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4:50 PM
@NIKHILCHANDRAROY it's easy just you do this

def user_checkout(request):
first_model = yourmodelname.objects.all()
scnd_model = yourmodelname.objects.all()

results = list(
chain(first_model , scnd_model),
key=lambda x: x.id,reverse=True))

context = {'results':results}
return render(request,'website_primary_html_pages/user_checkout.html',context=context)
and in views.py add these in up page

from itertools import chain
from operator import attrgetter
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2 hours later…
6:39 PM
Just wanna say that I was ahead of the game and then just sat back for the car crash :P
in Room for Kok and Nikhil, 23 mins ago, by roganjosh
This needs to be pretty spectacular because I don't think any of this discussion has been useful for people and I'm really tempted to move it to another room for you guys. I don't think it's good practice at all
Soz. Rubber-necking is the new entertainment in confinement. I'll move stuff earlier in future
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8:04 PM
he said
>>You don't need to read the values twice.
lol :D
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