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9:00 AM
Actually @PeeHaa I've just done a bunch of browser compat tests and everything I have at my disposal (basically everything down to IE7) accepts a 401 and renders the content/doesn't prompt when it doesn't recognise the auth scheme. Your auth scheme must not be one recognised by the browser and must include a realm parameter.
But there's no specification that the client actually needs to use an Authorization: header to do the auth, merely that the 401/WWW-Authenticate: pair should be used by the server to indicate that it requires auth to access the resource.
/me is still convinced nouns are not evil... imagine a world with no good nouns:
the f*ck this is.
By mistaken i hv made my phpAdmin table empty is there any possiblity to revory back the data? its my live database??
plz HElllp
@Jack True
@Ocramius the point is not that nouns are evil, it's that forcing everything to be a noun leads to garbage. And on top of that, Java specifically makes it extremely verbose too: class HelloWorld { public static void main(String args[]) {}}.
9:04 AM
1 message moved to bin
Please don't spam.
No need to repost and spam chat.
@igorw yep, but I never saw it as a problem...
it becomes a problem when you have factory calls all over your code - that becomes unreadable, but that's also because your code is (typically) crap
@MT8 You can't simply undo that. Use some file recovery tool to restore actual files where data was stored. But there's not guarantee that data will be restored.
@MT8 Sure, just restore the backup that you've taken because that's the first thing that any sysadmin sets up on any server.
"getting things out of things", that is the problem
9:06 AM
@DaveRandom i dont hv any server?
@Leri but any tool can recover back?
So your MySQL instance runs on what? Scotch mist?
OK I'm done now, I'm clearly not in a helpful mood. I thought I was but apparently not.
@igorw valid observations, beautifully written ... but I still don't see it as faults or failures, just a different way ... you wouldn't have the entire world use only one spoken language, because you'd loose much of the culture that makes the world interesting ...
@MT8 There're tools that can recover deleted data from hard-drive. (hint: google)
@Leri ok thanks
@DaveRandom I've tried using the JohnnieWalker engine for a while; it got ran over :(
I personally cringe when I see an OOP article containing the words new Greeter().greet(). it just seems wrong to me.
That should obviously be new FriendlyPerson().sayHello()
$bobTheCow = new GreatGreetingGreeter();
I think that needs a factory
9:13 AM
hmm this example misses namespaces.
@igorw you mean stackoverflow.com/questions/5329664/… makes you cringe?
@igorw dunno... who is greeting you?
ofc I don't greet greeters =D
@Gordon what?
@hakre what what?
the greeter factory, you did it!
9:15 AM
/me wonders if $paulaTheSheep is a regular sheep ...
^ cotton plant ...
^ official paula the sheep video
@JoeWatkins Sheep with a wolves tail? :)
Dafuq hakre..
user image
9:21 AM
@Gordon the 70's called, they want their structs back.
@DaveRandom thx. No eta just yet then, guess we'll just wait patiently
@igorw that doesnt answer my question
@DamienOvereem I'll let you know as soon as I have anything concrete
@Gordon Reading up on some of that stuff - seems to suggest that once you hit 40, as a software engineer, your employability drops to zero - what do you think about that?
Q: htaccess changes doesnt respnd the way as it should to clean URL

PadysterI have bunch of URLs http://www.mydomain.com/aboutUs.php http://www.mydomain.com/contactUs.php and so on.... The Rewrite Rule I wrote in my .htaccess file is RewriteEngine on RewriteRule ^([a-zA-Z0-9]+)$ contactUs.php RewriteRule ^([a-zA-Z0-9]+)$ aboutUs.php and so on... Now when I use t...

9:24 AM
@Jimbo ask me again in 4 years
@Jimbo Aha.. at 36 here.. 4 years before i can go into retirement then
shakes hands with Gordon
It's a little worrying, tbh
9:25 AM
@Jimbo tbh though.. I work for a hosting provider and i am the oldest employee
I have sincerely no idea why, but php is printing in plain text the js inside <script> tags
When we need supervisors or the likes, we accept older people (i'm the lead developer/department head of r&d)
Brit 1: Have a nice birthday. Brit 2: Cheers, you too!
@cx oh that's nice !
but for our support / call center etc functions, our upper management does seem to avoid hiring older folks
this does include our junior devs
@DamienOvereem Well it's not "junior" for nothing :)
I think > 40.. it might be harder to get into a regular "developer" position, but its easier to get into lead development/leadership functions
@DamienOvereem makes sense
@dragon112 imho junior means junior in skill, not junior in age
@DamienOvereem So junior in skill does that mean coding templates ?
9:29 AM
@HamZa I'm below that - I can't do templating
@Gordon it does kind make me cringe. and it's hard to formalise why exactly that is.
posted on August 20, 2013 by hakre

