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12:04 AM
@pawn guy very nice :)
12:15 AM
Night anyone who's still here
i cant write an implementation PLEASE write it to me guys — Furat Swalha 11 mins ago
^^ aha
Perhaps it was fortunate that I didn't know of SO when I started in C++.
i can't write an implementation for you PLEASE believe me guy — Scott W 8 secs ago
speaking of which, really looking forward to troll some meta questions, but I am too lazy to find any
12:26 AM
> A gift from the heavens!
^ That's probably my favorite Coliru feedback message :)
As an answer to "What is it?"
> The sample is bad(incomplete parameters for main, no return)
^ This is the most hilarious one.
> 好
^ Who wrote this one? Someone from the lounge?
I blame Telkitty.
ok thank you guy — Furat Swalha 27 secs ago
Mostly because I have no idea how to make that symbol.
好 in Japanese means "I like"
12:29 AM
@Jefffrey lol
@Jefffrey lmao
好 is a woman on the left and the child on the right. woman love their children.
@StackedCrooked I don't have enough imagination.
I'm not making this up! :D
12:31 AM
Not bad.
This reminds me of the keyboard missing: press F11 thing.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit The installation was so successful that it triggered an error.
CBA with VS2013 then
fucking idiots
haha) it's so cute :D
12:37 AM
The installation successfully failed.
@Xeo Have you seen this one? (It's pretty awesome.)
winver says v6.1; Control Panel says not SP1.
@StackedCrooked YESH!
12:45 AM
I like her friend / classmate :D
"Oh, the lesson is starting" - "Nom nom nom, Zzz...."
@Xeo lol
Hm, almost 3 am
I should go to sleep
12:57 AM
I can't believe I actually answered a "complex declaration syntax" question.
This Physics midterm studying is getting to my head.
I actually just did something similar with my class learning C when we learned function pointers.
@chris s/we/they/
@MarkGarcia True, I guess I didn't learn anything.
Although I have learned things on my own in that class.
Like how C function definition parameters need names and how C doesn't like empty structures.
And void for empty parameter lists.
1:05 AM
And today, I actually found out that abs is in cstdlib, not cmath.
@MarkGarcia Well, yeah, you see that all the time if looking at C code.
I don't even know why, but I looked into how to do (multiple) inheritance and polymorphism, just for the heck of it.
I recall reading a bit about it before, but never having actually written anything in C, it didn't stick too well then.
I used find and replace on two things.
I must be getting lazy :\
@chris Sometimes using MI is really necessary in doing boilerplate on some frameworks.
@MarkGarcia It was interesting to see tuples implemented like that.
it's pseudo-cat
Having cat's pic makes it really sound like cat.
1:16 AM
Do any of you guys have suggestions for grid apps?
like this
@MarkGarcia It doesn't sound like cat at all.
Cat would say: "This is terrible music. Who could ever like this?"
@StackedCrooked True that.
"Fusion between 2 windows"
What does that do?
@chris Is this related to my query?
1:28 AM
@caps Yeah, I saw it under the features.
Oh, found it.
Making the last two active windows take up halves of a section of the screen, but with a slider to change the halves into 60-40 etc.
I really like this kind of functionality
but I'm not sure I like HydraGrid/HydraVision
How do I foreach something with primitives.
As a reference?
1:43 AM
@Pawnguy7 foreach what exactly?
> Thunderbird normally sends attachments inline (as part of the message body), not as real attachments.
da fuck
How helpful of the program to add 100+ KB to the body.
@Jefffrey a std::vector<bool>
Apparently that is special.
Actually I have no idea what happens and I don't think I want to know anymore.
Goodness that is slow.
@caps can't see it...
@LucDanton What? No it doesn't.
@LucDanton Whoever said that probably has it configured to show attachments inline, and is looking at their Sent Items folder.
1:59 AM
@Pawnguy7 for (bool& b : vector) { ... }?
@Jefffrey does it compile? :D
Of course.
@Jefffrey Can you do it via Coliru?
2:09 AM
@Pawnguy7 Of course.
Use std::bitset if you know the size beforehand
Without const?
