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12:00 AM
I get all(uapprox(:)-uxact(:))=0 @AndrasDeak
So what does this mean? @AndrasDeak
@evinda that you're still not reading my messages properly
I meant what it means for the graphs...
If that what I told about the upper bound of the cfl condition is true... @AndrasDeak
I don't know.
12:05 AM
@David Reminded me of this!
user image
Haha natural logarithms are the true logarithms
@David Do you work in discrete math? Number theory?
No, applied math, but I've seen prime-counting formulae before so I knew they existed
12:21 AM
I will go to sleep now... Good night!!!
@AndrasDeak Thanks for your help :-)
@evinda good night, no problem
@Adriaan here's another one about global warming: optipess.com/2015/12/07/avoiding-the-asteroid ;)
@David The function is inherently vectorized. Computing for a large value automatically gives the result for all smaller values. n = [10 100]; N = max(n); p=primes(max(11,ceil(N*log(N*log(N)))));p(n)
12:38 AM
@LuisMendo this is starting to look like lisp
@flawr So will @AndrasDeak, but he doesn't know it yet :-P
The "n-th prime" function is now part of MATL! It will appear in the next version of the spec/compiler.
>> matl -h Yq
Yq  find n-th prime
    1;  1
    Finds the n-th prime for each value n in the input array
Thanks to @flawr and @David for the suggestion, and to @David for finding a good implementation
@LuisMendo any minute now;)
Now with an "n-th prime function". What more could you ask for?? @AndrasDeak
I imagine an infomercial, in black and white, where a middle-aged lady is scratching her head, an older man looks frustrated
"Ever in the need of knowing the n-th prime? Use MATL!"
"And that's not all! Download now, and get two stack extensions for free!"
12:54 AM
Looks like a real catcher! :-P
And a clipboard with infinite levels
@LuisMendo yeah, free Turing machine with every order above $500
@AndrasDeak Speaking of which...
Ever saw a Turing machine in the Game of Life?
damn that's something:D
And of course, being Turing complete, the game of life can similate itself!
@LuisMendo you're a mind reader, I just read this in the comments
I was wondering if that was real:)
This is what computers were made for :')
This, and as I'm told, porn.
1:02 AM
The video of life in life is thrilling. I wonder how many times I must have watched it
no fucking way:D
@AndrasDeak Yes! Just like in the original game of life
Told ya
thank you:))
I'll share with you my former favourite then
Let's see!
1:04 AM
What are the indicated speeds in each material?
I'd say the drift speed of the particles
there's a counterflow
Kelvin--Helmholtz instabilities:)
If you say so... :-)
I wonder how many computers they used for simulating 9e9 particles!
It's why clouds sometimes look like this:
1:08 AM
Very good video indeed!
Wow! Yes, same shapes
yeah I'd like to put my hand on their cluster:P
But that GoL turing one is...mindblowing
I've never seen it before (obviously)
You knew the Game of Life, right?
It's amazing to see it in two different scales at the same time. It makes you think
I mean the Life in Life video
@LuisMendo indeed, emergent behaviour is neat. Especially if it's artificial:P
And yeah, I was familiar with Game of Life
I could even accidentally construct a Sierpienski triangle with it, without knowing what that was, and how I did that;)
@AndrasDeak :-D
I once wrote a Matlab program to simulate GoL
And I also had a screen protector with a kind of GoL battle between cells with two different colors
I'm going to sleep! Good night @AndrasDeak!
@LuisMendo good night and thanks again!:)
1:13 AM
Glad you liked it!! :-)
4 hours later…
5:22 AM
stackoverflow.com/q/34126948/2917957 two months worth of coding!
4 hours later…
9:33 AM
@rayryeng wtf moderator tools. The amount of deleted crap there is on SO
@AnderBiguri oh yeah. SO is a lot more fun now lol
I would have never guessed there are so many bad replyes everywhere
its actually funny indeed
Everywhere I go I see this random crap posts that people asked and then someone deleted. But they are everywhre
"I'm not member of stackorflow. May I have your email for question?I need your help as soon as possible"
you know my mutual information post? Someone tried to ask me a question.
I didn't get notification of course. It got deleted
btw, since you can see deleted posts, as long as you have the link, you can see it forever
whenever I see random new 1 rep users make stupid answers that get deleted.. and in high volume, I protect the question/answer
this way, people with at least 10 rep can answer.
2 hours later…
11:38 AM
@rayryeng no idea what happened there. I'll just shut up and vote
Yo @AndrasDeak! How's your last lecture shaping up? Going to blow stuff up as a farewell?
@Adriaan no more lectures:)
Thursday's midterm, and the kids are not doing well
so on Wednesday I'll be consulting them, or whatever it's called
letting them ask questions about problems they couldn't solve while preparing
@AndrasDeak oh boy. So you'll be steaming by Wednesday evening
Oh it'll be real fun:P
@AndrasDeak not imaginary fun? I can't imagine you having fun
12:06 PM
@Adriaan how do you imagine me when I'm solving your math problems?:P
@AndrasDeak bent over your desk, cursing the stupidity of the Dutch students ;)
brb, I'm going for groceries; am out of lunch
see you later then
Oh ho ho
A: where can I find prestashop controllers and how can i extend them?

