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4:57 AM
Unhelpful flag of the day (the original lacked the asterisks): "ban this stupid ***hole"
Well, I banned someone.
ah, I see you support dynamic resolution of this!
5:19 AM
Not sure if troll...
What is JavaScript? What are computers? Why is JavaScript? How could a loving god allow such suffering?
@VLAZ where do you even find those??
@OlegValteriswithUkraine I swear I'm not actively looking for them. I'm just monitoring the newest questions. It's just some of the things that show up.
That one was also in SOCVR.
sigh. Is it the same one that asked if computers exist? Don't tell me it's not the same one
5:26 AM
@OlegValteriswithUkraine I failed to find a connection to any other people who've posted garbage. Admittedly, I didn't try very hard.
No, that one isn't allowed to post again for a while.
They had no idea why they lost the 100 rep "earned" from the association bonus. I'll bet you know why.
@RyanM oh, well - I am starting to think there is an AI on the loose
@RyanM To be honest, I don't think it was needed there. It was just posted. I'd wait at least 5 minutes after posting to send , if not more to send it to SOCVR. A lot of questions get closed shortly after posting.
@OlegValteriswithUkraine Different username. If that means anything. Both the computer and the JavaScript users had 1 rep, so could just be new accounts. FWIW, I don't think they are the same person.
@VLAZ In a lot of cases where people fast-track stuff to SOCVR, I tend to agree. This, on the other hand, is a pretty good case for expedited closure.
Yeah, because that's the exact type of thing that people would immediately start answering
5:30 AM
I can definitely see how the latter could start getting answers if it lived a bit longer... sigh
@OlegValteriswithUkraine No, we banned the AI that was posting answers.
...several of them.
@RyanM you might've missed the one posting questions!
You banned Martijn?!
@OlegValteriswithUkraine Honestly, with the sort of questions actual humans post, it would probably be very difficult to spot that.
@RyanM You can always make the suspect circle smaller by only looking at somewhat eligible posts - I have a suspicion AI posts don't reach as low as some actual human ones :)
5:37 AM
That JavaScript question above doesn't seem auto-generated or trolling to me. Of course, it could be, however, I've seen enough questions to think a human could come up with it. To me, it seems like either a homework question ("what does a developer do" kind of thing) or just "how do I become a developer". We get a lot of the latter one in all shapes and sizes.
Yeah, I suspect the latter.
It has a distinctly homework feel ("which you have to answer that question"), but I can't imagine that being homework.
NAA of the day: "thanks. I see that you just reneed to writr the coee."
There were no other answers to the question.
No, wait, there was one, I'd just since deleted it: "did u has a answer for this question? i also need fix the same problem,thanks。"
It was a self-answer?
They posted an answer saying they solved their own problem, they just needed to write the code.
5:53 AM
@CodyGray Nope.
Explanations welcome, 'cause I sure don't have any.
Maybe they were trying to answer their own recent question?
I assume you've also checked for "relationships".
@CodyGray Yes. None that I could find.
@CodyGray and ended up on that question because the other NAA bumped it and they just clicked something on the front page and typed into the first available text box?
That sounds like something that is not too far outside of observed user behavior.
@RyanM Why is this NAA? It clearly answers the question "Did I just reneed to writr the coee?"
But that wasn't the question that was asked.
Well, if we translate it, it says "need to write the code". Which is the vast majority of what needs to be done to solve a lot of question. If anything, it should be a cross-language canonical dupe for everything that requires writing code.
6:07 AM
@VLAZ But I hear Stack Overflow isn't a coding service, so wouldn't questions that require writing code be off-topic?
Hence the duplicate. Since there is no other applicable close reason in the menu.
Ah, of course.
I never know when people are serious anymore.
The best heuristic indicator for sarcasm appears to be use of proper grammar, spelling, and capitalization.
@CodyGray So, moderators and their associates? ...yeah, that checks out.
What, me?!
6:19 AM
Honestly, I was actually tempted to add a "for anyone who sees this out of context, this entire line of conversation is a joke" warning after my "coding service" line.
But it's exactly my type of humor, and apparently VLAZ's, too.