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Sure enough.
@Pawnguy7 Hmm. Weird. With ints it works, with bool not so much.
Learn something every day, I guess :D
Looks like my snow idea is too slow.
Back to snake, or new landscape? Hrm...
2:17 AM
@Jefffrey The dreaded vector<bool> :)
@StackedCrooked What's the deal?
I suppose I could make a desert.
Q: Why vector<bool> not a STL container?

P0WScott Meyers's Item 18 says to avoid vector <bool> as its not an STL container and it doesn't really hold bools. Following code: vector <bool> v; bool *pb =&v[0]; will not compile, violating requirement of STL container Error : cannot convert 'std::vector<bool>::reference* {aka std::_Bit_...

@Jefffrey It doesn't behave as a normal std::vector.
@Jefffrey You know vector<bool> stores bits instead of bools?
Does anybody know why there are no dualsocket LGA1150 motherboards?
2:19 AM
So vector<bool> is like bitset<N> when we have N elements?
This means that vec[i] can not return bool& or const bool&. However, it can return bool by value (which it does). Binding a bool rvalue to a const reference is allowed, but not to a non-const reference.
@Jefffrey yep
It was a design mistake in C++98, now retained for compatibility. — Oktalist Jul 22 at 18:21
You gotta be kidding me.
Hm.. use std::bitset.
I guess back in 1998 somebody was exited by the power of class template specialization and wanted to show it off by implementing vector<bool> as a list of bits instead of bytes.
@Rapptz What if I want dynamic size?
2:25 AM
How often are you going to be storing bools that memory might be an issue?
Re-evaluate your life choices.
@Pawnguy7 Who cares, when. The principle of vector<bool> being special is stupid.
Just use std::deque<bool>
or std::bitset<N>
And the idea of keeping such a mistake for 15 years for "compatibility", is even sillier
Do you know what std::strstream is?
There's std::istrstream and std::ostrstream.
I'm betting no one has ever used them, but it's still there.
2:28 AM
Different than stringstream?
@Pawnguy7 I'm not sure about the timeline, but I imagine it is older than std::stringstream but for some reason was added to the first C++ standard despite possibly pre-dating it.
There's also std::auto_ptr and half the stuff in old C++98 <functional>.
They were not mistakes though.
They have been improved and abandoned over time, but they were not born as "mistakes", I think.
@Jefffrey Until some significant amount of users have banged their heads from hours of debugging.
2:34 AM
auto_ptr was moronic from the beginning
I am rather embarrassed for having to ask this: how to I attach images in my question/answers?
What have I done :(
@Telkitty猫咪咪 Click the image.
said 'attach' not 'open' ... but nice try
I seem to...
Be thinking flat.
2:36 AM
> ![a busy cat](http://sstatic.net/stackoverflow/img/error-lolcat-problemz.jpg)
@Telkitty猫咪咪 What's the difference?
From formatting help. ;)
@Jefffrey avert your eyes
nm ... found it
2:53 AM
Foreach default by value is a killer.
I need to make it so I cannot turn into myself.
why would you ever pass by value
3:52 AM
When you need to modify the parameter without affecting the caller?
this made me laugh pretty hard
I have issues.
2 hours later…
5:35 AM
Mornin all ! :D
lol lounge was silent for 2 hours.
6:03 AM
@GamesBrainiac ...and still isn't particularly lively.
woke up from siesta an hour ago
mixing coffee with some icy drinks
@Telkitty猫咪咪 How dare you pollute defenseless icy drinks that way?
Q: what does operator<< in std namespace do?

user2847598Of course following code works (it calls std::cout::operator<<): cout << 1 << '1' << "1" << endl; Happened to find there is also std::operator<<, and it seems it only works for char or char* arguments: operator<<(cout, '1'); // ok operator<<(cout, "1"); // ok operator<<(cout, 1); // error ...

I'm this close to finding why std::operator<<(ostream&, ...)-char functions are not implemented as member-functions, John Hinke sure knows (I found an early proposal) but there is where the track ends
one step closer now
a noble mission this is.
and I found it, woo-woo!
