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3:01 PM
If it does not work, someone will come a knocking for you to fix it.
a man dressed as a bat rises was an acceptably entertaining film
I like the part where a man dressed as a bat flirts with a woman dressed as a cat
@HansZ glad to know. Im going to watch it in a few hrs time
the new Batman is cool but not as cool as the second episode
and catwoman is really yummy
3:03 PM
@Baboon yeah she is
also you guys are such dorks
lol why
i purposefully havent watched any trailers as trailers these days give away too much. I know the whole prometheus story line before watching it
i dont really see many trailors anymore anyway
except Ted, that was an awesome trailor and an awesome movie
3:07 PM
@HansRudel Yeah balls.
Nothing is more powerful than a young boy’s wish. Except an Apache helicopter. An Apache helicopter has machine guns AND missiles
@HansRudel what was the story in Prometheus again? I saw the whole movie and I am still lost
I refrain from watching trailers as well, it spoils too many surprises
Steve that is from Ted, right?
@HansRudel you won't guess batman, the end is WTF-like. you'll be expecting it if you read batman comics though.
3:17 PM
@kush these big white dudes (engineers) go to planets, drink some weird stuff and their body falls apart. thats how they seed a planet and life forms develop. Some archaeologists find some star map in several location, so they go check it out.Rock up and enter find some room thats a shrine to this bad ass biological weapon (aliens). Non human dude takes some samples without ppl knowing and then returns to the ship. is told to infect a dude. dude has sex with chick. chick has alien inside her
2 guys get lost and some of the bioweapon infects some worms and makes super bad ass worms that facehog them. 3 ppl die. they try put the chick in status and take her home to study the alien, she jumps in some auto operating theatre and gets it removed. They find the engineers in status pods. Dude aint happy when he wakes and rips ppls heads off and tries to go back to earth to wipe out life. guess he aint too happy with how life developed.
ship takes off. Earth ship takes off and crashes into it to stop it.
chick survives and takes one of the engineers ships and go to find the engineers and ask why they wanted to kill them
Great.. and I haven't seen the movie yet
Didn't read anything... trying not to anyway
@HansRudel that was more succinct and clean then the entire move was
@LewsTherin u can edit the source of the page and delete that post
Q: Why doesn't chat allow spoilers?

Kendall FreyStack Overflow allows spoilers in the form: >! SPOILER Example: Why doesn't chat support them? They would be quite useful, especially for rooms that are frequently off topic and often have dicussions about movies etc.

We need this feature.
@KendallFrey nice
@rerun yeah there were alot of holes in the plot
3:27 PM
@HansRudel what movie is that
I just figured they would jesus it in the end like BSG or lost
@Steve prometheus
@rerun "jesus it" lol
i downloaded that, but th quality was too bad i couldn't get further than 5 minutes into it before shutting it off
3:29 PM
What's the worst movie you ever watched?
American Zombie
The deer hunter
catch 44
glen or glenda that
the deer hunter is great
can someone help me with this question..


