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12:00 AM
So frustrating. I'm on Mac OS X (which I've been pretty pleased with) but it doesn't give me the core dump. I had to do ulimit -c unlimited first and then it dumps it to the non-standard location /cores/core.<pid>. Thanks, Apple. Appreciate all of your help on this one.
@HamZa Yuk. I'm glad I don't work in whatever codebase the OP is working in.
@LeviMorrison Yeah, had to figure that out as well ;-)
@HamZa There will never be such a situation; otherwise, the next problem you'll be solving is ... "Ehh, I'm creating this data structure with a recursive function, but I'm only left with the function code; how can I parse the structure?"
(gdb) print column
Unable to access variable "column"
$1 = <variable optimized away by compiler>
BS gdb, I used -O0
@Jack Makes sense ...
It's like the never ending story, except that it really never ends after 102 minutes.
12:03 AM
Post-mortem debugging is the pits.
Q: Reg-Ex to partially extract an array stored in a file

iim.hlkIf I have an array properly structured stored in a file like this: array.php <?php return array( 0=>"a", "x"=>$timestamp, "y"=>array("nested"=>array(1,2,3)), "z"=>function() use (&$VAR) { return $VAR; }, ); ?> what kind of RegEx should I use to get an array like this: $arra...

I knew that question was very familiar!
@Jack haha
Except that now he managed to trick two people into answering his stupid qn haha
The answers are fine, don't get me wrong, but it really shouldn't have happened :)
Or continue to happen...
gotta leave for work, cya
12:13 AM
I dragged @bwoebi to answer :p
But now atleast we may get a bounty
Yeah, if OP doesn't forget to award it heh
@Jack lolz
take care Jack :-)
@HamZa thnx .. btw, you should use recursive pattern to find the unenclosed commas ;-)
if only we could control equality of objects in PHP.
@igorw You mean __compare()? :)
12:16 AM
or a java style hashCode, I don't really care as long as it works
@Jack huh ? You mean "," ?
@HamZa A jest of course, it's almost impossible get it right.
Oh wait, or was that someone else's answer I was referring to.
@Jack lol I'm confused, how in the world would there be unenclosed commas xD
12:18 AM
@Jack cool - except it's not in core. at least not yet. .)
@igorw Just make your own datastructures and you can do whatever you want.
(in an array)
I've got a major Nesting level too deep - recursive dependency? problem with ardent right now
@HamZa I was referring to the small regex answer, you have two :)
unenclosed as in, find the commas that separates array entries.
@igorw Which structure?
I'm guessing it's tree-based.
12:19 AM
@Jack No idea on how to achieve that using (?R) ...
@HamZa It's a fun exercise and I can't get it right without looking at the manual every time lol
@LeviMorrison in this case list, but it's a general problem because I'm using !=
LinkedList is having recursion probs?
@Jack I think the php manual is poorly documented on the (?R) pattern, but maybe I should look in the PCRE man ...
@HamZa Yeah, just like regex conditionals.
12:21 AM
@LeviMorrison it's not an actual recursion, it's just a deeply nested comparison, and at some point PHP bails
good reading:
@igorw I see.
@LeviMorrison the other issue is that I can't safely compare two vectors because the cache is different.
suggestions for either welcome
@igorw Lovely case there.
I might remove that cache -- it's only there to prevent unnecessary copying when creating an iterator.
or store it on the class instead of the instance
12:26 AM
Not sure I follow you?
I'm probably thinking too narrow right now. but if the cache is stored on a static var then you can at least == compare without the changing cache being an issue.
@igorw That is incorrect behavior.
I think removing the cache is fine on vector though.
$cache = self::$caches[spl_object_hash($this)];
@HamZa nice site, i had no clue what regex was.
@igorw It would still have to store whether the cache is valid or not.
Still would break comparison.
well, nevermind
You could store that in the static cache as well.
12:30 AM
@Ant100 Yeah, regex is a powerful tool. Just don't use it in inappropriate situations
Not sure I like that idea, though. I'll think about it.
it would be nice if i could just hand in the resignation and go home
@tereško you're waiting for the boss ?
i am getting ready to have a nap
it's definitely an ultra hackish solution, and I'm not sure if it even helps fix the other problem - probably not.
12:33 AM
@HamZa ooh just found what to read on my free time :) I don't think I'll use it until i proper understand it heh.
im dancing a song, his name? HamZa Stlye! P: — iim.hlk 20 secs ago
@phpNoOBఠ_ఠ how about this comment ^^^
posted on June 17, 2013 by Anthony Ferrara

