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6:29 AM
Well hello there
5 hours later…
11:14 AM
[Hector] morning
[Hector] oh hey we are no longer in the dark
[Hector] all thanks to Botler's humans
11:49 AM
[Hector] I have a problem today, I'm getting an error saying that a resources file can't be found. The error seems to be related to some resx file not loading properly, so I opened it up and I can see the component at fault (in this case it's an image). The image appears correctly in the editor
[Hector] any idea how I can fix this?
12:08 PM
[Hector] still haven't figured this one out. Every other icon loads properly, not this one
[Hector] there are like 15 icons here wtf
12:19 PM
[Hector] i just removed the file from the resources and re-added it. Still complaining it's not there
12:52 PM
[ntohl (MR.TaNk)] chatgpt?
[Hector] nope
[Hector] btw i figured it out
[Hector] I had added an extension method to check if a directory exists
[Hector] and that was causing a critical error when trying to access resources
1:08 PM
[Captain Obvious] resx files r dum
[Captain Obvious] liek theyre good, but a pain sometimes
1:48 PM
[ntohl (MR.TaNk)] I tried to include github.com/XAMLMarkupExtensions/WPFLocalizeExtension in MAUI with not much success. That stuff makes resx great
2:02 PM
Hi Guys Morning:
2:30 PM
 private ObservableCollection<Products> GetProductsPriceList()

            // var mylist  = new ObservableCollection<Products>();
            productpricelist = new ObservableCollection<Products>();
            XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument();
            foreach (XmlElement pn in doc.SelectNodes("/Data/Products/*"))
                var productlist = new Products
                    Mainproduct = pn.LocalName.ToString(),
from the above method i read some data from the xml file
How can i save it back to the file uisng XML doc.save()? How can i pass the value back tot he file? thanks
[Hector] I have a new ghost if someone wants to share some ideas
[Hector] Again, windows forms. A control is disappearing from a form.
[Hector] more specifically, a button reference disappears as soon as I save the designer
[Hector] doesn't matter what i do
[Hector] it also breaks on build
[Hector] i tried adding the reference manually but it deletes itself all the time
so whenever you finalize the changes on the ObservableCollection, you go through the pns also, do the changes, THEN doc.Save(@"C:\xmltest\26112023.txt");
I'd store the pn itself in the Product too
anyway. Why productlist contains Products? not Product?
2:49 PM
@ntohl could you please give me an example? thanks
@ntohl the class name was already set as Products
  foreach (XmlElement pn in xmlDoc.SelectNodes("/Data/Products/*"))
                pn.LocalName =

i tried to write to pn but i couldn't, could you pease show me an example? thanks
[Hector] btw for my issue, if I add the references manually, and build immediately it runs but as soon as that button gets hit, there's an exception saying the control doesn't exist
[Hector] and if I stop the debug session, i get the same error
I'm trying to implement oidc in .net framework (yes still if you remeber me from far enough back) it works on dev, but then I promote to test and I get this fun error
A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond
3:20 PM
pn.LocalName.Value = ...
pn.LocalName.InnverValue = ...
if this doesn't work
pn.Value = ...
pn.InnerText = ...
or whatever
@ntohl How can i refer to the class properties? pn.InnerText = MainproductName?
[Captain Obvious] my patience with this code review is running very thin
4:22 PM
[Hector] I 100% agree, why
[Hector] Someone decided to reinvent the wheel
[Hector] also there's this inner feeling of mine, that people build async tasks but they always await
[Hector] hence, why the hell would you want to make it async? To make debugging your server even harder?
5:20 PM
\[**[juanvan](https://discord.gg/PNMq3pBSUe)**] So Annoying.. have an access db trying to update, GetInsertCommand Give me a Syntax error;
Built a method to extract the raw SQL from the GetInsertCommand, plug it into a query window in Access and it updates the DB fine.

Cloned the DataTable and it gives me the same generic syntax insert error.

Picked the Parameters out and keyed them to OleDbType - same error - same generic error

Anyone have a hammer, think I have a screw to fix
[Hector] I feel you
[Hector] Will a giggle help?
[Hector] Someone has uploaded a class to master that's called PreBoilerPlate.cs
[Hector] And guess what, next commit has PostBoilerPlate.cs
[Hector] dude just beat life in hard mode, he made explicit boilerplate
[juanvan] Giggling does help
[juanvan] One of those classes will cause a headache some day
[juanvan] Copied the SQL to a raw insert statement and it worked fine 🤯 might be doing this the Super long way.. or something wtf does it fail ok lunch
6:01 PM
[juanvan] Well this is strange, it picked up an extra field this time.. humm
[juanvan] Ahh I didn't clear the text durp
[juanvan] Found the problem, or something..
6:18 PM
\[**[juanvan](https://discord.gg/PNMq3pBSUe)**] Insert into H20CMX500 (Field1, Field2, Field5, Field7, Check) VALUES ('H20CMX500001',4,'ENGINE: PC56E-6000001','-','Could Not Find');

This fails for some reason..
6:36 PM
[Hector] I assume you already ruled out all the basic errores
[Hector] i.e. you are inserting all mandatory fields, all data types are correct, etc.
[Hector] given how your field names are FieldX I might assume that 4 in the middle of the sentence might need to be '4'
[Hector] I mean it looks like everything's varchar
[Hector] then again, wtf is that naming convention
[Hector] <@441228721198858242>
[juanvan] Was the work Check
[juanvan] Access was accepting it with out Brackets, when I updated the piece meal version of the insert it works.
[juanvan] 6hr later and it works!!
6:53 PM
Erin Yepis on January 26, 2023
The Most Loved languages are those that appeal to veteran developers.
7:38 PM
[Hector] nice
[Hector] way to go
7:50 PM
[juanvan] ty
[juanvan] Got a case of red bull for installing some wires for a guy
3 hours later…
11:04 PM
@CaptainObvious he even ignore the result of JSON serialization
If he's doing that, most likely you have no access management protection middleware installed

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