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9:00 AM
what is FS?
I'm not sorting your shit out, face the consequences
fuck sake!
Oh well, I was just saying, because you are elite.
@Shea Just deal with your shit
You shoudn't have slept with her, it's your own fault. now im
!!afk fs
@connor.js Hurry back, ok?
9:01 AM
Yeah, whatever
@connor.js It's been 20 years. You can't just waltz back into my life like this.
Super easy. I got this, thanks for your solution.
@Shea it's fine, just remember to eval(situation);
i've got these woman down my back for God who know's why.....
Give me some adice for once in your life.
Maybe it's one of your 7 virgin's come as a early christ-mas present
9:04 AM
Where's the @Zirak!
@BenjaminGruenbaum Zirak is afk: hurricane
hi @BenjaminGruenbaum
@connor.js You may be right on this one.
I'm always right.
i want to be part of chat room project, how can i be?@BenjaminGruenbaum
9:05 AM
@web2students.com do chatRoomProject.push(me);
Pick an aspect in the project, start building it, report back when you have something solid.
@BenjaminGruenbaum what's this?
ok i will do
You need to go up a bit
bit more
9:06 AM
@connor.js No you're not, but where is @Zirak?
@Shea none of your business
your mamma
Somebody give me some aspect on that project
9:07 AM
I want @Zirak
@web2students.com ok
start with
<div> Page </div>
let me know when you're done.
@Shea Zirak is afk: hurricane
Anyone notice how @Zirak kind of rhymes with "my project."
@CapricaSix Shut up
@BenjaminGruenbaum has anyone started?
Fuck that project. Firefox fucked it up
's make a new bot
9:15 AM
@BenjaminGruenbaum what version of visual studio shall iu se for node.js ?
@connor.js No my dick
express ? or pro ?
@BenjaminGruenbaum Has anyone started, I'll start a little bit on the client if you want, but we need to know what to use ...
9:16 AM
I mean the express - web or pro ? which has it anyways
!!afk stuff
@BenjaminGruenbaum Nobody cares.
@BenjaminGruenbaum answer -_- pls cause website of visual studio is mess
@AbhishekHingnikar BenjaminGruenbaum is afk: stuff
God damn it. You should be able to recognize right from wrong by now....
9:21 AM
@AbhishekHingnikar As with most things, that is a good indicator not to mess with that software
@Shea Sorry, did you wan't me to suggest a "postman pat" theme?
@connor.js What? Huh?
@Shea Yeah, sorry.. you live other the wrong side of the world
Did you make a funny?
No, 2
9:25 AM
I laughed too. No joke
I like you @connor.js
I'm not surprised, that's fine
No, i have to get work done now..
or YouTube
Just YouTube........
Oh baby
Morning/afternoon everyone!
9:32 AM
You know you're screwed when even your own company hires you because they don't know the difference between a systems administrator and a programmer
@CharliePrynn Good morning your poor sob
Q: How to avoid tick overlap with legend in jqplot

DilanGI am using jqplot and my plot ticks overlap with my legend as follows and I need to move legend below the ticks. and my code is , var plot3 = $.jqplot('chartdiv', [], { animate: true, animateReplot: true, axes:{ xaxis:{ renderer:$.jqplot.DateAxisRenderer, tickRenderer: $.jq...

please help on this
@Neil You mean those people that would not block my server's IP address, rather than my vhost?
@DilanG options.legend.yoffset
@phenomnomnominal Will you please comment on the fact that I had the chance to score with my bro's hot ex-wife?
9:39 AM
There are 3 and a half billion other women. Don't fuck someone your bro fucked, don't fuck someone your bro MARRIED.
Of course, it's your life.
@C5H8NNaO4 please can you explain
what do i do?
You make a good point.
Ya, I only see drama arising from that fuck...... Nm, you're awesome
Does anyone here know angularjs? I'm fucking clueless and could do with a hand.
Can I hve you?? ;)
what's the matter @CharliePrynn?
9:43 AM
I had a problem :-( during windows installtion :-/
i inserted the disk
it prompted a message : "Not valid product key for this image"
Fuck that disk, insert a new one.
@AbhishekHingnikar is this disk genuine ?
@phenomnomnominal, giving life advices since 1998
@DilanG nope.. downloaded off internet
@Shea In india it takes nights to download a disk
You guys should check out this amazing new JavaScript compiler: eleks.github.io/js2js
9:45 AM
Wtf? India? Get a new one faggot.
Jk lol
@Shea i can't buy a disk -_-
my laptop has inbuilt key
@user2422960 Someone mentioned I shouldn't do any DOM manipulation in my controllers, but I have no idea how else to do it. I'll get up a jsfiddle, 2 seconds.
@AbhishekHingnikar What type of laptop is it?
@DilanG You have an axes.legend member, right? Add a property yoffset and give it a value, it defines the offset of the legend to the plot
@Sean g55vw
9:46 AM
you'll have to do it within a directive. did you read through this: http://www.stackoverflow.com/questions/14994391/how-do-i-think-in-angularjs-if-i-have-a-jquery-background
@AbhishekHingnikar In that case you want an ASUS OEM disc. lmgtfy.com/…
Yes, you can just root off the copy, but is that really worth it?
@Sean o_O
@Sean thats what i dont know :$
Copy, root, bypass, win
if its a Win 8 or Win 8 Pro
9:49 AM
asus.com/ROG_ROG/G55VW "Windows 8 Pro or other editions available"
FUdfsn sd. ... . .Win8
I would suggest that it's Pro
@user2422960 I'll read through that now, hopefully it'll help me understand. Thanks
if it's not Pro, download the other disc, seemples!
@Sean i think i have a windows 8 pro edition disk
9:50 AM
@Zirak I already told you, nobody cares.
@AbhishekHingnikar Happy days!
Well I'll say
you're welcome @CharliePrynn

