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12:16 AM
And in Matl! :D 'Legen... wait for it...'DXZO5)XHTXZO5)H=]'dary!'D` I'm quite excited I wrote something in Matl that works!
12:34 AM
@David Huh? XZ is not a MATL function. And that ] has no matching ", ? or backtick?
I think it may be some problem with this web page interpreting the backticks. Maybe paste it as plain text, without any code format? Oh and thanks for the interest in MATL!
Yeah backticks got lost when I pasted it. They should be between the first X and Z, and either size of the third X.
So, like this?
'Legen... wait for it...'DXZO5)X`HTXZO5)H=]'dary!'D
I see the problem
Haha yep it goes into and out of inline code
Got it. Nice program. You're probably the first ont who's wrote and published a MATL program other than me :-)
There should be a way to escape backticks here
Something like LaTeX's verbatim
'Legen... wait for it...'DX`ZO5)XHT`X`ZO5)H=]'dary!'D
That's it
I just remembered
You only have to add four initial spaces
I think you could probably avoid the clipboard call
Haha Matl makes me feel like a super-hacker (when I make it work!)
12:47 AM
That happens with esoteric languages. They look impressive :-)
I need to keep the first value of
which is why I save it, I don't understand stacks in the slightest though
But it's kept anyway? It should be in the stack, below the new value
I think I need to learn what a stack is and how they work
I've run it in debug mode (matl -d). I confirm you can remove H and XH. The original value is below the new one. You can compare them directly
It's just a LIFO data structure. Does it make more sense to you?
Like a pile of things
You see what's on top. If you remove it, you see the one below
(You can rearrange things within the stack with functions w etc)
In computer science, a stack or LIFO (last in, first out) is an abstract data type that serves as a collection of elements, with two principal operations: push, which adds an element to the collection, and pop, which removes the last element that was added. The term LIFO stems from the fact that, using these operations, each element "popped off" a stack in series of pushes and pops is the last (most recent) element that was "pushed into" within the sequence. This is equivalent to the requirement that, considered as a linear data structure, or more abstractly a sequential collection, the push and...
so can you always get the thing on the bottom of the stack out?
12:54 AM
Yes, by removing what's on top. Or rearranging stack elements. Or using a function-input spec like TFFF...to indicate you want to use that element as input
For example, try
matl '1,2,3,D'
You'll get 3 printed
To get 1, use
matl '1,2,3,TFF$D'
matl '1,2,3bD'
matl '1,2,3xxD'
Respectively: select desired input; rearrange elements by "bubbling up"; delete the top two elements
OK I can see how that could worl
It's very easy once you get used to it
Gotta go. See you, @David!
Thanks @LuisMendo, Matl is awesome!
Thank you for using it! :-)
8 hours later…
8:42 AM
Hi all
9:39 AM
Hey, What's the quickest way to evaluate a fit?
(sf = fit([x, y],z,'poly11')
for ii = 1:100
for jj = 1:100
G = sf(ii,jj);

This takes forever to evaluate...
of course that should read G(ii,jj)
2 hours later…
12:06 PM
@Johannes: simply evaluate in one go: [xx,yy]=ndgrid(1:100,1:100); G = sf(xx,yy);
12:22 PM
@David why is f(4); in there?
A: Count the divisors of a number

flawrMatlab, 20 bytes Perform k mod n for every k = 1,...,n, then perform not (which turns every nonzer to zero and every zero to 1) and sum up all those values. @(n)sum(~mod(n,1:n))

It seems MATL would be the winner on this one! 7 bytes:
Oh, there's a language called "PARI/GP" that has a builtin for that and uses 6 bytes
12:56 PM
@rayryeng My dbstack-based solution gives the same result as that. Also, I needed specifically just the full path to the folder in which the currently-executing file is located.
Hi all
Can you believe this guy? :
A: How to solve linear algebra equation AC=D where A is non-square matrix

BillBokeeyFirst of all, I don't have access to the "Communication system toolbox", so in order to operate in GF(2) I have to add mod(stuff,2) calls in the code. Just remove them if you have access to the toolbox. Gaussian elimination in GF(2) works exactly the same way in essance than in R or C, expect it...

