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12:00 AM
@Pawnguy7 I began with "let's solve the i-move-faster-when-going-diagonally problem" and I ended up with vector math and that. :P
Ah. Somebody fixed that for me in GML way back, I forget how.
What do you do?
Half of each somehow?
Hey! Could someone help me with a 3d procedural generation technique? I'm currently trying to make an rpg and I'm too lazy to make the terrain so I think i'm going to generate it procedurally instead. Any articles or tutorials out there for how to do this?
@Jefffrey I'll let you figure it out. I didn't change it for a reason :/ Just remember it could be more efficient
"Big" > "big" will always return true because "B" has a great "character-code" than "b," right?
@sehe I know. Thanks. :)
12:02 AM
@Domecraft Hey. There's this site for questions, maybe you know of it? Stack Overflow
@Domecraft really depends on the terrain
@Mr.IDon'tCare Depends on collation and locale. Also, depends on what character that B is :)
@Mr.IDon'tCare in what language?
Can you compare pointers like that? Never tried.
12:03 AM
Lastly, wasn't 'B'<'b' in ASCII?
@Pawnguy7 Nope. You solve it with vector normalization. Pretty cool stuff.
if ("Big" > "big") { ... }
Is this not pointer comparison? Maybe I am thinking of this wrong.
In Java, "B" would be greater than "b"
I'm thinking about making the terrain mostly full of valleys.
12:04 AM
@Mr.IDon'tCare Hehe. Get a good book.
Q: The Definitive C++ Book Guide and List

grepsedawkThis question attempts to collect the few pearls among the dozens of bad C++ books that are released every year. Unlike many other programming languages, which are often picked up on the go from tutorials found on the Internet, few are able to quickly pick up C++ without studying a good C++ book...

@Pawnguy7 It is pointer comparison.
@sehe I was going to ask it on stack overflow but I felt the question was too general and would most likely get flagged.
@Domecraft Well, it was greatly underspecified. Now it just demonstrates that you don't have a minimal understanding of the problem :/
@Domecraft Being interested in terrain generation, I have found some results whilst googling.
I don't imagine it is simple though.
12:06 AM
@Jefffrey So you combine the vectors and it works?
@Pawnguy7 You combine the vectors, then normalize, then it works.
For example { 1, 0 } (top) + { 0, 1 } (right) = { 1, 1 }. Then do: normalize({ 1, 1 }) = { 0.71, 0.71 } which is what you want.
@Pawnguy7 When in doubt, normalize ;)
Just figured out that I don't actually have to compare the whole string, just "B" to "b" to get the answer.
"B" > "b"
@Mr.IDon'tCare 'B' > 'b', otherwise you haven't changed a bit.
@Mr.IDon'tCare That's not any better. Go read that book
12:08 AM
In that case, I probably don't know what normalize means.
@Pawnguy7 You take the vector and divide each vector component (x, y, z) by the vector length.
So you always get a vector of length = 1.
@Mr.IDon'tCare Anyways, I was right about my ASCII hunch: ideone.com/agA3YC
The vector length is calculated by doing sqrt( pow(x, 2) + pow(y, 2) + pow(z, 2) );
When you do "Big" > "big" it checks for each character in the string and since the first letter of the string itself is different, it will just check for the value of "B" vs "b."
@Jefffrey Ah. So you guarantee it is always the same length. I was thinking, get the normalized direction, add them, then multiply it by speed.
@Mr.IDon'tCare in C++ still?
12:11 AM
so it should be false
How much data do you have for this? :D
"Big" > "big" should be false
I found the diamond square algorithm, which helps me create height maps. Now I just need to figure out how to convert height maps to actual terrain using c++
Try switching the positions of them.
@Pawnguy7 When you have a vector of size 1, then you can multiply it by a constant and get a vector of the size of that constant. So yes, in our case we multiply it by speed and you get the vector that should be added to the vector of the position.
@Mr.IDon'tCare I'm pretty sure it's not defined.
12:12 AM
I think I'm complicating things too much >.> I'm trying to figure out how to mix an entity-component system, with the bucket "architecture" from Game Design Architecture in order to maximize cache coherency T_T (and i dont have a working program yet...)
@Mr.IDon'tCare No. In C++, no.
@Jefffrey What the heck.
@Mr.IDon'tCare even in Java: ideone.com/Owcvfm
6 mins ago, by sehe
@Mr.IDon'tCare That's not any better. Go read that book
@Mr.IDon'tCare You just misunderstood and simplified.
12:14 AM
If they they told you that, I suggest you to move the fuck away from that university. Far, far away.
It was high school
std::string Big("Big"), big("big"); bool test = (Big>big); // test will be false
@Mr.IDon'tCare C++ inherits 'string literals' from C. (Sadly). String literals are const char(&)[] so, "Big" is a const char(&)[4] (yup, 4). And using them in a comparison like that decays the array refs to pointers. So you're comparing const char*
Now, this was all answered a zillion times on SO:
Q: Comparing character arrays and string literals in C++

blcArmadilloI have a character array and I'm trying to figure out if it matches a string literal, for example: char value[] = "yes"; if(value == "yes") { \\ code block } else { \\ code block } This resulted in the following error: comparison with string literal results in unspecified behaviour. I al...