This past Thursday evening I picked up my Explorer edition of Google Glass. I was lucky enough to have my #ifihadglass tweet chosen to receive the chance to pay an arm and a leg to get them. Needless to say, I did choose to pony up the cash, and on Thursday evening I walked home with my brand new piece of technology dangling off of my right temple. Since first impressions are often strong, but

@ircmaxell lol
i thought google glass is incredible ...and almost ordered ...but now i think its not worth to buy ..thankyou ... to save my 1.5k$
1:04 AM
Your call... I love it though... Just was trying to be rational...
@ircmaxell Nice read
thanks, I was just trying to be honest
@ircmaxell are you working on that authentication system?
I am going to try...
But I have a few other ideas that could be more useful and would be generally easier to build...
more useful to me at least
@ircmaxell if that was been made by apple, my facebook would be full of idiots saying how it is cool to photograph themselves in the bathroom using the glasses
1:11 AM
but since it's google... nobody cares of
@Wes LOL
@Samithaఠ_ఠ aha
i'm going to stick it in my office room
1:23 AM
lol stackoverflow.com/q/17135732/1723893 image in accepted answer
@NullPoiиteя php.net/goto
Yay for passwords in questions...
@NullPoiиteя You could flag the question to see if the mods can squash your edit and make it seem the password was never there.
1:36 AM
@Jack why not tell him to change ...
@Jack done
That's not my point :)
hello all
OMG! Composer can look in local directories for packages! Why did no one ever tell me this before! THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!!!ONE!!
I made a simple mvc framework but its perhaps too simple... has anyone used any popular mvc frameworks out there , have any recommendations?
@Danack Really? Well, that would cut down the download time lol
1:50 AM
It also allows you to work offline.
Also allows you to not have to wait for packagist to update.
Also means you can test projects that depend on core modules, before pushing the core modules upstream.!!!!!1!
@dirt Symfony is not bad. It's easy to setup and get stuff done with it.
Zend is nicer for more advanced progammers but can be confusing.
@Danack thx i've heard good things about symfony over cake and zend
Yeah - I haven't heard anyone complain about it that much, which is unusual for a project of that size.
then again I think I was just overthinking my problem with mine :) ajax to the rescue
2:06 AM
Are there articles that describe it's better to use /{[^}]*}/ than /{.*?}/ ?
2:56 AM
I just avoid regular expressions for most things.
I use them to define what the data should be, not extracting portions of data.
Or I do simple renames and such
I think all string parsing should be done with parse_str(); it's simply the most logical function name :)
4:04 AM
Its horrible monday.
We're experiencing haze ... burnt smell in the air =(
@Gordon just curious to know ... do you have privilege to delete edit history ? stackoverflow.com/posts/17139331/revisions stackoverflow.com/posts/16392002/revisions i seen twice that Andrew Barber♦ deleted post when i flag to delete edit history
Funny Andrew :)
@NullPoiиteя And funny thing is both time Shog9♦ has undeleted the post. :)
in Lounge<C++>, 21 mins ago, by Nican
http://www.donothingfor2minutes.com/ and meditate about life.
@YogeshSuthar may be they have privilege
4:20 AM
he is also mod.
@YogeshSuthar there is difference ...
what difference?
shog9 is employ and i think he has highest privilege
@NullPoiиteя May be. I didn't know he is employee in SO.
