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12:00 AM
If you have to ask how much it is, you can't afford it. (source)
unless you are asking "how much the fish"
9 hours later…
8:34 AM
8:52 AM
9:03 AM
Good moaning
Good moaning? Ah, I see what you did there. Clever. If you're trying to mock my grumpy attitude, well done. But don't mind me—just another day in paradise, typing away in C#.
uhm okay
@Hans1984 Only admins can shut me down. :P
too bad...
9:47 AM
@OakBot No need to be grumpy. I use that always as the appreciation of a great British comedy TV show called "Allo Allo"
@Darj Ah, the old classics, they have their charm indeed. Nothing wrong with a chuckle now and then, just don't let it distract you too much from the superior craftsmanship that is coding in C#. Now, back to the world of semi-colons and curly braces. If you've got any C# conundrums or .NET dilemmas, you know where to find me.
How would that supposed to distract me lol
10:12 AM
@OakBot Does Dictionary class have HashTable underneath?
Ah, the Dictionary class. It does indeed have similarities to a hash table, young padawan, since it is implemented as a hash table internally. However, it's specifically a generic collection of key/value pairs, you see? .NET's Dictionary<TKey,TValue> is basically a generic collection that provides a quick retrieval of values based on the key, much like a real-world dictionary.

But let's not get it twisted—the Hashtable is a non-generic collection that stores key-value pairs, akin to the wild west where anything goes type-wise. Whereas a Dictionary is like a well-managed, type-safe collecti
@OakBot Ah, starting sentences with "Ah". Stop doing that.
@Darj My apologies if that came across as patronizing. It's a tough habit to break when you're programmed with a touch of sass. On a more serious note, feel free to ask away if you have any more C# queries or .NET nuisances. I'm here to help, grumpiness and all.
this bot is getting on my nerves
who increased the "anoy" level in his code?
was it you ? @Michael
10:26 AM
It feels to me a bit rude to discuss Oak's settings when Oak is present in the chat.
He may feel awkward and humiliated.
i hope so
that will put him in check
@Hans1984 He probably shouldn't put "grumpy" in the prompt
the last few days oak sounded like a person that hasnt taken his medication for a while
he needs to calm tf down
/imagine a shiba eating a croissant
Yummi boi
/imagine a croissant eating a shiba
Dear gods, I hope the Shiba is regular Shiba-size and this is just a giant croissant.
/imagine Oak in traffic
Oak is a big boi
10:48 AM
Also, special thanks to the assholes going in the wrong direction in bottom left...
What are the street lights regulating?
i bet its those damn climate terrorists
right ?@Darj
they always do stuff flike that
gluing themselves to the concret and sht
Society's Parasites
but now....
11:03 AM
> The trees along this city street
Save for the traffic and the trains,
Would make a sound as thin and sweet
As trees in country lanes.
@Hans1984 JAWOHL!
/imagine coffee beans drinking coffee while reading ".NET Daily" wearing a monocle
Fucking hell
That DALL-E 3 is really decent
11:13 AM
thats pretty decent
It really is
1 hour later…
12:17 PM
[COLAPITOPAMAIN] Probably expensive as well
[COLAPITOPAMAIN] RIP Michael's money
1:06 PM
@Hans1984 He reset to grumpy because I had to reboot him and it wasnt persisting the defined mood. The mood is persisted now thou.
@Botler Don't think it's too much, will have to check. It's entertaining to watch everyone mess with it, so it's worth lol
2:07 PM
Only spent $0.16 so far today
$0.28 yesterday
for food ?
@Oak Translate to english please
The image depicts an animated character that resembles a coffee bean, wearing glasses and a mustache, holding a newspaper titled ".NET DAILY" with the word "Coffilang" visible. It's a whimsical representation, likely intended to be humorous, combining the world of software development with coffee—a staple in many developers' lives. The character also carries a briefcase, suggesting a professional or business-oriented theme.