AdriaanThis seems like a good place to start, the official documentation repository.

"Link-only answers are discouraged, please make an effort to summarize the information located at the link" or something;)
You can now vote-to-close as off-topic:D
@AndrasDeak How on Earth did you dig that up xD
I was surprised you had 99% share in the matlab tag
I was curious what the 1% was:)
I even upvoted the accepted answer, probably only for the Sportmanship badge xD
12:20 PM
1:07 PM
@AnderBiguri with your new-found power of Greyskull you'll be able to enjoy this question even after OP realizes they're busted:
Q: How is the condition number of A altered if both sides of the equation in (a) are pre-multiplied by (i) a scalar t, and (ii) a matrix T

SoumyaHow is the condition number of A altered if both sides of the equation in (a) are pre-multiplied by (i) a scalar t, and (ii) a matrix T.

student of University College Dublin, allegedly
I'd hate to be their lecturer
Jay, @AndrasDeak ftw
I was really nice.
you'd better be Saturday. No messing up our first romantic weekend :D
you can still reconsider
She also thinks all Hungarians do random foreign student's homework :P
1:18 PM
Yeah, that makes sense.
I wonder if she'll think that all Hungarians are muggers and rapists:P
@AndrasDeak That'd be Romanians
@Adriaan not exclusively;D
and as a Romanian friend of mine complained: "Those are gypsies and they are not real Romanians"
we're just one time zone away:P
@Adriaan oh yeah, but Hungarians really are racist fucks
LOL, I've been closing some tabs, and ran into an earlier answer of mine. I'm not sure you've seen it. Another possibly homework question.
Q: Matlab forming equation

HETEROGENEOUSI have problem with writing this equation into Matlab. Somehow just can't get it right. Could someone help me with it?