@YogeshSuthar like @timpost he is community manager
4:27 AM
@NullPoiиteя How did you know all this thing?
@NullPoiиteя When a moderator finds a post that has sensitive information in it (login details, credit card info, etc) they first delete it to ensure it's not indexed by search engines, then they contact the community team to remove the sensitive revisions. When we're done, we undelete the post.
@YogeshSuthar meta ...
you mean they can not delete edit history ... ? i thought mod just can not hard delete and can do anything
@YogeshSuthar just hover on image stackexchange.com/about/team :)
4:40 AM
Hey guys I am having trouble grabbing a serialized array from jquery to my php file so I $(sendArray).serialize(); - than ajax makes a call to my PHP file in post format and I use this $token = $_POST['token']; to grab the token which is a value stored in the array that was serialize...my issue is that it doesnt get any value form it and I know it exist. When I console.log it I can see the object being sent correctly.
4:56 AM
@Jack Can you make query for this stackoverflow.com/questions/17140463/…
mornin mornin gm
@Mr.Alien morning. When you come office 10:30?
@Mr.Alien mon0ring
@YogeshSuthar 9.45 10.00 10.15 :p @NullPoiиteя mornin
5:06 AM
Hi everyone, Can we crate a urls like ab.exaple.com and bc.example.com in joomla, where ab and bc are parameters to the module?
@Varada Sub domains?
@Mr.Alien variable time. :)
@Alien no..Just like here, http://eur.fx-exchange.com/
yea, that's sub domains
@YogeshSuthar yap... wat abt urs?
so, we need to create two joomla sites there?
5:09 AM
@Varada I am not that good with sub domain info..
@Mr.Alien I can come office upto 11AM. But I am coming on my fixed time 9:15 am because of train problems.
Thanks for the info Alien
@Varada You welcome
I don't know who voted ^ for off topic
@YogeshSuthar aaa nyc facilities..
5:11 AM
I like this -> And many More...
@Mr.Alien Anyways its MONDAY and I am feeling sleepy. :P
I am feeling bored cuz I've to work on joomla today, and fyi, I hate joomla
I'm not a big fan of most content management systems
I hate all CMSs :D
@TimPost Are you working on PHP?
that's why I made one for myslf
5:20 AM
Another CMS, ohhh god.
Most sites I've seen using Joomla / Drupal / Wordpress could have done fantastically with a dozen or so mostly static pages. They are such bohemouths
I just enjoy recoding everything from scratch everytime; does that make me a coding sadist?
Well, when the existing wheels suck, make new ones
I feel like they get better every time, so why not?
5:30 AM
@TimPost Why the user writing this as answer even he is having rep 24K stackoverflow.com/a/17140829/1679187
@YogeshSuthar Rep is never an indication of how well someone behaves :)
He deleted that right away, looked like just a harmless gesture to congratulate someone
@YogeshSuthar No, mine is Customized CMS, which I shown u that day, ERP+CMS+Backend
@TimPost At first he answered correctly, but after that he changed to that.
@NullPoiиteя nope. we have to delegate to higher authority for that
@Mr.Alien Don't publish it. Otherwise we have to learn that also. :p
5:37 AM
@YogeshSuthar LOL nah, It's for me and my work only
aaah rains again :(
@Mr.Alien Yeah ,same here.
@YogeshSuthar He's probably just yielding to another answer, I wouldn't think about it too much
weird, $_SERVER['PATH_INFO'] undefined?
Doesn't Joomla unset most super globals?
5:55 AM
@Gordon doesn't matter, I will have my revenge either ways :D
A: Regular Expression: how to match 'ab','ac' and 'a'

JackTo use this expression in basic mode, you need to escape the question mark: grep 'a[bc]\?' file

