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5:00 AM
Run Length Compression, my old nemesis.
Oh cmon, RLE isn't so bad
It's better than Codebooks and shit, but it's still RLE. u.u
RLE is shit.
Don't use that.
Use a real algorithm.
He needs it to load images AFAIK
5:04 AM
Well I think so anyway >.>
@EtiennedeMartel Now that's just discrimination
SGI image file format
It uses some weirdo RLE.
5:20 AM
anything you do is weirdo :)
I'll be a weirdo for you~
^ Learnin' feels great.
Hi all.
hai guys :D
5:27 AM
Sir Coffin!
Purrince Purrrfection!
... And then that Games guy. >.>
So, I've never played any Metal Gear Solid game, but I came across this. I must say, it sounds awesome.
@ThePhD lol, how ya been man?
5:31 AM
@EtiennedeMartel MSG3 has the absolute best music I think. :D
@GamesBrainiac I'm okay. And you?
@ThePhD pretty good, my vacation is about to end, so yea, not too thrilled about that. But hey, vacations can't last forever.
Indeed they can't.
@JerryCoffin Hey
5:38 AM
Well, for those who noticed Alf's absence, he seems to be back, at least for the moment. stackoverflow.com/a/20450182/179910
Do I have to worry if I don't know him?
@JerryCoffin Does that mean we can expect ridiculous arguments soon?
@EtiennedeMartel I'll leave it to you to draw your own conclusions on that one. :-)
@Jefffrey I don't know if you have to be, but...
5:46 AM
I should.
@Mysticial Yeah--my even trying to be diplomatic is a pretty funny situation.
you guis are mean
@Purrfection No, you're mean. I'm median.
I'm mode
5:48 AM
@JerryCoffin I knew someone was going to do a math pun. Let's stop it before this diverges too far.
Let's deviate a bit
Oh men, it has started.
@Purrfection I object. Stats isn't really math.
I will not let this pun thread to take root
So I just got this email:
> Hi

Would you be able to send me all 10 trillion digits of pi in notepad format? I like Pi and would really like to see what 20 trillion digits of it looks like. I am doing a short expository paper on it and I would appreciate if you sent me it to me.

Thank You
And a follow up email:
> You might have to send a lot of emails to fit all the digits of pi in attachments.
5:50 AM
@Mysticial You should reply something like "Sure, which font would you prefer? Arial, Verdana? "
Comic Sans, duh
Also, existential question, can Arial be read as Anal with really bad keming?
@Mysticial Well, trolls weren't reputedly very intelligent...
@JerryCoffin Statistically speaking, they are.
@Purrfection Zing!
6:06 AM
@Purrfection "Statistically speaking" is an oxymoron. Statistics don't speak.
@JerryCoffin But then again neither do wasps.
@Purrfection Quite the contrary. Wasps speak all the time. You simply don't understand (most of) them.
@JerryCoffin Because most of them don't speak!
@Purrfection Are you calling me a liar?
... My imported mesh is not showing up :(
6:19 AM
@JerryCoffin I call bzzztshit
6:33 AM
@Borgleader Sadface is sad.
@Purrfection So now you're doing catcalls? You should at least wait for a woman to be around to feel angry about it.
I just clicked through that from hackernews
then all of a sudden "hey I know like half of these people"
You're like a week late. xD
@ThePhD Oops, I generated a bunch of degenrate triangles
6:39 AM
@Borgleader You're doing triangulation?
No, I have 2 loops to load face indices, i used to wrong loop variable
... o.0
What file format are you working in?
Doesn't matter, it's through assimp's interface
each face has a list of indices
6:40 AM
@Rapptz Morning, Sleepyhead!
@JerryCoffin women are overrated
@ThePhD fixed!
Vary nice.
6:57 AM
Now I need to generate a translucency map
I showed you my question on Polycount didn't I?
Bear with my lack of C++ in recent years.
Q: Unhandled exception in OpenCV 3.0 highgui

dantdjI seem to be having a problem with the highgui module in OpenCV 3.0, with the imwrite() function. Whenever I try to save an image using that function, the program throws an unhandled exception, and the Visual Studio debugger points to line 604 in grfmt_jpeg.cpp, which, from what I can see, deals ...

