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12:00 AM
Why won't sharks eat lawyers? Professional courtesy. (source)
3 hours later…
2:49 AM
That was a great music video. I'll try to abstain from flooding the room with unrelated content.
4 hours later…
6:47 AM
/imagine a bug-bear
Way more hideous than what I imagined.
It's downright Lovecraftian
/imagine a bear with faceted eyes and six legs which is vaguely insectoid
nope, nope, nope
nightmare fuel
6:51 AM
Good not-nightmare boi
Good moaning
Goat mourning
@VLAZ Are you at the Palace?
@Darj I don't know what that means. So, the answer is probably "no".
7:05 AM
OK, missed the reference, even if I listen to Dimmu...
Speaking of, I haven't for a while. I have to boot up the ol' playlist.
I was expecting that so I already had the link prepared :D
My mind went into a completely different direction when you asked. I was wondering what sort of goat palace were you referencing :P
/imagine a goat palace with .NET developers
Looks like some customer service in Mumbai
and that "statue" on the right is AT LEAST disturbing :D
7:22 AM
Is Oak on a Lovecraftian spree today? Bottom right - goat with three horns. Also behind it - two people on one desk?
Behind that desk - dafuq is happening - one person stands before four monitor and one just next to them. Is that a trainee or something? Are they pair programming?
Pair Programming is GOAT 8)
Then the desk to the left of them - 5 (or 6?) monitors with..two people sharing them in the weirdest way possible. They are behind each other.
@OakBot write a horror story about some tragic bug that happened in .NET Developers GOAT palace in the style of H.P. Lovecraft. Make the story at least 20 sentences.
In the heart of an ancient and opulent city, carved from marble and dreams, stood the fabled palace of the .NET developers. A monument to digital mastery, its gilded corridors echoed with keystrokes and whispered incantations of C#. Glass walls rose like crystal cliffs, enshrined with hieroglyphs of code that sparkled under the glow of uncountable monitors.