You learn something every day =p
6:35 AM
Good morning everyone! :-)
good mornings :)
time to go to work ... again
cURL doesn't like to share? ;-)
@Jack Eh, these "doesn't work" questions should be thrown back into the askers face: Close-Reason: SO doesn't work this way :)
No further information given.
6:40 AM
@hakre Indeed :)
@Jack probably iptables restricting the outward connection
@TimPost Yeah, might be dropping packets .. naughty ;-)
At least make it do ICMP REJECT.
Connection refused is much easier to diagnose than Timed out.
@Jack May not be using suexec (bad), in which case 'nobody' should be restricted from making outbound connections.
Answer to the question is get a better web host
6:44 AM
@TimPost Why would it be an issue to allow network even if it weren't using suexec?
Oh, you mean in terms of accountability?
@YogeshSuthar I tried to reply that MySQL question ... wasn't very clear what OP was after though.
hello friend i creating module in magento from below answer
Q: How to create a simple 'Hello World' module in Magento?

Click UpvoteHow can the following be accomplish in Magento? Display a "Hello World" message using a controller/view/model approach. So, if I went to http://mysite.com/myController it would show the string 'Hello World'. Being able to show this string within the template of my website (for example, the head...

6:56 AM
bt it will show me 404 not found error
HOw can i solve it?
@Michel06 normally by trouble-shooting the issue. As Magento is complicated software, I suggest you using a step-debugger so that you can more easily follow what is going on without first learning the whole program flow for days/weeks/months/years: xdebug.org/docs/remote
@Jack He wants to count the number of Out and Out back which is present inside every Check In and Check Out.
Yeah, so I've suggested to use GROUP BY :)
how many people in this chat?
got it
7:05 AM
good morning
@Jack True but what will happen when the data contains more than 1 Check In and Check Out
That's why I got confused.
anybody know how i able to ask question?
its give me error like
Sorry, we are no longer accepting questions from this account. See http://goo.gl/C1Kwu to learn more.
on stack overflow
@hakre Thanks...
@softsdev It means that you are banned from asking question on SO.
yes so how can i remove that banned
7:08 AM
@YogeshSuthar Hmm, may need to group on another thing :)
@softsdev Ask moderator about this.
But OP didn't give us anything else to group by.
@Jack May be, but is it possible to get count of each Out and Out back between each Check In and Check Out using group by?
@softsdev It's probably better for this website if you don't continue to ask questions. Think about that first.
7:12 AM
@YogeshSuthar Yeah, that's not exactly possible ... OP should create an identifier for each new check in per account :)
@Jack Thanks for information. I was confused that how can we get count like that.
I hate myself sometimes... -_-
* I should be more consistent in the way of using function names, variables, class names.
@hakre how that debugger work?
Hi all.
This book learned me already a lot amazon.com/Clean-Code-Handbook-Software-Craftsmanship/dp/… and I am not yet halfway reading it.
Hi @Ihsan.
7:17 AM
@Michel06 "just" - it just works. consult the vendor of the debugger for your support options if you can not figure it out your own.
@hakre can you please stop telling people that their answers should be comments? Just flag them as NAA. You probably wasn't around when I mentioned that here in the past. The review queue does not show the comments initially. When there are no comments, I can convert the post to comment. When there are comments, it will ask me whether I want to convert with comments. That means that I have to prune any comments not adding value … which means your educational comment.
TL;DR educational comments make mod lifes miserable. dont do them please.
@hakre Also, this is pretty rude. Dude was just trying to answer a question.
@Gordon Is there a relevant meta question about this?
@hakre ok, Thanks
@Gordon yes, I wasn't around. Sounds like a flaw as well.
7:22 AM
@hakre I dont know of any MSO post for that. It's not a flaw in that sense either. I can pull in the comments. It's just that all these educational posts dont add value and I will have to delete them before I can convert, so you are putting extra work onto me.
@BenjaminGruenbaum about educational comments or about asking users not to feed help vampires? We do have a couple for help vampires: meta.stackoverflow.com/search?q=help+vampires
Educational comments
@Gordon Well, those comments don't add value for you as moderator, but they add value for the one who did answer. But I'll just flag them now, it's most often I don't really think the comment would make much of a difference.
I think it's a good question and if you can't find one I'll ask it.
@BenjaminGruenbaum I don't think so, however totally anti-ruded it by adding superfluous sugar words all over the place.
@hakre thanks
7:25 AM
@hakre Thanks, that's much better.
@BenjaminGruenbaum there is one here: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/181974/…
@Gordon That's not the same though, I'm talking about educational comments in general. One sec.
@Gordon Still not quite it.
7:28 AM
Arghh my glasses got stolen this weekend what a horror.
@Duikboot why would anyone want to steal your glasses? I could understand if you had said my Google Glass but your glasses?
@BenjaminGruenbaum In that line there's also the "what have you tried" comments :)
@BenjaminGruenbaum Halp please halp halp... !!! jsfiddle.net
You want some help with jsfiddle? :)
@Jack those are already blocked. there is an MSO post for that. They became an epidemic. Flag them when you see similar comments.
7:31 AM
I know :) just mentioning to Benjamin that "comments in general" is a very wide topic :)
@Duikboot Were they numbereed? whaaa?
I'll ask.
@YogeshSuthar: ooppss sorry bro spell mistake any magento developer here?
Q: Are educational comments good?