7:00 AM
Why would anyone do class BHO class adpbho : public IObjectWithSite, public IDispatch {
lol, did he actually posted a pic of the code?
That is - Why would anyone do class BHO class adpbho
@Jefffrey assumes they have OCR probably
@Jefffrey maybe he just didn't like the SO MD formatting :P
How is it different from any other Cat?
err .. not scratching the log?
too depressed
7:07 AM
Is it?
you know ... when you are depressed, you don't feel like doing things you were enjoying doing anymore
7:22 AM
SGI Loader is done.
OpenEXR is the last withstanding format out of my grasp.
Q: badge suggestion: spread out reputation

MarkasoftwareLet me start with a story: I was looking at a question somewhere or other on stackoverflow, and I saw one of the answers had 18 upvotes. It was a very good answer. A little habit of mine, I looked at the answerer's reputation. It was 189. Thinking it was weird, as most users with that quality an...

8:27 AM
A: On rep changes, highlight icon in top bar instead of showing number

TelkittyI got a better idea! When you gain rep the top bar would look like this: When you lose rep it would like this: When nothing happens, it would look like this:

@Telkitty rofl
upvoted for the lulz
it is for the lolz, but thank you :p
9:21 AM
yeah, me too
Question dumping is not allowed.
And not tolerated!
Even by me.
so upboat me already :D
@Jefffrey the other ones don't look depressed, dumbass
right, I'm so silly ;D
you should think before you write
now, time for One Piece.
9:41 AM
If, in a function, I return an object that is local to that function (that would therefore be destroyed right after), is it guaranteed that a copy elision is performed?
(return by value)
Nevermind, RVO is what I was looking for.
It's a move now
Q: What are copy elision and return value optimization?

Luchian GrigoreWhat is copy elision? What is (named) return value optimization? What do they imply? In what situations can they occur? What are limitations? If you were referenced to this question, you're probably looking for the introduction. For a technical overview, see the standard reference. See common ...

^ this affair over here doesn't sound right
The same guy makes the question and 3 more answers, is he rep whoring for good?
I guess one long answer wouldn't be enough reputation.
Who cares
I do
You can't link to parts of one big answer
9:49 AM
Who needs linking?
It's an FAQ question
hey out there is google just for me broken?
I get no results for any requests
Of course, you are using IE!
no I use firefox 25.0.1
@Jefffrey you can answer your own question
9:51 AM
@Rapptz I know. My problem was with the 3 answers instead of just one.
Nobody cares
you're not new here so how have you never seen a question?
apparently not, or I've never noticed
browse around there and you'll notice quite a bit have multiple answers
lol, sbi's one have 5 answers (all by sbi of course)
well, I guess I can go back to my life and stop caring
9:57 AM
You're here, you don't have a life
But yeah you can stop caring
10:13 AM
I started adding people and now I feel lonely. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5927713/lounge.png
The funny thing is that it can not find Cat.
I don't exist
@CatPlusPlus you probably know, why would anyone do something like: class BHO class adpbho : public IObjectWithSite, public IDispatch { ? Why the multiple class keywords?
Because they're dumb, I don't know
lol char arrays in a question tagged as C++11 :) — FredOverflow 44 secs ago
@CatPlusPlus that's what I thought :/
10:15 AM
@BenjaminGruenbaum Because they don't like it when the program compiles?
@Jefffrey There is nothing wrong with getting rep for good questions and answers. It's not like children are starving in India because this guy takes away their rep.
I'm starving.
@Jefffrey Yeah, I thought it might be some syntax I just never ran into that only runs on some compiler - didn't compile here either.
But I stopped caring 15 minutes ago, so it's all good.
@Nican lol, what is that?
10:28 AM
Dec 3 at 20:48, by Jefffrey
If Stack Overflow was a city, and tags were neighborhoods... Who are your neighbors? http://ekisto.sq.ro/
4 hours ago, by nightcracker
It is a graph showing similarity of people by tags of posts.
4 hours ago, by ThePhD
You're like a week late. xD
@Jefffrey Well, apologies that I can not lurk this chatroom 24/7.
You are not forgiven.
No mercy
10:33 AM
I will just be over there playing with my marbles.
@FredOverflow Should probably be removed. Nothing C++11 about it.
@Jefffrey The puppy is my neighbor :)
I'm not on that map lol
can't find my user id
Maybe you disabled tracking on SO monthly data dumps?
that map is old
10:40 AM
@Jefffrey Rapptz' account is one year older.
Also I still don't understand what the number near the username is...
@Jefffrey rep?
rep delta in that month? Oh wait, I didn't make half of my rep in one month :)
From the HN post "The height of each user represents the normalized value of the user's Pagerank (Github, Friendfeed) or their reputation points (StackOverflow)."
10:45 AM
What is normalized rep?
Mine should have been 0 (github, friendfeed) or < 13K (SO) back then. It's 15.4 according to that map.
@FredOverflow Could it be on a log scale? Otherwise I would imagine a few users being sky scrapers.
@FredOverflow I am there too; is this C++11 or C++?
11:11 AM
Jefffrey looks like a Duracell.
Also, the f-count is wrong?
Also, apparently I live in the PHP bronx.
11:32 AM
Q: update struct - d programming language