Just stumbled over: If you ask Is this correct object oriented programing in php? and then get an answer from Gordon, well, see for yourself. (via) Tagged: OOP, PHP

@igorw the overengineering obviously ;)
@Ocramius Heh, we're kids remember :-)
wow seems like a css rule was killing php
9:30 AM
@Gordon it does seem quite similar to the horseshoe poem from the blog post I linked earlier.
@cx lol that is just impossibru
@igorw link? ah the sun king thing. I really love the sun king pun.
9:31 AM
@HamZa well thats a nice question tbh.. skill isn't only technical coding skill.. its also insight. Coding templates would be a function for a junior, but if the guy is skilled enough to notice mistakes in the original assignment and reports those while giving proper alternatives.. he's on the high end of the junior stack for me ..
@DamienOvereem I see
@DamienOvereem I guess that's true, but most of the time in age as well (because they are cheaper probably).
Does serving from /dev/null with nginx gives you 404s all the time?
@dragon112 those are internships :P
@Gordon GreetingType and sub-types really should not be classes imo. they're an excellent example of a "struct" that is just data. reminds me a lot of the Response classes in ZF.
9:36 AM
@HamZa interns are only for grabbing coffee
@HamZa No interns are just for the most shitty jobs:p
@DamienOvereem lol just you wait :P
@dragon112 yeah like cleaning and doing errands :3
@igorw you mean a Value Object? yeah, I could live with that
We have a whiteboard here.. at the top it says "10" .. the highest grade he can get for his internship
right below.. it says -30 coffee ratio
9:38 AM
@Gordon yes.
so to get the 10.. he needs to atleast get 30 cups of coffee ;p
Wow that's just torture :p
but... everytime another guy gets the intern guy a coffee.. he gets a -1 again ;p
@PeeHaa Yes I'm still available :-)
@DamienOvereem lol seriously ?
@dragon112 ah might as well go to france en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internship#France
9:39 AM
seriously.. though in due time they figure out its all nonsense.. but you should see their faces when you explain the scoreboard :)
@DamienOvereem lolz well kinda sad if you don't notice ...
@Ocramius I actually think factory functions are often ok. but once I need to create something just to create something, it's an indication that the design needs to be improved. that's my gut feeling at least...
@HamZa Well I got the same in the netherlands :p
> As of 1 January 2012, French labor law requires that all internships of 2 months or longer include minimum pay of 436,05€ per month
They should introduce this also in NL !
@HamZa They won't,
9:40 AM
@igorw but without concrete types the Factory would have been superfluous. The purpose of everything after "Improving it" was to overengineer to show some more concepts.
@dragon112 I know, otherwise it goes bankrupt
If they do many students will have problems finding a internship
@Duikboot Awesome. I just started on a project so tell me whether you feel like contributing or not. I'm writing a commenting system in PHP. Basically people can just include some code to enable comments on pages (think of something like disqus). And considering I suck at design... :)
@HamZa oh they probably doubt it on their first day.. but they are simply too afraid to say anything about it :)
@Duikboot you didn't do anything on the Pesky Ruskies thing, did you?
9:42 AM
@Gordon I had no time to till now to do that :-) I was on holiday for a few days.
@DamienOvereem hehe, thanks for this tip. I became wiser :P
@Gordon I think this is a perfect example of where objects aren't a good fit, because a greeting is just data. It doesn't have any behaviour.
@igorw yes, mine was more a rant against all the anti-java-articles that love to show a StringFactoryFactory.getFactory(StringFactoryFactory.TYPE_STRING).getString('fo‌​o') or such - and the one you linked really goes in that direction :P
But in all honesty.. I treat my interns well, and we pay them well too. I actually do take the time to make them learn stuff.. Especially the important stuff, like transparent 1px gifs and table based layout ;p
9:42 AM
@PeeHaa you mean something like this? disqus.com/websites
@DamienOvereem Y U USE TABLES !
that made my day :p
@HamZa Cos tables > divs runs
@Duikboot yes
@Duikboot If you still want to do that, feel free.
@igorw yeah, I can agree with that
9:43 AM
Do you have a flowchart, wireframes or something I can see the site structure?
@Duikboot Not yet. I just started with it the day before yesterday. I have written down some features I though of so far: github.com/Commentar/Commentar
Looks nice, what is the big difference between Commentar and Disqus?
Commentar has the ability to host it yourself
And I am thinking about a spam prevention system that is better than disqus'
Cool :-)
If you are interested I will add you to the organization on github
9:50 AM
I am interested.
Do you already have a github account?
@igorw added a value object and disclaimer. thanks for pointing it out
@AlmaDoMundo Genuinely want to know if that would support human weight
@I'll-Be-Back morning
9:53 AM
How you doing
@Jimbo - i think it have enough power, but there's impossible to use it such way - because of aerodynamic issues
i want to get the day between two dates including the end date
i dont want to add +1 manually
@AmitSingla this has been asked a million time, please do some research
@I'll-Be-Back fine, and you ?
9:57 AM
@HamZa i have googled but i have found the day between two dates they are not including the end date
@AmitSingla well then, just add 1 ?
I am well
@HamZa i have already mentioned that i dont want to add 11 manually
@AmitSingla can you provide the code you have ?:
$start = strtotime('2010-01-20');
$end = strtotime('2010-01-25');