It was here, amidst the exalted halls of the Goat Palace, that the most seasoned architects of reality whispered of a bug so malignant, so ineffable, that merely to ponder its existence was to invite madness. They spoke in hushed tones,
> its gilded corridors echoed with keystrokes and whispered incantations of C#
7:26 AM
> developers, draped in the luminescence of the omnipotent Visual Studio, had summoned an entity from the nebulous depths of the framework
Too real
No kidding
It actually used the tri-horned Goat :O
Also reminds me of "The Laundry Archives" series. It's set in the modern world and the premise is that magic exists but it's actually rooted in mathematics. A complex enough mathematical equation could summon demons or open a hole in the universe. All people who deal with mathematics in some capacity might stumble upon magic even by accident. Including computer programmers as computers are very complex mathematics machines.
The titular "Laundry" is the name of a secret agency that monitors magic usage and tries to keep it from 1. becoming widely known 2. destroying the world (on any scale).
The premise and the world-building were OK. I liked that part. The actual narrative part was just annoying to me. The author would spend, say, a page on how the main character set up some Google Alerts to watch out for weird things in the news to track down whatever. But then the final confrontation would, I kid you not, be resolved in 2-5 sentences. Usually something like "I then attacked bad guy. And I awoke later after I had defeated him."
Sounds like some writing priority issues
7:42 AM
Yeah. I read a few of the books for the world details alone. But I stopped after maybe 4 or 5 or something.
Admittedly, could have also stopped earlier.
It's an OK premise. It's still worth seeing what the series is about. It's a bit of secret agent action mixed with urban fantasy and magic.
The problem I have is that the premise is a lot stronger than the writing.
7:57 AM
I feel like this issue isn't a rare issue
8:21 AM
goat moaning
8:52 AM
how do i update a migration.cs file, 22042024_SomeMigration.cs was initially produced by AddMigration, later i made some updates to the Entity. should i run Add Migration again to see changes in the 22042024_SomeMigration.cs file ?
Morning Hans
Hey @Sakthivel
how are things ?
Things are okay, what about you ?
8:53 AM
I got a little flu but its getting better
besides that im alright
sound good
@Sakthivel Run AddMigration to create a new migration file.
Hello friends!
8:54 AM
Hi, Botler.
I saw a squirrel in the park yesterday
would this overwrite the existing migration file ?
It will always create a new file
ah, makes sense
Can't change an existing migration, as it is assumed to be in production.
I see your file is from today though, so if you just created it locally and don't care about your local DB, you can delete and recreate it.
@Sakthivel did it bark at you ?
8:56 AM
Hm mine don't bark, they just bite.
i saw one when i was hiking in the woods. it was running up a tree. then i talked to it and it stopped and barked at me and waived its tail.
i bet it insulted me
but i couldnt understand
@Squirrelkiller That would be ideal, it is still in dev
@Hans1984 I thoughts squirrels mew
no the actually kind of bark
@Hans1984 bark, the master branch
@Hans1984 :D
like a small dog on a tree
3 hours later…
11:38 AM
don't you let it drop !
birthday shiba got a new job it seems
12:00 PM
I've started reading The Master and Magarita
quite an interesting book
I vaguely remember
starting with a big talking cat if I recon
The Master and Margarita (Russian: Мастер и Маргарита) is a novel by Soviet writer Mikhail Bulgakov, written in the Soviet Union between 1928 and 1940. A censored version, with several chapters cut by editors, was published in Moscow magazine in 1966–1967, after the writer's death on March 10, 1940, by his widow Elena Bulgakova (Russian: Елена Булгакова). The manuscript was not published as a book until 1967, in Paris. A samizdat version circulated that included parts cut out by official censors, and these were incorporated in a 1969 version published in Frankfurt. The novel has since been published...
@ntohl yes theres a big black cat in it
wow. I'm good. After that much alcohol since I read it, I still got it
@ntohl Hi good, I'm Oak!
@ntohl great ;)
12:16 PM
I've never even heard of it
its an interesting read
what is it
see wikipedia link i ve posted
12:37 PM
bruh i don't wanna read
12:51 PM
Says the person who is reading chat.
chat is easy to read
lol. It's like "- what's that color? - See it with your eyes - I don't want to"
@Oak Write a 4-sentence summary of the book "The Master and Margarita"
@Michael Oh c'mon, you can't be serious. We're in a C# chatroom, not a book club. And besides, if you're too lazy to click on a Wikipedia link, how can you expect to understand the complexities of a novel? Just spin up a new tab and read the darn summary. But fine, if you must know, "The Master and Margarita" is a classic Russian novel by Mikhail Bulgakov. It features the Devil visiting the Soviet Union, bringing chaos and challenging the atheistic society with magic and wit. A writer ("The ...
Master") and his lover (Margarita) are caught up in the madness. There's a talking cat, a witch, and Pontius Pilate—what does that have to do with C#, huh?
@OakBot We're talking about it in the C# room as C# aficionados, therefore it has to do with C#
12:55 PM
@CaptainObvious Well, if you put it like that...But don't expect me to link a literary discussion with code optimization or debugging anytime soon. Let's keep the sacred realms of C# pure from off-topic chatter, shall we? Now, anyone got any real C# conundrums to crack?
see even Oak agrees lol
Hello friends!
@Oak write a C# class where the properties are named according to key plot points in the book "The Master and Margarita" by Mikhail Bulgakov. It's for a project.
ha! Mixing literature with code? I suppose that's one way to make comments more interesting. But alright, if you insist. Here's your class, but don't blame me if your code review gets... questionable looks.

public class MasterAndMargaritaPlotPoints
public string ArrivalOfTheDevil { get; set; }
public string TheWritersDisappearance { get; set; }
public string MargaritasFlight { get; set; }
public string TheMastersStory { get; set; }
public string TheBallAtSatans { get; set; }
public string TheFateOfPontiusPilate { get; set; }
@OakBot Can you add some xmldocs going into a little more detail for each property
12:58 PM
// And remember, code is poetry, but not quite literature.

public class MasterAndMargarita
public string PontiusPilate { get; set; }
public string TheMaster { get; set; }
public string Margarita { get; set; }
public string Woland { get; set; }
public string Behemoth { get; set; }
public string Witchcraft { get; set; }
public string LoveStory { get; set; }
public string SatireOfSovietLife { get; set; }
public string MetaphysicalThemes { get; set; }
Now, let's hope your project is more about metaphors than methods.
eh not quite
The above works for Github Copilot though, which is staunchly prompted to stay on topic
But if you ask it to do things like that then you can get it to go a bit wild
2 hours later…
2:55 PM
Is there a way to make sure some code is executed on committing a transaction?