@sehe I provide my sincerest apologies. Please accept it. :)
Next up, comparing floats.
12:34 AM
@Pawnguy7 lol
hey rapptz
are lymph nodes in the neck on one side of the neck, or both?
> (And if you're thinking "not me," consider people like myself who've grepped a two-hundred megabyte XML file, because it was easier than remembering how to use the available XML parsing libraries. If your reaction is one of horror because I clearly don't understand the whole purpose of using XML to structure data, then there you go. You'd hire the surveyors.) prog21.dadgum.com/28.html
@Rapptz he has done that to a lot (a lot!) of posts
@DeadMG one
wouldn't be the right side, would it?
12:38 AM
it usually is
ah, balls.
oh well
no, balls are usually on both sides
just another thing to add to the list.
What if I want cppreference.com on every new tab on Chrome? I can't. Thank Google for that wasted space!
Chrome is just like every other Google service
12:47 AM
I really don't like it, but there's no effective competition as far as I can tell.
@DeadMG Firefox?
even worse.
@Jefffrey hmm? what about it?
If you think firefox is bad, I hate to see what you think about internet explorer
12:50 AM
What's internet explorer?
@sehe what about what?
IE9 and IE10 would be a good browser if it had good extensions
does IE even have extensions?
I just opened IE10, and it seems to have a passable new tab page.
I might consider using it.
Yeah it has Adblock.
I don't know what else it has though
12:53 AM
One thing I don't get is why they make it so hard to make extensions for IE. There's no central place to download the extensions, unlike Chrome which has a central area for extensions, plus reviews and such
@Jefffrey Add cppreference.com (en) as a searchengine, using http://en.cppreference.com/w/index.php?title=Special:Search&search=%s and set it as the default. Now, ^T, vector Enter gets you the docs for vector
@sehe Hmm. That is viable. What I meant was: instead of having that redundant google page when you open a new tab, it would be cool to be able to set another page to show up. So that I can choose what search box to use, either the "omnibox" on the top (for google) or the cppreference search box.
Long time no seens
@Jefffrey keywords FTW. I can't see how people prefer using mice
12:58 AM
yeah basically
I wholly don't care about new tabs and "welcome" screens and stuff. All I want is a fresh tab with an "address" bar waiting to be typed in
CLI for the win
does anybody use pythonbrew here?
No idea. Also, hard-disk wiping completed. Time to go to bed.
Good night.
Yeah, keywords are nice.
So I kind of have a pretty basic problem. Yet I am completely new to C++. So I'm trying to separate my stuff out into headers and translation units. My constructors are described in the header and finally implemented in the cpp file. Yet I still manage to get the unresolved external symbol linker error when trying to use one of the defined constructors. Is there something else I need to do to tell my main.cpp that my struct's cpp file and implementations exist? I'm using MSVS2012
1:11 AM
the IDE should hook everything up for you.
I have Vector2(); in my .h and Vector2::Vector2(){ x=0; y=0 } in my cpp but is still gives an "LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "public: __thiscall Vector2::Vector2(void)" (??0Vector2@@QAE@XZ) referenced in function _main"
I'm currently dumbfounded as C++ is quite the change for me.
what is the setup of your project
I have two projects in the same solution. One of my projects contains the Vector2.h and Vector2.cpp while the other has the main.cpp. The entry point project has knowledge of the other project. When I have the constructor in the the header file it will compile but I want to keep the declaration and implementation separated and that's when it breaks.
well, the IDE is clearly not set up to understand that you want it to link them together.
there's a cross-project dependencies page somewhere
and the output type of the project with the implementation has to be static or dynamic library, I think.
Well I'm look at the project dependencies dialogue and it seems correct
1:21 AM
what's the output type of the project containing the implementation?
The entry point project is an application. The other is a dll
try changing it to static library
No dice. It breaks some of the other dependencies of the project.
well, ultimately, you're in the wrong place.
this isn't a basic C++ problem at all, it's a VS-specific problem.
you need to hit up the main site or the MSDN forums.
So should class-static functions be implemented in header files?
1:26 AM
not particularly.
So how would you write that for the translational union? static Vector2 Vector2::cross( const Vector2& left, const Vector2& right ){...}
just like any other function.
I don't understand the question.
class-static is irrelevant.
std::make_pair is nice :D
std::pair<sf::Vector2i, int>(sf::Vector2i(1, 1), 1)
std::make_pair(sf::Vector2i(1, 1), 1)
If it's a map just use emplace
mymap.emplace(sf::Vector2i(1,1), 1)
I am yet to successfully follow up on that habit.
Rvalue references make it faster, correct?
For types where that is possible?
1:46 AM
emplace constructs in-place rather than copy (or move)
Define move.
Q: What is move semantics?