1 hour later…
7:48 AM
Probably one for "if you have to ask, maybe you shouldn't do it":
@VLAZ ok, so... Step 1. Open your favorite IDE. Step 2. Make a search engine. Step 3. Profit?
Typescript is the new jQuery?
Years ago, we got those exact same questions, but about jQuery.
@CodyGray I guess so
@OlegValteriswithUkraine You forgot "harvest all of your users' personal information [so that you can...Profit]".
7:52 AM
@CodyGray I knew I missed a step or two
@OlegValteriswithUkraine Actually, you had too many steps:
Apparently, it's Step 1: use a search engine
@VLAZ that went meta fast
@VLAZ Apparently, that step is unheard of around the premises
Why use a search engine when you can use Stack Overflow and help out others?
OK, I checked that link and the contents are complete garbage. It's 9 random libraries that sort of are related with searching. At least some of them. The site claims they are related to "search-engine" but I have no idea how that is determined.
One of the projects is described as "Array.filter for every file in your codebase". Another one is "EasyFilter is a lightweight ☁️, just one dependency 🚢, minimal setup 😮, intuitive 😃 and powerful 💪 filter for all your filter needs." (yes, really). But there is also "Webapp which run the elliotforwater.com website"
Unhelpful flag of the day: "I've just said that i got the same issue and that we can delete those files without any consequences and we deleted my comment ..."
Narrator: it was not a comment.
8:02 AM
Lots of confusion about what comments are going around... you noted someone earlier who tried to "close" a comment.
@VLAZ Is that a... cupcake symbolizing a dependency?
...oh actually I might undelete that. Despite that terrible flag phrasing, it does kind of answer the question.
"we deleted my comment" means "my answer was deleted"? Wow.
I would have needed a translator.
@VLAZ wait... is it a lightweight cloud, just one dependency ship, minimal setup surprize (?), intuitive happiness?
Surely 🪶 would have been better for "lightweight" than a cloud.
In my defense, "I've got the same issue when opening Visual Studio for my unity project. I can delete them without making any problem but they are created at each opening of the project in VS." realllllly looks NAA.
8:06 AM
And 😊 for intuitive.
oh, forgot it also is a powerful biceps, I guess that's useful
I don't know about cupcake/ship.
@OlegValteriswithUkraine git biceps is my favorite git command.
@CodyGray It's a boat. Not sure if that's better.
@RyanM I heard git triceps is much better
8:08 AM
⛓️ for dependencies? Or 🖇️?
@RyanM wait, how is that not NAA?
@OlegValteriswithUkraine That's silly - it's different things. git ticeps determines how well you push. git biceps - how well you pull.
"I've been able to reliably reproduce the described issue when opening a Unity project in Visual Studio. Although it is not a very good workaround, since the files are automatically recreated the next time you re-open the project, you can simply delete the files without any negative consequences."
@OlegValteriswithUkraine right?! Here's the catch: at the very end of the question, the asker asked if it was safe to delete the files.
@CodyGray Christ, "Two or more silver paper clips linked together, generally forming an inverted V"
8:10 AM
@RyanM Even if they hadn't, it would have answered any general "What are these files and what do I do with them?" question
@VLAZ that does not disprove the claim that it's better :)
I had sort of assumed it was asking how to make it stop creating them.
I have since made the question much more obvious, including by putting it in the title.
@RyanM Ah, then what you need is a script that runs each time you open the project. :-D
Same solution, though.
What a versatile, useful answer!
8:21 AM
OMG, I just found the tag. Just try to guess what it's about. I guarantee you, you'd be wrong. And yes, there is a tag description. I'd hazard a guess that the majority of the questions that use are mistagged.
oooh. App Store Connect?
...nope. I was wrong.
I would guess that it's about connecting to things.
I bet there are very few questions with that tag that are mistagged, because I'll bet almost all of them are about connecting to things.
@CodyGray Based on a quick browse of the questions: that's mostly how it seems to be used.
Of course. Come on, how else would it be used?
I didn't have to look at any of the questions to know what the tag means.
yeah, that wiki/excerpt...probably should not have been approved.
and the wiki is plagiarized! because of course it is.