6:33 AM
@JerryCoffin lol AGREED
@JerryCoffin because I feel all mighty powerful violating defenseless icy drinks like that
with black coffee
after a while, black coffee seems boring :(
hey telkitty
is that you in your gravatar?
am I the only one who was interested in why std::operator<< exists?
@ScottW I wish
it is some random chick I found on the internet
@refp I can't say I'm too thrilled
6:37 AM
@ScottW you've lied sleepless over this night after night for years and years
I know have the answer.
@refp ......................
@ScottW of course it's true!
@ScottW baby's way of saying 'I wanna some tits' :x
@Telkitty猫咪咪 are you pregnant & producing milk currently?
@Telkitty猫咪咪 or; "don't cut off the tip of my penis"
6:39 AM
if so GIMME
@ScottW yeah right ...
I imagine that's the face I'd pull if someone attempted to circumcise me.
@Telkitty猫咪咪 ;)
@Telkitty猫咪咪 Black coffee is boring. Adding it to other drinks makes them boring too.
@JerryCoffin modern racism.
6:41 AM
White coffee is bad too
equal rights coffee
white coffee as done on white coffee beans?
Michael Jackson coffee
White coffee can refer to any of a number of coffee or coffee substitutes worldwide. Coffee with whitener In many English-speaking countries, "white coffee" is used to refer to regular black coffee that has had milk, cream or some other "whitener" added to it, though the term is almost entirely unheard of in the US, where the same beverage might be called "coffee light" in the New York City area, "light coffee", "coffee with milk," or even "regular coffee" in New England. Cream varieties (often called "creamers" in the US), can be made of dairy milk, corn syrup derivatives, soy, or nu...
I wanted pictures dammit
@refp I'm lost as to how it would be racism at all.
@JerryCoffin naming colors, it is what it is.
and that was the wrong article
but heck, I'll leave it there.. kinda relevant
6:45 AM
@refp But in this case, the color has nothing whatsoever to do with race. In their natural form, coffee beans are green. They become black only by being roasted.
@refp do you prefer black coffee violating creamy white milk?
@JerryCoffin that's not true though.. I just googled "white coffee beans" and saw diversity similar to the human race. I'm on to you.
@Telkitty猫咪咪 .. is this some hidden fantasy of yours?
@Telkitty猫咪咪 we could make that happen, no worries.
@refp Nope.
> White coffee is a term that refers to coffee in which milk or creamer is added, lightening the color (as opposed to black coffee where no milk or creamer is added).
Same for black coffee bean as they've, ahem, bean roasted.
@refp fantacy? why is that fantasy, I add creamy white milk to my black coffee so very often
sometimes I add yellow suger too
@Telkitty猫咪咪 we are all friends here, you can tell us the truth.
6:48 AM
refp i like you
@refp White coffee beans start out green too, but then soaked in some sort of cream or substitute (margarine), then roasted very lightly, so the stay fairly light colored.
yellow sugar? an obvious analogy for golden showers.
@Telkitty猫咪咪 we don't judge.
@JerryCoffin mhm, I admit defeat.. images are not to be trusted
@refp Speak for yourself.
6:51 AM
@JerryCoffin I "suffer" from schizofrenia.. no worries, common misunderstanding to think I refer to people in my surroundings when I talk.
^ is he be serious? nobody knows, this be the internet whoa!
@refp Presumably you really mean multiple personality disorder. Schizophrenia is rather different (and, unfortunately, even more severe).
@JerryCoffin bla blo bli, why can't you just let me write bullshit like any other on The Internet?
@JerryCoffin I think he refers to his imagination.
@JerryCoffin also; I could very well suffer from shizofrenia and with this have a MPD, but the shizofrenia is the cause of the latter - not the other way around
@refp Of course I could, but that would ruin my entertainment at the moment.
