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4:00 PM
For example :) .
@JeanneDark Yes, that answer was accepted when you deleted it. I just checked. However, this information is not exposed anywhere on the UI.
@Shree Accepting shows up. But if the answer gets accepted and then unaccepted, it doesn't show up
@Dharman Thank you!
Thanks @Dharman and @NathanOliver . Learn new things.
What is the policy on creating a post on Stack Overflow when an identical post is closed on Cross Validated?
4:11 PM
@Scratte not relevant probably
so long as the question is on-topic at SO there should be no problem
@TylerH @oguzismail cv-pls requests must be for questions with recent activity, which we define as 6 months
@Scratte Would you be the owner of both posts?
@Dharman Just curiosity where you find that. If it's not available on UI ?
@NathanOliver No :) I'm not.. but it seems someone is.
@Shree User history reputation
OK. afaik in that case your fine. I know it's frowned upon for the same person to post the same question on two different sites.
4:14 PM
@Shree Oddly enough we had that come up in the mod room a while back. It currently does not, but several (including myself) felt it had at one time
@NathanOliver But.. I'm reviewing a post that was posted at the same time on another site :)
Thanks for reply .
@JeanneDark I am not blaming any one, just want to increase my knowledge about channel. Thanks to help me.
@Machavity I like how you say in the mod room a while back as if you've been around there for 6 to 8 weeks already ....
@Shree I understood. A user before you claimed that Roomba would have deleted the question.
4:24 PM
@rene Time flies when you're having fun cleaning the sewers
rene feel fun when cleaning sewers?
I flush it
Flush every thing. It's Dharman motto on election . Rene copy that.
Delete everything.
jquery allow Delete === flush
4:32 PM
That’s been said loads of times now. Surprised everyone hasn’t got bored of that
It seems to me that SOCVR is precisely the kind of room for people who never get bored of deleting things.
Huh, I thought I was posting in another room
@TylerH Ach, sorry. I better re-read the FAQ
@Machavity Admit it.. you've been reading the entire transcript of that room now :)
4:40 PM
I have a question. If someone's question is about or leads to violating the TOS of some website/service, can that be flagged as "rude or abusive"?
If not, is it okay to cv-pls here?
@blackgreen That depends. It would help to know more information
@blackgreen it is OK to cv-pls if it is within our normal criteria, e.g. recent activity, you aren't involved, you're not performing user-targeting, etc.
@Scratte They only talk about SOCVR in unclear terms
'help me violate ToS' is a pretty agreed-upon persona non grata on Stack Overflow
4:43 PM
@blackgreen 2 minutes total to put a "." in front of your link :)
@Scratte Why?
@Daniil Removes the onebox
@Machavity I was referring to the conversation that I assume started with "does accepted answers show on timelines"
@TylerH what I would like to clarify is whether such a post warrants a "Rude or Abusive" flag or just votes (down, close, etc.)
4:55 PM
@blackgreen I don't think it qualifies, personally
5:13 PM
I finally made it to 3k! Happy to help you closing stuff :)
@janw congrats . be carefulllllll.
@Makyen You deleted my question as a dupe but it is not a dupe
@hrdwdmrbl are you sure it was deleted as a dupe?
@hrdwdmrbl I closed your question as a duplicate and deleted your answer, because you posted an answer saying that your question could be solved by what was in another question. That's more-or-less the definition of a duplicate.
The question seems reasked now with new phrasing so I guess it's a win-win?
5:29 PM
OK, let's all drop any ongoing, weird discussions about/references to any particular RO, please. This one seems to have gone on long enough.
Let's not continue this. Things are a bit blurry here and there due to language, history and the stuff that grows here. Move on.
@Daniil Just let it go then. Unless he's pinging you directly, there's no need to have more clarity there
I say so, yes.
@Dharman are those string interpolations into the SQL query injection-safe?
5:38 PM
@AndrasDeak No, that is the definition of SQL injection. String interpolation into SQL queries is SQL injection
I was hoping that php might do someting magical ;)
@AndrasDeak PHP offers prepared statements like most sensible languages. It's just that people are stubborn to have the SQL injection feature in their code
@AndrasDeak It will magically allow attackers to root your database.