Look at the comments ^^
1:56 PM
Q: Low pass filter does not interpolate well

GlennI have a question about my low pass filter. I want to interpolate and upsampled signal however when I use my low pass filter it only party interpolates the samples: The code of my filter looks like this: function Hd = lpf5mhz3 %LPF5MHZ3 Returns a discrete-time filter object. % MATLAB Code % G...

"Party interpolates" :D
2:07 PM
Must be french :D
posted on November 27, 2015 by Sean de Wolski

Sean's pick this week is nflcolor by Alan Bindemann. Let's take this plain old boring football and turn it into one with some team colors:football = imread('football.jpg'); imshow(football); Segment the football... read more >>

2:39 PM
Q: Out of memory error when using '.*' operation in Matlab

Saji RenBelow is the code I used in my m.file: for idx = i_start:i_end CheckTemp = (timeTick > time_tr(idx)) .* (timeTick <= time_tr(idx)); CheckTemp2 = find(CheckTemp); IdxS = min(CheckTemp2); IdxE = max(CheckTemp2); ...... the timeTick array is a double array about 100MB, and idx...

MATLAB v6.5? Isn't that from the nineties?
@BillBokeey how does that user have 540 rep?
I don't know :o
It's actually a good question, though I realize he understands nothing about what he does
My answer is wrong at one point, i'll post an update soon
Any reason why you didn't do it in GF(256)?
And is your solution easily generalizable?
I'm quite ignorant regarding finite fields...
@LuisMendo I forgot to suggest to you yesterday to coin the adjective "MATLable":D
@BillBokeey oooh you did it in GF(2) because that's what OP asked?:D
how naïve (accents for your French pleasure;)
2:54 PM
And then he says "No. It's No correct. I POZT below" or something like that
yeah, hilarious:D
"No right. I ans. check", whut
I'm actually coding the sum in GF(256), as I don't have access to finite fields toolbox
IKavanagh already answered the same question by the same OP, or almost identical:
Q: How to perform inverse in GF(2) and multiply in GF(256) in Matlab?

user3051460I have a binary matrix A (only 1 and 0), and a vector D in Galois field (256). The vector C is calculated as: C = (A^^-1)*D where A^^-1 denotes the inverse matrix of matrix A in GF(2), * is multiply operation. The result vector C must be in GF(256). I tried to do it in Matlab. A= [ 1 0...

same input, same output
Nono it's actually different
The first post has a 14x14 matrix
2:58 PM
Here he has more rows and must process Gaussian elimination to delete 2 rows
sorry, you're right
this one's overdetermined
But the sum in GF(256) is fucked up so it's not easy :D
Well, actually it would be easy if I had the damn toolbox
Sorry for the bad words
@BillBokeey you're supposed to say "Pardon my French";D
While I'm quite familiar with linear algebra and various parts of analysis, I'm clueless when it comes to discrete math
So I never dare go near questions like this:)
3:06 PM
It's actually veeeery fun :)
Almost as much as it is annoying sometimes :D
@AndrasDeak :-D
Hi Guys
Using p = polyfit(row,col,20); I fitting I get the polynomial. How can I check if a point lies outside the polygon?
@beaker I ended up including 255 as predefined literal :-)
@AbhishekBhatia What polygon?
The polygon obtained from polyfit.
polyfit gives a polynomial
3:17 PM
Oh my bad!
Is it possible to get a closed polynomial equation from polyfit?
I don't understand the question, sorry. What's a polynomial equation? What would the input data be?
If you have the polygon vertices and want to check if a point is inside: inpolygon
Longest answer I ever posted! :
A: How to solve linear algebra equation AC=D where A is non-square matrix

BillBokeeyFirst of all, I don't have access to the "Communication system toolbox", so in order to operate in GF(2) I have to add mod(stuff,2) calls in the code. Just remove them if you have access to the toolbox. Prequisite : Summing in GF(2^8) : Summing in GF(2^8) is not trivial, as it behaves like (Z/2...

