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9:04 AM
can we change the status bar colour to black in iOS 7 ?
set window color
that can change statusbar color
i am displaying three views. one is from top side and left and right. showing only 30% of the View from top. Status bar color is clear , so the background view color is showing
[self.window setBackgroundColor:[UIColor blackColor]]
at app delegate
/Users/devendranath/Desktop/iOS Simulator Screen shot 23-Oct-2013 2.39.54 PM.png
can u check this image
@Ssn Have you achieved it?
9:15 AM
@sandhaya ??
@Leena, @DivineDesert kahan busy ho ?
@YSRfan are you setting image of navigation bar
Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM
@Leena at home ?
9:19 AM
Read this @YSRfan
nope at office
listening to radio songs
n doing coding
Oh Great
You are Multitasking
@NitinGohel : Here i dont have any navigation bar .
9:21 AM
your should window 20px down
google it there is lots of related que
ok , thanks
in which city ur working?@Leena
I have a mac project in xcode.. I want to make .dmg.. how to do that.
@Prakash sir take a look this here it is
there are also one you tube video tutorial as well as lots of answer
This isn't what I need
9:29 AM
you meen you want to like we install project
in mac
@sandhaya in ahmedabad
Yes. an installer all I want to create
@TheTiger Not working
@Prakash Why do you want an installer?
It's an uncommon way to install Mac Apps
9:32 AM
i want to create a build like iphone app
I want to create a dmg from my mac app code
@Praveen what ?
@Prakash What?
I don't want to convert a folder into dmg. I have my mac code in xcode and i want to create a build like we do in iphone (ipa)....
Tiger, For this
@Prakash You still aren't making sense to me.
9:37 AM
@Prakash, let's say that you have that "installer" now. What will you be doing with it? This isn't an iOS(iphone/ipad/..) app, right? Do you want users to be able to download it and install like a dmg(most common case, unless you have some specific requirements)?
may be I'm doing or understanding something wrong.. Please correct me.. I'm a newbie and this is my first mac app
@Prakash Maybe you should say what you are trying to do?
Yes exactly.. user can download it and install it.. @radical
@Prakash, okay, then you need a dmg. Google how to generate a dmg from xcode
@Prakash All you need to do is create a Release build; which will create a package file and that is all you need to distribute.
You don't need a DMG
9:41 AM
@Abizern, ah. what is the difference between that and a dmg? (noob alert!)
it will be a .pkg?
A DMG is just a disk image, into which you can put your binary. But you can also distribute the binary by itself.
@Abizern, right.. that is assuming that don't have other assets/files with it, right?
People use DMGs because you can zip them and send them, but you you could just as well send a binary which the user can put in the Applications folder themselves.
@NitinGohel moj ma ?
All the assets, files that your app needs should be in the binary package anyway.
9:44 AM
@Abizern, hm oh, i was mixing up the xcopy-able folder with dmg, i guess the package that you are talking about is that xcopy-able folder with the assets+binary etc?
@Abizern hello VGA
@Praveen He said me OK, He got it..... Hmmm he was telling lie.
@NitinGohel VGA
@TheTiger VGA
need help video posting on youtube using GData.
@JaiminModi DVI
9:45 AM
@TheTiger DVI?
@NitinGohel did u created any static library?
@TheTiger dont understand.
@Praveen He is asking for whole code.
Hey can I use jpeg images in iOS application rather that using PNG/
9:48 AM
@TheTiger Oh ok.. i just tried to disply that. It may use in future..
@radical Yep.
@Abizern, got it. Thanks!
9:52 AM
@Dee Yes, but it won't compress the same, and it will be a bit of a hit on performance. Also, you'll have to manage retina, non-retina image loading yourself.
@JaiminModi It's still morning for me, so VGA - but don't ask me about GData uploads.
hi @Abizern
@Abizern ok VGM :) .
@Abizern, I tried the project which your friend had created. He had fixed the width to 560, I changed it to 200, What I see is that, it got reduced, but not with respective to center, the width reduced from rightside, and now I see the modalView aligned towards left and not at center.
@Ranjit I did say that it wasn't being centred.
18 hours ago, by Abizern
@Ranjit A friend of mine took a look at your problem and has a partial solution - not ideas though. See if you can get it to centre in the view https://www.dropbox.com/s/xo76zv6qitoegr3/ModalExample.zip
10:00 AM
Oh yes, but I am not getting why this modalView is not changing w.r.t center. Its driving me crazy
@ Abizern, @DivineDesert, @Leena, @NitinGohel, @TheTiger, @MoorthyTheBoss, @Anjan : How should i convert the recorded audio file of type m4a/aac to mp3. I already had a google well. If you know any of the way then please elaborate.
@iShwar Not an easy task
@Ranjit Because the layer it is displaying in seems to be created at the default size, and anything you add to it is laid out from the top-left. It is puzzling. When you fix it, let me know.
Even I can't say there any free lib available for that
@Abizern Thank you
10:04 AM
@TheTiger Its working weired Can you check what issue with this?
@Abizern, okay, I am trying will let you know. But any suggestions?
@TheTiger Ohh... any of the middle way, I want to upload the recorded voice to server. so i need that to be in .mp3
@Praveen Can't check code ...... :( Sorry for that
Ok fine
@Ranjit Not right now, no.
10:07 AM
I will get back to you with a solution
@iShwar You can upload but don't about changing the format
@NitinGohel bau busy lage ho..
@TheTiger yes i can upload it as it is, But not even its possible to convert the aac to mp3 before that, Is any other way you could suggest me ?
@Praveen I'm not surprised - that is some ugly looking code. Why not just get the cell to save its own data?
10:11 AM
@TheTiger ok no worry buddy, thank you :)
@TheTiger Ok thanks :) :)
Q: Convert M4a to Mp3