At least our data is never handled by these devs, I'm sure
5:39 PM
@TylerH You missed two. One is yours starting with "Ok, let's".. and this one of course :)
@TylerH please explain
@Shree Multiple room owners have asked that the discussion be dropped here. If you want to continue it, do so elsewhere or risk a kick.
@AndrasDeak Prepared statements send the data separately. Escaping is merely "safer" than unescaped data
Please kick me
5:42 PM
@hrdwdmrbl I'm happy to revisit your question, but not here (see below). Letting subject matter experts make the call as to it being a duplicate is probably best. My actions were based entirely on your statement in your answer saying that your question was solvable based on the question you linked. You've edited the question, so it will automatically be placed in the reopen queue to be reviewed by other users, which should permit them to make the evaluation as to it being a duplicate.
Given that you appear to feel it's not a duplicate, I'm surprised you haven't voted to reopen your question (currently no reopen votes).
@Shree We'd prefer not to. Kicks are serious things
@hrdwdmrbl Another time, if you don't think your question is a duplicate, then don't post an answer saying that your question is solved by another question.
As for bringing up the issue in this room: This room doesn't permit pinging moderators about flagable issues, so if you have an issue like this and want a response from a moderator, you should either flag the post or bring the issue to Meta by asking a question there.
OTOH, you would be welcome to make a general question in the room as to asking why your question was closed. However, when doing so, you need to walk a fine line, because this room also doesn't permit making requests (e.g. a request for reopening) about questions you're involved in.
@Machavity I'm familiar with the concept in python, I just like not to make assumptions about other languages
@AndrasDeak Makes sense. Python doesn't have to deal with DBs all the time but PHP does. So there's a metric ton of PHP tutorials still telling people how to do it using escaping
@Machavity I presume python web and database frameworks do :)
5:44 PM
Imperial ton; metric tonne.
@AdrianMole We need a link to that :)
in python the issue is that various DB engines use slightly different syntax, so you see both '?' and '%s' as placeholder in parametrized statements, the latter being extremely confusing in the SQL injection regard
@Scratte Here. But those funny trans-Atlantic folks don't really get it, it would appear.
Ah, string interpolation. Yeah, I can see where that would be a paint. PHP tends to favor concatenation so it helps avoid that confusion at least
@AdrianMole ..."It is commonly referred to as a metric ton in the United States."
5:46 PM
@Machavity I thought interpolation was what happened in the above question
See edit.
@AdrianMole I assume you mean here, not on the wikipedia page :) But in Danish we call them ton too. Not tonne :)
what I said in my previous message is that for a newbie the crucial difference between cur.execute(query, (param1, param2)) and cur.execute(query % (param1, param2)) where the latter is the injection vulnerability (and is made possible when the DB engine uses c-style format specifiers as placeholders)
@AndrasDeak Not in the same way (I'm not great at Python so I could be wrong here) but the %s stuff tends to be where it substitutes the values for whatever variables you pass
@Machavity No more to say. @TylerH you dont understand me. Please show RO power and kicked me.
5:48 PM
@Scratte OK - I surrender. I'll stick to the Welsh Tunnell.
@Shree You know you can just leave the room?
? in MySQL is a placeholder for MySQL, not PHP. Stuff has to happen under the hood to make a second call to the DB to pass the data
@Machavity there are now 3 ways to build strings from parts... the oldest one uses c-style format specifiers like %s
@Shree no, stop it.
if the DB engine uses ? as placeholder, like mysql, there's absolutely no way for that to be used to build the query string directly (which is great)
5:51 PM
@AdrianMole Is that the one that goes to France?
When some RO without know intention try to kick you what you say ?
Thank you?
rene say thank you :)
I do.
5:54 PM
No I don'i. I say thank you.
@Shree What does that even mean? You're literally harassing the guy :D
@oguzismail Thanks === Ok , it's java vs jquery :)
6:17 PM
Do you have a user script / custom stylesheet that stops the action banner from scrolling in the close queue? It takes up half the screen
@janw (less)
@JohnDvorak Yes, but then I can't see the flag reason anymore :(
Do you guys see this warning message in responsive mode when you attempt to add the regex tag to a question or is it only me?
