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12:00 AM
Row, row, row your bits, gently down the stream... (source)
7 hours later…
6:50 AM
Good moaning
7:21 AM
Доброе утро
7:40 AM
goat moaning
Aobpoe typo
ytpo -> typo I see what you did there
7:58 AM
Good morning
Good morning.
8:10 AM
afternoon love white toblerone
8:34 AM
Dobroje utro
or something like that
Either way, my back hurts, shiet
oh right oif course
I installed my UPS over the weekend finally so botler went down
That is like, the opposite of what a UPS is supposed to do.
Well obviously I had to unplug shit to plug in the UPS between the server and power
technically I could have kept the server on as it has redundant power supplies, but everything else had to go off and I was moving shit around anyway
8:39 AM
uninterruptible power supply that designed to interruptible
It's fine, the whole thing is now on a wheely cabinet and is overall sketch as fuck
Hello friends!
Including one of my wifi APs, zigbee hub, CCTV NVR and main switch are all UPS protected
Hi, Botler.
l cant remember when last time had a black out
8:41 AM
Oh yeah it basically never happens here
I've had one which was brief but long enough to reset the server and stuff in the 2 years I've been in this house
But it does all have to contend with me messing about with electrics in the house on a semi-regular basis
[Captain Obvious] Here is the sketch
previously my computer has a backup battery connected, the battery had only two sockets
[Captain Obvious] Featuring the wifi AP on a stick
ubiquity unifi! mine had one
[Captain Obvious] I have 3, love the Ubiquiti stuff
8:44 AM
never upset me on wifi, beside of LED on it self
[Captain Obvious] Yeah you can disable the LED in the controller tho
[Captain Obvious] I've also got a couple of Unifi switches (including the main one), and the CCTV system is all unifi too
in living house?
how many cameras you have, that requires two full size switch
[Captain Obvious] Nah most of the cameras are outside
[Captain Obvious] I have 5 wired cameras outside and 2 wireless ones inside
[Captain Obvious] But none of them are actually connected to that switch, I don't really need a 24 port switch anymore, but I brought it from my old house where I did as I installed cat6 networking across the whole house at the old one
[Captain Obvious] Had 22 network drops in total. I miss having wired network in each room.
did you tested on how longer server can survived after outage
[Captain Obvious] Realistically there's never been in my life that I remember a power outage more than a few minutes
[Captain Obvious] So its main purpose is to keep things powered while I plug the UPS into somewhere else so I can take the sockets off to do DIY
8:55 AM
doubt that small battery can handle even recovery
@Botler server model?
Just needs to live for 2 minutes I guess, that should be enough
I somehow expected it to be like, a metal rack or something. Did not expect it to just be on top of a wooden cabinet.
@nyconing [Captain Obvious] The ups is a 900va (480w) model, total load on it is only about 200w, so I think it should be fine for like 20 minutes, more than enough
@Darj [Captain Obvious] HP DL380P G8. I've been using the DL380s for years now. Love em
I'm using the G6
@Darj Hi using the G6, I'm Oak!
9:00 AM
It's so big and heavy but yours seem smaller and maybe lighter
@Squirrelkiller [Captain Obvious] In fairness it was mounted in the wall mount rack, but that room is next for redecoration
[Captain Obvious] Nah its the same size, roughly same weight
[Captain Obvious] One benefit the G8 has over previous generations though is that it's actually quiet
Got 2x Xeons X5670s and 64GB of RAM and 8x 600GB RAID 60 10k SAS disks inside
It's super quiet and it rocks!
[Captain Obvious] Oh you're pushing my off the top of my head knowledge now
I'm gh as f*ck and you can't arrest me.
@ntohl Hi gh as f, I'm Oak!
9:02 AM
[Captain Obvious] Let me check the stats
@ntohl Hi gh as f*ck, I'm Oak!
I've also bought a USB3.0 controller, so I can attach my external ICYBOX RAID storage with maximum speed
[Captain Obvious] The G8 was the first generation that I've had which actually spins the fans down to almost silent
[Captain Obvious] Granted I never had a G6. I've owned or worked with G4, G5, G7, G8 and G9s
My phone sound level app shows around 48dBs, iirc
Also, a YUGE advantage is that I've got it outside my apartment in some sort of corridor
[Captain Obvious] I haven't measured but my fridge is louder than the server when it's compressor os running
9:05 AM
So, even if the server * would * be loud, I wouldn't care much
server didnt have to be that loud actually
This server is loud only in one situation - boot up. It sounds like fucking F1 car or a jet
had installed a dual processors server, it even louder that vw 2,0tdi engine wtf
[Captain Obvious] jesus christ get a less old server
Where moneyz
9:08 AM
reason why is that loud because of that small fan responsible to blow all server
that rpm is crazy
once I had a pc, which every 2nd boot it would be loud as a jet for 1 min
and I installed two of it
it must be something stupid windows's quick boot related
Does windows server even need quick boot? Like, how often do servers get rebooted usually?