MTAi want to convert in my App M4a file to Mp3 file, i try to use the TSlibraryimport but it not doing this proccess . it can be done also by moving the m4a file to nsdata

check this demo
@NitinGohel Ok bro :)
@Abizern Its not my own code.. Its from here
10:21 AM
@Praveen Then let that be a lesson to you not to just copy random code off the internet.
@Abizern I just tried that code simply. It wasn't a closed source one :)
Who are all update Mavericks here ?
work in progress sownload 5 gb of os x
I have started to download it!
@Praveen Not all open source is good. I'm looking at the project now.
Yuk - you can't even dismiss the keyboard to get at the save button.
10:29 AM
@Abizern You're senior to me. And, you're advising me.. I'll surely follow it to be a good programmer like you..
@Praveen no
@Praveen I'm immune to sarcasm.
But really, if you see some code try to read it and understand it rather than just using it. Also, think about patterns that we use in iOS, and if something doesn't look right, then don't trust it. That code is overly complex because it's trying to add and save cells incorrectly.
A proper way to do it is to get the cell to save it's own data and notify the table view controller. Or, use Core Data which has better support for handling such notifications, or at least let the cell provide the dictionary to the table view rather than have the table view ask for it. "Tell, don't ask" is a common design pattern in iOS.
Q: ios Facebook Log Out completely log out safari keeps data

Özgür SalginciIn the iOS Facebook SDK, when I use [FBSession.activeSession closeAndClearTokenInformation]; this only closes the token. Then when I open Safari, I can still reach the Facebook account in Safari. How can I eliminate this behavior? In my app, many users are using the same iPhone. So they ne...