> Explain your regular expression question in detail
Include a tag for one specific engine or language (perl, pcre, c#, etc)
Show the pattern that isn't working
Provide examples of input text that should and shouldn't match
Describe the desired results and how the pattern isn't producing them
@janw You can click on "(less)" and substantially reduce that. You also are running a userscript that appears to double the height of that header.
@oguzismail I added it just now to a question, nothing happened.
6:22 PM
@10Rep On PC it doesn't show up to me either
@oguzismail Are you seeing it while asking the question, or editing a pre-existing question?
@dbc While editing, even if the tag was already there
@oguzismail Maybe is too broad? It says in the message to add more specific tags. Many people do homework dumps on regex questions, so maybe that's there to warn them?
@10Rep It is of course. I wanted to know if you guys see that too
@oguzismail I'm testing it right now.
6:27 PM
@Makyen Oh right, that is Samuel Liew's Review Queue Helper. I got so used to it, I thought it was part of the website...
@oguzismail No, I don't see it when I access it through mobile.
@oguzismail Having a link the the actual question where you see this would probably be helpful, as such messages can depend on the other tags already existing on the question.
@10Rep Weird, I guess the ghost in the server room got sick of my trivial edits. @Makyen It happens everywhere. In responsive mode (not the mobile view), click Edit tags, type regex, select it, wait for a moment
No RO no MOD , why third person suggest me to leave the room ? What is room thought about this ?
6:36 PM
@Shree I assume that people were suggesting you leave the room because you've asked to be kicked. I'd expect that people were offering an alternative which didn't involve any moderation-type action on the part of others.
ninja'd. :)
@Shree Daniil is a mod, just FYI
@JohnDvorak a mod pro tempore on another stackexchange site, just to be clear
as far as I know mods outside their jurisdictions are just regular users
being a mod elsewhere could suggest positive character features and a tendency to de-escalate conflicts and just being a nice guy altogether, but there's no guarantee
@JohnDvorak No If I voilete rule means kick , What I voilate ? I congrats dainail for diamond on sobotics so I know that
6:41 PM
English, please
@Shree Why did you ask to be kicked in the first place?
@JohnDvorak it is English. He's saying that he congratulated Daniil in sobotics when his diamond was fresh, so he knows about it.
... ah
@Shree different rooms have different moderation cultures. As the room owners here have told you, they don't like to kick. If you did this in the python room I'd kick you fast because that's how I approach room moderation: kick soon, be open to improvement.
if you want to respect the room owners here (which you surely do) then follow their requests without having them force you out the door
And you yourself are an esteemed member of the community, so people won't take action against you so easily. Takes this into consideration too :)
If I see correctly, the close reason is determined by the majority, regardless of the other vote. How do you handle a case where you see two close votes sitting at a reason which you don't agree with?
6:48 PM
@janw wait for a gold badger to hammer it as a dupe :)
Otherwise I just close it with the reason I think is right. For the vast majority of questions it doesn't matter much how it's closed
@janw And if it is not a dupe, then just cast your close vote. Nothing else to do, I guess.
@AndrasDeak I respect . You know. rene, Makyen, BhargavRao , PetterFriberg is my teacher. I also respect others RO but don't want to pinch from other user who dont understand. I respect site and still love so why I am here.
@Shree then accept when they tell you to stop arguing another users, without getting kicked :)
@oguzismail Is doesn't happen when adding the tag on a new Question. I waited 10 seconds.. nothing.
Whether or not you're right or the other party is, this is just noise and needless drama for this room. Which is not helpful.
other rooms are more suitable to figure out interpersonal problems
6:51 PM
@AndrasDeak Ok, that makes sense. In this case it was "more focus" vs. "needs clarity" - the question was quite focused, but really hard to understand. But I agree, in the end it doesn't really matter :)
Ok delete all conversation .
@AndrasDeak we have a whole site for that
@janw of course ideally everything gets closed accurately, but this is not something I lose sleep over normally
if it was hard to understand then needs clarity works, and you get 2 vs 1 majority to close it
@Georgy we have a dupe for that, hold on
@rene Please delete all conversation to bin. Sorry I mess. But I am what I am.
@AndrasDeak Are you sure??
6:54 PM
@AndrasDeak Is this it?
@Georgy yup, hammered
Oh nice, Andras finally got a python hammer.
@Shree and you're great the way you are :)
@BhargavRao heh, yeah. By the time I got it I lost most motivation to wield it...