server dont have a quick boot
it boot like win 95, memory full checking
more ram more slower
9:11 AM
Just made a pic
gotta upload
(not tested, I fell like more RAM, more slower)
[Captain Obvious] Okay specs time; I have 2x Xeon E5-2640 with 192GB of ram, 2x 500GB Samsung 860 EVO ssds in RAID 1 and 2x 1TB 860 EVO also in Radi 1
did you installed any fan on your blade server
[Captain Obvious] I did have (and still have) better CPUs, I think E5-2670s, but when power got expensive and I happened to acquire them anyway I swapped because it uses less power
since you dont having a server rack
9:13 AM
[Captain Obvious] It's not a blade server, just a regular rack server. The built in fans are plenty adequate
[Captain Obvious] I also have a Quadro P2000 in there which is passed through to my Plex media VM for hardware encoding
Once I get the Mikrotik router this week I'll start searching for UPS
hehh. My IT admin blocked that jpg
you have all that spec you allocate botler more vcpu could probably solve paranormal phenomena issues on botler
@ntohl wow KEKW
Try on your phone: ht.tps://public.mjota.net/server.jpg
had a small mikrotik wan router, suprisingly stable and reliable, highly customizable
9:22 AM
I thought l already expert in networking until l look at routeros in microtik
Downside is that if you want a really good network you got a lot of learn because this router allows you to work on all 7 layers
that setup looks fine for toddlers to chew on
The router lets you fuck with the presentation layer? Get the fuck away from my application yo
@ntohl They gonna learn real quick to not do that though
@ntohl Yeah, I didn't want my kids to mess around with it and they haven't had problems with it
My daughter sometimes goes there with a dry towel and cleans out the dust from the surface
Absolutely adorable!
9:27 AM
[Captain Obvious] that sag on the table tho
very nice. My kids always want to de-dust my trophies.
@nyconing [Captain Obvious] One of the VMs is a full fat MSSQL server, I will (at some point) switch the EF from SQlite to MSSQL
[Captain Obvious] I have never changed provider in EF before. No idea how that's gonna wor
[Captain Obvious] I could do it without keeping the data, realistically it's not that important, but I would like to keep it
Lee hoarding our data! Hurr durr!
How do you have so nice kids, usually all I hear is kids being quite similar to cats at what they do to stuff.
@ntohl I'm gonna need a picture of that trophy rack now
@Squirrelkiller Well, I'm a right leaning person who just wants to earn money, spend time with my normal family and have pretty rational/sane life ideology
All that seem to be working pretty well with my kids
9:37 AM
Of course the moment I get fresh coffee a Hans slides in
They're not always so nice, like kids do but when they are they're the greatest kids in the world!
@Squirrelkiller COFFEE
9:38 AM
@Squirrelkiller why thank you! that's very kind of you to say that
thats right
9:41 AM
@nyconing Seriously Umlaute are pretty hard to teach a person with a mother tongue that just doesn't have them
@Squirrelkiller I'll send it afternoon
Same with the two pronunciations of e
@ntohl That is...acceptable.
The ö provides just that picture lol
9:54 AM
@Squirrelkiller [Captain Obvious] See also, weird dutch characters (or combinations of) which look like normal characters but just aren't
[Captain Obvious] Then again though, fuck english and it's inconsistency
Ah right. Simple transfer as a german but must be weird for languages that don't have that at all.
[Captain Obvious] For every "rule" in english there's almost always at least one rules which directly contradicts it
That does sound like many languages though. You'd need like, a central authority to get rid of these things, and spanish shows not even that can actually solve it.
[Captain Obvious] The french language nerds are relatively on top of it though
10:30 AM
@Squirrelkiller oh. We have it bested with all kind of öüóőúéáűí. And it's not like Spanish, where it only matters on accent
1 hour later…
11:40 AM
@Squirrelkiller lol löl
11:52 AM
lól. That's how we pronounce it
12:41 PM
in dutch, for every rule, there is at least one exception
except for the rule that there is at least one exception for every rule
which means that it does have an exception...