Hi all
yeah wait let me check
Gotta go! see you all!
@LuisMendo byebye:)
3:25 PM
@LuisMendo Bye :)
4:03 PM
Hey @Dev-iL !
How are you doing?
4:20 PM
@BillBokeey Not much going on today after a bachelors' party of a friend last night
@AbhishekBhatia No you absolutely can't. Not unless the vertical coordinate is also non-linear.
Take for example a circle or an ellipse.
@AndrasDeak that's because f(4) gets stored in ans and ans is then used as a variable. It's a quick way to create a variable without explicitly declaring it.
One of many good golf tricks to learn in MATLAB
yup. in MATLAB, just try typing in 1 and push ENTER
4:23 PM
what the hell:D
you'll see that ans gets created and has 1 stored in it :)
I mean I know that 3, defines ans
I thought that 3; doesn't...
it just suppresses displaying the variable.
if you don't assign the output or an expression to anything, it gets stored in ans.
@rayryeng and STILL not possible to circumvent temp variables for function return values...
yup. I absolutely hate that about MATLAB lol
It's the one thing that I hate
4:24 PM
Hi @rayryeng !
@BillBokeey Bonjour Monsieur!
@BillBokeey - are you sure that you're not a greeting-bot?
no, there was a slight delay
I should have gotten an instant welcome.
why? maybe it's set to randomize the delay
Vote to close
Q: TWSVM and WLTSVM library for Python or Matlab

MathManI am looking for a library for Twin Weighted SVM (TWSVM) and Weighted Lagrangian Twin SVM (WLTSVM) in Python or Matlab. It seems, these method are new and i can not find anythings. Please help me.

4:26 PM
Huehue :)
I'm just in a very good mood :)
but ans is too long... compare
f(4);while(f(4)==ans) TO
yeah it is... so you have to use it judiciously.
is there really a case where ans is shorter?
only if you are using it just once.
If you're using it more than once, then no there is no benefit.
@AbhishekBhatia so now it changes from misuse of PCA to impossible polygons expressed as polynomials?
4:28 PM
but already b=... b is as short as ... ans
but great for obfuscation:D
yes :)
@AbhishekBhatia Why don't you ask a question and make sure you give double the bounty?
:D oops
not this shit again
Q: functions pca and princomp give different answers

user3887089My understanding is that princomp and pca are the same functions in MATLAB. But using these functions is giving different answers. The output below shows this: >> size(pcainput) ans = 29 50 >> size(pca(pcainput)) ans = 50 28 >> size(princomp(pcainput)) ans = 50 50 Based on...