@AndrasDeak there's the -5 question, you go for the Reversal now :P
1:23 PM
if you take a closer look at my answer, you'll see that will not be too easy:D
@AndrasDeak put a parula picture in it
I hid some easter eggs in it
like using sum as a variable, or int
and ^{K-1} for exponentialization
and i for looping:D
I'm pretty happy with it still
@AndrasDeak that's so much downvote material:P
@Adriaan I wonder if OP tried to run the code, and if yes, then whether he realized that it's a single infinite loop that doesn't do anything
it got accepted didnt it?
1:26 PM
just upvoted, first I thought the upvoter guy got that I was joking
but then I got unsure...
I tried to inform them in chat, but they never responded:(
1:41 PM
I'd better not make Nice Answer on it :P
I reread the question and if he drops the first and last sentence and does some formatting/grammaring on the remainder it's actually not even a bad question. Just that last sentence makes it horrible
Wasn't me. I never upvote you since the 3k incident:P
3k, was it?
@AndrasDeak Yes. You took away my flags. I'll never forgive you that.
sheesh, you're the one to hold a grudge :P
Not a grudge, just caution:D
bounty away below 3k
then you can flag to your heart's content:P
1:46 PM
@AndrasDeak that's quite a bit
@Dev-iL let's hope that's what OP needs:D
Even after your answer I don't get the question
those tags though...
: SO in proper English. I can't stand the "Dec 4 2015" notation :P
@AndrasDeak then your situation is better than Daniel's .... :)
Nov 28 at 20:21, by Daniel
@Dev-iL: Now reading your answer I no longer understand the question
@Adriaan this is why `Muricans have jokes that only work in their language... e.g. "May 4th" Star Wars Day
@Dev-iL yeah I remembered that one:D
@Dev-iL and why everyone is confused as fuck that nine-eleven is not actually nine November, like one'd expect
1:53 PM
@Adriaan Also, why would anyone set 911 to be the emergency hotline?
@AndrasDeak just a random 3 digit number, no?
@AndrasDeak that requires moving ones finger over the entirety of the keypad, instead of just one key to the right
@Adriaan do you mean that as a pro or a con?
@AndrasDeak a con, obviously, since you want to be able to punch those numbers as fast as possible, "Seconds can save lives!" the government proclaims on television
9-1-1 is the emergency telephone number for the North American Numbering Plan (NANP), one of eight N11 codes. This number is intended for use in emergency circumstances only, and to use it for any other purpose (such as prank calls) can be a crime. In over 98 percent of locations in the United States and Canada, dialing "9-1-1" from any telephone will link the caller to an emergency dispatch center—called a Public-Safety Answering Point (PSAP), by the telecom industry—which can send emergency responders to the caller's location in an emergency. In approximately 96 percent of the U.S., the Enhanced...
> AT&T chose the number 9-1-1, which was brief, easy to remember, dialed easily, and worked well with the phone systems in place at the time.
1:57 PM
neat, I didn't know you could use textscan to read an arbitrary number of columns
@Dev-iL lol, worked well with phone systems
textscan(fID, '', 'Delimiter', delim)
Not "dialled easily", bunch of wankers -.-
@Adriaan at the time phones had this strange rotating disc, no?
1:58 PM
@Dev-iL dials. But then 9 is even worse: that's the longest way to dial...
@excaza I didn't know that:)
it's how dlmread does it
I knew dlmread was a wrapper for textscan, I just never paid attention to how it was done
Nice, axes objects have a 'TickLabelInterpreter' property for LaTeX tick labels
I just combined that with a {tabular} environment for easy multiline tick labels
@mikkola whoah. Isn't that a recent addition?
I think it is. I don't remember seeing it earlier, you had to do all sorts of workarounds for multiline tick labels.
Yeah, me neither.
LaTeX-interpreted annotations used to be a pain in the ass
one of the reasons I migrated to TikZ/pgfplots, then matplotlib
2:05 PM
@AndrasDeak hand-drawn plots :D
@Adriaan I'm not really good at drawing 2d surfaces by hand:P
@AndrasDeak Yeah that has improved over the last couple of years. I think I did most figures for my thesis with R2014a or b and there it was working very smoothly already
@mikkola cool:) I'm still stuck with R2012b, but I don't use the plots now anyway
@AndrasDeak Poor sod. Send your codes to me for the pictures, in return for the PDEs ;)
be warned though, I'll jet them all around :D
@Adriaan what for?
Will you draw them by hand?:P
2:08 PM
@AndrasDeak of course not. I'll press play in my MATLAB 2015a :P
@Adriaan bah, humbug
but if you want a hand-drawn plot, I can oblige you :P