you should have a look at http://egghead.io ,too
@Sean it didn't work
@Zirak \o
9:50 AM
Take Win7 for what it is, a quality, breakable pos that it is.
@Zirak welcome back!
Your mamma
@AbhishekHingnikar Does it not have a recovery partition you can re-install from? You're going to need a Windows 8 Professional OEM disc from ASUS. You can either download one or contact ASUS to see if they are prepared to give you one (I doubt it)
@Asus won't give me i tried last time
9:52 AM
@mikedidthis ...know what?
@Sean What??? Fuck that....
and.... i fried my laptop off windows
@Zirak go on...
Bot drama? Man I really missed some shit
@Shea You buy an OEM-installed copy of Windows, that's what you get! Of course you could also try and not break your machine. But that's far too much to ask of people nowadays.
I only wanted to tell you all about that amazing new compiler. It's on your star board, so my work here is done! BAI.
9:53 AM
@Zirak yeah I would grab a drink and take it all in. It was odd, from both sides.
@Sean Assuming your laptop supports that OEM
@C5H8NNaO4 thsnks for the reply..did you see my code..? is there axis.legend part?
I can't find that part..
SE's top banner is weird
9:57 AM
@Zirak baby, what's wrong with eval, girl?
@rlemon <3
@イオニカビザウ That seems quite self explanatory
24 hours remaning for microsoft windows msdn installer ( the msdn has an aio installer )
Love, peace, prosperity; thought it would be funny to type that
10:06 AM
@AbhishekHingnikar Hah, IIS errors.
@Zirak Anything that is not a worker in FF as been easy to debug.
@Shea It's an ASUS laptop =]
I'm either missing something, or you're just talking to yourself again.
21 mins ago, by Abhishek Hingnikar
@Sean g55vw
10:08 AM
i regret buying it so many times
i should of went with macbook pro 15" , same price less power but atleast a stable os
All you can really do is force an exception to debug this
@BenjaminGruenbaum The Zirak is here!
@AbhishekHingnikar You are dead to me. Forget I tried to help you, please.
10:09 AM
@Zirak BenjaminGruenbaum is afk: stuff
@Zirak Don't ever doubt that I'm talking to myself.....
@Sean meh ... a 4.2 kilo laptop :P
vs almost 1.5 kilo laptop
@DilanG at the end of you code