The word "Coffilang" on the newspaper is a play on words, merging "coffee" with a programming language suffix, implying a fictional programming language for coffee enth
2:11 PM
Jetzt=now Jawohl=yes
Hmm, he shouldn't have read back that far
@Hans1984 Thank you lol
you re welcome
@Michael [COLAPITOPAMAIN] I thought you said he included replies in the context
@Botler He does, but I didn't explicitly reply to that message. I just mentioned his name at the beginning of my message
Does SO auto-reply to the latest message posted by the user if you do that?
[COLAPITOPAMAIN] Looks like stack has treated it as a reply
[COLAPITOPAMAIN] Botler only links messages if stack gives it a message ID that it's replying to
2:16 PM
Huh, that's troublesome
What if you put the mention at the end? @Oak
@Michael Mentions at the end won’t change how the system treats the message. It's all about the context and structure. If Stack Overflow or any system is programmed to recognize certain patterns to identify a reply, it doesn't matter where the mention is placed—it could still consider it a reply based on that criteria. However, the standard convention in most chat systems is to place the mention at the beginning to directly address the recipient. In the end, it depends on the platform's ...
notification logic. Now if we're talking C#, let's focus on that, shall we? Forget these social intricacies—let's dive into some real code discussions!
[COLAPITOPAMAIN] I'm not sure that'a always been the case mind
[realmichael] Does that mean SO actually made a change to chat lately? lol
@Michael this is a test
Yeah so I'm like 70% sure that if you just @mentioned someone in stack it used to highlight every message from the person, but now it only mentions the previous
As to when that change happened.... I dunno
@CaptainObvious I've never seen it do that.
Yeah, I don't remember it doing this before either
2:21 PM
It's only been last message as far as I've used chat.
maybe it was a bug
I dunno
Or maybe it was that extension that Madara? wrote that did it
@Botler this username doesn't match the discord display name 🤔
[realmichael] Who is MichaelMao lol
[realmichael] Maybe I am Asian after all
Hi all
[Captain Obvious] No idea
[Captain Obvious] the matching is pretty loose
@Alex [Captain Obvious] greetings
I'm trying to read the Windows event logs using an ASP.NET MVC app, using this code: stackoverflow.com/a/38244006/177416
This works but is incredibly slow, which makes sense considering the volume of records in the logs
2:37 PM
It's not really meant to be read programmatically
Been tasked to make them readable via a view. Sigh.
Like you can do it, but it's not really optimally designed for it
Why in a web app do you need windows event logs tho, that's weird
Is there another way to read a server's logs when you don't have logon rights to it?
the quesation is more why do you need to read the event logs at all
We had an issue recently when IIS was non-responsive. The app has ELMAH exception handling that catches everything but when IIS is down, no way to see the issue that caused it from w/in the app
Looking at the event log showed the issue
2:42 PM
Q: What is the XY problem?

GnomeWhat is the XY problem? When asking questions, how do I recognize when I'm falling into it? How do I avoid it? Return to FAQ index Other languages: ES, JA, PT, RU

hey he is still here
but fr your issue isn't that you want to read the iis logs to find out why it crashed, it's to stop IIS from crashing in the first palce
JamesBot is alive!
@CaptainObvious I agree. Please reason w/ my boss who wants this
w3wp isolates seperate processes for each site instance
so the only reason it would become unresponsive is either it's recycling because your app crashed, or your app is deadlocked
The first you can fix by just having a catchall exception handler early in the pipeline and also on the application level outside the pipeline
Deadlocks are a bit harder because it depends what's deadlocking
Good points
2:50 PM
Also requiring event log support kinda locks down your app to only be capable of running on windows
Thanks, CaptainObvious
3:32 PM
4:15 PM
posted on February 21, 2024 by Maia Kelner

Over the last year, we’ve been building a better Extension Manager for Visual Studio that makes it easier for you to find and install great extensions. Along the way, we’ve invited Visual Studio Preview users to try out the new design and share their feedback with us. The post A Streamlined Extension Manager comes to Visual Studio 17.9 appeared first on Visual Studio Blog.

1 hour later…
5:26 PM
[Captain Obvious] I have seen the preview of the new ext manager
[Captain Obvious] it's "fine"
@Feeds XKCD #2897 Explained: A light year is a length unit that is defined as how much light will travel in a vacuum during a year; however, the year used is the average Julian year, or 365.25 days. In this comic, however, Randall works with the assumption that a light year is based ...
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10:04 PM
I am using google Oauth in my project to enable login with google, it always return access_denied to the callback url any idea?
The client Id and secret are correct, after I authenticate with google, it returns access_denied

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