Thank you
@ygssoni the chat is not for begging
3:31 PM
Use IcoFX
he didn't beg
he came in here and asked people to look at his link once, thats completely acceptable
I stand corrected
You stand while you chat? I use a chair.
3:32 PM
dude m facing a problem..nd rather than pasting the complete code again again i pasted the question link..wats so wrong abt this?
nothing I didn't realize it was asked 20 hours ago
@ygssoni Surprised no answer yet.
@ygssoni did you get @kendallFreys answer? try IcoFx
IcoFx..ok..let me see
thanks :)
3:36 PM
Thank you for the detailed answer @HansRudel BTW, what was the little alien that came outside the big alien? Was the big alien just a suit for the little alien?
Dude you need to watch Aliens come on
I re-watched alien and aliens and discovered just how awesome they are
alien 3 alien 4 are crap
@rerun The game is awesome too (AVP2). Play it every day after work
@ygssoni: Bumped your question.
@Kendall Frey: thank you.. :D
i try with a lot of techniques..everytime m getting the same result..
3:43 PM
if i don't eat lunch with my coworkers ever does that make me a dick
That makes you...
@Steve is that the culture where you work
I have worked places where groups go out and some where its kinda expected for the whole team
lol, well they were all walking down to the cafe together, and i just happend to be going down at the same time, and they all went and ate together and i came back up to my office to eat alone, and the culture here is very friendly
i mean we walked there together
oh well
3:47 PM
if you didn't spit on them and tell them you would rather die then sup with them I think your good.
lmao okay, i just ask because i come off as a dick often without even meaning to, i'm trying to be more friendly
because well, i am a dick ;)
and faking it is sooo hard
That makes two of us.
I'm tempted to star that last one just to see it out of context.
this site has the ugliest web design i have seeen
3:50 PM
@Nadal, makes mine look good
That reminds of Sourceforge documentation, only prettier.
yeah that is pretty ugly, but not the ugliest
there's a blog that has an ugliest webpage of the week I'll try and find it
I remember someone shared a page with links to the ugliest pages on the web.
that sounds fun
bird flies backwards
its like people just get drunk and throw as much random shit on pages because they can
It takes talent to make something that ugly. No way can a drunk person do that.
lmao @quotidian is that some religious site or some mockery? For sure its made using some free web builder
we were talking about the blinking and scrolling text a couple of weeks ago
3:55 PM
@Nadal It was one that someone linked me a couple of weeks back
haha, They have the thing on the top of the page that is supposed to look like its from the browser that says " You may not be secure in your own personal faith..."
@ScottSelby lol i saw that too
supposed to look like some ancient version of ie or something.
The page even says best viewed with IE.
No page is best viewed with IE.
i would wonder if this site is hacked and modded to look like that...
Just for fun look at the excellent design of www2.warnerbros.com/spacejam/movie/jam.htm circa 1996
3:57 PM
its just real old, they have a link to their new page that looks a lot better, somewhat normal
does this need to be refactored??
how can you even see the links
@Steve Its like a challenge to read and then click them before a blue wave comes across and obscures them
@rerun That's pretty good. Not smooth, but great idea.
@HansRudel do you have a coding standard that requires you to comment every line
4:00 PM
@rerun no, i just prefer to write a list of comments first before writing the code
dokimos.org/home.html 2/3 way down, check out the epic button.
@KendallFrey lol i saw that too
@rerun any other comments would be appreciated
I wish I could criticize you for writing too much code in event handlers, but that would make me a hypocrite.
4:04 PM
@KendallFrey aye i had that feeling as well but i dont see how i could write it otherwise
I tend to believe that simply putting the whole thing in a separate method is better.
That way you can refactor it more easily.
It doesn't change much though.
@KendallFrey so u just have a single method call in ur eventhandler and then the method called contains all the code
That often is nice.
If you have code that uses sender or e, then don't bother though.
hmm ok.
thanks for the tip
lunch time
4:10 PM
anyone seen @kyleTrauberman today?
@HansRudel I think that method is just fine
it's about 40LOC, with half as comments, that's 20LOC
the only thing wrong is all those comments that add no value
dont worry its just a to-do list, i will remove them
Thanks for ur comments though, i appreciate it
who knows nintex
4:25 PM
@HansRudel with out more context it looks fine
can anybody tell why C# compiler shows an error for this code:
private const int BytesInGigabyte = 1024 * 1024 * 1024;
public const long DefaultLogSize64 = 4 * BytesInGigabyte; // The operation overflows at compile time in checked mode