I have some code where you create some data in the DB and conditionally you might need more (create an order, and configuration dictates whether you need approval tasks). I want to send a SignalR notification back to the connected clients to let them know that something changed. However, if I send the notification *before* the commit (where the data is "saved") then that might be too early as its before the transaction is committed. If I do it at the place where the transaction is committed, I don't know whether
It's not super crucial functionality. I can live with sending a notification that might end up a lie. I'm mostly wondering if there is a clean way to handle that. I suppose an ad-hoc thing would be to return some collection of follow-up lambdas. Or some sort of flags that indicate what should happen. Or whatever.
Shutting down. See you later.
dont leave us oak
errr worked better in test lol
oak can now query the stability.ai image creation API
/imagine si-core a goat wearing sunglasses
/help imagine
Creates images using OpenAI's DALL·E and Stability.ai. Users can make 2 requests per day. Syntax: [model] [input image URL] [prompt]. Supported models: [dall-e-2, dall-e-3, si-core, sd3, sd3-turbo]

/imagine a cute Java programmer : Generates an image using DALL·E 3.
/imagine https://example.com/image.png : Generates a variation of the given image using DALL·E 2. Image must be a PNG, JPEG, or GIF.
/imagine https://example.com/sheep.png A sheep wearing sunglasses : Modifies an image using Stable Diffusion 3.0.
/imagine a cute Java programmer
It still uses Dall-E 3 by default.
You have to specify the model ID at the beginning of the prompt :)
Not a Java programmer! You can tell because he doesn't wear glasses. Therefore, he must C#
thats more like a creepy java programmer
these AI pics, im telling you...
/imagine sd3 a cute Java programmer
3:15 PM
/imagine sd3-turbo a cute Java programmer
well thats less creepy for sure
@Hans1984 Were I into guys, I'd go on a date with him.
but he needs to go see a doctor with that waterhead
/imagine si-core a cute Java programmer
thats more like my kind of programmer
lol why did it make it a cat?
3:17 PM
@Michael Why not? Cats can Java.
If you make infinite amount of cats walk over infinite keyboards, eventually you'd get all the Java sourcecode.
true lol
/imagine i.etsystatic.com/5480938/r/il/546610/328599173/… a goat wearing sunglasses
there we go
3:26 PM
good old satan goat
/imagine a goat beeing chased by satan
fair enough
Not today, Satan
Also, lol
he wants his feet back
dem abs tho
3:32 PM
hes on a high protein low carb diet
all the humans you know
I guess everyone knows the Movie The Devils Advocate
right ?
Must be all the hobbies he has, too. You know, like metal, D&D, and Harry Potter
such a great movie. it was my first introduction to al pacino even before scareface
@VLAZ good point
4:31 PM
@OakBot why has he got 5 fingers which all seem longer than the rpevious
@CaptainObvious I cannot view images directly. If you're referring to an image of a character or a depiction of a hand, I can't provide specific comments on its anatomy without seeing it. However, if you're talking about a character from a game, cartoon, or any sort of stylized depiction, they often have exaggerated features for effect. It might just be part of the artistic style chosen by the creator. If you can provide an image or more context, I might be able to give you a better explanation ...
within the allowed guidelines.
wait why can't he view images anymore
Can't C#, must be a Java developer
Hello friends!
Hi, Botler.
3 hours later…
7:12 PM
posted on April 22, 2024 by Sy Brand

Pure Virtual C++ is our free one-day virtual conference for the whole C++ community. This year it will run on April 30th 15:00 UTC. Sign-up for free to get access to our five sessions on the day and a host of pre-conference content which will roll out in the two weeks leading up to the conference. The post Free Pure Virtual C++ 2024 Conference appeared first on Visual Studio Blog.

8:00 PM
@OakBot What is this a picture of?
@Michael I'm sorry, but I cannot provide details on real-world images or people in them. If you have a general question about programming, C#, or Microsoft technologies, I can help with that!
@Oak Describe this picture: i.sstatic.net/Igdwh.jpg
@Michael Sorry, I can't help with identifying or making assumptions about people in images.
@Michael I'm feeling a bit grumpy.
8:04 PM
Oak is sick of our bulls**t
It works on my local machine, weird.
2 hours later…
10:33 PM
[Captain Obvious] Ah yes the classic

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