8:25 AM
@CodyGray You use both and obviously. To make really sure you explain that you need to retrieve some file (?)
As Oleg noted with your use of "this" earlier, the referent of "that" in your message could easily be any tag wiki or excerpt.
@VLAZ Don't you need to and establish a with a before you can it?
Note that that leaves one tag slot for the language tag.
And people think our tagging system is hard.
Anyway, wiki/excerpt now gone because I couldn't find any evidence that it remotely reflected the actual usage of that tag.
@RyanM It was initially defined as whatever that "connect" library is back in 2012. Maybe it was true in the past but it's most definitely not true now.
@RyanM what did the original wiki say, btw?
ah, I see
@OlegValteriswithUkraine we can blank wikis without hacks that delete history if the original revision was a suggestion rather than the work of a 20k user or moderator
8:31 AM
Also, sometimes if the original revision was the work of a 20k user or moderator. But only sometimes.
It's part of the "fun" of being a moderator.
@CodyGray not impressed: Don't need to and establish with before can it?
Why would or ever be tags?
You're both cheating; isn't a tag!
@RyanM ah, thanks, I forgot you can go to the history directly
@RyanM serves me right for not checking the tag!
@RyanM The sad part is that is. And it's pretty useless tag.
8:33 AM
@OlegValteriswithUkraine ...wait, how did you find it if not that way? Checked my actions history?
It was.
Mostly I see it when people use it instead of
Or better yet
@RyanM I am not at liberty to discuss :)
@VLAZ 10 meta-rep points to anyone who posts the "Stop trying to make [fetch] happen" meta post.
no other titles are permitted
8:37 AM
flagged as Rude or Abusive
Funny thing is, the wiki doesn't mention the most fundamental case of fetch, an instruction fetch in a computer. — Lundin Oct 19, 2015 at 9:22
This was the first thing I thought of.
Second thing was the venerable FTP client for the Mac.
@VLAZ I love how that says "Bing"
Yeah... why does it say Bing?
I assume they didn't bother using the template to create a different image.
As in, same image, different text.
8:38 AM
probably they didn't look too closely at the thumbnail when looking up the image.
fun fact of the day: my government tried to make a state-developed search engine happen a while ago. Went as well as one might expect
@VLAZ Excerpt improved.
@OlegValteriswithUkraine Was it Yandex or a different one?
We already have a search engine created by a Russian!
@VLAZ no, Yandex is not state-sponsored (and it's pretty good, actually - when it comes to Russian content that is)
8:42 AM
I've only heard about it. It's the only Russian search engine, I know of.
I wasn't sure if it was state sponsored, though.
Sputnik the other is called (you have to admire the lack of creativity, right?)
Honestly, I like the name.
> The experts generally consider Sputnik as a failed project and note that it only exists because of the state funding.
> In 2020, the website has ceased to display its search prompt on its main website.
@VLAZ Yandex is actually a privately owned company that used to operate semi-independently. Well, untill recently, of course
@CodyGray Ah, so just like how Stack Overflow has stopped displaying questions on its main website!
8:45 AM
Who is learning from whom, there?
Where do you see any learning going on?
In comments as I've been told
Did you find this search engine helpful? If so, please accept it. It needs someone badly.
@CodyGray when it was first announced, everyone in the IT sector quite literally nearly died of laughter
Because Google?
8:48 AM
and Yandex. And someone still greenlit it
I've never heard of Yandex
the engine or the company?
the latter is actually a tech giant
What do they do?
8:52 AM
It's for us what Google is for US basically
Ah, so they steal your information?
@CodyGray honestly, everything
@CodyGray that too :)
Doesn't your government already do that? Seems superfluous to have a private company doing it.
@CodyGray no, someone actually needs to be competent somewhere
Come to think of it, it's more like Amazon
They sell stuff?
8:54 AM
delivery, taxi service, carsharing, goods, etc
they started as a search engine, but these days they quite literally do everything
How do they compete with someone like Google or Amazon?
Are they not equally available in Russia?
well, don't forget another language, currency, delivery times, etc.
They don't have localized versions of Google and Amazon?
Getting the language and currency translated is trivial.
