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He who is content with his lot probably has a lot. (source)
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hey @OakBot, explain today xkcd
Ugh, fine. Today’s XKCD is about the dangers of making simple mistakes when setting up equations in mathematical models.

In the comic, the presenter has accidentally swapped the predation terms in a mathematical model that describes the interaction between rabbits and foxes. Normally, you would expect the rabbits to be the prey and the foxes to be the predators. However, because the terms were swapped, it incorrectly suggests that the foxes are the prey and the rabbits are the predators.

The humor comes from the absurd situation it creates: a world where 400 hungry rabbits are preying on
5:58 AM
Oh - today's OakBot is such like a human - speaking in monotone like a robot
6:14 AM
@Feeds XKCD #2945 Explained: This comic shows a teacher explaining a mathematical model of a predator-prey relationship. The model has the terms swapped, showing that 400 rabbits are preying on 20 foxes. The teacher realizes this mistake and says "If this were an ecology class, I would have to fix that." The caption notes that mathematical models can provide a glimpse into a terrifying alternate universe.
But really forgetful, pfft
6:35 AM
Good moaning
7:25 AM
🐟 Hans1984 throws in a line.
goat moaning
7:45 AM
bad meowing
Look, bad cat
🐟 ntohl throws in a line.
🐟 Hans1984's line quivers.
8:13 AM
double-quiver fun
fantastic !
🐟 Hans1984 throws in a line.
8:26 AM
🐟 ntohl's line quivers.
8:52 AM
MEIN GOTT!! @@Hans1984
now lets not exaggerate
it is kaffezeit indeed
how are things ? @Darj
everthing okay ?
I have barmans sirup today in the office
how does it taste in coffee ?
8:55 AM
@Hans1984 Typical day in project: Stubborn, incompetent senior sql developer trying to not do any meaningful work, senior analyst that is picky on pretty much everything since it doesn't go with his idea of not working at all
never had it
@Darj sounds like a lot of fun stress
sure it does
well at least its already thursday right
5 flavors, I'm testing vanila, tastes good so far
i bet its delicious
8:57 AM
@Hans1984 just tomorrow left and then one week off for PTO
you can also use it for cocktails right ?
@Darj oh great
then a trip through Europe - Prague, Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest
my next time off i sstart of july
i've decided to go back to prague
booked my trip last sunday
@Hans1984 Yes, I think those are made for those since they mention those are barmans' sirups
Hello friends!
8:58 AM
Hi, Botler.
@Darj I see
@Hans1984 We plan to visit Prague but we're not gonna stay there since bookings are crazy expensive and we'll probably be there as 3 adults + toddler
yeah thats quite expensive for 4 ppl
for me its rather cheap comming from germany
and especially since my last trip was to paris
i've enjoyed prague a lto when I was there last time and I told myself I will be back there on day
and now im doing it :)
also its only a 4.5 h train ride for me which is great
Me and my wife are very fond of mountains, forests, etc, so we're going just to stay in Prague for some walks and then probably book a night close to Znojmo, there's a National Park nearby, so the views might be nice
its not too far from bavaria
@Darj sounds good
im in the nature a lot at home
9:01 AM
Shame that our schedules don't match because we could grab some KAFFEE in Prague together :D
its basically the only place I can stand these days lol
but when i travel I actually enjoy big cities
which was a surprise to me
If you have a lot of nature on a daily basis then it makes sense that you enjoy trips to bigger cities
warsaw is also still in my plans but its over 10 hours per train
environment changes good
since i live in the south of germany
9:03 AM
wait a minut
is it far from Augsburg?
rather far
round about
my dad lives in Augsburg so I though we could meet up if I visit him
more to the north than augsburg
9:05 AM
but yea, 300km seems far
oh that would be great
but still its managable I think like 3 hours per train
no big deal
oh cool
yeah maybe we can meet one day and i just do a trip to augsburg and visit some stuff there
how long do you drive to prague ?
9:55 AM
/fish status
@Hans1984 🐟 Your line doesn't have anything. You should wait until it quivers.
@Hans1984 I think from my hometown, where I will be starting it's just ~1hr
oh thats great
oh, my bad, 3hrs
still solid