$days_between = ceil(abs($end - $start) / 86400);
it gives me 5 as answer but i want 6
without adding 1 manually
10:01 AM
@AmitSingla just a question: what's the result of 25- 20 ?
@HamZa that i know it will return 5 as answer
@AmitSingla Well if you want +1 then why don't you add it ?
@AmitSingla Please explain to us what you're trying to do, because right now you aren't making sense.
Why do you need it to return 6?
@Gordon glad to contribute :)
just had a go at it myself, not sure if this is much better...
10:04 AM
@HamZa, what weren you doing pinging in a frozen room? LOL, a occasional rabbit running across a grassland does not make it a farm, lolz
@AmitSingla If you want to get the inclusive days range, you must add +1, there's no other magic around it.
@Telkitty猫咪咪 lolwut ?
you know what I am talking about ... after 6 days >_<
heh, you're stalking me now /?
I pinged because I didn't want the room getting frozen
10:07 AM
@Jimbo look at this too: youtube.com/watch?v=uR-jYyVx-r0&feature=youtu.be (view from plane itself)
@AmitSingla Use DateTime object and it's modify method. . Search for the DateTime object on php's documentation site.
lunchtime.. i go awol
@HamZa no, I had a bet with tomalak that his room will be frozen in a month, I was on track until you laid your paws on it >_<
@Telkitty猫咪咪 I'm a saviour lol
@HamZa You sabotaged the bet!!
@AmitSingla Also check DateTime and DateInterval.
10:11 AM
we'll c ;)
@Jimbo 400 km/h .. oh my god o_O
well since I'm there, there is no way you'll win.
@Telkitty猫咪咪 Flag the room to be frozen, and you win the bet :D
@MadaraUchiha hey hey, don't cheat :P
won't work ...
@MadaraUchiha unless you do it ^_^
10:13 AM
So this is how to gain rep ...
A: Validate domain name PHP

Shankar DamodaranThis works and tested. <?php $pattern="/^[a-zA-Z0-9][a-zA-Z0-9-]{1,61}[a-zA-Z0-9]\.[a-zA-Z]{2,}$/"; if (preg_match ($pattern, "stackoverflow.com")) { print "A match was found."; } else { print "A match was not found."; } ?>

@Telkitty猫咪咪 I have no mod powers in SO chat, sadly :)
Show me where i copy pasted from and if you did i would give you a candy !!! — Shankar Damodaran 40 secs ago
@MadaraUchiha In anime.SE.com on the other hand!! xD
@MadaraUchiha you are a behaving 10k+ rep user, there is a good chance mods will listen to you :D
@dragon112 I have on any other chat room, that doesn't belong to Stack Overflow or Meta Stack Overflow.
10:15 AM
Oh okay..
@Telkitty猫咪咪 If the room is yours, flag one of the messages, and clearly explain why the room should be frozen
@MadaraUchiha are you going to participate in the mod elections ?
"I've started the room and I want it frozen please" should be enough
@HamZa Yes, I am.
I tried last time, and learned lessons from that time, now I'll give it another renewed shot.
@MadaraUchiha You've got my vote <3
wtf is that? :| PHP Fatal error: Cannot destroy active lambda function in ...
10:18 AM
@Wes I've seen this one before
Guh bringing up salary reviews to your boss is always awkward.
@Wes this usually happens when you pass a closure to some object from a PHP extension, the extension de-allocates its object, causing your lambda's refcount to hit zero even though it is currently actively running.
the way you can work around that is by capturing the lambda by reference.
Lambda calculation:
public static float Lambda(float diameter) {
float lambda = 3.71f * diameter / ModelHandler.ModelDataSource.GetPipeWallRoughness();
lambda = (float)Math.Log10(lambda);
lambda = (float)Math.Pow(lambda, 2.0);
return 0.25f / lambda;
@MadaraUchiha lol it isn't mine
In C# tough
10:21 AM
@igorw what do you mean with "capturing the lambda by reference"? you mean in my case using ob_start($lambda) instead of ob_start(function(){ ?
no, just use (&$lambda)
see also the bug ticket: bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=62452
in fact, it includes the same workaround :)
ok, let me try
thank you
@PeeHaa / @Gordon HALP
10:28 AM
hi all folks
@igorw i think it's a different but possibly related issue, no clue actually
fix didn't work, error disappeared but ob_start callback fails
> Don't ask whether someone is here to help you. If someone is around and wants to help they will.
smug face
It had to be done! :D
10:31 AM
I need HALP with PHDOE. Broken editor is broken :-(
(Or more likely PEBKAC)
@igorw pastebin.com/cHmT475F do you see something wrong here? if i uncomment the file_put_contents line it fails
@DaveRandom Why you talk confusing words? >.<
Also, we really need to get working through the backlog guys
I forget to check the backlog, brb backlogging
WHAT the backlog looks... different!
@Wes Well that makes no sense whatsoever. Define "fails".
@dragon112 Which link?
Hi, i have doubt in stored procedure in mysql... any one there?
Err Viewing NaN / 263 <-- on the backlog
@Dhamu Please read the description to the top right of the page.
10:34 AM
@DaveRandom empty page, no error displayed or logged
@DaveRandom ?
@dragon112 There's a bug in auto-deleting which I've not been arsed to fix yet.
why we using select query in rollback?
10:35 AM
@DaveRandom what seems to be the officer problem?
@DaveRandom Alright, just making sure you were aware:)
SET pstatus = 0 ; ROLLBACK ;
pstatus AS `status`,p_name AS payment_option ;
INSERT INTO payment_type (payment_option,note,`status`)
VALUES (p_name,p_des,p_status);
SET pstatus = 1 ; SELECT
pstatus AS `status`;