10:35 AM
I tried to run that project and see if I could fix it myself, but it's a mess and I don't have that kind of time.
10:49 AM
@Abizern, check this, I almost solved this dropbox.com/s/l750rkrcuypivt5/TestModalView.zip
@Abizern So, the best way is following iOS pattern only. Right?
There you go. Well done.
@Praveen In this case, yes.
@coder: Hi Coder
@HardikGajjar hi dude. ..
@Abizern Thanks.
10:53 AM
@coder :how are you ,,
but @Abizern, did you noticed their is a flaw in animation?
fine @HardikGajjar
@coder, kevu chale chee,?? kya khovai gayo??
@coder ::D
@HardikGajjar bas jalsa che bhai .. . tari socity ma rahu chu . .. tu dekhato nathi .
@Coder : LOL
@Coder : maliye to pachi
10:55 AM
@Abizern, I mean to say is , modal will appear from corner and will dismiss at center. did you noticed that.
@Coder Aaj kal maa
@HardikGajjar ok surec..
@Coder, Mane hatu ke stackoverflow chat ma may be tu malish ,,,
@Ranjit I noticed it coming in from the corner.
@Coder, atle search karu ne saheb mali gayaa
10:56 AM
I couldn't get it to dismiss.
@HardikGajjar hmm ... :)
@Coder Maulik kem chee??
e maja ma ..
oki chalo pachi rubaru mailye
ok ..
11:00 AM
@Abizern, I am not able to figure out , how I should show it from center. and to dismiss click anywhere outside the modalView, it will get dismiss.
@Abizern, can you please help me out in this regard.
@Mayur What you doing here ...... go and do your work
Its an order
where is he?
hi guys
admob is not working with xcode 5.
anyone have any idea about this problem
here is working
sir you did some mistake
test in real device
i have tested with real device
11:15 AM
change debug=YES
in code
for testing
i ran this code with xcode 4.6.3. Working fine.
@Praveen @TheTiger dropbox.com/s/lowbgnqzk05ej8d/Alert.zip i have done using simple logic
Glad to here that @Ssn
11:17 AM
but i don't know this logic right or wrong
@NitinGohel do you have any code with xcode 5.
i have NSArray* paths = [NSArray arrayWithObject:[NSIndexPath indexPathForRow:productCount inSection:0]];
[self.AddProduct_TableView beginUpdates];
[self.AddProduct_TableView insertRowsAtIndexPaths:paths withRowAnimation:UITableViewRowAnimationLeft];
[self.AddProduct_TableView endUpdates];
i have used this code
skiped [tableview reloaddata]
So what is different in this code
I told you the same
this is only for adding new row
You had more requirement than this
plz see my problem
i have posted the question.
11:24 AM
Q: ios Facebook Log Out completely log out safari keeps data

Özgür SalginciIn the iOS Facebook SDK, when I use [FBSession.activeSession closeAndClearTokenInformation]; this only closes the token. Then when I open Safari, I can still reach the Facebook account in Safari. How can I eliminate this behavior? In my app, many users are using the same iPhone. So they ne...

same problem
i also have
have tried
but not working @NitinGohel
11:29 AM
me ro du
one put my pastie code and try ones for me plz
bye bye Guys 
anni jaldi @TheTiger
Just from here not from office
@sonam if you are using safari then you have to logout mauually from browser
aha @TheTiger ok
so use webview that keep logout
as using above method is working
@NitinGohel code is not working.... :(
11:34 AM
but here in my app working code
might be prob with you admob app key
create new one for testing and check it
you got any error ?
@Ssn Nice to hear this
this is code output @LovekeshSaxena
no i did not get any error.
if any problem with app key then its not working with xcode 4.6.3
its working fine with xcode 4.6.3 . its mean app key is correct.
@Ssn Its crashing
12:00 PM
@NitinGohel thanx
hi @sonam
@sonam you weicom
@Ranjit Have you tried just displaying a whole new view instead of trying to use a modal one?
@Abizern, how should I present it then?
12:18 PM
Hi all! Please help on this question. Thanks!
Q: Save image by ImageIO framework cause leak memory

hahahaI capture still image from camera and write to document folder by ImageIO framework follow Image I/O programming guide This is my code NSDateFormatter *dateFormatter = [[NSDateFormatter alloc] init]; [dateFormatter setDateFormat:@"dd-MM-yyyy hh:mm:ss"]; NSString *strDate = [dateFormatter string...

@Ranjit Create the view. add it as a subview at some initial position and then animate it into the final position.
@hahaha @Ranjit @NitinGohel @Abizern hi
Hi @Dips
how to get device language in program
12:20 PM
NSString * language = [[NSLocale preferredLanguages] objectAtIndex:0];
@hahaha @Abizern i mean how to know which language is selected in device .
@Abizern,I thought of it, but then again there are overheads, of showing it at the center , dimming the backgroundView .
@NitinGohel ok let me chek.
@Ranjit Yes.
cant we do something with this only :)
12:23 PM
@NitinGohel ya it's done
have u trying to find this in google?
atlist ones?
@Ranjit Maybe. Don't know; haven't tried.
@NitinGohel ya i find this but it's work locally
i got this in 1sec
then i past
@NitinGohel i want to set something like a when user minimize a app and change a language then using observer i want know which language is selected.
12:26 PM
hi everybody
@brush51 hii
@NitinGohel [[NSLocale preferredLanguages] objectAtIndex:0];?
that givent device lang
i guess, some of you also do windows store apps..
@NitinGohel Better: [NSLocale preferredLanguages][0];
12:27 PM
same think
@NitinGohel Even better still: [[NSLocale preferredLanguages] firstObject];
This reads better IMHO.
same think
How to get custom tableview button indexpath value
And it returns nil instead of crashing if you have an empty array.
12:29 PM
for suggestion
@Ssn Don't. Let the cell manage it's own resources. Set the cell as the target of the button's action and nothing else needs to worry about it.
@Abizern op
Q: Getting current device language in iOS?