Benjamin GruenbaumOften, users leave educational comments on questions and answers. What I mean are comments like: "This answer should be a comment. Please consider reading this post about the difference." "Hi, Welcome to StackOverflow, this sort of question is usually frowned upon in this site. Please read th...

shivers at the thought .. no!
7:33 AM
That's what I meant by the way.
hahaha Magneto. No we are working on PHP
@MahaveerMuttha Its magento
Hey, can someone help me with a simple question
@Billy Ask your question, if someone knows the answer he will reply you.
I think prototype inheritance is an illusion in javascript... (sigh). Anyone who can enlighten me? example: jsfiddle.net/f6ahf
@tereško consider your work as a holiday trip you go workdays where you watch clowns and jugglers... ;)
@BenjaminGruenbaum Sorry I forgot to save my fiddle before writing the link.
@Ihsan What?
7:39 AM
@HamZa I'm not sad that you pointed me to this thread ((sorry that I have stolen you 150 rep ;-) ))
@BenjaminGruenbaum Js made me mad... jsfiddle.net/f6ahf It does not inherit the property attributes....
@Ihsan Wait, what?
Of course it doesn't
that's not how differential inheritance works.
You 'get' from the chain if you don't have it defined on the object itself, but you 'set' on the object itself. Once you set the property on the child object, it doesn't have anything to do with the prototypical one.
@BenjaminGruenbaum Oh that bug is a feature then.... with a fancy name... :(
It's not a bug, it's how the system works. No need to define properties either in most cases.
no problem, I'm already glad that I got 6 upvotes, now a bounty of 250 I'm too happy lol
Also, I think you'll get 250, fair enough 50 50 :D
7:43 AM
@BenjaminGruenbaum Well it does inherit getter setters appropriately, which is a relief... but this behaviour (differential sh*t) is conflicting with the rest. why would i define a value prop anyway if that is the behaviour... Just strangely unnecessary.
I forgot to say hello :p
@HamZa Hi bro.
@Ihsan Hello brother, how are things going ?
@Ihsan I'm not sure what you're confused about?
Morning Folks!
7:45 AM
@Ihsan In that last fiddle, you're setting the notEnumerable property to 1 and that's what shows in the alerts.
I have an id field which is the primary key and am accessing via PDO
@Gordon @BoltClock disagrees with you by the way meta.stackoverflow.com/a/184690/210016
@Jack it should not be enumerable... and must not show up at the in loop. that is what I expected ... But JS said this is spartaaaa
I have to insert a record, what shall i give for id(shall i give 'null' or dont give anything?)
if i give id = null, its not working
@Ihsan If you abuse OOP you get bad OOP, big deal :) This is just like that you can define a private property and then override it with a public one at a child in classical inheritance languages.
7:47 AM
@Ihsan If you don't want it enumerable, you should use Object.defineProperty :)
even id = '' is not working
@Jack That's incorrect. Oh wait, I read that wrong, sorry
@BenjaminGruenbaum That is not an abuse pretty legal....
@udaysagar Is id autoincrement?
I thought you said he shouldn't use defineProperty on the parent. Anyway, why would you enumerate an object.
7:48 AM
@Ihsan Yeah, just like overriding a non enumerable property with an enumerable one in JS.
@YogeshSuthar do you work on Zend Framework?
@BenjaminGruenbaum Oh are you all kidding?
@udaysagar then don't include it in insert statement
@udaysagar No,I am working on Core PHP
@BenjaminGruenbaum I can see how one could assume that only changing the value shouldn't affect its behaviour.
7:49 AM
I do not override I wrote a value into, it is writable....
@Jack Then use getters and setters
@Ihsan No, I mean it, why would you want to enumerate an object when using prototypical inheritance. What would be a use case?
@BenjaminGruenbaum I think the whole idea of the exercise is that for most cases you wouldn't need getter and setter =p
I recently implemented interfaces in JS.
7:50 AM
@BenjaminGruenbaum I actually wanted it to stay not enumerated.
I really missed having interfaces... I use them in other languages all the time.
Anyone wants to see?
(it's less than 50 lines of code iirc)
@BenjaminGruenbaum It gets enumerated and I got ... Igot ... oh deception... :(
If i don't include it throws this-
Message: SQLSTATE[HY093]: Invalid parameter number: no parameters were bound
@Ihsan Prototypical inheritance is good when you want to implement behavioral inheritance. It's not meant for structural inheritance. That's the wrong type of subtyping you're doing.
You could see "not being able to iterate" as a behaviour right?
7:52 AM
@udaysagar you have to remove that part from VALUEs() also.
Yes, of course.
@Jack yep. and I want to see it inherited.
actually, i insert this way-
$data = array(
'username' => $form->getValue('username'),
'firstname' => $form->getValue('firstname'),
'lastname' => $form->getValue('lastname'),
'branch' => $form->getValue('branch'),
'phone' => $form->getValue('phone'),
'emailid' => $form->getValue('emailid'),
'address' => $form->getValue('address'),
'password' => '123'

