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2:22 AM
dimBitmap = dimBitmap ?: Bitmap.createBitmap(bitmap!!.width, bitmap!!.height, Bitmap.Config.ARGB_8888)
@Wietlol do you know the Kotlin equivalent of ??= operator of C#?
there is none
if (dimBitmap == null) {
    bitmap?.let {
        dimBitmap = Bitmap.createBitmap(it.width, it.height, Bitmap.Config.ARGB_8888)
anyway to improve this formatting?
if (dimBitmap == null && bitmap != null) ?
I would be required to write dimBitmap = Bitmap.createBitmap(bitmap!!.width, bitmap.height, Bitmap.Config.ARGB_8888)
which is inconsistent
what is bitmap?
2:29 AM
var bitmap: Bitmap? = null
you can shadow the bitmap
val bitmap = bitmap
if (bitmap != null) {
    // bitmap is not-null
ah no, actually this: dimBitmap = Bitmap.createBitmap(bitmap!!.width, bitmap!!.height, Bitmap.Config.ARGB_8888)
double !!
oh something like in Swift
alright. that looks consistent enough. thanks
if you have mutable properties, there is no guarantee that another thread wouldnt simply set it back to null
so a null check is not sufficient
you either have to load the value into a local val and assert that that one is not null or use a lateinit property
this is a UI control so I better run everything from UI thread.
kotlin compiler doesnt care if you are never even setting the property
2:35 AM
is shadowing somehow a safe way to do over null checks?
since I already obtain its last value
4 mins ago, by Wietlol
so a null check is not sufficient
so is the shadowing technique more effective?
to avoid NRE/NPE
shadowing is unaffected by multiple threads
because the value is then local
the property itself may change, but the local variable wont
you just want to dim an ui, do it on canvas instead
if you want more complicated dim, do it in renderscript
yeah I'm doing this with canvas.
renderscript is not for beginners
2:47 AM
im not sure but afaik a new bitmap isnt required to dim a drawable using canvas
I'm trying to simulate a 2d light source by retaining everything from a clipped source and flood fill the unclipped part, basically a masking.
it's working good but kinda slow though
just draw the shape with canvas, paint it and then clip it with xfer
2 hours later…
4:50 AM
hello, i have a many classes that inherit from Exception class. all these classes have same code and handle the exptions for each property in it. the question is is there is a way to write a generic class for all these classes so I skip writing same code for each. note that when i want to throw an exception i would like to throw new propertyEmptyException for example. any recommendation ?
2 hours later…
6:33 AM
@Kob_24 Maybe a helper method is good enough for your case?
Has anyone used .NET to connect to etcd cluster?
No clue what is a etcd cluster
GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' neglecterinos!
@DKDhilip nahj
Also remeber Kob, exception should be just that, an exception.
Only throw them if it is necessary, i.g. when writing a Lib and you can't controll the guy who is consuming it.
6:53 AM
@Kob_24 how do those exception classes look like?
@Wietlol public class Foo : Exception
i will give you an example of how am thinking
ah, I wouldnt make all the constructors, only those that you need
you wouldnt want those exceptions without a message anyway
6:59 AM
@Wietlol yes i agree
and thats what i do
only needed constructors
@DKDhilip why you post dis?
Goood moorniiiiiiiing CeeeShaaaarp! How've you been doing last week? Anything useful happened in here while I was gone?
Jack, tumbleweed
I see Jack's still slow as fuck Jack
Challenged owner, challenged bot.
7:11 AM
@Squirrelintraining I just asked question about .NET with etcd...
Sorry, monday.
@Kob_24 there is only one programming language I know that does what you want... but ofcourse, that is not C# then
No problem lol
I think I'll just implement my own version of client library in C#
Which mean I have to implement a client side load balancer too, because .NET gRPC client lacked balancer
a client library with a load balancer?
that sounds... weird
Because my services need to talk to etcd cluster
7:18 AM
Gonna be a real application or a pet project? Because I think Azure has a free load balancer?
It's going to production once completed
It's different kind of LB, it is grpc related
if you want proper load balancing, then you should have a central entry point that handles the balancing
not the client
but the server
I can't believe I'M saying this, but listen to The Wiet on this one
7:20 AM
A single entry point for me is SPOF
That's why I need to implement such thing
I accept the load balancer as SPOF tho
grpc in golang does include the balancer thing
if the load balancer itself fails, you probably are having a bigger problem
It's currently not implemented in .NET
but on the other hand, I also use load balancers from a service provider, I wont make one myself
7:22 AM
I understand, but the load balancer I mentioned is a different thing
It's solely for etcd
I would use existing LB for other things
what advantages would gRPC bring?
etcd uses gRPC, so...
I just implement client library with their .proto files
what advantages would etcd bring?
Quote from official website: A distributed, reliable key-value store for the most critical data of a distributed system
I want to use it for service discovery and configuration
It's similar to Zookeeper
I suppose I am spoiled with AWS...
7:29 AM
I could just push new configuration, and all services just get new values immediately without stopping anything
I gonna run this on AWS too
But I don't want to use their managed services
i see
7:47 AM
Morning children
@Wietlol Good question, there isn't much in terms of security really
so you just hope no one breaks it?
of course]
go fast, take chances
I see I need to get Wietbot back in here asap
but then the development of botler will probably stop :D
developmentally challenged?
