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3:35 AM
!~youtube friday
3 hours later…
6:44 AM
Buenos dias
7:09 AM
@Hypersapien make it load this information from a settings file which isn't in git
or have a settings file with sample information that doesn't give away password information, and then let each developer change it to suit his/her needs
1 hour later…
8:18 AM
resolving merge conflicts
test dont pass because of recent conflicts solved
= merge conflict conflicts
1 hour later…
9:41 AM
@Grace your source code is in source control -> your web.config (and also potentially your web.debug.config web.release.config) is in your control -> your connectionString is in your web.config
ahoy mateys
Ahoy Captain O7
Slow day today
@HéctorÁlvarez they want replacability with a monkey.
It's very quiet in here today.
9:53 AM
Jack, tumbleweed
that's my boy
I found a way to tell commands to bots differently. Interesting.
10:06 AM
Hmm, very interesting
I'll have to look at officially supporting that for Jack
Hello friends, Need help to design a application structure to handle common actions to all modal..
Want to design a structure in a way that can handle all the actions commonly..
how is he here with 19 rep
Is any one who are good in architecture in MVC C#?
depends how good youre talking about
what if it's not modal?
10:12 AM
its ok.
is it ok, if it's model?
yes. right.
spell mistake.
I would do something like write an action filter, which runs for all the code
@ntohl actually there would be 100 around different calculations.
I won't open shared stuff
let me send screenshot
Main application have 4-5 main category and each category will have different calculations views.. all view basically have common actions..
Total it would have 100 around models .
@Harry Jack?
10:36 AM
@CaptainSquirrel aye
Madara added him to the explicit write access list
which coincidentally, you are also on.
i knew i was didnt realise he was
why is j.doe on it
10:52 AM
Jack, Shrug
he was added a while ago
@AbhishekB. I would do something implementing decorator pattern.
@ntohl thank you.
how to handle common action to all partial view.
there are different partial views will be there.
decorated groups are signing the actions
11:05 AM
did someone say "decorator pattern"?
Run for the hills! Hide your children!
lets decorate the world!
11:09 AM
hide your nuts!
ಠ ͜ʖ ಠ
Don't you hate it
when you set an account up for a website
and they are like "We've sent you an email to finish your setup"
Yet here i am
15 minutes later
no email
had that happen to me before
my account is off the waitinglist on wt.social now
took only one week
and i didnt donate a thing
@CaptainSquirrel no, never had that issue, but, unlike you, I dont have non-printable characters in my email address
@Wietlol u wot m9
11:16 AM
‮I'll give you a none printable character
or that
would be funny
oh, nvm
I read it as @CaptainSquirrel
11:27 AM
@ntohl OK will check and get back to you.
12:19 PM
hate it when my eyes burn in the morning
is that a normal thing?
it's been worse for me these past few months cause I've been taking new medicine
is that a side effect?
I wasn't told it was
it's making the skin around my eyes dry up to combat the natural oiliness
my eyes feel like they're gonna bleed
right up and bulging out my skull
12:35 PM
if that gets worse, you should probably see a doctor
lmao it was a song
it doesn't even rhyme
the song doesn't rhyme lol
also the guitar in it is very lazily done
1:26 PM
Jack, Tumbleweed
In Greek, the word ‘squirrel’ means ‘shadow tail’.

The most iconic behavior of squirrels is storing nuts and acorns for winter. Which is necessary for the species of squirrel that don’t hibernate.

The hind legs of squirrels are double-jointed, which gives them the ability to run up and down trees very quickly.

Fun Facts about this little one:

A male squirrel can actually smell a female in heat, from up to a mile away.

Mating season for squirrels is from February to May, with a 44-day gestation period. Generally, two to four young are born per litter.
Good morning folks! It's friday!!!
1:38 PM
@CaptainObvious can i redeem that sandwich now?
its raining quite bad outside
I don't want to get whet
Well I'm at home so no
yesterday somebody left out a bunch of corn cobs and potatoes in the front yard for the squirrels
also I saw a dumbass squirrel fall out of a tree and land on its backside
2:09 PM
man that rain is bad
Jack, funfriday
there is nothing fun about this friday
I've not even had lunch :(
ive just been playing pool
2:11 PM
at work
12 secs ago, by Captain Squirrel
theres a pool table
we go play at lunch
ill miss that
my last day here is the 31st
you moving jerbs?
that day i might tell you where i worked
where you moving to?
2:12 PM
dont have a job to go to yet though
im being forced out
How come?
long story but the short of it is that they hired a junior developer cause they didnt want to shell out on a proper developer and were then amazed i couldnt do senior developer work
but of course they wont admit that
Sounds about right
2:14 PM
so im spending most of my time looking for interviews
and ove got one on tuesday
with a potential stage 2 on thursday
Good luck
nice nice nice
good luck indeed
cheers bois
Its never too late to join the military! I hope you find a good job
actually ive been considering joining the RAF at some stage in my career
in some sort of intelligence corps
2:15 PM
lol are you me
well my grandad was RAF
i was an air cadet
My dad was RAF
i like the RAF
me too
i want to fly planes
a lot of my family were ex forces
2:16 PM
but i turn 26 next year and i'm not currently fit enough
damn my dad was a USAF
grandad was RAF, great grandad was Royal Army in WW2, other grandad was HMRN
I could technically fly with the navy, their upper limit is 36
but they only have fast jets and helicopters :(
I remember someone from high school asked if I wanted to join the marines, but I had to turn it down due to my health
2:46 PM
When I was about to graduate high school, I remember some Marine recruiter wouldn't stop calling me
@Jay Strange that's what I had in the GridView example and it was working.
3:43 PM
Ryan Donovan on December 06, 2019

Stack Overflow and our Exchange sites get some great questions and answers. We think the folks from our community who share knowledge should be celebrated. So we’re introducing this bi-weekly roundup of questions that tickled our fancy. Want to give attention to a great question and/or answer? Tweet it with the tag #StackOverflowKnows and we’ll consider them for future installments of this series. 