dicroceI just finished listening to the Software Engineering radio podcast interview with Scott Meyers regarding C++0x. Most of the new features made sense to me, and I am actually excited about C++0x now, with the exception of one. I still don't get move semantics... What is it exactly?

Isn't constructing in place using that?
Not really. Look at the example here
Just did. I don't know how it works, though.
1:50 AM
It forwards the arguments to construct it
So rather than T x = new T(y) it's T x = new T(args...)
Some kind of template magic?
Not really magical.
I really need to learn templates :\
I feel I am missing out.
This is kind of how std::function works, isn't it?
1:54 AM
It's just variadic arguments being forwarded to the constructor.
Like f(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10) has 10 arguments
That is what I meant, yes. I think.
you can do that with template<typename... Args> void f(Args&&... args)
How does it deduce type internally?
As I said, I should read up.
@Pawnguy7 it’s vectors value_type
@Pawnguy7 Think of it as typename T0 to like typename TN.
2:05 AM
emplace_back is awesome.
Never really looked into it before.
Snake, why don't you grow...
2:25 AM
Should I make it impossible to kill yourself immediately?
Bed time. Night everybody.
2:59 AM
abstract factory w/ singleton
3:46 AM
6 hours ago, by not-rightfold
MSVC is like Mysticial: it doesn’t know C++.
^^ goddammit...
Doesn't even know C.
I know C
it's a letter that comes after B
you suck
Question: How can I make money from a program that I made for windows/mac? Where would be a good place to distribute it?
4:02 AM
The internet.
Windows Store, of course.
who the f*** uses the windows store?
I lied
4:32 AM
three hours till I see doc
good luck with that
he's been of no assistance so far so I expect he will continue to be
@Mysticial screenshot?
it's not the question which is good, it's the code
4:45 AM
For the first time I almost reached my credit limit on my credit card, thanks to the dental treatment and new macbook & camping gears I have acquired in the past 2 months ... that's before I paid for this months credit card repayment
> My code is not horrible omg.– youyou
@Mysticial omg... are you fucking kidding me T_T
thats a troll right? it has to be...
If it is a troll, it's a pretty good one.
I should sleep
if I can
even a couple hours
4:50 AM
knock yourself out
@DeadMG make sure you don't miss your appointment
@DeadMG gl
I love the question "what is the biggest program you have written"
I wish one day I could say ... 230 lines, for an ultra fast rocket launch program.
5:09 AM
@Telkitty猫咪咪 230 lines of 2 millions characters long will do that
True, thought of that ... but why 230, could just use 1 line with no line breaker
Well it has to be somewhat believable ;)
uni assignment/interview question: write merge sort with least amount of characters using C/C++
5:31 AM
std::merge and std::sort
recurse until the ranges are small enough, call sort, and merge "on the way up"
also its a stupid question, code length should not be a priority
@Borgleader Inefficient and probably longer than necessary. Do a bottom-up merge-sort: for some N, sort the first N items, then the second N, and so on. Then merge the first and second group of N items, then the third and fourth, etc. Continue until done.
that's probably faster, but im not sure its shorter code wise
but, what do i know :P
6:14 AM
The devil put dinosaurs here
Thanks for the input guys, I've decided exception safety is a waste of time
Although I already use RAII because it's wonderful
6:40 AM
watermelon ... yum ...
hi all
top of the mornin to ya
Can we nuke these two answers:
They're just pile-on duplicates...
How do you nuke a question? Downvote it to hell?
@micklh why is exception safety a waste of time?
@GamesBrainiac downvote + vote to delete. Though you need 20k to VTD answers.
6:53 AM
@Mysticial Ahh, sorry, I'm a little short on rep! :P
That question in particular is very problematic.
Mostly because it's easy and simple.
It just keeps attracting dupe answers - mostly from new users who don't realize that it's CW.
It got so bad that the mods closed it several times to block new answers.
what's wrong with duplicated answers?
I failed to make tuple: cannot convert parameter 1 from 'float *' to 'float *&&'
Hi there
it is not like stackoverflow is running out of storage or bandwidth
7:01 AM
Well, the more dupe answers you have, the more cluttered a question gets.
@MickLH It probably is <grin/>
@GamesBrainiac Also the original post was probably bait as the book cited explains exactly how this thing works...
@Mysticial aand the other one gone
@sehe awesome
lol... he edited in a PHP example...
@Telkitty猫咪咪 Wut?! Go away, troll :/
7:03 AM
@sehe mornin, how are you and ur family?
:P @sehe
Guess u ddnt run out of cake.
@sehe Speaking of troll, I was browsing this news website & accidentally saw an ad for bear milk
@Telkitty猫咪咪 You have a lot of time on your hands.
we can, but we won't
not very productive lately :'(
7:09 AM
@Telkitty猫咪咪 that's droll
@mjr I have eyes, so I'm pretty sure I can.
TBH, curiosity got the better, and at least I can say your question looks very pretty
@GamesBrainiac well, maybe there should be a flag for possible duplicate answer
which profiling tool are you using? — villekulla 13 hours ago
@Telkitty猫咪咪 It exists. It's called downvote, VTD and flag for moderator
@mjr never heard of. Googling now
I mean ... leave the answer there, but a label clearly marks it as "duplicate answer"
@mjr lol this page: icl.cs.utk.edu/projects/papi/wiki/… Who uses centered alignment for C code :||||
Seriously dude, this is like the third time you've dumped your shit here.
7:15 AM
@DeadMG Doesn't look like shit to me
@sehe ok
garbage collector is quick with removing the shit dumped here
eww ...
@mjr Link dumping is very very much frowned upon, though. So, next time you might want to be more "politically correct". This is a lounge after all, and if we weren't actively blocking drive-by-linkers, we would be swamped with questions, which ought to remain on the main site.
@Telkitty猫咪咪 No, that's detrimental. Don't leave answers that are useless. It's not about "preventing win" for the poster. It's about keeping the site usable to find the right answers. Also, by "leaving them there" you make it practically impossible for future visitors to see which was the dupe and which was the source. So: NO.
7:17 AM
close votes please
Q: Select tree node by passing node name