        renderer: $.jqplot.EnhancedLegendRenderer,
        location: 's' ,
        placement : "outside",
        rendererOptions: {
            numberRows: 1
@Zirak how was the hurricane?
10:13 AM
@Zirak I made it so build.js recognizes more commands than //build somefile.js
@FlorianMargaine Decent, actually.
It now recognizes anything the user defines as a command
@Zirak ...I don't know what that means.
Specically for the atob bs
10:17 AM
@Zirak anyway, do you want a drama summary?
It'd be appreciated
balpha went into some room where the bot auto welcomed someone new, he didn't like it. Then he found out it was used here, and demanded that it was removed. Then many drama about dictatorship vs community, asking for reasons and stuff
then he found out about the mute system, didn't like it but since another mod approved, didn't do anything about it
Hi, i am new to JavaScript and really need someones help...
so in the end rlemon removed the auto welcome
can anyone help?
10:21 AM
And we see the result as we speak.
!!welcome iNeed_anAnswer
@Zirak That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
Tbh, you're all retarded. No where did anyone say the welcome should be removed, ever in the course of history.
@iNeed_anAnswer Don't ask if you can ask please
If you couldn't ask, then you'd be breaching the rooms rules by asking if you could ask, now wouldn't you?
@Shea correct, the issue is with pinging users during the welcome message.
10:22 AM
I am installing windows 8 on a 4 year old laptop ... keeping the g55vw on ubuntu ..
It was more like, "Hey guise.... if You don't mind, please stop welcoming peoplezz."
mhm the ubuntu can act like a mom the kid will become a netbook ;D
viva la piracy ?
@Zirak yeah, rlemon struggled to remove the autowelcome, so he removed it entirely iirc.
There was always the option to take it up as a community, and everyone just ignored that option.
Why doesn't @rlemon have write access
I'll add him
10:25 AM
add me too pls <3
If it were up to me, personally, I would say to keep the welcome as it is, and if some official objected, then "If you mind...."
Why didn't you guys say anything when I asked...for a week.
I almost did, but then saw a couple of people added, so thought it'd be ok
but those people have been missing for a week :|
Basically i have a function which allows the user to calculate the total (price*quantity) by clicking on '+' and '-' buttons. However the issue is that it is not actually calculating anything when the user increases the quantity and is returning 'NaN'. I have tried setting the value of my input tag to the function and several other things but it doesn't seem to work or make sense at all to me
10:26 AM
I'll go over some PRs
@FlorianMargaine Really? Oct and Shmiddty are gone!?
Wow i have a microsoft windows 8 netbook !
ah yeah, balpha also complained about fuckable
!!tell iNeed_anAnswer format
@iNeed_anAnswer Format your code - hit Ctrl+K before sending and see the faq
@Zirak they have some life issues, it seems
10:27 AM
haven't been very present lately
@CapricaSix ok thanks
@Zirak Dude, it's all bs. Wtf... Why... Huh... And ehhh???
1 message moved to recycle bin
10:31 AM
@BenjaminGruenbaum There goes the neighbourhood.
@Zirak I have homework and shit, but we'll catch up, you missed quite a shitstorm
So it seems
I guess it all boils down to SO's new user orientation
I mean, think about it...
!!afk horse grooming
@BenjaminGruenbaum Nobody cares.
10:33 AM
They don't have shit for grasping chat functionality
It's one thing to come to JS chat asking for help on JS, but it's another thing to ask for help on asking for help
I think that the bot should focus on helping people on how to help themselves
@Shea BenjaminGruenbaum is afk: horse grooming
@BenjaminGruenbaum btw. school is for losers
> You can even compile an invalid JavaScript program to an equally invalid one
9 messages moved to recycle bin
nope, I'm not that sad. FYI I have only every flagged one message in this chat, and it was my own. it was @Zirak he's in a piss
10:48 AM
Actually I'm quite happy right now. There's the minor annoyance that twice now I've come back to deal with shit related to you.
@Zirak related to me, LOL. I haven't been here. fool
!!help mute
@FlorianMargaine mute: Mutes a user. /mute usrid duration Duration should be in the format n[mhd] for n minutes/hours/days. If only n is provided, minutes is assumed.
...and what happened right now is...?
@Zirak What?
10:49 AM
Well, I was just trying to be funny, and failing like I always do. I didn't mean to twist your panty hose or anything, like always, I just wanna be loved.
in recycle bin, 4 mins ago, by connor.js
to much talk.... not enough silence
!!mute 1907358 120
See the binned messages
@FlorianMargaine Muted user 1907358 for 120m
room mode changed to Gallery: anyone may enter, but only approved users can talk
life is better without annoyances
keep being happy :)
10:50 AM
!!user 1907358
connor.js, Bristol, United Kingdom
5.4k 1 7 36
Thanks, will do. After a pretty long week, I'm hacking on the bot and listening to good music. Bliss.
@Zirak Dammit I hope you find what is causing some NS... error in the worker
only in FF, it seems.
10:52 AM
!!> 1 + 1
@FlorianMargaine [object WorkerErrorEvent]
!!> 'foo'
@Zirak [object WorkerErrorEvent]
10:52 AM
doesn't happen in chrome
I'll try and look into it
nothing urgent.
Does not, and Firefux is living up to it's name
I looked and failed hard
I do not know how these workers justify their errors. It's literally every little change I make, that causes a new error.
Tell me about it...
Oh thank God, I thought I was just retarded or something.
10:55 AM
Did you see my comment there?
I did infact see that comment, but I inserted code that should have caused a new error.
It's successfully posting a "Worker some shit error", even after the last post
Which means, the worker is executing just fine, from what I can tell, but there's also the worker.onerror
Yo people
To track it, I was thinking of making it intentionally fail as break points
But that has to happen tomorrow, because I am way too retarded atm
I have an issue with canvas being damn slow on some android tablets. Is there some generic stuff that is worth looking into performance wise?
Oh also, did I mention making build.js //#something parse as a something command?
11:04 AM
@rlemon ^ ?
I'm proud of that, because now we can //#atob filename.js to a string
@PeeHaa memory allocation
hah, nice
@PeeHaa can you determine which GPU features are being emulated?
@JanDvorak Don't think so. The thing is a black box :(
11:06 AM
@PeeHaa you can wrap timing code around eeeeverything
this should help in any case
What would that look like? Log shit?
yep. Maybe dump the logs somewhere on unload, if console is not accessible
or use chrome dev tools + adb
using the adb chrome extension
'Tis always active in here..
@FlorianMargaine Ooooooow nice. I didn't realize console.log would also be captured by adb
11:08 AM
It's my sister's bday at this point in time
And she hate's it when I program, and stay up late. So I better go to bed'
How old is she?
G'night everyone
Why that devil!
@Loper324 25
11:11 AM
@Shea Wish her a happy birthday
So what method of detecting when the DOM is ready do you all use?
@Loper324 Hey, it's better to comply than die.
@Shea :X
@Loper324 I just include my JS at the end of the DOM
disclaimer I have no clue what I am diong with regards to JS
11:17 AM
@PeeHaa "diong"? Well in my case I can't chose where it's included at (User script)
I'm hoping that hastebin.com/wihofifaqe.js works
Also, pastebin is down :S
Should I even ask why were are in gallery?
An experiment..
33 mins ago, by Caprica Six
@FlorianMargaine Muted user 1907358 for 120m
@mikedidthis Connor.js wanted silence
11:23 AM
@Zirak ahh ok.
So... Ehm... Anyone object to my coding about the DOM? :S
@FlorianMargaine, @rlemon You now have write access to the bot's repo
So That's a good way to detect that the page is ready? Moving on with coding.... Anyone have any thing they'd like to share?
addEventListener('onload', GCEE()); doesn't do what you think it does
@Loper324 ^
11:29 AM
@PeeHaa Now someone tells me, right when I think I'm done...
@Loper324 example:
(function() {
  function test() {

