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1:00 PM
import pygame

win = pygame.display.set_mode((500,480))
pygame.display.set_caption("First Game")

walkRight = [pygame.image.load('R1.png'), pygame.image.load('R2.png'), pygame.image.load('R3.png'), pygame.image.load('R4.png'), pygame.image.load('R5.png'), pygame.image.load('R6.png'), pygame.image.load('R7.png'), pygame.image.load('R8.png'), pygame.image.load('R9.png')]
walkLeft = [pygame.image.load('L1.png'), pygame.image.load('L2.png'), pygame.image.load('L3.png'), pygame.image.load('L4.png'), pygame.image.load('L5.png'), pygame.image.load('L6.png'), pygame.image.load('L7.png
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1:16 PM
@LinkBerest I think that's basically what I've got... what I'm worried about is if Word is ever not already open in the background when I kick off the process.

Should I have something like StartWord = comtypes.client.CreateObject('Word.Application') before all of the below code to make sure Word is running in the background?

import os
import comtypes.client
import win32com.client

wdFormatPDF = 17

word = win32com.client.DispatchEx('Word.Application')

for line in VDDs:
doc = word.Documents.Open(os.getcwd() + "/PDFs/" + str(line[13]) + ".docx")
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1:36 PM
I cannot set default value for ttk.Entry.
With tk.Entry everything seems well.
Is there something i am missing?
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1 hour later…
2:46 PM
Did anyone use nuerosky mindwave eeg
3:34 PM
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