5:12 PM
I want to select a subset of pixels from one image. int_img.*(resize_outline) Here, int_img is grayscale. Both int_img and resize_outline have dims 601 x 601.
What is resize_outline? Is it a binary mask? Then what you have is perfectly acceptable.
However, in the case where resize_outline is just a 2D mask and int_img is a colour image, it's better if you use bsxfun
Yeah it is a binary mask
bsxfun(@times, int_img, cast(resize_outline, class(int_img))
This is exactly what I was asking!!
No problem. That problem was simple enough :)
forgot I needed an extra ) at the end, but I'm sure you'll figure that out
5:18 PM
yeah I added that.
5:50 PM
@rayryeng That's where a stack comes in handy :-D
How's your research statement going?
2 hours later…
8:01 PM
I've been in such a bad mood this week :\ agh
Everytime I think I'm okay, I remember a moment, and then just get upset.
The only saving grace for my peace of mind, is thinking that I did the right thing.
You did do the right thing, young padawan
when does the remaining shard of ConDom come home?
@LuisMendo very slow my friend. I'm trying to finish today.
@Ballbreaker you did the right thing buddy. Just keep telling yourself that.
It's the best outcome that you could hope for. The only other scenarios would result in someone getting dealt the most hurt, or all of you getting equally hurt a lot more than what you chose.
8:17 PM
I know, it's just hard still.. but I think I'll be okay in some time
I keep thinking "I should say something to her" then I remind myself to have some balls in this situation for once In my life, I've always been terrible at severing ties
@AndrasDeak Hahaaha thanks for that. A nice little distraction right there..
Shes back dec 15th
My last side-wheel started messaging me today lol.. funny coincidence
This girl I have no real emotional connection with though
So no, I won't fall into the same trap lol :p
(also yeah, I know I'm a fiend)
lmao. nah man
@Ballbreaker well well well:D
it's all natural.
Which kind of makes me feel worse, because then I wonder if I deserve this kind of shit to happen to me lool
@Ballbreaker dom started out as a no-strings-attached thing, didn't she?
8:28 PM
@AndrasDeak Ehhh sort of lol
@Ballbreaker you obviously do, no puzzle there:D
She said we needed to wait until the third date to fool around, but then by that time I was kind of hooked and so was she
there's a reason why society supports monogamous relationships, it involves less shit
@AndrasDeak Lol, not necessarily
They support monogamous relationships because that's mostly the way it's been for the past few thousand years, and modern media basically glorifies monogamy through fairy tale situations
I wouldn't say there's less shit, kind of depends on the people I suppose. There's a reason the divorce rate in western civilization is above 50%
But I get where you're coming from, it's easier in some senses
Best case scenario for me would have been being upfront about polyamory from the start lol
Monogamous is frowned upon in Utah lol.
Look at that stupid show Sister Wives.
it's a show about a man marrying a group of 4 sisters.
8:32 PM
I think I read somewhere that 4 wives is the best number of wives to have
wtf lmao
I guess there are 4 major tasks you could perform... allocate one to each
one to work, one to take care of the house, one to take care of the kids, one to have sex with
btw this does NOT represent my views.
I'm just hypothesizing.
1 wife: you have just one girl
2 wives: They gang up on you (in various ways)
3 wives: Two of them gang up on one
4 wives: golden ratio
ok yeah never mind lmao
I likke your thing too
asshole. Thanks for getting water all over my screen lol
I was in mid-drinking pose when you sent that message.
8:33 PM
I imagine you would get sick of them slower, and they would get sick of you slower if you had 4
Like you'd be banging on the regular until you're an 80 year old man
The genetic diversity in that household would be insane
Have like a kid with each of them
lmao I should stop delving into this
I wonder, if you didn't get legally married to any of them, would they end up being in common law with eachother?
The "divorce" rate would be like 0% because nobody would want to split their shit up and get 1/5th of it lmao
Those Mormons bro. They're smart.
Married to a guy with more than one wife... and if you want to do splitsville, tough shit, you're gonna lose more than you came in with.... YEAH LET'S DO IT
@rayryeng I'd love to pin your message out of context:D
That's ok. I just did.
I think the one above it would be better
@rayryeng no I meant the previous one:DD
8:39 PM
^Same page
alright let me do it
haha lol:D
I'm gonna add Dustin's message too. Gotta make life interesting.
@rayryeng that's really good for someone looking for a job
fist pumps
@flawr hi!
8:40 PM
@rayryeng did you see the newest starred message?:D
yes :) thank you
I found it hilarious
This conversation has cheered me up haha
8:56 PM
@rayryeng Heya=)
Talking of stars, what is the difference between the solid stars and the hollowed stars?
@flawr Hollowed stars (pins) are by room owners and they don't go away
Until they are purposefully unpinned
Where as normal (solid) stars can get bumped out of the list
Oh ok thanks!
Then I wonder why this comment is pinned:
2 days ago, by flawr
If you click on the time
you can actually see what was said
In full
Ah I think because he didn't want the code format to be pinned
But in the star board it is just a bit out of context^^
9:00 PM
Yeah, it makes people curious though too :D
So they'll check what it is
Also stars out of context, are usually way funnier
@rayryeng For example, if I starred this message out of context, people would think sister ray wants to get married to a man with multiple wives
that's correct.
@flawr yeah, the carriage return in between your comment and the code makes it look out of context.
I pinned your commented implementation of the pseudo-colouring algorithm so I can have a look at it later in more detail.
This entire star board is out of context LOL
It became so rampant in the java chat that was put into the description
9:17 PM
@Ballbreaker don't tell me you're innocent in that:P
9:34 PM
I was the worst
To be fair, all the things I starred were at least funny
OMG this guy I can't even
Q: Code will not plot and give error "num must be 0 <= num <= 3, not 4". What should I change?