  setTimeout(test(), 5000);
Now you tell me what happens
@PeeHaa ... code.... instantly test() is called?
So instead of passing a callback you are executing the function
@PeeHaa Why so, even with setTimeout(alert('test'),10000000000); it's executed right then..
Either wrap it in a function:
11:34 AM
window.addEventListener("onload", function GCEE() {/* stuff */});
How about that?
(function() {
  function test() {

  setTimeout(function() {
  }, 5000);
oooooor in your case:
or rather function ()
(function() {
  function test() {

  setTimeout(test, 5000);
So far I've been running on a internal site so I haven't tried it so document.readyState != "complete" so... wasn't sure.
11:37 AM
Q: How to check if DOM is ready without a framework?

Vilx-The question is so like a zillion others here and on the web - How to check if DOM has loaded in Javascript? But here's the catch: Without using a framework like jQuery etc; Without knowing if your script has been loaded via a statically placed <script> tag or via some other Javascript much lat...

What I glanced at.. :S
Dont' just glance: read and understand
That's how I got the addEventListener
Well I thought I did, not exactly a place to learn how addEventListener works etc..
@PeeHaa That's a bit confusing for me, I'm not exactly a professional coder... obviously...
So would addEventListener('onload', GCEE) work?
12:18 PM
So I'm guessing it'll work.
How to set confirmation instead of alert in last function. If the user click ok, then only redirection should be done. other wise It should not redirect. Guys please help me to come out from this problem stackoverflow.com/a/9564811/2567813
@CJRamki use confirm. var s = confirm('some question');, and the variable s will be true or false, depending on whether the user clicked ok or cancel.
if (s === true) {/*redirect */}else{ /*more things */}
s is a very bad name for a variable
12:34 PM
see this working demo jsfiddle.net/RZXEF/99
hm, yes, it works
@FlorianMargaine dont close that window... The second time it is not asking confirmation
because you're not running confirm again
I am going to install a 32 Bit version of windows on an i7 with 16 gigs of memory
:-( sad things slow internet makes u do
wish microsoft created things usable on linux
@FlorianMargaine What should i do for run confirm again... i am beginner of javascript. please help me to solve this problem
12:56 PM
Croucklas Dougford Haha had a good laugh on that one
@FlorianMargaine R u there?
@jAndy same :D

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