Are you familiar with pgfplots or matplotlib?
only because you mention them twice a day
So why do you think they're insufficient?:D
2:11 PM
I didn't say so. I was referring to what @mikkola said about LaTeX things included in 2014 and offered to merely redraw in R2015a
@Adriaan ah, I see
thanks, but I don't have the necessary scripts
it would've been another approach which I didn't pursue
and anyway I don't need any old plots:)
and the new ones are ready-made with python
@Dev-iL hahaha I've heard of that rule before
@Ballbreaker so you've been banging 5 year olds all that time?
lmao o.o
@Ballbreaker it's the standard dating pool
and kinda makes sense
starting from 14-14 yeards old, two lines with a factor of 2 difference in slope
who's between the lines is OK
2:19 PM
@Adriaan (Originally a joke about Michael Jackson) "Why does Ballbreaker like twenty five year olds?"
@AndrasDeak Well yeah, I'll be dating 22 year olds when I'm thirty..
@Dev-iL Because theres twenty, five year olds?
Yep :P
(joke should be spoken....)
@Dev-iL it works in writing, I think
the comma @Ballbreaker inserted is superfluous
@AndrasDeak Actually, I was supposed to use dashes to disambiguate
2:23 PM
i.e. twenty five-year-olds vs twenty-five year-olds
Oh I could never learn how to hyphenate these ages properly
typical exam question, but still
AFAIK, you usually don't have to do it... only when otherwise ambiguous
@Dev-iL I don't think so
Our resident language snob should be able to tell us.
Wanna chime in @Adriaan?
I'm talking about word combinations in general, not necessarily numbers... Maybe the rule for numbers is like you say
@Dev-iL yeah, specifically ages are special
I vaguely remember that it makes a difference if you say one year old, two year old, twenty years old, etc
two-year-old is definitely hyphenable
2:26 PM
two-year-old babies vs two year-old babies
it seems it's simpler than I remembered
it would seem that it's not special at all, as these compound adjectives should always be hyphenated
"computing from first principles" vs "first-principles calculations"
@Ballbreaker please elaborate:D
laughing at you guys
2:28 PM
from the comfort of my desk
@Ballbreaker got a special someone under it?
Said the "Elingsh" expert
@Dev-iL lol:D
Well I need to solve the A\B (linear equation). It would be nice to have the entire thing as A and work. Or how could I do it in chunks (say 10 X 3089987 ). Could you please suggest? — Jesu Kiran Spurgen 23 mins ago
2:29 PM
@AndrasDeak No :(
it's enough if he nkows how to write Candaian
What fucking system of linear equations has 3 million variables?
@excaza it's probably a PCA...
@AndrasDeak I'm a goods at englishs!
@LuisMendo We need to go deeper. Game-oof-life-ception!
2:30 PM
(it could be some implicit numerical method, in a bit more than 1 dimensions)
@Ballbreaker englishs yesh, typing: on:P
> Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at an Elingsh uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer is at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm.
@Dev-iL yeah that used to be all over the place a few years ago
pretty trippy actually
Does it work with Hungarian?
@Dev-iL even better, as a different part of my brain processes it
any letter-based language should do this, it's related to how humans process information
of course, it might not work for someone dyslexic
@AndrasDeak was doing dishes, apologies. No need for hyphens or commas afaik, both are superfluous in this case
2:32 PM
@Adriaan cool, cool:P
@Dev-iL so I can clearly feel a different magnitude of the effect in my native language and in the non-native language
In Hungarian jumbled sentences are effortless to read
but what you wrote slowed me down, even though I knew what it was about
Hmm... I think I saw something like that in Hebrew the other day
@Dev-iL speaking about gibberish
I really liked how I used to show this to people in the past and they were like "what is this crap? A-okkro-ding... ?! ", and I was like... Just read the words not the letters... and poof :D
@Dev-iL :D
@Dev-iL Stoopid peeople?
2:42 PM
@Dev-iL there went our educational system out the window... Who needs spelling anyway?
@Adriaan we should ask @AnderBiguri about that first;) I wonder how easily he can read the above
@AndrasDeak it reads like how he spells English, so I guess it looks like an old friend :D
@Adriaan it might not work that way:P
Question is, how mild his dyslexia is.
I suspect that dyslexia exactly inhibits (or is the lack of) this pattern recognition process, which allows us to read these sentences easily
gotta go guys, see you later
@AndrasDeak go kick them freshmen!

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