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1:47 AM
@flawr I had seen that before, many years ago. Had forgotten about it. I was never curious enough to try it out. When you have a library with many hundreds of excellent algorithms in it, it’s hard to decide to rewrite it in a different language.
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9:15 AM
@CrisLuengo what langauge are you using for your library?
wouldn't it be nice to have a language agnostic way to implement algorithms
that doesn't make any sense
but it would be nice
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10:33 AM
Q: How is this Matlab code (involving colon operator) resolved?

rottonRecently, I wanted to calculate the next multiple of 5 of several values. I was very confused by the output of this code, which should have done the trick: 7:11 - mod(7:11, 5) + 5 ans = 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 While the actual working solution was this: (7:11) - mod(7:11,...

This smells as a dupe, but am unsure of what
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1:17 PM
Does anyone have a reference for why 1:(3:5) results in [1 2 3], i.e. creating an array using the colon with an array as endpoint only takes the first element of the input array to create the desired array. Why doesn't this error out? I feel like we have encountered this before
I think Luis has a colonoscopy canonical
Isn't it the same for if 1 == (1:3)?
@flawr oh right, doesn't that only check for the first element to be equal?
@flawr it’s C++14. The original authors back in 1995 wrote it in C. I re-wrote the infrastructure, and ported most of the actual algorithms.
@Adriaan right, that is what I thought
1:20 PM
@flawr That’s the same as if all(...).
can't find anything so ping @Luis
@CrisLuengo and how many other people use your library?
@CrisLuengo oh indeed, I was wrong
1:34 PM
@flawr I have no idea. Anybody can download it and use it. There are some people that I know use it.
@CrisLuengo ah I didn't it was public!
The Python bindings are easy to install through pip install diplib, but the MATLAB toolbox you have to compile yourself for now. Still haven’t figured a way to get that compiled automatically across platforms.
The original C library was closed-source, but available for free for non-commercial use. I think it was a mistake not to make it open source sooner. The new C++ version is Apache 2.0 license.
1:57 PM
What do you all think of this answer?
A: "Undefined function 'function_name' for input arguments of type 'double'."

Dmitry GrigoryevWhen I was confronted to this error, on several occasions searching the MATLAB program directory for function_name.m yielded the actual function code which MATLAB would not be able to execute for some reason. Copying function_name.m to your working directory then often resolves the issue, without...

@CrisLuengo it is an answer, but rather bad advice as you mention
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3:11 PM
Nice addition to Cris' answer. — Leonard 8 mins ago
Buh, it's a completely different answer :(
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4:32 PM
Now I understand the strategy about "flattening the curve"
that's nothing...
@AndrasDeak doesn't work if you try it with hungary, it immediately becomes italy:
4:57 PM
@flawr yeah we're in a pretty clear stage 2 as well rn
At first I thought that was a chart for some companies stock and was thinking you made a wise investment
He could still have, if he invested in tomb stones
I wonder if there's a company in the US that makes the majority of tomb stones, might be a really good investment if there is
if there is, it's probably based in Florida
based in fort lauderdale florida... "suspiciously" owned by Trump

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