6:55 AM
@JerryCoffin you are doing it wrong if trying to entertain yourself (I can only speak for myself on that one, maybe you find what you are writing hilarious.. what do I know, I'm just POINTAH).
his entertainment != his being entertaining
@ScottW fixed.
what I mean is
it's not what he's writing he finds entertaining, but your responses moreso
@refp At least as far as I know, known cases of MPD were almost always caused by extreme cases of abuse. The conflation of MPD with Schizophrenia seems to have come from the notion but schizophrenia made life such torture that it could lead to MPD, but I'm not at all sure such a case has ever been found in reality.
I know what you mean.. but we will see each other after the war. I will write to you, I promise!
6:58 AM
@refp you fucking better this time
@JerryCoffin schizophrenia often causes what most refer to as hallucinations, with this imaginary beings might emerge and might be considered to be associated with the subject him/herself. the ill can with this refer to this newly formed group as "we" without suffering from MPD. that's one.
Then again, untreated schizophrenia makes a person so difficult to understand in any meaningful way that I'm not sure how you'd figure out whether MPD was present or not.
@JerryCoffin two; I don't have a second argument, just looks nice ending something with "that's one".
@JerryCoffin schizophrenia isn't a constant state of being out of reach.
i'm schizophrenic...but only a little
@refp Yes -- in a former life (well, when I was in my early 20's) I spent 3 years working at an institution for people who had various mental and emotional disorders. One had a fairly severe case of schizophrenia. I got to know more about it than I generally prefer to remember.
7:03 AM
@JerryCoffin I'm not sure what you want my reaction to be but I'll go with; "good for you" with a complimentary clap on the shoulder.
@ScottW Schizophrenia only refers to severe cases. A milder case would be something like schizo-affective disorder.
@JerryCoffin lol I know. actually I wasn't really sure, but I thought it sounded silly regardless
I feel like Jerry is the only one here who's actually done real shit, the rest of us are just young nerd punks
@JerryCoffin Don't worry, this place will fire up soon enough :P
wait.. @Telkitty猫咪咪 is an actual girl? this ain't even funny.
I was quite sure that she was just trollin', so I trolled back
stupid Internet.
7:05 AM
@refp well, it's the internet. but by her claim yes
@refp Fair enough. There are times I wonder about how to react to staying for three years at a job for which I really wasn't very well suited, and originally took the job primarily because it was easy walking distance between where I was living and where I was going to college at the time.
she prides herself as a troll though
@ScottW We're all trolls here, just on different levels.
what? I take offense to that
Tough luck...
7:07 AM
@ScottW Aww, come on. Trolling is fun.
@ScottW I'm stalking the shit out of her now, looking at pictures and stuff
@StefanDenchev shut up.
I am so not this:
@ScottW Naw dude, its just what you aspire to be :P
@ScottW Perhaps:
@ScottW where the hell did you get that picture btw?
@JerryCoffin those glasses are big.
7:10 AM
@GamesBrainiac it was a very arduous, complex process.
kidding aside, we all troll once in a while, its just fun :D
1) start a new tab
@ScottW you used bing then.
@GamesBrainiac What? You didn't realize your ex-girlfriend put those pictures of you naked up for everybody to download?
2) type troll
3) ???
4) Profit.
7:10 AM
@JerryCoffin I've never had a gf :P
they're too much trouble.
I think that's kinda the point
@GamesBrainiac Damn. That's the second time somebody's shot me down with that one.
I wouldn't get enough time to answer trivial questions on SO.
7:11 AM
@JerryCoffin LOL
@JerryCoffin ahahahahaha
first was Cat?
@ScottW You remember, eh?
@JerryCoffin I dont' remember the particular conversation but I constantly see him making jabs at himself for never having been laid
I've decided that I will sleep with @Telkitty猫咪咪.
7:12 AM
so it was a logical guess
@ScottW Ah, fair enough.
@refp send her your nude photos. Oh wait, never mind.
@refp nuh-uh buddy. I called that first
@ScottW it's not about "calling" it, it's about actually doing it.
@refp ya got me
7:14 AM
pun intended btw
@ScottW what does hexfire do?
@refp Hmm...a model who lives in a country famed for beautiful women (at least if you like blondes) decides he has to set his sights on a woman who literally lives about as far away from him as humanly possible without one of the two being an astronaut. Only in the lounge!