And now my close vote got overridden by a dupe hammer, but my name is still shown. I should get used to this :D
@AndrasDeak But the issue there is not with return but with overwriting the value in the dictionary by the same key id.
6:56 PM
@Shree nope. It is fine as it is here. It is a good explanation from a fellow RO of another room that is kind enough to help out here. I like what is exchanged, it is a good example how to resolve things and useful for those that read back the transcript. You're fine, we're fine, I'm fine. Move on.
@Scratte Okay thanks, I'll post it on meta tomorrow
@Georgy OK, so there are two problems...
let me find another dupe target to add to cover that too :P
@rene know me :) . That's why I love room .
@AndrasDeak Ok! But I'm going to post a del-pls in a couple of days for this question. IMHO, it's not worth keeping it.
@Georgy yeah, not really. But you're right that the dupe targets only cover half the problem...
7:48 PM
@AndrasDeak oh, congrats :-)
8:05 PM
@TylerH thank you :)
I like how you lost you desire to use it once you got it.
I posted that warning message thing on meta with some more details meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/400090/…
@Scratte No, I lost my desire to use it once the company started dousing the site in gasoline and waving a flaming zippo lighter
@AndrasDeak Oh.. that's different from what I thought then.
@oguzismail Do you mean in responsive mode this was not present before?
8:20 PM
@Dharman No. Or it was and I didn't notice
I don't understand where is the bug
The point is, I couldn't find anything related to it in meta
Maybe I am missing something, but are you surprised there is a feature that warns you about tags, are you surprised that there is one for Regex, or are you surprised that it works properly in responsive mode?
@Dharman No you're not, this doesn't happen when I'm on my computer.
:O Then that should be a bug report. If you don't see this when you are on computer it means that something is wrong. The warning has been present and working correctly for me since forever. Both on desktop and in responsive mode.
@Braiam Heh heh, great. Now I can delete it :D
@oguzismail maybe it needs to be a report about it not working on desktop?
Generally speaking, bug reports which just say "Hey! It is working and I like it!" are not very good bug reports.
I'm often amazed that how ignorant I can be of the technology I use everyday. @RyanM maybe, but I had to make sure it certainly doesn't work on my computer. And it's past my bed time
@Dharman I didn't know it was always there, move on
8:28 PM
:D Moving on...
@Dharman You've just lost a vote in the next election sir :D
8:54 PM
I wonder if I could write a script or SEDE query to find users who think code formatting should be used as much as possible on any technology name or concept.
@RyanM Regex all the things! :D
I've flagged a couple that I happen across, and I just found another one :-\
9:07 PM
@RyanM Heh.. you've found a new hobby? Or should I say new hobby?
@Scratte It goes well with my other side hobby of finding bad reviewers :-p
Unfortunately for that hobby, it has recently come to my attention that "Recommend deletion" reviews don't show up in review history, which makes checking LQP reviewers' work...difficult
@RyanM Oh dear.. let me get that Steward badge in before you find me then :D
@RyanM For that.. I'm on your side completely. I think we should make a LQP-campaign.
9:28 PM
Do we have any Haskell developers in this room?
..I ask because I think I may have come across a Haskell Question with an incomplete MCVE
If you are unsure then skip.
But.. it's a Haskell Question! :)
probably an audit ...
I swear it's not. Here it is.
Looks ok to me
9:32 PM
@Scratte it has a MCVE AFAICT from my limited experience with GHCI
I base my evaluation on the Answers, which are all referencing things that seems to not be included int he Question :) But.. "Looks OK" is fine with me, if that's the verdict :)
@Scratte haha...but really, though, if I found a bad reviewer who's a room regular, I'd ping them instead of flagging, since the goal is really education on how to do it properly. Also, I somehow doubt you're a bad reviewer...I think you're even more thorough than me.
@Scratte All answers are guesses, something is missing.
@Scratte the first answer references things that are included in the question. Namely, the fact that the code is run in GHCI, which is interactive and needs a special command to enter multiline mode.
And what is missing is this gist.github.com/BinRoot/4771288
9:36 PM
See, e.g., my slow campaign to educate edit suggesters about web.archive.org by approving their edits and then pinging them in the comments (2 so far!).