7:53 AM
well... as long as Wietbot is here, no other bots are necessary, so their development stagnates
I mean
I could just tell botler to ignore wietbot
(except that's not actually a feature yet)
just like James ignores Wietbot?
in Sandbox, Sep 30 at 23:07, by JamesBot
JamesBot still doesnt ignore Wietbot tho
even tho JBis is absolutely sure it is ignored
No as in he doesnt even know what to do if you tell him to ignore
But when I add that I will also add the ignoring
8:44 AM
There is one downside to using pre-release versions of .net
Especially if you're using CI or whatever
When you deploy your builds to prod, there's a chance that your app won't work because an update was released so now the app is built against RC2 and you only have the runtime for RC1 installed
Same with test too
I may have had to update the app server a few times
I mean, that's part of why they specifically tell you not to use preview versions in prod
@CaptainObvious you mean you automatically update?
or you mindlessly upgrade from RC1 to RC2?
if first, then disable that and specify versions explicitly
if second... then I offer my condolences
Yup, I learned that too when it broke our build when docker brought a new base image.
8:57 AM
It doesn't break the build
I just use the latest preview release because WCGW
image: yolo@latest # WCGW
Lee's CI/CD config
Hasn't caused any problems yet
Immediately followed by another step to install the latest version of 3.0.x because the swashbuckle cli tools don't work properly on 3.1 (at least the version I'm using anyway)
but yea... better mark that as an explicit version right now
if you have many of these configs, make it read from a shared config
When .net 5 comes out of preview I will but for now it's staying as is
Out of previuew
what the ever loving fuck is that
Nyan Cat in alternate universe...
"It is a near-final release of .NET 5.0, and the last of two RCs before the official release in November. RC2 is a “go live” release; you are supported using it in production."
So .NET 5 previuew is good for production...
meanwhile at production:
"Am I a joke to you?"
I've been using .net 5 in prod since preview 3 or 4
Although it wasn't the end of the world if it didn't work at that point, but around the release of preview 7 I updated the service that in on .net 5 and it's consumers so it's a fully required dependency
9:35 AM
meanwhile, I was furious at serverless for assuming I ran on the latest version
which, after having it installed for a few years and never updated, no, I do not
I was close to blame npm for it... but I suppose Maven isnt much different... it is just that Maven already has all the things it needs
and serverless requires active development to make things work
I still blame npm though
I hef begin my new job
How's it going so far? Colleagues already letting you alone or SO chat explicitly allowed?
Hello world!
9:55 AM
My work laptop is still at their office lmao
u found ur crush there?
Please tell me you did this
2 days ago, by Squirrelkiller
lol entering company slack like "'sup guys I'm on my phone so gimme time to type"
haha no
lul yes
damn lots's to do here
killerino when you stopping by?
3 days of work, then freetime for a week again
So then probably
10:04 AM
Don't forget, i sitll haz that book
@CaptainObvious Linkedin is telling me to congratulate you on your time at your work
@nyconing this is legit a banger
It's lees birhtday?
10:20 AM
he has had the 5 years at his work
So you're saying it's time for a new job
@CaptainSquirrel Good plan
I mean maybe
But I'm allowed to YOLO shit into prod
10:44 AM
@CaptainSquirrel oh dear
JAck, tell CaptainSquirrel funfriday
Easy, switch it out for this:
what no oneboxing for vimeo? Disappointed.
mi game is 70% completed
10:48 AM
You make a game?
yeah simple 2d game
@Squirrelkiller the difference is
basshunter is fuckin' shite m9
also this is to become my new pfp
||votekick CaptainSquirrel
@Squirrelkiller voted to kick @CaptainSquirrel
Why wait?
@Squirrelkiller <3
10:51 AM
||votekick CaptainSquirrel
@Squirrelintraining voted to kick @CaptainSquirrel
||votekick CaptainSquirrel
@CaptainSquirrel voted to kick @CaptainSquirrel
Lol whut
a'ight that's three votes
10:52 AM
what is this heresy?
I might just build a more advanced votekick command for Botler
Double kik oO
An excellent plan
YOu guys must have done that at the same time :o
And hopefully you won't make a laod of changes to the router or anything at the same time as me so we end up with a nightmarish merge conflict again
10:53 AM
@CaptainObvious Why would you fuck with the router again
I rpobably won't
I fixed it twice now
@Squirrelkiller Cuz it's fun?
Although I might add a ignore user thing
Its job is to route
Hm fair enough
10:54 AM
Gotta ignore wietbot before he gets angry again
So it turns out there is a second, more mature, more lame version of Basshunter - DotA
If you ever come across it - move along. I don't recommend it.
Can you push to master? If so when you're done with something just YEET it in there, leave it a few minutes to build then resrtart the bot
ew writing yeet actually felt disgusting
Not sure, but i can definitely merge my own PRs lol
OTOH: May I recommend to work with branches? Would let you merge shit into master only after it actually builds lol.
Why does Basshunter's official vimeo page seem to be italian?
10:57 AM
yeah but fuck it it's a chat bot
Unless it actually gets contribs from everyone else in the room
GET IN HERE ALDS - Contribute to the downfall of civilisation this room
I totally used Botler to finish my hacktoberfest entries
oh for fucks sake
I noticed
jack was so fucking slow
i was like
oh, what's this link
10:59 AM
Just give up on him
Embrace botler
I still don't understand how he is so slow
Botler is fast
10:59 AM
he doth restart
@CaptainSquirrel 🤣
Did you klek?
also shitler is written in the forbidden text is he not
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