@JerryCoffin I think the women got tired of him :P
it ... makes a certain.... loungical sense to me
7:17 AM
@JerryCoffin that's the thing, how often do you get to sleep with someone in here? not often, if at all.
@refp I only sleep with my wife (well, unless there's a thunderstorm or something, in which case possibly also one or two of my children).
@GamesBrainiac right now, not much.
@JerryCoffin the troll in my is struggling really hard not to write anything inappropriate as reply to this.
@refp Oh go ahead. Even in the US I can't be arrested as a pedophile on the basis of one troll, can I?
7:23 AM
anything is possible if you set your mind to it
@JerryCoffin lol, kick ass :D
@JerryCoffin I'm going to meet you one day, and that day I'm gonna tell your wife what a softy you are :D
as if she doesn't know
@GamesBrainiac where the hell do you live
@ScottW Far far away! :P Not the kingdom.
Ever watched shrek?
7:30 AM
yeah like 15 years ago
i watch it every now and then when I have to baby-sit my cousins :P
as if I remember anything besides Eddie Murphy being annoying?
aww come on, donkey is awesome. I think cat tries to emulate donkey.
my cousin was like "do donkeys always talk this fast?" :P
7:31 AM
you must be on some good mdma
i only do pot man
i hit up the brown, bro
keeps me goin
Guys, was anyone successful in compiling multithread code with g++. I'm in stuck with stackoverflow.com/q/19463602/251311 :-S
@zerkms how do you have 87,000 rep and ask such an elementary question? looks at your profile, sees php badge. Oh.
@ScottW well, I wouldn't ask if I didn't check
@ScottW could you give me a hint?
So only a downvote and not even a hint. Classy SO
7:36 AM
wasn't me, brotha
but I can agree, the question look dummy. Though I spent enough time googling to realize I'm not able to solve it by myself
Upvoted answer which also fails in the same way
nice )
See the command line arguments.
Fails for me with them as well
g++-4.8 -std=c++11 -O2 -Wall -pedantic -pthread main.cpp
$ ./a.out
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::system_error'
what(): Enable multithreading to use std::thread: Operation not permitted
Aborted (core dumped)
Are you using Mingw-64? If so, what thread system (win32 or posix) have you chosen?
$ g++ --version
g++ (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.8.1-10ubuntu8) 4.8.1
7:42 AM
IIRC, std::thread only works with posix threads.
you think so?
@zerkms NVM. Linux.
Put the output of gcc -v somewhere.
Doesn't seem misconfigured. What's the output of ldd a.out?
7:48 AM
$ ldd ./a.out
linux-vdso.so.1 => (0x00007fff29fc1000)
libstdc++.so.6 => /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libstdc++.so.6 (0x00007fb85397d000)
libgcc_s.so.1 => /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libgcc_s.so.1 (0x00007fb853767000)
libc.so.6 => /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6 (0x00007fb85339e000)
libm.so.6 => /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libm.so.6 (0x00007fb85309a000)
/lib64/ld-linux-x86-64.so.2 (0x00007fb853c96000)
with clang++ it compiles and runs well (who would doubt)
Can't notice anything unusual on the surface.
That possible duplicate...
> Warum Windows 8.1 ein tolles Betriebssystem ist
@zerkms Have you tried the solution linked in the possible duplicate?
@MarkGarcia yep, I've read dozens of forums threads including those one before I decided to ask a question
even though I'm a php dev (reference to @ScottW) I do know how to debug and pinpoint the issues
well, at least I think so
7:54 AM
@zerkms ;)
@zerkms No you don't. If you can then how can you get all those rep. :)
@MarkGarcia with answers :-)
anyway, that bug looks like what it's really caused by. And knowing how lucky I usually am - it's the most likely reason
but it confuses me - how do people compile their code then
we're all lucky
will you give me an accept if I answer "You Got Unlucky"?
@zerkms Not using std::thread. ;)
"I agree this behaviour is not desired. For now, you can work around it passing -Wl,--no-as-needed."
with that workaround now the code runs but doesn't output the message from the thread
7:59 AM

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