@MarcoBonelli The first answer starts with "I guess the issue.. " :)
@Braiam I flagged it. Thanks :)
@Scratte here
That is, AFAICT, a MCVE
The answer saying "I guess" is probably because the answerer did not bother to run the code into GHCI. OP's problem is a common mistake when getting started in Haskell I guess (which I also had).
@MarcoBonelli Hmm.. so even if it gets closed, it will be reopened within the hour. The stories are true :D
@Scratte and nevermind my monologue. OP commented in one of the answers saying they are not doing that manually in GHCI... lol
Looks like it needs details after all
9:43 PM
does someone know if you lose repuation if your posts gets downvoted?
@Ovicron yes you do
@Ovicron Yes, you lose 2 reputation
Ahh okay, thank you!
Unless it's a community wiki post.
@MarcoBonelli I went with "No MCVE" for my flag.
9:44 PM
Post as community wiki then you will not be getting any or losing any
You need reputation only if you want to help out with moderation of the site
I'll check it out, thanks!
@Dharman You only really need like 1000 to really start.
@Scratte custom flag?
@Scratte oh, they edited the post. Problem solved.
9:47 PM
@MarcoBonelli No.. I can't do those. It's under "A community-specific reason" as "Needs debugging details"
@Scratte ah, ok makes sense
@MarcoBonelli Are you sure?.. It seems the edited in the missing "symbol". So does it mean it still gives an error, or did they just invalidate an Answer?
@Scratte Wait, you can't do "Requires Moderator intervention" flags?
@10Rep That's not a close flag :) Users with more than 3K reputation point don't close flag, they close vote. They don't have "Blatantly off-topic", instead they have a custom reason where they can type in stuff.
@Scratte oh wait, what the.. you're right, sneaky. They added the symbol in the middle of the broken code.
9:50 PM
@Scratte Yeah, I know that 3K users close vote, but he said custom flag, and you said you don't have those.... but it makes sense now.
This question is a roller-coaster of emotions...
Now it's no longer reproducible lol
@MarcoBonelli They claim the new code still gives the problem. But I do have an issue with the invalidated Answer.
@Scratte doesn't give a problem to me when loading into ghci
Can I send requests for NAA's?
@MarcoBonelli You're most welcome to comment on it :)
9:56 PM
@Scratte yeah I am. This is weird, though I'm no Haskell expert, but OP definitely did fail at explaining what is going on.
@10Rep Why? Just flag them NAA.
@RyanM I'm just curious
@MarcoBonelli At least the Answer is good now :) And it has an MCVE :)
@MarcoBonelli I always feel a bit awkward once I've guided someone through fixing the obvious problems and then I'm asked for the solution, and I have to explain that I actually have very little idea about their question, I'm just helping them to fix it so that someone else can maybe answer it ^^;
9:59 PM
@RyanM I try to avoid finding myself in such situations honestly, I hate the feeling
But I've had a fair share of "oh ok, but now how do I solve it"; "IDK man I know nothing about this mine was just a sidenote"
@MarcoBonelli Especially when they start yelling at me afterwards ;p
@10Rep I like to think of those as free helpful comment flags :D
@10Rep thankfully that still never happened to me
@RyanM Remember that time when the OP edited the question and humiliated me?
That was funny lol
@RyanM I generally just tell them "I cannot solve the issue. I have no Answer. I can only help you to make your Question OK for Stack Overflow".
10:02 PM
@10Rep My memory is sadly not good enough to remember each distinct case when I've seen an OP edit insults into a question :-p
@RyanM The funny part is when I edited his question he just edited it back again. Kinda like an edit war. Then the next day my edit number was like 100 more :D
@MarcoBonelli So.. you solved it for them, since you made them do it again :)
Huh, rollback wars increase your edit count? *starts looking for target to finally get that editing gold badge*
@janw No, I didn't rollback lol. I just deleted the extra text everytime
I don't know if rollbacks increase your edit count, though.
Someone please shortly distract the mods, so we can test
@janw Mods are never distracted. They have eyes everywhere.. I swear they even have access to my webcam :D
@10Rep looks like they copy pasted OP's code and said it works
@MarcoBonelli Seems very sarcastic to me. I agree with you, so NAA or custom?
