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5:24 AM
I am having difficulty with a security coding problem in C#
Problem is discussed in here-
Q: Configure TSA in Xml Signature in C#

Abrar JahinI am trying to sign an XML file in C# using Signature Class library by Microsoft. What I have done is like this- using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Net; using System.Security.Cryptography; using System.Security.Cryptography.X509Certificates; using Syst...

Can anyone please help?
6:00 AM
Buenos dias
6:35 AM
Hey could anyone tell me what's the shortcut for select all words of an specific word?
In Visual Studio
For example if I have 3 words called varX, how could I select all them at once?
I'm not sure that's possible
You can of course rename all of them at once using ctrl+h
I know it was possible in google colab, but I don't remember the shortcut for that, so I thought that maybe Visual Studio could have the same stuff, ctrl +h isn't as accurate but it helps
6:52 AM
GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' neglecterinos!
@Squirrelkiller you're late
Says the guy who just arrived
7:04 AM
@Sharki You can change the search type and use wildcards or regex, but I dont know what do you mean by "select all at once"
shit I only have 1 week prep for interview but still I haven't practiced any CS-esque questions
@Squirrelkiller I got kids yo
and they need to be sheeped to the kita
7:29 AM
I've received an offer from a "well-funded" company based in HK. I don't know how they find me fit with what they are looking for. My previous experience is mostly UI/HUD but this company is targeting mobile games.
but I do want to be a game developer someday, but I still think I am not ready yet.
@mr5 A friend of @Squirrelkiller and me is in game dev.
Is he very good at Math?
@Cleptus I'm looking for something like ctrl +g in google colab (it's like a global find next, so if I select a word and do ctrl+g I can find the next word which is called the same)
7:44 AM
@mr5 No
Atelast i DOn't know.
But he's been in the company for 2 years and only now got a permament contract.
Visual Studio has advanced search options, that even allow regular expressions
@Squirrelintraining what games do they make?
I have had mixed results, you could give it a try
yeah kinda make sense since most of game company I've seen online are from Europe
@Sharki that's called find and replace.
7:47 AM
ugh need to register
the games looks like web-based
Seems like MMORPG mostly
@RoelVanUden might find this interesting
and I don't think I can do that kind of game yet with my knowledge.
We need a change.org petition so that Roel changes his name back again!
so I'm hesitating to apply with this well-funded company.
Wait is gameforge not well known outside germany?
8:03 AM
Jesus christ outlook on desktop is stupid
That's because my password has changed. Maybe if you prompted me for my new password it would work again
@CaptainObvious yes.
You can't even create rules to push messages into MessageBoxes that have the same name.
   > Requests
   > Bugs
   > Requests
   > Bugs
Outlook couldn't push message to Customer_1.Requests and Customer_2.Requests auto0matically, cuz they have same name.
I'm currently still trying to solve that issue#
But as it's failing to log on, Outlook is constantly freezing for about 10s, then unfreezing for about half a sec, rinse and repeat
8:29 AM
Outlook masta pizza.
Anyways how's my peanut butter coming allong?
8:42 AM
let's have some squirrel....................................food?
ice cream!
now it's motherboard's turn.
GameForge isn't necessarily famous where I live but my friends have definitely played KingsAge
and I've played Metin2 for a while
I wouldn't have known they were GameForge games until I looked it up on their website though
@JansthcirlU xD
@mr5 Such a load of bollocks.
8:55 AM
yeah. bulok!
bulok means rotten btw
ic, bollocks is used to express contempt as well
9:08 AM
@mr5 I actually have an idea for a mobile game if you're interested to collab if you have the time
Ideas are cheap.
collabs are fun though
and cheap
9:33 AM
at what time do you guys usually take lunch breaks?
I'm wearing this tshirt atm
a bit large for a squirrel I reckon
9:58 AM
The size is relevant
10:11 AM
@Squirrelintraining Hard to say, she's meant to be on holiday so she's a bit useless at responding to messages
@juanvan True
@CaptainObvious 😂
11:17 AM
Holy jesus fuck it's suddenly raining
Quick question.
How do you get the Uri of a UserControl at Runtime?
Usually you can just write it up as a string in the XAML: "/SomeFolder/Control.xaml"
@CaptainObvious Why would it even prompt you instead of just using your normal windows login? Whenever my outlook asks me for credentials because a PW change or I forgot my VPN I'll just restart outlook and it'll login using the windows logon.
But I am loading modules at runtime that need to register usercontrols as URIs.
11:28 AM
Dude I have no idea but why even do it like this? Since it's WPF, the application probably already has all the data in its directory, so why not just do it without using files?