user2537795i need to pass the node name(This is already exists in the jstree) and open and select the node in jstree.any way to do it?

@mjr You have my +1 for the question. I'm not sure I'm qualified answer it, but it sure merits a look.
@sehe you mean that my profile has overflow and all results are garbage
@sehe that's what upvotes are for ...
@Telkitty猫咪咪 You don't seem to get it, do you? Many answers don't usually get more than one upvote. If the OP is low-rep, might even not get an upvote at all
@mjr Nope. I'm not even sure why you mention that. I think your question is fine. I'm not qualified to answer it, though. (Need to know a lot more about CPU architecture details)
@sehe means, there aren't many people reading those questions, so why bother?
7:21 AM
@mjr I see @Mysticial already gave your question a look:
Have you tried sizes that are not powers of two? — Mysticial yesterday
Sometimes it's slightly different with unique and important information and considered duplicate.
@Telkitty猫咪咪 Because many people might be needing the answers. Also, the case in point was a question that gets a lot of readers (unless you were silently on another page)
@StackedCrooked In which case I'd just let them be (unless it could have been in a comment and seems just to be to harvest rep from a popular question)
@sehe actually not but for blocking algorithm I used row+1 but not for these algorithm
There usually is a correlation between the number of views and the number of votes
7:24 AM
@Telkitty猫咪咪 Yup. Anyways, dupes are useless and should go. If they are on low-traffic questions, they might go undetected, which is fine.
@sehe but the determination of duplicates is very subjective
@Telkitty猫咪咪 If so, leave them be. Can we end this discussion? Dupes are useless. <--
@sehe if you thinks super alignement and self or cross confilict is the problem then why it dose not happend for other loop variations?
@mjr I don't know. I haven't got any ideas here. I just know that Mysticial knows his stuff :)
@sehe thanks any way
7:27 AM
@sehe I get it, you would rather be talking about bear milk!
That has no bearing here
this talk is so beoring
> For a show that in its early seasons depicted universally relatable adolescent and family experiences against a backdrop of 1950s nostalgia, this incident marked an audacious, cartoonish turn towards attention-seeking gimmickry lol - jumped the shark
@StackedCrooked beowulf
Ok, here is this question: if three 15 yo boys rape a 18 yo woman, who is raping who (in the law)?
Goddamit, I can barely answer any python questions these days. They're all about libraries I've never heard of.
7:32 AM
@Telkitty猫咪咪 I'll let the judges figure that out.
@Telkitty猫咪咪 if it's two or four boys then it's the woman
@Telkitty猫咪咪 Why the hell does this even concern you?
@GamesBrainiac you must be new here :p
@StackedCrooked Nope, pretty old by now luffy! :P
7:35 AM
> "luffy"
^ won't last
@sehe It's Monkey D. Luffy.
I saw latest episode this morning. It ended with quite a cliffhanger.
I'm a live & let live kinda guy. The political tweets are because you may not be interested in politics, but politics is interested in you.
@sehe You're too old. :P
He's proud to be luffy, 'cuz luffy is awesome! :)
7:40 AM
He kicks ass.
talking about fluffy ...
He eats fluffy animals.
@Telkitty猫咪咪 As I read that (not the article itself) I was waiting for some silly contrived crime to pop up, expecting a 'oh typical, China is silencing people who don't like the way it is', but then it drops right at the end. o_o
probably because there are a lot of political sides ... you need to be with the right one at the time to enjoy the privilege
7:43 AM
hah! too old to edit my left foot!