@10Rep I'm also in doubt...
I'm going to custom flag it saying it's sarcastic. The code doesn't seem to be OP's
10:14 PM
Hmmmm it's slightly modified, in that OP had a script and the answerer just inlined it into the HTML.
I hope you folks are from the US and not up at midnight raising flags instead of sleeping (like me).
@MarcoBonelli What does sleeping mean?
@MarcoBonelli But it's not midnight anywhere in the US. (Unless Scotland has secretly joined another Union.)
@AdrianMole exactly... which is why I hope folks here are from the US and not up at midnight handling flags :')
@10Rep idk I'm having the same problem did you find a solution? Please let me know, kind regards. /s
@MarcoBonelli Ah! OK - misunderstanding. It happens.
@MarcoBonelli err... *looks at clock* good point. Good night ;)
10:20 PM
@janw lol, goodnight
@MarcoBonelli Oh you're talking about that sleeping? Pfft, that's for noobs ;)
I haven't slept in the last 5 years.
I sleep all the time. Everything (and everyone) here is just my dream.
Am I your nightmare then?
Summoned, He comes!
Is this NAA? Just want to be sure. stackoverflow.com/questions/41817088/…
10:26 PM
@10Rep wouldn't hesitate to flag it as such. It should be an edit.
@MarcoBonelli Some of us are in CET :)
@MarcoBonelli Done.
@Scratte Colliding Electron Tomography?
@AdrianMole No, C ollege of E ngineering and T echnology.
10:34 PM
@AdrianMole Coffee Extends Time
!!/coffee Scratte
@AdrianMole brews a cup of jQuery for @Scratte
hehe... You got jQuery.
!!/coffee 10 Rep
10:36 PM
@10Rep brews a cup of Macchiato for @10
Super.. I'm all out of $ :)
I like Machiatto
I'm offended by your collective insinuation that there's nothing beyond the ocean. The only reason you can't go there is because you'd infect us with a deadly disease.
^ Smokey doesn't like self-serving folks!
@Scratte Well, I'm in CET too so goodnight
10:37 PM
@AdrianMole Oops sorry :D
@MarcoBonelli :) I'm too tired to go to sleep :)
Then raise flags or post answers. You'll soon be tired.
My flag count is exhausted, does that count?
I'm still trying to work out if the post from 10Rep is NAA or not.
@Scratte if it's hard to figure out then it's not
10:41 PM
@AndrasDeak I don't know... It seems like a separate question, but I won't risk it.
NAA is almost always link only (with unhelpful link text) or "thank you" or "I'm OP and the problem went away".
if you have to figure out if it addresses the question it's usually not NAA
@AndrasDeak Ahh.. but for me, I'm not all that familiar with web, so I'm wondering it's a question or an answer in the Answer.
@Scratte It's formatted like a question. I know some HTML, but it's very confusing to me.
It's been sitting there for two years. I'd not risk a declined on it.
@Scratte Qui ne risque rien n'a rien!
^ Very Old Welsh (modernized).
10:44 PM
@AdrianMole Бахшиш беҳтар аз бахшиш
@AdrianMole Funny, because it looks like French :)
Ask a Breton?
@10Rep I think I get that but Google messes up the translation.
@AdrianMole What did it translate to?
Forgiveness is better than forgiveness.
@AdrianMole I typed Better safe than sorry.
10:49 PM
I think the better meaning is "To forgive is better than to be forgiven."
@10Rep Do you know the old (probably invented) tale about translating, "Out of sight, out of mind" into Russian and then back to English?
^ ..PS: I know that your post wasn't Russian.
@AdrianMole No, but I just tried.
What's supposed to happen?
The rumour/urban-myth is that you get: "Beware: Blind Lunatics!"
@AdrianMole I get it, but it didn't happen! Perhaps they fixed it.
10:54 PM
Things have moved on since the 1970s, I guess. (I haven't, much.)
That worked only on Alta Vista
Enough OT chat! I'll leave you good folks to site curation and go off to my private Land of Nod.
My favorite place :)
Oh man, I had an IRC bot script that would run a phrase through BabelFish back and forth between languages ~6 times or so...it was great.
sleep well
10:58 PM
I'll leave you all with this wonderful post.
@AdrianMole you'll open at least a request before leaving?
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