user2900138In initialising a struct, we can go for Foo a = {1, 7}; How do I update values as the program runs? These forms don't work: a = {2, 9}; a = {fst:2, snd:9}; Is the only way the long: a.fst = 2; a.snd = 9; Seems inefficient. What if we have losts of members?

lol “seems inefficient”
Q: Custom built gaming pc or built pc?

Akash PaulWas researching recently on which kind of PC would be ideal for large scale development ie ruby,java,c#. was looking into purchasing a gaming pc such as the alienware x51 and the gigabyte brix series. on the other other hand i was also looking into buying components and assembling them myself. Ju...

@BartekBanachewicz I'm not even sure if this is one specific tag.
Oh and here I have a question tagged
I swear I read Cumshot instead of Custom
11:41 AM
Why not go full retard and tag it
Not the minions, please...
@R.MartinhoFernandes stackoverflow.com/questions/20452918/… escalate
Finally I was able to produce this random crash thing
@Telkitty We heard. You got your new car yet?
@kbok tiens coucou ça faisait un bail
12:03 PM
@MartinJames in 24 hours so I was told ...
also produce != solve
@Telkitty Heh:)
SO although I have progressed, nothing is really completely solved yet
this includes: car, plumbing, bug, insurance etc
@Telkitty Well, I get my headlight lamp replaced and I can use my car again. The resuting scrapes and bruising are healing nicely. I have no plumbing or insurance problems and my software load-testing is runing fine. On the downside, my head feels like there are 100 Frenchmen living in it, all jumping up and down at the same time.
12:25 PM
You have a case of in-vitro frenchman syndrome
@Purrfection yay
@MartinJames Gosh that must be horrible !
oh telkitty is named properly again
a synonyme of depression and stupid images
Also I have 8 open issues on harvest and my GF is going shopping
so I am determined to get them
@bartek it was only TIL that Nicolas bolas wrote the arcsynth tut
@Ell lol really?
12:28 PM
well I didn't praise him for nothing
@JBL There's a sorta 'Battle of Waterloo' going on between the French army and paracetamol.
@MartinJames Oh well, better for you than a "Battle of Austerlitz" then.
@JBL I hope so, yes:)
Also, I'm getting no help at all from the Prussians - another 'Fix it Immediate' email from the Germans this morning:((
What's "it" ?
Oh, so I'm in the neighborhood of Luchian on ekisto.sq.ro
12:36 PM
Q: sign changes when going from int to float and back

FredOverflowConsider the following code, which is an SSCCE of my actual problem: #include <iostream> int roundtrip(int x) { return int(float(x)); } int main() { int a = 2147483583; int b = 2147483584; std::cout << a << " -> " << roundtrip(a) << '\n'; std::cout << b << " -> " << roundtr...