user5144102This used to plot mean and variance with no trouble, it has recently started giving me an error of "num must be 0 <= num <= 3, not 4"- I haven't changed anything and not sure what is happening - See updated fix below import numpy as np import pylab as plt plt.figure(1) z = 1 for N in (10,100,100...

his second code block is "the updated fix", imagine the comment thread before his posting that
and read the fix afterwards:D
@rayryeng If you need some help... I'm good at finding missing commas etc
How many of my messages have been starred lol
Dont answer that
I can count
9:42 PM
you can't do that yourself, can you?
Figure of speech, you dweeeeb
I mean self-starring, you double-dweeb
No you can't self-star, you infinite-dweeb
so who starred you, infinite+1-dweeb?
"dweeb"... It's amazing how many English words I ignore :-)
@AndrasDeak Which inifinty, exactly?
9:43 PM
"a boring, studious, or socially inept person."
@LuisMendo it's also missing from my vocabulary, but context is enough:D
@LuisMendo the same one @Ballbreaker was referring to, unless it's real -infinity
@Ballbreaker but I guess I am a dweeb
@AndrasDeak :-D
This is the first google image of a dweeb
Hahaha. That perfectly explains the concept
9:45 PM
So a dweeb is what dorks become when they grow up.
Hahahah yeah exactly
Dweebs can also grow up into super-dweebs
like this guy did
Was that necessary?
I mean...
No, probably not lol
I was google imaging the word "dweeb"
/ checking Andras' linkedin
@Ballbreaker that's some feat:P
9:48 PM
Did you also check my uterus while you were at it?
Googling "Andras Deak" gives some music conductor actually
@LuisMendo very common name, unfortunately
I've been thinking about assuming a pseudonym for publishing
Do you Hungarians have a second family name?
That tends to confuse anglo- speakers, though
yup, we're reversed like the Japanese
So use both surnames and your given name? That'll make them less common
So your given name is Deak?
9:51 PM
@LuisMendo Oh, no, sorry, I misunderstood your question
One family name, >=1 given names, but in Hungarian the family name comes first
Ah, ok
the last name's first and the first name's last:P
So it's like in English but with a different order
Yeah, exactly
That's what I meant with the Japanese thing
And I didn't know that "second family name" is a thing
what language has that?
Your language is full of accents and umlauts :-)
Portuguese too
9:52 PM
@LuisMendo yup:)
@LuisMendo really?
though the order changes
so that's why I know a dos Santos Dias
Spanish: given name, father's family name, mother's family name
Portuguese: given name, mother's family name, father's family name
@AndrasDeak Exactly
haha, good to have some standardization on your peninsula:D
Well, no one notices
You only see two last names
9:54 PM
"dos" in Portuguese is a "van" part BTW (as in Dutch)
It means "from the" (in plural, masculine)
@AndrasDeak Liar!!! You are definitely the first one
@LuisMendo yeah, thanks, that I gathered:)
@Ballbreaker lol:D
@AndrasDeak I guess you gather "Santos" too :-)
@LuisMendo as in Saint?
9:58 PM
cool, thanks:)
@AndrasDeak I'm guessing you are the last one though
Come on, tell us which one you are!
@Ballbreaker the last one is the one who makes me want to change my publishing name...
@LuisMendo seriously, neither
9:59 PM
I was trying to prove the point that my name is horribly unspecific:P
He's actually been lying to us this whole time
and is in economics
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