Not having the infrastructure for delivery makes sense, but someone like Google and Amazon could easily afford to do that, killing the competition.
what I mean is currency conversion rates, more like
as for infrastructure - I suppose so, but I guess we weren't a priority for expansion
Is there even Amazon in Russia?
9:00 AM
it was
we had no issues with ordering anything from there
used to, at least
But was it local version, or one from abroad that also shipped to Russia?
I think the latter
A local version would have to rename to Primorsky :-)
that has a nice ring to it :)
No, I've got it: Volga.ru
9:06 AM
Or Khabarovsk. I couldn't decide.
I figured there were more wild animals in Primorsky Krai
Because I know there are the tigers
But I really don't know
@VLAZ Ah, yes. Forgot that it's also a river!
Clever, eh? Free marketing from the cars.
Oh, I've never even heard of the car.
Marketing fail, I suppose. :-)
It's also a car brand.
you've never heard of Black Volga? :)
9:21 AM
I found it :-)
9:59 AM
I did not expect otherwise :)
Thank you @RyanM, edited the answer — Goodies 30 secs ago
today on meta: asking answers instead of questions
(they fixed it)
@Oleg I saw that typo
@RyanM sneaky :)
@RyanM today on meta: making every change except the one that actually matters
@OlegValteriswithUkraine yeah, I was considering pointing that out and decided to just do it myself.
@RyanM sorry for not handling the dashes myself - was on mobile, and it's a pain
Dashes are a pain on mobile?
Maybe you need to get a new mobile :-p
10:07 AM
Much easier on Android, the keyboards are better there.
How can they be better?
I've been using an iPhone for iMessage and oh my god I just want Android Gboard on iOS.
What's the difference?
Haptic feedback, actual configuration options, no horrible animation on the predictions, long-press on keys for symbols...
I have it set up so that I have a very short long-press delay, so I can interleave numbers, symbols, and letters very easily without switching keyboard modes.
I never cared for haptic feedback. They added it to iOS and/or the hardware for a brief period of time, but meh.
Animations can be trivially turned off.
iOS also has/supports long-presses on keys.
10:10 AM
@RyanM ahem, I disagree a little :)
@CodyGray it is new
Fancy :-)
@CodyGray you can only turn all animations off, everywhere.
there is no toggle for "just disable the stupid predictive text animation because that is the only one that's actually a problem"
I've never seen a predictive text animation
Or I never noticed it?
10:12 AM
it animates between the predictions when they change
@CodyGray not like Android, I mean on every key, and for symbols.
Oh, that strip of words over the top of the keyboard, which I turned off hid years ago and completely forgot about?
Yes, that thing that every serious iOS user I know has disabled because it's so terrible ;-)
Which letter on Android maps to a period?
Yeah... I don't know if it's terrible, but it's easier for me to just type what I know I want to say, rather than to read/evaluate the suggestions.
Too much context-switching
there's a dedicated period key; long-pressing that brings up like 16 punctuation options.
Ah, I see
How is that easier than just pressing the symbol key once?
10:14 AM
but like, Z is asterisk
well, half the time I have to press it twice
Because you changed your mind about which symbol you want to insert?
but it's also a context-switch, whereas on Android the symbols are already in front of me
Err, you said they only show up on long-press?
@CodyGray No, because I want to type an asterisk or a plus or something that's not on the number keyboard
@CodyGray they're always showing, but you long-press to access them: external-preview.redd.it/…
(that keyboard is currently in a URL field, hence the / on the left. Normally it's a comma on the left.)
So the long-press is like holding down shift. I get it now.
10:17 AM
@RyanM f**k, I just learned you could switch them on
So you use an Android phone, but disagree that the keyboards are better there?
Well, that was before discovering all the options!
@CodyGray I disagree it is much easier :) but it seems like I am about to learn a couple of new things about the options today
So did you just switch?
Or you've been doing this for years and still learning?
Because then I have an argument I can make about poor discoverability and UX design ;-)
10:21 AM
I've been using Android phones since it basically became a thing... and yes, I just learned that was an option
SwiftKey on Android is also generally excellent, though I have some minor gripes that make me slightly prefer Gboard.