I don't have a choice...
I am using ModernUI for WPF for theming applications.
And it uses links for everything.
And the links need URIs to load up UserControls.
Sounds complicated
It's not complicated to use at all, but in XAML.
From the GitHub demo:
The reason for the Links I think is because ModernUI has a whole system for backtracking through links--like hitting backspace on your browser.
11:35 AM
@Feeds okay that is actually hilarious lmao
I run into the weirdest problems...
that imgur link reminded me that I deleted my imgur 🥳
I never had an imgur I think. Imgur is a site literally created to host images for reddit.
yeah except now they get mad at you for doing exactly that
and they have an absolutely shite taste in memes...but they're redditors, so that explains everything
Can't notice them get mad if I never go to their comments or whatever they call it lol
11:40 AM
you'll see them get mad by the negative votes
I don't see their votes either. Good thing reddit can directly display the images hosted there.
@mr5 mimi "bring back" p3k
the last meme I shared was a Todd Howard thing and it got mass disliked
On Imgur?
WPF room is dead...
11:46 AM
See there's your mistake - you treated imgur like a real site
No one has any ideas? D:
Never worked with or evne heard of ModernUI before
well if you want the pic, just look up "Todd Howard eats pants" :P
Yeah, problem is independent of it though. UserControl -> Uri
@CaptainObvious any ideas?
11:47 AM
Well where the the URI for a control defined?
No idea, the UserControl class doesn't have a URI property.
@Squirrelkiller When the account was set up the passwords weren't synced. They are now
What am I being asked about?
About what tho
I cba reading back
@CaptainObvious convert a UserControl to a URI in C# rather than in XAML.
I don't wanna do it, but ModernUI WPF is forcing me too.
11:52 AM
Hold on a sec
Why a URI
I've used user controls loads and I've never needed a URI
Also what are you using the UserControl for
ModernUI nuget package uses Links (which use source URIs) for application navigation at runtime.
Ohhhhhhhhh yeah I never did that
Get nuget package, would be easier if I wasn't trying to load links at runtime....
I wrote an assembly loader for creating application extensions and I need to give the extensions the ability to register a UserControl to represent that extension, which requires me to get the resource URI of said UserControl to load into the ModernUI links interface.
11:56 AM
Presumably the Controls are implementing an interface which is the things you can load
In which case why not add a method to the interface which when implemented returns the resource UTI of it's xaml
Idk how to get the resource URI of an XAML control. The assembly extension are loaded at runtime so I generically handle them as UserControls.
Might just be easier to have them just write in the URI manually....
"Looking at life from a different perspective makes you realize that it's not the deer that is crossing the road, rather it's the road that is crossing the forest." - Muhammad Ali.
Yup, screw it, I'll force the person writing the extension to put in their own damn URI.
12:04 PM
Yeah that's what I was saying
quick question: is there a Boolean or some other parameter in a sqldataadapter to tell if it has timed out or not?
@CaptainObvious I will be taking said advice.
I wanna spit out a message if the sda times out
You'd usually get an exceptoin woulnd't you?
does it? cause I haven't noticed that
12:05 PM
Also why are you using data adapters like some sort of old man
cause I work with old people :D
what should I use, then?
Entity Framework
it looks like this requires installing something, which I'm not allowed to do
it's part of .NET
also part of .NET Core but not included by default
so yeah you'll have to install a NuGet package technically
12:08 PM
Yeah it's not like there needs to be something new running
well it threw an error, but not an exception that I could catch
yeah, have a look over at the Entity Framework / EF Core documentation and you'll see how useful it can be
thx I'll see about showing my boss
cause yeah these guys didn't even know about bootstrap until I asked "hey can I use it in our new mobile site?"
"What do you mean smartphone? I'm fine with just having a dumb phone cause my wife knows everything!" (boomer hilarity ensues)
12:15 PM
the other IT guys aren't even boomers; they're just people who took business instead of IT in college
ah yes, the only smart thing about them is the way they dress I bet
> resource UTI
Lee with the cruel ideas
just deaded
12:39 PM
do you guys ever wanna become managers
I basically was one in college for most of my projects lul
and I would micromanage the shit out of people who weren't doing their work right
sounds like you're a good fit then
@JansthcirlU Our current dev lead was a dev once and has now been dev lead for several years. I notice he really misses the coding. I guess for the right price I might walk his path.