@Telkitty猫咪咪 which privilege? The privilege to gang rape a prostitute?
@StackedCrooked well... I guess if you find that 'bloodninja' drivel funny... maybe?
@sehe that actually makes sense, sadly
@sehe getting away with crimes in general
Although I don't get it ... he's from a rich family, she was a prostitute. He could easily paid for the service
Why raping?
because he is evil, I guess?
7:50 AM
@Telkitty猫咪咪 That's the point. Power abuse is about power abuse. They don't want to pay for the service. They want to feel the power
evil and stupid
That site has ... interesting articles anyways:
> Now, had I locked eyes on a young new media journalist giving herself a guilty tingle with a pocket vibe in the middle of that rose garden, would I have reacted differently? Would I have waved my hands in the air and shouted “You go girl!” and marched off feeling empowered? No
@Telkitty猫咪咪 because for some people, the girl allowing it does not work for them.
It's hard to prove that the victim allowed the perpetrators to collectively drug her, beat her up and then serial-rape her.
There should at least be a written contract. And it shouldn't have ever taken place (partly) in public areas
serial rape ... not concurrent rape ...
being reading too many multithreading questions/answers :x
although I still suspect setup ...
I mean the family could have paid the prostitute to avoid the humiliation, the prostitute could have asked an enormous sum and the family would paid for what the woman could make in her entire life as compensation
7:58 AM
it was setup before they were even born
by god
the woman is the bait set up by god to lure the son into the jail
@Telkitty猫咪咪 You can't possibly "set-up" abuse. If there's video evidence (?) of the guy hitting an incapacitated women, being dragged along by a group. Someone is doing the hitting.
even if it was setup that does not make him innnocent
8:00 AM
Good morning.
@Xeo Just found this. Armin is looking good here.
Armin is the best girl. *cough*
It's quite clever cosplay I think.
8:20 AM
alright I'm back
Back from where?
temporary medical certificate for the sickness benefit people - 1month, so it expires when I go to see the consultant
Hey, has anyone used constexpr on GCC and not gotten a huge slowdown?
8:22 AM
prescription for something called Domperidone- some anti-nausea thing
and an appointment for a new blood test
@DeadMG Correct pronunciation of that word must involve Beethoven's 5th
and what I feel is most important- he said that he felt that since I had lost so much weight and hadn't seen a reduction in my symptoms that it was probably time to take things seriously.
Q: computer science lab?

DonieOur assembly language has no operator for multiplication. But multiplication can be performed by repeatedly adding one number to a running total and reducing the other number by one until the second number becomes zero. Write and test an assembly language program that displays the product of two ...

8:50 AM
Another one from my IO streams and locales adventures: With Visual Studio 2012, std::codecvt_utf8<>, if you provide small enough buffer (1 byte), then it breaks in the sense that it returns std::codecvt_base::partial but does not output anything and does not update the std::mbstate_t variable that you pass in.
@Potatoswatter LOL
@DeadMG Domperidon is over-the-counter here
@DeadMG That is important
might be over the counter here too
I mean, it's like Norit. People know how to use it. Have you never taken anything against nausea before?
@sehe Sounds like a wine.
8:57 AM
Dom. Peridon
Good morning
Why the fuck does MSVC warn about not generating copy ctors.

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