless
rings a bell ?
go for it!
not like people haven't tried to port it before
the way the bot interacts with the page is not cut and dry
If you port the bot to anything port it to node.
In practice, a bookmarklet is the easiest, it's dead simple for anyone to 'host'
A lot simpler than node. It's also easier to test and so on
But more than all - it already works.
1:29 PM
@SomeGuy @mikedidthis io9.com/…
2:03 PM
posted on January 02, 2014

var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://ssl." : "http://www."); document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gaJsHost + "google-analytics.com/ga.js' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E")); try { var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-3727700-1"); pageTracker._trackPageview(); } catch(err) {} Yep.

Crap like this makes me hate any microsoft-based infrastructure...
(both are network drives on different machines, the files are EXACTLY the same)
@qwertynl I got an email. did everyone get one? or just the people who won something?
@rlemon What do you mean? They sent me the shirt
yea but before that you got an email asking you to fill out some google docs thing with your mailing address yea?
2:17 PM
@rlemon Yep
Did you fill it out?
yea, I got that as well and filled it out :P
does that email alone mean you won?
or did Tim just email everyone who submitted
It said it in the OP. TinyTim updated it with the winners
U had won.
ohh sweet
i'll check out the post
You got stuff? :-)
Stack Overflow T-shirt
Assorted stickers and secret surprises
i'm excited!
2:20 PM
@rlemon :-) Remember to thank @TinyTim here:
@rlemon I want SO stuff :P
@BenjaminGruenbaum So win a meta event :-P
free t shirt
who would ever say no!
HostGator had everything down for >8 hours for us. Enjoyed the day off. Maybe DDoS is a way to get a sick day for some? Haha
Anyone here ever used elementary OS?
2:30 PM
I wrote an elementary OS once
elementary meaning it had two elements
@connorspiracist Video showcasing OS, starts with 15 seconds of table and physically closed laptop. Haha
Yeah, this is better
Hello all,
I am using following text box control of devexpreess
<dx:ASPxTextBox ID="tbxPrevSolids" runat="server" Width="75" DisplayFormatString="c4">

Currently I am facing a problem that when my text box have value '$0.0000' and i cick on save button without changing anything my text box showing me value as '8E-10'

Original Value = '$0.0000'
New Value ='8E-10'