How is it possible for an autonomous differential equation to hit infinity in a finite number of steps? What sort of mathematical wizardry is this? Is the math wrong, or  …

3:59 PM
Boss: How productive were you today?
I ran IIS
ohohooo better update Windows boi!
hell no
I'm still suck on a year-old version of Windows
Windows will shut down in a minute.
Save any work
There is a security vulnerability in codeworker even appdomain is deployed to runs untrusted code
normaly evaler allows to returns object
but when untrusted code returns a class, there is a chance to injects unsafe code into container
so only data object can be returned to ensure container is totally safe
unfortunately I still have to add restriction, but only on returned types
and then appdomain thrown an exception to container said XMLSerializerException
turns out serialization is median between appdomain
4:33 PM
Isn't `.Result` freeze UI for the task completion time?
Why does it freeze forever with me?
Your task is running forever?
Also aww, NY thinks she can get arbitrary code execution to be "safe"
because you creates a recursive by using .Result inside async method, ends up dead lock
use await instead
@CaptainObvious its safe for now
var a = new object();
lock(a) {lock(a) { return "purr"; }}
oh? I though it was a dead lock
4:53 PM
Not a dead lock, it has something to do with the scheduler. I'm not an async expert though.
private void button1_ClickAsync(object sender, EventArgs e)
    var result = GetDataAsync().Result;
    textBox1.Text = result;

private async Task<string> GetDataAsync()
    //await Task.Delay(4000);
    var response = await httpClient.GetAsync("https://jsonplaceholder.typicode.com/todos")
    var str = await response.Content.ReadAsStringAsync();
    var lsit = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<List<MyTask>>(str);
    taskTitle = lsit.FirstOrDefault(t => t.userId == 3)?.title ?? "not found";
I have to suspend the program from the task manager, to escape freezing
private async void button1_ClickAsync(object sender, EventArgs e)
    textBox1.Text = await GetDataAsync();
take a try?
I know, I'm just wondering why it freezes forever
I thought it only freezes for the completion time
5:19 PM
Something in the await it blocked?
Thanks mshwf for inspiration
my evaler now supports async lambda
!~>async()=>{await Task.Delay(2000); return "purr";}
good friday y'all
i'm trying to get a static variable enclosed in <script> tag from a html page using htmlagilitypack and for some reason it's not working at all.
Hi human! What's up? Show your code plz, let see if we can help you
the error msg too
I tried
var script1 = doc.DocumentNode.Descendants().All(x => x.Name.Equals("script") || x.Name.Equals("SCRIPT"));

var javascript = doc.DocumentNode.SelectNodes("//script[contains(text(), 'xxx')]");

var javascript = doc.DocumentNode.SelectNodes("//SCRIPT[@language='text/javascript']");
5:29 PM
there is no error message per see; it's either false (all()) or null
i'm looking at https://stackoverflow.com/questions/18156795/parsing-html-to-get-script-variable-value
I will try with jurassic library
my bad. I'm retarded. this work

var script1 = doc.DocumentNode.Descendants()
.Where(n => n.Name == "script")
Good to hear!
6:05 PM
People just need to get motivated! =)
someone just got paid $120,000 for ducktaping a banana to a wall
6:16 PM
I saw that yesterday, unbelievable.
6:35 PM
7:13 PM
Irrefutable proof that modern artists are fucking with us.
$120K for something that in a few weeks will be a gloopy mess dripping out of duct tape stuck to a wall.
My curiosity lies in the method of preservation. Bananas I buy go rouge in few days only. "To make that banana" stay "as Banana" for US 120k selling price must be out of the world.
@nyconing this is what I needed to read, thanks
8:08 PM
So, my day is almost done. I'll leave these beautiful bananas for you guys contemplate: boredpanda.com/banana-art-stephan-brusche/…
Have a good weekend folks!
oh thank god I thought it was gonna be minion memes
darn. I'm required to use IE11 to debug. The browser is locked down; I can't modify shit in it. I have a web page popping an error. In the error message there is the function name. From console (f12) if I do theFunctionName.toString() nothing is shown.

As a test I did Math.abs.toString() and it return the body of the function. Is there a reason why it wouldnt show the function body?
@Hypersapien to be fair the same could be said about a lot of thing; the object representation mean more than the support upon which it stand. A paint is merely a few gram of paint on a cloth with a wood support
8:51 PM
In Islam, religion symbols (god and prophets) can't be displayed or shown on TV.
Is this why I can't find videos featuring Stephen Cleary?
time to get a vpn and pretend you're in Japan
9:09 PM
however a skeptical Muslim who fail understanding async await, would laugh
9:38 PM
So, <asp:RadioButtonList>'s
does the order that you enter the <asp:ListItem>'s determine their index?
ie: the index of the first <asp:ListItem> is 0, 2nd <asp:ListItem> is 1, etc?
1 hour later…
10:52 PM
@Feeds Quiet you!

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