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7:00 PM
potatoes are abstract in the sense that they're yellow
that's because it is kind of willy nilly^
Yay, it works.
WebSockets are cool.
abstract roughly means "ignoring details"
On somewhat related topic.
What do you think of Apple advertising?
@Polymer Or (looking at it from the other direction) Lisp doesn't treat anything as if it were a language primitive (not even the few things that are).
@Pawnguy7 Highly effective BS.
7:01 PM
I would agree.
They are very good at it, apparently :\
So shiny and everything.
You cannot get much better, it seems.
When people think they need your product.
I learned Python doesn't have a ternary operator. fuck that language Since Python 2.5 however, there has been an equivalent operator to The Ternary Operator (though not called such, and with a totally different syntax):
I guess the question is.
@Mikhail Why do you want a ternary operator?
Will the Apple hype ever wear off?
7:06 PM
@Polymer that’s a pretty abstract definition.
@JerryCoffin You gotta hand it to 'em: they're very good at spreading bullshit.
@EtiennedeMartel They are, or at least they used to be--and I don't mean that purely as an insult. At least during the Jobs years, they honestly did a very good job of putting together compelling demos and such. Microsoft's demos (for one obvious comparison) were often quite embarrassing by comparison.
Conditional operator, dammit. Also Python's syntax is nice and not an arcane punctuation
Python’s if-expression syntax is not nice.
I prefer if condition then true else false.
true if condition else false is meh.
@EtiennedeMartel Very nice
I like do_something unless actually_dont
7:13 PM
Ugh that shit is horrible
or until something .... end
It's the most pointless of pointless syntax sugars
not really
Yes really
it looks nicer than while !something
that isn't pointless :3
it looks more like english
7:14 PM
It’s confusing.
it requires less thinking
This is stupidest thing I've heard all month
@CatPlusPlus Why?
Because he hasn’t heard any stupider things all month.
hmm. What word for "being exerted on by" wrt to forces
7:16 PM
a force acts on an object
I'm trying to say "an object in circular motion <undergoes> two additional forces"
I guess "is exerted on by"
@EtiennedeMartel very interesting. Thought the grave clock is kind of creepy.
@Ell There is only one force on an object in circular motion (of constant velocity). Your sentence isn't done yet!
@Polymer but there is centripetal & centrifugal! :D
I hope you're doing general relativity >_>
7:22 PM
centrifugal doesn't exist.
@DeadMG why not?
it is the reaction force to centripetal force
No that's false
maybe it doesn't exist. it's not in my syllabus but I just put it in anyway...
@Polymer Just regular old mechanics :P
@Ell Then you're wrong!
7:24 PM
uh oh >.<
It's an apparent force
The reaction force is going to be on the object that is actually holding the whatever in circular motion.
arr feck
If by reaction you mean the one Newton was referring to. :3
7:26 PM
@Ell It's not in your syllabus because it doesn't exist.
@DeadMG it seems so :P
which, as you can imagine, is a pretty core problem if you're going to say it acts on the body.
I have changed my sentence
I think they should have taught us that it doesn't exist.
as opposed to just not teaching that it does
we were
explicitly taught that it doesn't exist.
we weren't :S
7:28 PM
pfff young whippersnappers these days.
uneducated as shit.
@DeadMG See it gets funnier when you convince yourself that all of gravity is just a bizarre reference frame.
Poor rightfold will never have to suffer by laying his eyes upon your question.
So is the bin just for stupid questions?
never seen that before
@Polymer this is hard :/
7:34 PM
@Ell Ignore me :p, accelerating reference frames make fake forces.
shuts up
I just realized that python is Bash with linear algebra routines
Bash has a somewhat sophisticated system of literals? looks up
@JerryCoffin Is that Walter White?
sweet, meta top bar now also on SO
And they haven't changed a thing
Also the text is not lined up, good job guys
7:39 PM
@CatPlusPlus indeed, review and help
Oh hey, the new bar is live on SO.
I'm kinda ok with it, except the blue of "Stack Exchange" doesn't really fit with the color scheme.
Yeah, doesn't really fit SO
@Ell Play Kerbal Space Program.
Ho ho ho, we reached 100K on the Close Vote queue. Hurrraaaay
7:41 PM
@EtiennedeMartel impressive.
@Mysticial i.stack.imgur.com/bO41y.png I'm surprised this is considered usable
It was on meta for 2 weeks and people complained so it's clearly ready for production!
@CatPlusPlus more than 2 weeks. I think 4? Anyways, yes, I assumed it was a css mishap
@sehe welp.
@sehe I like your green bubble
I like it.
7:45 PM
.topbar {
    visibility: hidden;
My new custom stylesheet for Stack Overflow!
@Jefffrey Walter Shite, perhaps.
I love it
just what we needed
@bamboon no clue what that means :)
We pay designers for full time they gotta do something dammit
@sehe the green bubble in your bar which says +1500
7:47 PM
@bamboon apparently it was just wrong. "rep changes"
I like how nobody said what exactly was wrong with the previous bar
I said nothing was wrong with it.
@CatPlusPlus The chat link was too easy to reach.
I posted an answer on Meta Stack Overflow complaining about how bad the new bar was.
I like the new bar's functionality, on first acquintance. The "main menu" is much more useful (and less sensationalist?)
7:48 PM
The designer commented that links changing URLs is ~~~~~bad UX~~~~~~
That was about it
@Jefffrey important flaw, TBF
That fucking black bar fits even less on SO than it did on meta
Good job :thumbsup:
I'm currently playing with code written by a former intern of ours.
I'm wondering if I can managed to save at least 25% of it.
Q: Is anyone else personally terrified of the new bar at the top?