one guy I regularly worked with even said I was his least favorite person in most of the groups we were in
probably cause I have little patience for idiots
@Squirrelkiller yeah that makes sense, but then again you guys are lucky to have him as a manager instead because he understands what the development process is all about
12:42 PM
@Freerey Not a good treat for a software developer.
compare that to many companies who just have corporate HR twerps trying to choreograph software devs
well obv I'm more patient with people who are in a position where idiots can take the position :P
@JansthcirlU Absolutely. He's really strongly helping us convince the other managers why we need Updates, automated testing, fixed time for refactoring per sprint, trainings and stuff.
awesome stuff
I think the only time I nearly lost it was when somebody was having trouble navigating my website on their ipad and they kept asking me about "press home to unlock"
which is a feature I never made, so it took me way too long to realize THEIR IPAD WAS LOCKED
12:44 PM
Although I guess a few projects getting run into a wall might have proven to management that they should listen to devs too.
you would think that
but they just live in a different dimension sometimes
obviously not all managers are arses, just spouting stereotypes here
One big feature should have taken like 2 weeks for ~2 devs, but it took another week of fixing something afterwards in a hurry.
My comment in the meeting afterwards was "here's the ticket I wrote a year ago, I told you it was important multiple times.".
the future is forward, never look back (i.e. forget about whatever complications people may have signalled)
Well they do, they have to think in different ways then we do. They think about "how much money will this invested time get us?" because that's how you run a business, so I can understand where they're coming from. They do have to run a business.
yeah absolutely
but the devs are the people who make the service or product work, no amount of HR and honeyed words is gonna change that
so if you have a product to sell or a service to provide, the least you could do is prioritize those who are going to make it for you
12:48 PM
hello Darth
Yeah but you have to decide whether to 1) build this new feature a customer is paying 50k for or 2) let the dev "automate the testing and deploy" (which will probably make his life easier but what exactly does it do for the business?).
true true
I wrote a program in visiual studio 2010 win forms with c# the program works fine in my pc and my pc is x64 I want to run my exe for another pc but when i try to run it give me microsoft.ace.oledb.12.0' provider is not registered on the local machine
it's definitely not easy to be a good manager
12:50 PM
So the dev has to go "this will prevent future mistakes from getting to the end product and also save a whole day of work per sprint", then the manager can translate that into money.
the other pc is x64 too
I know I'll regret going into this hole but: Why?
@DarthSucuk did you only transfer the exe file to the other computer?
12:52 PM
cause you'll probably need a bunch of DLLs with it
ı make a setup file with publish
I've got no idea then
but do consider upgrading to VS 2019 lol
Is the old .net Framework installed on this new PC?
Which framework does it use?
ı click solution explore and select my project and publish, it create a setup file,an .application file and application files
nope the other pc include same office program 2016
12:54 PM
here Darth, I found this thread concerning the same error
maybe that'll be of help
@Squirrelkiller how can I learn it
i mean framework
In solution explorer right click on the project -> properties
Or look for something like TargetFramework in the .csproj file
if it's 2010 it's probably .NET 3.5
Possibly. Still need confirmation.
12:57 PM
target framework writes .net framework 4 client profile
client profile?
i saw it in properties
yep it writes client profile
In there?
TIL there was a .NET Framework Client Profile
Have you tried upgrading to net45?
1:05 PM
the issue is that the other computer is missing a database engine that used to be included in windows by default (but not anymore)
when ı try to debug x86 it works but not in x64 or any cpu and also it's not release in x64 x86 or any cpu
1:27 PM
Yeah the client profile is a lighter version of the full framework
1:37 PM
Damn killerino you almsot got 1.5k rep
I don't even have 300 :(
@Squirrelintraining Still some old stuff and mostly my own questions that turned out to solve other people's problems too lol
Hey I have 336, not bad
2:18 PM
@Squirrelkiller lerl
2:36 PM
can i debug api calls from android emulator?
why not
debug like normal window app
just click debug
and wait debugger attached to it
hey NY for the longest time
youre not bot
yeah ive done done quite sometime before but now am encountering errors.
LoginModel loginModel = new LoginModel
Username = "testusername",
Password = "password"

