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1:40 AM
Q: As someone not very active in this community, how do moderators' resignations affect me?

RainbI see that many moderators have resigned, citing some issues I don't know about. I don't know any of these moderators, I have no emotional connection to them, and so I don't care personally about them. Yet, the sheer number of resignation posts that I see makes me unsettled. I just use Stack Exc...

Q: It appears that Stack Exchange has rescinded exclusive access to the featured tag? What happens to Hot Meta Posts now?

Mad ScientistA while ago SE removed hot meta posts from the sidebar for SO, and to compensate they gave the SO mods the exclusive right to decide what to feature in the sidebar: tl;dr: We're removing the "Hot Meta Posts" from Stack Overflow's sidebar while we work on looking at how Meta can better meet it...

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7:22 AM
morning all
8:04 AM
Hello hello :-)
8:46 AM
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12:52 PM
@Jaap can this be simplified? stackoverflow.com/a/59787743/680068
I don't like the ifelse bit :(
4 hours later…
5:03 PM
Is this some kind of a homework?



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