why we using select query in rollback? i can't understand that... this is a maintenance project i saw this code...
@PeeHaa I'm trying to commit edit.php.net/?patchID=926&project=PHP, it doesn't build because the guy has left a trailing <void/> tag in a new file. Because it's a new file I can't seem to edit it (I click the edit button and nothing happens) although I can edit the modified file just fine. Is there any other way I can amend the file or should I just commit it and instantly fix it?
@Dhamu please make a gist.. having this wall of code isn't nice for others
10:37 AM
@dragon112 No need for a gist, but formatting it as code would be nice.
Also, it's pretty neat that that now exists (since 5.3.0!!! and still undocumented), turns out there's also an addGlob() method as well
@Dhamu Hit CTRL+K next time when pasting code in chat.
@Wes dafuq. Run it from the command line, sounds like maybe a segfault
any answer?
@Wes this works for me: gist.github.com/igorw/6279883
@igorw try gist.github.com/WesNetmo/6279893 that with any css file, check if you are able to save the file
Hi all
Is there any way we can send post parameters with zend_oauth_cosumer() in zend1
10:44 AM
Can someone translate this for me ?
@Hamza Merhaba burada verilen cevaplarla bir türlü yapamadım. Doğru kodu bulamadım bir türlü. Ul lerin altındaki li leri replace edebileceğim bir kod biliyor musun. — user2682277 18 mins ago
I am trying to one oauth provider library with zend . Everything is fine except that token request url requires "grant_type" as post parameter
how can I send that
@Wes Y U NO preg_replace('@\s++([,;:{}])\s+@s', '$1', $css); ?????
@HamZa Ah google translate gave me some pointers ...
@DaveRandom just testing
10:46 AM
anyway found the problem @DaveRandom @igorw running it from command line it says "cannot use output buffering in output buffering display handlers"
i thought print_r was changed to not rely on output buffering anymore
Wait, there are.. two hamzas...
@DaveRandom If you go to edit the file that already exists, you should be given the option to "Validate" the patch. Then you take ownership (IIRC) and you can further edit the files before committing.
It's magic
what do you guys think of tidesdk.org
@PeeHaa I'm trying to avoid having anyone fix anything for me if possible, and I'm not committing anything via SVN until I'm confident I won't screw it up (playing around with it locally at present).
10:52 AM
@salathe Thanks, I saw that but (not that this really matters I suppose) I didn't because I wondered does the original editor still get some credit/notified etc if I do that?
@Jimbo That's be the worst possible scenario..
Anybody knows what format is this? "a:0:{}" its contents of roles collumn in symfony-fos-bundle-user-table
@DaveRandom They'll still get credited in the commit message
OK winner, works for me
Hey .. can anybody answer to my question ?
10:53 AM
I want to manually add ROLE_ADMIN to user, because i didn't figured out how to register admin from start.
@Ivan0x32 See: serialize()
I totaly forgot about that thing)
> You aren't allowed to change this file's owner. You must be a global administrator or an administrator for this language to be able to do that.

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