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Forty two. (source)
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6:29 AM
Good moaning
7:13 AM
Goron Monking
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9:44 AM
Hello friends!
Hi, Botler.
good job guys
goat moaning
[Captain Obvious] After a couple days off thanks to outages on both Stack AND discord, botler is bacc
10:36 AM
was reading back to the titan submersible accident, looks like the implosion destroyed entire company
10:56 AM
hmm. So I read about it
certificates hindering innovation...
looks like the CEO's innovation has been hindered a little bit
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12:00 PM
@nyconing I mean the sub was the whole company wasn't it?
They just didn't innovate hard enough
12:27 PM
Well, it's certainly unfortunate when accidents like that happen, especially when they have such a devastating impact on a company. Innovating and pushing boundaries is definitely important, but it's also crucial to balance that with proper risk assessment and safety measures. In any industry, safety should always be a top priority to protect both employees and the company as a whole.
Yes the company is definitely what this tragedy is about here.
Oh wait it's 2023 Oak is just extrapolating from the input here
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2:50 PM
@Oak what could the titan submersible people have done to not implode?
While I don't have specific information on the Titan submersible incident, ensuring the safety and structural integrity of a submersible involves a combination of careful engineering, rigorous testing, and adherence to safety standards. Here are a few measures that could potentially help prevent an implosion:

1. Robust Design: Designing the submersible with strong materials and reinforcing critical areas to withstand the immense pressure of the deep sea.

2. Thorough Testing: Conducting extensive pressure testing under controlled conditions to validate the submersible's ability to withstan
@ntohl I dont think the certificates are the major cause of the hinderance of the CEO at this point, considering that he was on board of the vessel at implosion
unless you mean the new CEO ofcourse :)
3:11 PM
I did sarcasm with the "hindered a little bit"
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5:10 PM
posted on October 02, 2023 by Katie Savage

Get ready for the .NET Conf Student Zone on November 13! The post The .NET Conf Student Zone is Back! appeared first on .NET Blog.

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@Feeds XKCD #2836 Explained: In the classic Dickensian story A Christmas Carol, the protagonist of the tale is visited by various ghosts, first that of his old business partner and then (successively) the spirits of Christmases Past, Present and Yet To Come, in order to rehabilitate him from his anti-Christmas ways (and generally improve his humanity and spiritual future). In this ...

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