$id = $model->insert($data);
A: No ways to have class-based objects in javascript?

Benjamin GruenbaumShh, come here! Wanna hear a secret? Classical inheritance is a tested and tried approach. It is useful to implement it in JavaScript often. Classes are a nice concept to have and having templates for modeling our world after objects is awesome. Classical inheritance is just a pattern. It's pe...

@BenjaminGruenbaum So then your statement is misleading at best; it's apparently not very good at behavioural inheritance :)
7:54 AM
@Jack I do not want to redefine properties for new objects... Prototype is optimal.
@YogeshSuthar brb 40 mins
@udaysagar where is your autoincrement id column here?
@Jack Exactly... That feature is lasiness with a fancy word : differential inheritance. Inheritance my ass...
@Jack Yeah, but enumerability is simply not a part of that mechanism. Also, I don't see another way to implement it. You want to be able to enumerate it on the child.
Properties are simply not inherited in prototypical inheritance. If you override them you need to redefine them as whatever.
@BenjaminGruenbaum then I will redefine it with defineProperty...
7:58 AM
if I want the same behaviour, I will not touch it...
@Ihsan You're welcome to do that. I know it's very unintuitive and like my answer says sumetimes you want to just getOwnPropertyNames and build a descriptor for each property and do classical inheritance in JS. I'm not one of those fanatics who'll tell you classical inheritance is stupid.
First line of my answer:
Classical inheritance is a tested and tried approach. It is useful to implement it in JavaScript often. Classes are a nice concept to have and having templates for modeling our world after objects is awesome. Classical inheritance is just a pattern.
@Jack OMG... How stupid a language can get? :)
I thought it made sense ;-)
That changes it for everyone though, that's really not the same thing...
It does make sense.

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