var Json = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(loginModel);
StringContent httpContent = new StringContent(Json, Encoding.UTF8, "application/json");

Uri uri = new Uri(string.Format(Constants.GetLogin, string.Empty));

HttpRequestMessage r = new HttpRequestMessage
Method = HttpMethod.Post,
RequestUri =uri,
Content = httpContent

var a = await client.SendAsync(r);
the await client.sendasync just ends up in "No compatible code running" error
3:17 PM
is it safe to make a post ajax request to a secure site if your site is unsecure? or should both sites be secure?
No it's not. Theoretically someone could intercept your site and fiddle with whatever makes that secure call, compromising the security the other site tries to provide.
Seeing u loosers
bye byes
@Squirrelkiller thanks!
3:42 PM
whoaaa ARM belongs to Nvidia now?
@c0dem0nkey then try to avoid async temporary for debug?
@Freerey Only waiting for the authorities to let them I think.
Q: Check if MaxLength is less than 5 for Textbox

csscoderI am trying to validate a textbox on my form. I want to make sure I cover all possible things that go wrong such as: not entering anything and entering a number less than 5 digits. I set the textbox MaxLength=5, which works fine since if I do go over 5 digits, I don't even see them on the screen ...

Does anyone know how to fix this?
@nyconing will try
@nyconing is there no way to debug that
with async
im new to it
4:40 PM
2 hours later…
6:30 PM
In VS, there's supposed to be an option in the Locals window for "Break when value changes", isn't there?
yo yo yo
Something, somewhere in the code is causing a property to change under really strange conditions and I'm trying to figure out where it is.
There's supposed to be an option under Locals for "Break when value changes" but I think that might only be for C++.
i dont see such options
7:09 PM
for the debugger, perhaps value watchers?
Why can't I see a property on the parent object of an Inheritance?
I can see all the properties in the base class, but none in the derived classes.
abstract that's what I was looking for
hey guys, i've got a question that im not positive how to ask...so here it goes
is there a way to expose an instance of a class with out constructing it?
im using attributes to mark up certain relationships in my classes
and i don't want to use a string incase the classes change
so my attribute would look something like this
[ProjectRequirement(ProjectIdProperty = Project.Id)]
[OfficeRequirement(ProjectIdProperty = Project.OfficeId)]
7:29 PM
7:42 PM
Thank you!! i should have known that haha
1 hour later…
8:44 PM
FFS they blocked project Gutenberg in Germany because of fucking Waldorf Frommer layers
Hey guys. When using entity framework, if you have to objects of the same type and the values of one should take on the values of the other EXCEPT for the ID/Key, is there a quick way to do that?
I use objectdatasource and pass a type through to the UpdateMethod, and I don't want to have to specify each of the fields individually, ie: existObj.FldName = newObj.FldName;
maybe use reflection using a loop and assign the values?
Yes that might work but I feel like that might be reinventing the wheel.
i dont think there is a built in method to do what you want
maybe clone the object and replace just the ID?
9:01 PM
I found it!
what about using a serializer like json, serialize the first object, then deserialize it to another?
what did you find?
MyType updatedObj
var existObj = db.MyObj.FirstOrDefault(x => x.Id == updatedObj.Id);
The first line is the updated object passed into the update method
And really should by called MyObj updatedObj
so both are db objects and your copying values form one to the other?
I just messed it up when sanitizing it for you
what does Attach do? I dont think I ever used that
nevermind found it (attach to context)
9:08 PM
Yes. Here's another use, for deleting.
MyObj thisObj

Again, the first line is the object passed into the Delete method
but the object has to exist in the db in that case
And, inserting...
MyObj thisObj

I love EF.
9:36 PM
I ,d88b.d88b, EF
booo my heart is all distorted :(
I ,d88b.d88b, PornHub
@erotavlas ftfy ^
yay :)

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