10:02 AM
Either way, still good enough
202 km
🐟 Hans1984's line quivers.
really ????
2 times in a row
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10:17 AM
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10:55 AM
🐟 Hans1984's line quivers.
🐟 Hans1984 caught another Flameater!
🐟 Hans1984 throws in a line.
11:11 AM
[Captain Obvious] Update on that mega PR from yesterday, only 64 comments πŸ™‚
Of course, it's just too much to find all the things in there.
[Captain Obvious] In fairness a lot of the file changes were just namespace updates
[Captain Obvious] Probbaly made up about 100 of the files
11:51 AM
🐟 ntohl's line quivers.
🐟 ntohl throws in a line.
Hello friends!
12:35 PM
🐟 ntohl's line quivers.
🐟 Hans1984's line quivers.
🐟 ntohl caught another Knucklehead!
12:55 PM
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1:06 PM
/imagine i.sstatic.net/HoLeMYOy.jpg but with more fish
There is fish.
ded link
Link is ded for the first 1-2 minutes for some reason
Maybe the image is triggering their content moderation system or something lol
Hmm... I've seen other dead links to images. Happens occasionally with the new uploader.
1:09 PM
@Michael Yeah, the new hosting does have some content protections. SE have said as much but did not elaborate on what they are. It's entirely possible you're right and it's one of those that causes the issue.
🐟 Hans1984's line quivers.
@Michael Interesting, I went to check an image that I uploaded in chat and was dead. It seems to still have a problem. Link not working:
Re-uploaded from the main site (link works):
🐟 Hans1984 caught another Chrustacean!
1:19 PM
🐟 Hans1984 throws in a line.
@VLAZ Yet, it still loads when viewed from the chat transcript.
I know. Weird.
I'll probably post a bug about it.
It's also inconsistent - not all images uploaded through chat do that. But I've seen it happens occasionally.
1:39 PM
/fish status
@ntohl 🐟 You don't have any lines out.
🐟 ntohl throws in a line.
1:42 PM
sigh another one of those
Yet, they do eventually work. Mine from a week ago still doesn't. I did just now post a bug about it. Let's see if anything happens.
It must be checking the referrer or whatever on the HTTP request, and failing if the referrer isn't SO chat.
But...it is? I'm clicking on the link in chat and it's dead. I can also take the working link, just paste it in a blank tab and it still works.
SE have added some hotlinking protections, as well. So it shouldn't really embed in non-SE sites. It might be something there not working but still strange that it embeds. Doesn't work when visiting the link.
It doesn't work for me when I paste the URL in a new tab.
Incognito tab too
1:59 PM
The image from this message?
Yeah, that doesn't work however I visit it. If I click on it in chat, even from the original room (which shouldn't matter, but still), or if I copy/paste it. The other one works if I copy/paste it. So I think that means they don't check the referrer.
2:30 PM
Ohhhhh - I know what's happening. The actual image is https://i.sstatic.net/kEIRuMKb.png. Note that the filename is 8 characters long (new image service) and also note that it ends in a b. Chat tries to do this clever thing where if someone uploads an image thumbnail (with a trailing letter resize s,ml,b,t,h), it'll use the provided image in chat, but link to the full image (by stripping off the trailing resize char). In this case, because the random image id happened to end in b (thus why it randomly happens), so chat removes it thinking it's linking to the full image. — KyleMit ♦ 38 secs ago
2:45 PM
🐟 Hans1984's line quivers.
3:15 PM
🐟 ntohl's line quivers.
/fish status
@ntohl 🐟 Your line is quivering. Better pull it up.
3:21 PM
🐟 ntohl caught another Slavug!
that's the big rush for?
@Hans1984 yeah?
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🐟 Hans1984's line quivers.
posted on June 13, 2024 by Aaron Powell

Getting started with .NET and PostgreSQL, and using Entra ID to secure your app. The post Using PostgreSQL with .NET and Entra ID appeared first on .NET Blog.

5:56 PM
@VLAZ Interesting. So, chat is still using a feature that was only supported by the old image hosting service?
@Michael Evidently, yes. I'm also amazed they did anything at all with the chat uploader. The chat code hasn't been touched for a very long time now. They probably did the minimum possible change.
6:46 PM
@VLAZ Yeah, probably.
7:15 PM
🐟 Hans1984's line quivers.

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