MosheI'd like to show the current language that the device UI is using. What code would I use? I want this as an NSString in fully spelled out format. (Not @"en_US")

hi just googled it and got this and past here
@Abizern UIButton *instanceButton = (UIButton*)sender;
int positionValue = instanceButton.tag;
@ssn, setting tags for buttons based on their indexPath is brittle.
i have used this code
12:31 PM
@Ssn Ugh.
What happens to the tag if you delete a row? Or add a row? The tag is now incorrect.
@NitinGohel this is fine but i want set observer on it
i got the problem when i delete row
this is logical that how to code for it
@Dips You do know there are notifications sent by NSLocale when the user changes his locale? Have a look at the NSLocale documentation. It's all in there. Or are you expecting Nitin do do your Google searching for you?
12:34 PM
@Abizern ya i try that also and one more thing i detect the language when user minimize app and change language from device setting but i want to set observer on it.
the tag is incorrect when i delete row
@Ssn That's what I said.
@Dips And you can't see anything in the NSLocale documentation that looks like it could be useful?
@Abizern wat to do for this
@Abizern listen what i say my app is design with 4different language AND i use

- (void)applicationDidEnterBackground:(UIApplication *)application
- (void)applicationWillEnterForeground:(UIApplication *)application

this two to know selected device language .
@Abizern but
12:39 PM
@Praveen there
@Dips Listen to what I said - can you see anything in NSLocale's docs that looks like it might be useful?
@Ssn Let the cell manage it's own actions. Don't use tags. You don't even need to add save and delete buttons.
@Abizern but do u know we set observer on change orientation and check the device mode something like i want to do here.
@Abizern let me see one more time NSLocale's docs.
@Dips I give up. Go do what you want.
@Abizern ok
@Ssn Tableview come with support to delete rows, you don't need a button. If you pass a reference to the object that the cell is using to store data, you can just update it directly, rather than using a save button.
12:49 PM
@Ssn Yes
1:04 PM
@Abizern thank you
@Praveen achieved it.
Yes you can use iOS patters as per documentation
Start learning to recognise common code smells and it will eventually make your own code much better.
1:22 PM
@Abizern Nice article. Reading rest of contents..
any can help me
How to get latitude & longitude of MKPinAnnotationView
@ Abizern @NitinGohel, @Leena, @DivineDesert , @Praveen, @Anjan byeieiei friends Gn Tc See you tomorrow
byee @iShwar
@iShwar bye
1:34 PM
How to get custom tableview textfield values
i have set tag to textfield
but it always return tableview last indexpath value
@Ssn what have you trying yet
how to set tag or textfiled
showing details of next/previous cell in detailViewController using next/previous buttons.Has anybody here worked on it?@NitinGohel
1:40 PM
@Abizern long time no see
[cell.partNo_text_CustomView setTag:indexPath.row]; i have set textfield tag like this @NitinGohel
you get the text it its delegate of textFiled
-(BOOL)textFieldShouldBeginEditing:(UITextField *)textField
1:42 PM
at that time while you clickon it textfiled i meanediting you got its value
@Ssn After all I said about not using tags? I waste my time.
@Machete Yes?
@hanleyhansen Hello.
showing details of next/previous cell in detailViewController using next/previous buttons @Abizern
the next and previous button in detailView
@Abizern how's it going?
@hanleyhansen Okay, thanks.
@Machete I still don't understand your question.
2:03 PM
hii need help..?
@Abizern not like that still that issues is there
just now i used your logic
need help will anyone help me..?
@Praveen crashed my sample?
have you checked my latest dropbox.com/s/lowbgnqzk05ej8d/Alert.zip
@Ssn Can I dismiss the keyboard to click on the save button yet?
Nope. And still setting tags in your cells.
2:24 PM
i have used your logic in my code
plz get me solution for gets the value from textfield and store into array
@Ssn No.
You haven't used anything I've told you.
@Abizern i did mistake while setting tag
so always it's returns at end of tableview index values
thats my trouble

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