I've verified the max value on msdn - long.MaxValue = 9,223,372,036,854,775,807, it's definatly bigger than the one I've declared
oh, I found the problem, thanks
you're welcome
this day needs to hurry up
isnt that right @KyleTrauberman
4:37 PM
Hey everyone hows it going?
good, how are you
@SurikovPavel FTR, it's caused by the fact that 4 * BytesInGigabyte is an expression of type int. Defining BytesInGigabyte as long will fix it.
@SurikovPavel 4 is and int and BytesInGigatypes is and int
you beat me
would casting it work? 4 * (long)BytesInGigabyte;
4:42 PM
int * int = int
int * long = long
Also, 10737741824 bytes is not a GB, it's a GiB.
Technically speaking.
@rerun i knew thats how it works in c++/java, but i'm relatively new to c# so I wasn't sure. Thanks for the clarification
if I was a superhero and my superpower involved the storage and retrieval of 2^53 bits of data, my superhero name would be Mr. PiB
4:48 PM
closing, open all the doors, and let you out into the world. closing time, turn all of the lights on
my sidekick would be Arkham Asylum guard Aaron Cache
i'm listening to a song on the radio and it sounds like its rap straight out of the 80s
but its new
just thought i'd let you know, and keep you all in the loop
I would just be a hero that could yell louder then it is possible for people to stand and then automatically win all arguments.
IMHO, the best rap I've ever heard was One Week.
4:56 PM
one week isn't really a rap
It's better than listening to black guys say lubbahubbafunnaluffadubba...
and it's not the best song ever
No, the song isn't great, but it's not ... well ... it's cool.
@HansZ would it be better it was a white guy
4:57 PM
if what was a white guy?
oh sorry wrong person
old school 80s rap is not bad
White guys don't rap like black guys. One Week is proof.
4:58 PM
funky cold medina is quite awesome
@kendall you'd like it
How do you know.
today was a good day is the best rap ever
because it's not pretentious or trying to be gangsta and it actually makes an attempt at producing good music
or maybe you won't like it, not gonna tell you how to live your life
programing over rdp on a vpn can be annonying
guys, i wonder if its possible to program a computer to program itself...
5:04 PM
@rerun yes
@Nadal yes
@HansZ link plox
@Nadal it's called metaprogramming
but sitting at home is awesome
how would that work, i would think it needs an external memmory spot to store its current operation
and it's the goal of C#6
@rerun yes.
@Baboon bs
5:05 PM
of course Roslyn helps too
@Baboon yes
okay lets build skynet now
@KendallFrey how can you say "bs" and "yes" when I talk about the same thing?
Roslyn != C# 6
5:08 PM
Roslyn is planned for C#6, even if bits and pieces are already on CTP
at least that's what wikipedia says
on the roadmap
I have to wait that long?
metaprogramming, where computers are no longer spoonfed
you can already get familiar with the CTP, the release won't be so different
Give me ALL the features!
It's just so cool that it drives me mad that it isn't complete.
@KendallFrey it's mainly aimed at 3rd parties
5:11 PM
Maybe it would let me realize my dream of a codeless language.
I doubt any enterprise project will delve into it
What kind of third parties? Am I a third party?
3rd party library providers
I see it as a replacement to using emit
like Telerik but for code
not just UI stuff
5:13 PM
Does it let you build things from expression objects, rather than code?
@KendallFrey do you read eric lippert's blog?
Don't follow it, but read a few posts.
he made some posts about roslyn, he works on it
5:15 PM
@KendallFrey that
Um, how is that ironic?
You know what Roslyn needs? A decompiler API.
@KendallFrey I wasn't sure if you meant it as "everybody knows that"
you can mess around with the compiler
that's the point of "compiler as a service"
Well, he is the 'compiler guy'
@Baboon See above image.
5:20 PM
Rrgh. Stupid stupid stupid. I hate trying to do things like "12345678" -> "56/78/1234"
Programming is supposed to be fun :(
@KendallFrey where did you hear that?
The beatings will continue until morale improves.
Corporation Inc.
I think youdontsay.jpg is the most often posted link on this chat
One of the best-designed, worst-implemented games.
@HansZ Biteth tung.
I love watching my managers beat the workers.
And watch the income rise.
@KendallFrey is that because the workers quit so you don't have to pay their wages?
I love managing my work to watch the beaters
whisking eggs is so much more fun if you have a balanced work load
5:29 PM
Never played I take it?
I love working my managers to beat the watchers.
I watch working my beats to loving the managers
aaand I'm done
back to work for Hans
I still love trying to make sentences from keywords.
How to add multiple site in one ip
in win server 2008
using iis
like www.rajeshisawesome.com, www.rajeshawesome.com, www.rajeshissocool.com all =>
and have them all display the same thing?
5:46 PM
get this long unsafe object into new sealed case for catch volatile yield if void is unchecked public interface
That has to be a record.
I got something weird going on with entity framework. The first time I call savechanges, 1 row (as I expect) is inserted. The second time, 2 rows that are duplicates are inserted, the 3rd time three duplicate rows are inserted, and so on. I debugged it and the line is only being hit once every 10 seconds when it seems like it is going. 1...12.....123.....etc
i spent all afternoon writing documentation in my garden, feels good man
@Justin you're lucky dave DV isn't here, you'd get an earful about EF lol
5:49 PM
@Steve Oh..he has before heh
@Justin lmao
6:04 PM
so quiet, huh @KendallFrey
I'm bored.
me too, i need to kill 2 1/2 hours
@KendallFrey haven't you always wanted to keep chugging away at www.projecteuler.net problems?
No, they're so hard.
6:09 PM
story time: So one time there was a cocowheats king
6:21 PM
Steve is taking a long time to tell his story
oh thats it
i decided making up a fake story about a breakfast cereal would be dumb, so i stopped