GHarpingIt's just that the children are worried and so am I. Is it safe?

@EtiennedeMartel That's something !
7:49 PM
@EtiennedeMartel Yes. Just 1. zip it 2. create a resource file 3. embed the resource.
And the easier navigation between SE sites is still useless
Really good at computers
@sehe ok, now I don't get that ;)
@CatPlusPlus Stop DeadMGing.
@EtiennedeMartel What
"I don't need it, therefore nobody needs it"
7:50 PM
Please tell me a use case of unified navigation between disjointed sites that have nothing to do with each other
I wish they put the chat link in a 5 levels clicks path, it's still to easy to access.
@EtiennedeMartel DeadMG expressed his approval of the bar. I figure it goes nicer with VS2013
@rightfold can you explain how C++ allows passing parameters in constructor declaratoin?
e.g Derived cDerived(5);
It's what network mods do, not regular users
7:51 PM
@CatPlusPlus In the case of people who are interested in more than one topic. You know, people who are not you.
> declaratoin
Users have bookmarks to sites they visit
@CatPlusPlus Stack overflow users often browse other stack exchange sites because they like the system
In class Poin ?
7:51 PM
(like me)
Or just go through Google anyway
@CatPlusPlus Not every user is you.
7 secs ago, by Etienne de Martel
@CatPlusPlus Not every user is you.
Do I need to go on?
Yeah this is only about me, of course, sure
Good job
I have a StackExchange bookmark folder, but it would be nice to have a navbar for all sites
@EtiennedeMartel well. do you use the supercollider to go to your... other SE sites? Honest?
7:52 PM
@sehe I don't use other SE sites.
@EtiennedeMartel lol. So you, indeed, made it about Cat.
I use the footer. vOv
Works fine.
But then again, I'm not in the target audience of the supercollider.
That doesn't mean nobody is.
I only use the supercollider to view my inbox.
I don’t even know what other features it offers.
7:52 PM
@sehe It was an interesting argumentative technique.
@EtiennedeMartel Maybe, you don't have an opinion then. That doesn't mean no one else can have one :)
No, it was shit
He's the one who said it was useless.
Maybe I'm just taking things literally for humorous effect.
That's an opinion. But it was based on his actual usage.
I mean, he didn't say "I find it unsuited to my personal needs".
He said "it's useless". You know, absolutes and all that.
7:54 PM
Oh fuck off
Like it's a fact.
@EtiennedeMartel Sure he didn't. But you didn't say "other people like for reason X." either
40 secs ago, by Etienne de Martel
Maybe I'm just taking things literally for humorous effect.
let's just move on
so. dem eggcups eh?
I'm still sitting down.
7:54 PM
Effect. - yup
Humorous. - please hold the line
@rightfold i.stack.imgur.com/JCLuf.png I'd say, pretty few
@EtiennedeMartel That's kind of terrible writing style. Cat Plus can be harsh, but he is direct.
@sehe Still looks damn fine.
7:56 PM
Imagine if people started spamming SO with Bob questions
Although, you might indeed argue it's flash over substance.
Bob questions?
There's so many people using more than one SE site
@EtiennedeMartel Yeah, it's prettier. That doesn't make it any more useful. And the useful stuff was made illegible. Nevermind, it's now an extra click to the rep page
7:56 PM
@MohammadAliBaydoun lol
@bamboon lol
They are looking for designers
@bamboon Woops.
@bamboon Appropriate.
> You'll never be poked with a sharp stick
Good to know.
7:58 PM
A: Is anyone else personally terrified of the new bar at the top?

Jefffrey☻/ /▌ /\ This is bob. Copy and paste him so he can take over the new top bar.

^^ wtf???
that was too good to go unposted
You work on YouTube and you don't know this
Ah lame.
@Mysticial Let me tell you about this site called YouTube...
Speaking of YouTube, what the fuck happened there? Did you ship a feature while it was still in beta?
@EtiennedeMartel last night?
7:59 PM
@Jefffrey heh
The feature's called YouTube
@EtiennedeMartel What's YouTube? Anyone ever heard of it?
@Mysticial No, the whole Google+ comments thing.

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