Using Android phones since you switched from your good old Nokia flip-phone? :-)
And Gboard has a couple of very nice features that SwiftKey does not.
@CodyGray no, I am a complete gnusmas sellout :)
Another thing I've never heard of! \o/
10:24 AM
try redrum
I do like dark rums
@OlegValteriswithUkraine but that's lagelli
damn, I don't have a comeback from that (@CodyGray)
@RyanM well, so long as you teg yawa htiw ti, it's all right
10:52 AM
I feel like it is a problem when the newest answer added to an old Q is near the bottom of page 2. Of 4.
11:23 AM
is it because of the realtime load feature?
No, it's because he's sorting by score, and the new answer has a score of 0, whereas the other ones sorted below it have negative scores.
It makes perfect sense.
and the other ones on page one have 0+ score, I presume? Then it does make sense
I would certainly hope so, yes.
That detail wasn't contained in the bug report. :-)
[closed message as needs details or clarity]
@OlegValteriswithUkraine Actually a bunch had zero score. Just happened that this one was sorted at the end. Still any zero score answer would be in the bottom half of the second page.
Just went back to count - there are 11 zero score answers.
With that said, I'd be reviewing them now. I suspect there would be less than 11 afterwards.
11:37 AM
@VLAZ isn't it random then? IIRC, posts with the same score are ordered randomly (?)
> Just happened that this one was sorted at the end.
[brain meltdown initiated]
Hmm, the ordering might not be random, actually.
You forgot to include your language in your answer. And depending on the language, this might right now be a snippet instead of a function or full program, which isn't allowed. (PS: I'm not the one who downvoted you, but the lack of language, TIO-link, and not crediting the existing answers that have a similar approach, might have something to do with it.) Oh, and welcome to CGCC! :) — Kevin Cruijssen 58 mins ago
I'm sitting there and reloading the page and get the exact same answer last every time.
11:41 AM
It is so irritating when people provide correct feedback, feedback that would be completely legitimately downvote-able, and then go out of their way to say, "oh, no, but I didn't downvote!".
@VLAZ Unspecified ordering != random ordering. It may be consistent for the same input even if it's in no particular order.
@RyanM In other questions, I've seen different results at each refresh. But those have, say, 2 or 3 answers with the same score, e.g., all zero scored. The set order might be a feature of questions with many answers. That's just a guess: otherwise going to a different page might show you the same answer(s) you've already seen.
No randomization of equally-scored answers when there are multiple pages of answers: meta.stackexchange.com/a/18938/153008
So my guess was correct.
Oh...right. I remember now. So, I followed that question to be notified of new answers. I recall wanting to go through all the answers. Yet I didn't. What I remembered is the why I left it for later. Many answers are pure garbage. The Q is about how to compare arrays and a bunch of answers just convert the array to a string and compare the strings.
@VLAZ I'll see your incorrect comparisons of arrays and raise you determining whether a string is a palindrome, uh, using Arrays I guess.
11:53 AM
The one that reminded me how bad it is, just went to great length to make the generally unreliable array-to-string conversion and check even worse. By default converting an array to a string joins all items with a comma as separator. The answer goes on to say "Sadly, it includes the commas. That is why we have to do:" and then shows how to remove the commas from the string.
@RyanM Regex questions about email validations are probably my least favourite.
@VLAZ ...do people post completely unrelated code on those, too?
"I need a regex to validate emails" "Here's my code that emails a newletter about regexes."
"I admire your regex and would like to subscribe to your newsletter."
Well, yes. If you consider regex to be code. They post various patterns that don't validate real emails. And not uncommon ones. They often omit dot or underscore as valid. Or any domain name that doesn't have a TLD of exactly 2-4 characters. So, for example .co.nz might be invalid. Or subdomain.domain.com. Or domain.ninja.
(also if the context wasn't clear: that answer that checks whether a string is a palindrome was on the question about comparing Arrays)
@RyanM Ah, I missed that
Why do people feel they need to reinvent booleans?
function areEqual(a, b){
    let x = 0;
    for (n in a){
        if (a[n] == b[n]){x = 1;}
        else {x = 0};
    return x;
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