a floating point WTF I wasn't aware of until today...
C# y u no variadic generics.
because it's not a fun language
@rightfold Write a proposal for variadic generics.
the fact you cannot overload operators in javascript is retarded as fuck
so annoying
Wait for Styx.
12:43 PM
@rightfold Sorry I don't have NaN days.
@BartekBanachewicz NaN is a result of evaluating 0.0/0.0. Are you saying rightfold can produce 0 compilers in 0 days? :)
eh, make it Inf then
If we are measuring compilers per day
@Purrfection yo
eh I am basically reimplementing canvas functionality now
sounds retarded
12:45 PM
that means rightfold can pop em out like nobody's business
I should dump this whole shit and just render 3d models
harvest needs more 3d love
Make the 2d version first
Yeah I am extending my 2d abstraction now
because i need some UI hints and stuff
I mean, units are circles and squares now
I hope we get something Better than microusb in my life time
Ahh of course we will
microusb just falls out
> Dillon Pariente's example was along the lines of float f = INT_MAX; int i = f; which is also hilarious if you are into that sort of humor. lol
1:00 PM
OK, my head is a little better, so time to take action. I want to go down the club and wind up some soccer fans. The landlord is a Man U supporter, so it's easy ATM. Last night I got in, popped my head round the bar and shouted' Taxi for Moyes!". Didn't go down well:)
@MartinJames Are you trying to socialize? Then you have already found the perfect place, it won't get better than the Lounge ;)
@FredOverflow that's a good one
@FredOverflow The Lounge is indeed fun, OTOH, it has Australians in it:(
1:15 PM
One of my flatmates is Australian. She's cool.
hmm what should I add to harvest now
@MartinJames Us Germans have the upper hand in the Lounge. We rule das Lounge mit ein Iron Faust!
@R.MartinhoFernandes It's alright for you - you aren't English! The rules are different for us:)
I think I got rid of pretty much all the bugz
except that little one with z-order but that's a nonissue really
Also I think it works way better in Chrome Canary
dunno if actual improvements or my imagination
@FredOverflow Meh - the Germans invented Lightning Bore :)
1:18 PM
@MartinJames What is that?
Blitzlangweilig, (?)
Is “inequals” a valid verb?
not really
@rightfold How do you think you would use it? Doesn't sound like a verb at all.
@rightfold How about "differs"?
1:25 PM
Come on Zoid, give us an example for context and we'll convert it into actual English:)
@rightfold disagrees, conflicts, contrast, contradicts, antagonizes, opposes, juxtaposes, ...
@MartinJames lol
@MartinJames That's a very fast pig, I suppose?
@sehe LOL! Anyway, I must go off to where there are no Oztralians. 'England face heavy Test defeat' - meh.... BFN:)
1:33 PM
eh seriously this snippet target.flaggedForDeletion = () => true;
I think I am overusing it
but it's just so pretty.
is that setting flaggedForDeletion to be a function always returning true?
@Ell yep.
I can't delete objects directly
it poses too many problems
so if anything is to be deleted it "raises its hand"
why the function?
@BartekBanachewicz Oh gawd - now I REALLY have to go..
why not just true?
1:36 PM
@Ell can you call true?
It's basically const true from haskell :P
would you be concerned if someone is having sex with a humandroid that looks like you?
@BartekBanachewicz if you are manually setting the function to only return true, isn't that a bit broken?
Shouldn't you never have to change that function?
3 mins ago, by Bartek Banachewicz
I think I am overusing it
that's why I am not sure
so far it has been working great.
well, what code surrounds this?
stuff like lazor turret destroying something
or dunno, harvester finishing a rock
hmm actually rock checks itself
meh, I'll just add HP or something later
so each unit can just check and destroy itself
1:52 PM
I keep failing at implementing tuple returns in this crap >:L
@MohammadAliBaydoun "this crap" being C++, I presume?
don't worry people keep failing at implementing things in C++ on a daily basis
Sort of
I'm implementing multiple-returns in Lundi
Bartek has invented the 'Engelbert Humperdinck' pattern.
"Please release me, let me go"..
@MohammadAliBaydoun wow. Do you have any progress publicly available on your fork or something?
I haven't forked it or put anything available because my version could potentially be a mess :v
There are a few things I'm unsure of like my use of luaL_ref to store functions in the registry
1:58 PM
@MohammadAliBaydoun so what?
it could potentially be an amazing solution
And there are some things about Lundi that I don't fully understand
and you are like talking with one of its creators right now
Like the edit
Like how fetch_parameter only has operator ()(string&) and operator ()(int&)
and not other overloads
@CatPlusPlus gotta give the credit.

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