I admire your decision powers.
thanks :)
Uncle Steve, tell us the story about the time you were chased by MultiGrain Cheerios again?
6:25 PM
That's nothing compared to being chased by rogue JavaBeans.
@KendallFrey lmao
How many of you have read the Paula Bean story?
not me
Google it.
i'm busy googling wpf beginning tutorials
you brought it up, tell us the story grandpa kendall
6:28 PM
guys what was the function that grabs the string up until it hits a certain string ? kind of like string abc="you and me dirty picture"; someUnknownMethod(abc,"pic"); the result would be "you and me dirty "
i think you need two methods, one to determine the first instance of "pic" in the string, and then substring to that, but kendall will be able to tell you for sure
str.Substring(0, str.IndexOf("pic")); // I think
doesnt indexof just tell you the presence of a string in a sentence?
yep, sounds good to me :)
indexof tell you the first index of "pic" in the string
6:30 PM
thats interesting
like, pic starts at index 12 (12th character in the string), then with substring you cut from 0 to 12, giving you what you want
I thought it did occurence check
i didn't count, 12 is just an example
well it can
i think by default its value is -1, so
if(somestring.indexOf("some SUBSTRING") > -1) // do stuff
thats just a guess, you'll have to check msdn if it doesn't work
Kendall, maybe I should do that at work.
i think regex is overated and those poor string functions feel forgotten so whenever i can I try to use string functions instead of regex
6:35 PM
regex is too much of a pain, even for simple things
i try to stick to string functions when I can too
It's a case of speed vs power.
string functions -> fast
regex -> very super uber powerful
regex is being replaced by a new technology, i remember reading something about it when i was writing a compiler, it might be just for VS, but i don't remember the details
that doesn't sound familiar
I don't think regex will be replaced any time soon.
6:37 PM
but it has been a few months since i've heard about it
faded out would be a better description
Roslyn is the new compiler API.
I don't think regex will fade out either.
oh no, thats not what i was thinking of
god i wish i could remember the name, i heard it in this chat i think but let me review my questions
does anyone here use mono or do most people use VS?
I use csc and vim XD
6:40 PM
a few people here use mono, or at least i've heard them talking about it--i don't
what is csc?
I actually use VS, like any sane person.
C# compiler.
so low-level that I don't think VS even uses it.
kendal I tried to write the C# line of code you mentioned in php instead and my first run gives me errors LOL
oh is that what you use to compile IL?
6:41 PM
string sexy="bigg butts do not lie";
string soccer="";
echo soccer
so the database in stage and live differ. sigh.
thats because php doesn't use the . notation, doesn't it use ->
@Steve ilasm is for il
steve php does use . notion
@Nadal oh, its been forever since i worked with it XD
6:42 PM
shit im missing the ";"
okay fixed that doesnt seem to be the problem
steve im jus writing random string functions with pervyness :P
soccer = substring(sexy, strpos(sexy, "butts"));
i dont remmeber anything from php, just ignore me
6:44 PM
oh yeah
makes sense though
im double quoting it there
which doesnt make sense
its either string.method()
or its method(string,fewrf)
either or, i did both which isnt correct
Um, should it be ...ng( 0 , st...
let me try
but shouldn't you have to put in 0 somewhere? let me look on php.net
6:45 PM
substr ( string $string , int $start [, int $length ] )
$rest = substr("abcdef", 0, $end);
hey is there any easy way to compare a string to a column in SQL and find any rows that may be similar - similar meaning if the string is spelled incorrectly , like one or 2 letters off ??
soccer= substring(sexy,0, strpos(sexy, "butts"));
i put that but it seems to disagree with the line "bigg butts do not lie"
aren't you using $'s for variables? or is that no longer required
omg your right! LOL
C# has me be phucked
6:48 PM
and strpos can return a boolean too, so you might have to use it outside of substr, check if its false, if its not, then substr with it
LOL the next time I ran the php script i got a 500 internal error, YES!
i once wrote a method in C# that MD5 every string in a textfile..
There is one string in a text file. The string.
Interestingly, in SQL Server 2008 you have the DIFFERENCE function which may be used for something like this.

It evaluates the phonetic value of two strings and calculates the difference. I'm unsure if you will get it to work properly for multi-word expressions such as movie titles since it doesn't deal well with spaces or numbers and puts too much emphasis on the beginning of the string, but it is still an interesting predicate to be aware of.
Q: Find sql records containing similar strings

AlexI have the following table with 2 columns: ID and Title containing over 500.000 records. For example: ID Title -- ------------------------ 1 Aliens 2 Aliens (1986) 3 Aliens vs Predator 4 Aliens 2 5 The making of "Aliens" I need to find records that are very similar, and by that I m...

Phonetic value? So it knows that vane vain and vein are the same?
6:56 PM
i have no idea, i didn't write the answer
suppose there is a person and we have a person table. does it make sense to split this table into umpteen different tables if all the tables have a one to one relation with each other?
it sounded smart so i posted it
What would the separate tables be for?
ouuu one to one relation ;) atleast somebody's loyal
+1 lol
6:57 PM
Person, PersonDetail, PersonCustomizationSettings
especially the first two. I mean how did you decide what goes into the person table and what goes into the person detail table? Oh this is important enough to be in the person table but this is not important enough and will go to the person detail table. and of course, I will not make a data dictionary because job security.

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