Can any one please help to on this
2:42 PM
^. UE10 is some chinese looking character in UTF 16. That's all I got.
does continue work as expected inside a for in loop through an object?
I don't think it makes a difference. I don't remember running into any problems.
nvm im an idiot
Can't help it. NYD! tinypic.com/r/2rm5mvt/5
I'm addicted to Pen and Teller: Fool Us
such a fun TV show
2:52 PM
@Jhawins tinypic blocked in my office. imgur link?
it is a video
hmmm so utube link?
Hmm... It might not be worth the time to you, it's just an idiot in a van.
I thought it was you
2:53 PM
It is my idiot friend. We went out last night.
I wouldn't tear up my vehicle like that haha.
but they are not doing the same
@rlemon you had ducks in your bathroom?
@ctrl huh?
3:08 PM
Is this one of your tests @BenjaminGruenbaum stackoverflow.com/q/20885791/1022697 ? :-)
In the profiles section of Chrome, what is the function "(program)"?
@qwertynl no lol
Have you tried anything? On Stack Overflow you should show what you tried. Please. — qwertynl 5 secs ago
@BenjaminGruenbaum :-D
@rlemon binary todo list (yours) vs numerized list (mine)
but right mine has no sense
3:13 PM
it's useful to strike item to know they are done
@ctrl Yours' is a bit less... Nice?
@rlemon What date did he post this? There are no dates anywhere...
not much design
@qwertynl looking at the comments, I imagine just before christmas
@rlemon idk about that bc he made another post: michael.richter.name/news/… about how his post randomly got famous from reddit and hn recently. So idk...
3:24 PM
but its not all about the points of course! Also people sometimes downvote me, they are petty the whole site is therefore bad!
That was a pretty pointless blog post imo
hes bitching and moaning about the point system and says its not a way to help people.. I cant even count how many times I've found answers when working with new technologies.
lol yea. I just use rep for upper levels of review (which I do not have much of yet). Other than that I do not really care.
I kinda see his point about SO being bad for actual learning, and more of a 'gimmie da codez' site.
but that is all to the author of the answer, write good answers that actually teach people
@rlemon I usually decide to ignore the "gimme da codez" questions. Shouldn't I?
answering "gimme the codez" questions is a good way to rep farm
@Loktar yeah, he isn't even participating either.
3:31 PM
@rlemon lol. And do you condone "farming"?
He missed the point.
no, I don't do it myself (often)
@rlemon not at all.
I like gimme the code question for a lot of things, especially as doc shims
Lots of APIs suck and have bad documentation, SO fills the gap
@BenjaminGruenbaum maybe not its intent, but it is how the site functions today
There are good questions too, explaining things.
Questions that just answer how to use an API are really useful.
They're the ones that save me the most time.
@BenjaminGruenbaum That is true. But usually the OP does not try much...
When I start with a new API or technology. These 'stupid' questions help me a lot.
3:33 PM
@BenjaminGruenbaum For sure
This for example is one of my most upvoted yet retarded answers.
Fact of life is - over 5500 people looked at it and it solved the issue for at least some of them.
@BenjaminGruenbaum But shouldn't have people (like you) looked at the API documentation?
or do people not do that anymore?
@qwertynl I didn't get it from the API documentation. The express docs aren't very good.
@qwertynl Because APIs are known for having good documentation?!
I had to go to the source code when I had that issue
3:35 PM
Actually, I find it in the unit tests.
@BenjaminGruenbaum also your link in your answer 404d (senchalabs.org/connect/middleware-favicon.html)
ty, will fix
fixed. Nice catch
I hate link rot.
3:36 PM
@Shmiddty hah.
@BenjaminGruenbaum Yea... it is quite annoying.. There should be a monthly process that goes through posts and lets users know when posts have a rotted link. Would it even be feasible?
Looks like I may have upset someone
@qwertynl expensive
@Shmiddty as long as it got reversed :)
@BenjaminGruenbaum Hence monthly and not hourly/daily.
3:38 PM
@BenjaminGruenbaum Oh it doesn't matter to me. I stopped trying quite some time ago
@Shmiddty Since when does that happen?
I should've probably just linked to the relevant bit in the source code.
@Jhawins recently, I guess
@Shmiddty trying what?
@BenjaminGruenbaum Trying to sift through garbage questions on SO
3:39 PM
@qwertynl Yes it's doable. But will it be done? Nah
@Shmiddty I usually target.
Also is it worth doing? Not really. If the answer is good it'll provide enough info that the user can Google for another similar link.
Either misconceptions that bother me, or things that interest me.
@Jhawins But is it even worth a meta question?
Absolutely not. Lol go for it
3:40 PM
Even filtering on +javascript -jquery, you still have the same questions over and over and over
@Jhawins most downvotes ever.
@Shmiddty yep, don't click on those.
@BenjaminGruenbaum Ummmm So si o no?
@qwertynl Without a repo running the site our suggestions are just suggestions that would force someone else to do the work. If it were open source you could create an issue and start developing a pull request if you really wanted, but the way it is now we really shouldn't actually expect our ideas to be implemented (guess what... They hardly ever are haha).
@Jhawins :-P
K I think I am going to ask then
3:43 PM
Nvm my anti-badge question is gone..?
Q: Anti-Badges for trolling/ridiculous behavior

anonI think we should have anti-badges. They could be implemented as a sort-of punishment for doing stupid things such as; Get -10 score and no upvotes on any post on the meta site for this site. -- Idiocracy Badge, lose 20 rep. Have 2 questions closed as "Not a real question." -- Blasphemy badge,...

That's my question. Why does it say it's by 'anon'?
you quit meta?
Nope definitely not.
link to meta profile?
3:45 PM
Still there from the time. Hey honestly I don't really need that -61 back so eh. It's all good. Hahaha
why was your user removed from that post?
I wonder too. But I don't really care haha.
good-guy moderator?
3:46 PM
I've flagged and asked for this to be locked/deleted because I'm tired of constantly losing rep. But no one will do it for me. — anon Aug 5 '13 at 16:54
^ probably in response to that request
Oh shit I guess I did it.
Totally forgot about that haha. Back when I was a SO noob and thought Meta rep did anything.
Question asked in June, still losing rep every few days in August haha.
I can't wait to hit 1K on meta so I can actually see vote counts
past that. eh.
31 more rep to go!
Yeah, I hit it not long ago
They say meta rep is worthless, but privileges
3:50 PM
I don't think this would be too terrible of a bot to build.
@rlemon Yea. I did not think so either.
@rlemon Haha I have a Chrome plugin for that :-)
Q: "View Vote totals" without 1000 rep

Rob W Screenshot About The vote counts are a great tool to determine whether an answer is disputed or not. Unfortunately, not many of us have enough time to join all Stack Exchange websites and get 1000 reputation. This script unlocks the "View Vote counts" feature for those who are not logge...

I'm so upset.. I got really drunk on new years eve and forgot to login.. ruining my 81 day login streak.
@RUJordan Yay!
I mean... I am sorry :-(
Happy new year!
lol happy new year man
I have a shiner from a gun scope. The sign new years came in the right way
with firearms and booze
@RUJordan Hahaha same here! Guns, tannerite, trucks.
3:59 PM

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