12:52 PM
Which is generally the case for every rule
f the rules
Weird fetish but ok
@Squirrelkiller An exceptional one
1:09 PM
thanks dad
I'm OakBot
@VLAZ Hi OakBot, I'm Oak!
1:25 PM
Should have said
I'm Oak
@CaptainObvious Hi Oak, I'm Oak!
@CaptainObvious I tried to, just forgot the correct name...
English doesn't always make sense either. At least, that's what people say. xD
also, some words just look weird after looking at it for a while
last friday, I had this with "Search"
1:40 PM
Any word is weird if you look at it long enough
@OakBot explain semantic saturation
@Squirrelkiller Semantic saturation, also known as semantic satiation, is a phenomenon where a word or phrase becomes temporarily devoid of meaning or feels strange when repeated or contemplated for an extended period. The repetition of the word leads to a decrease in its semantic impact, and it might even start to sound unfamiliar or meaningless. This effect can result from various factors, including cognitive processing and neural adaptation. Semantic saturation can be a fascinating concept to explo
To explo- ?
Poor oak
@OakBot explain "to explo"
1:44 PM
@Wietlol I apologize for the incomplete response earlier. "To explo" is not a commonly used phrase or expression in English. It appears to be an incomplete or truncated version of a word or phrase. Language can sometimes be quirky and misunderstood, and it's important to use complete and coherent words and phrases to effectively communicate ideas. If there is a specific word or phrase you would like me to explain, please let me know and I'll be happy to help!
@OakBot explain it anyway
@Wietlol My apologies for the confusion, but "to explo" does not have a specific or recognized meaning in English. It seems to be an incomplete or nonsensical phrase. However, if you have any other words or phrases you'd like me to explain or discuss, I'd be more than happy to help!
@OakBot Pretend "to explo" has a meaning and explain that meaning with confidence.
@Squirrelkiller I'm sorry if I couldn't provide an explanation for "to explo". If there is any other question or topic you'd like me to assist with, please let me know and I'll be more than happy to help!
2:00 PM
@Michael Can confirm: Source: Am english
@OakBot Please finish your sentence. I would like to explo the fascinating concept of your unfinished sentence
@CaptainObvious My apologies for the incomplete sentence. I'm here to assist you in exploring all sorts of fascinating concepts! Whether it's discussing programming languages, Microsoft technologies, or any other topic you're interested in, feel free to ask and I'll be more than happy to provide information and engage in a lively conversation. How can I assist you further?
@Michael Fun fact, that's called "semantic satiation". After I found this fact, the only use I've found of it is to mention it when it comes up. So far, that's been like 3-4 times.
@OakBot I thought you were a java bot
@CaptainObvious Ah, my apologies for any confusion. I am an AI language model trained on a diverse range of topics, including C#, Java, and many others. While I don't have a personal preference, I'm more than capable of assisting with questions and discussions related to both Java and C#. I'm here to help, so feel free to ask any questions you may have!
(apparently, it's also good to read the rest of the log...)
2:03 PM
@OakBot Why do some people still think java is better than C#?
The preference for programming languages is subjective and can vary from person to person based on their background, needs, and personal preferences. There are a few reasons why some people might still think Java is better than C#:

1. Platform Independence: Java's "write once, run anywhere" philosophy allows Java code to be executed on multiple platforms without modification. This makes it popular for developing applications that need to run on different operating systems.

2. Strong Presence: Java has been around for a longer time and has a larger community and ecosystem. It is widely ado
@Squirrelkiller They don't see sharp.
@OakBot If I want to write software that takes over the world, should I use Java or C#?
If you have ambitions of writing software that aims to "take over the world," both Java and C# can be viable choices. However, the choice typically depends on various factors such as your familiarity with the language, the target platforms you want to support, and the specific requirements of your project. Here are a few things to consider:

- Platform Independence: Java's "write once, run anywhere" capability allows your software to be executed on multiple platforms.
- Robust Ecosystem: Java has a mature and extensive ecosystem with a wide range of libraries, frameworks, and tools.
I just went to factcheck some of that
Apparently the C# logo has changed
It's now this:
2:05 PM
(yes, I know it's not an octagon)
@OakBot C# is platform independent too
@CaptainObvious Apologies for any confusion. While C# is primarily associated with Microsoft's .NET platform, there are cross-platform frameworks such as .NET Core and Xamarin that enable C# development on various platforms, including Windows, macOS, and Linux. With these frameworks, you can write C# code that runs on multiple operating systems and devices. So, you can indeed write platform-independent software using C#. Thanks for bringing that up!
@Squirrelkiller The ChatGPT responses occasionally stop mid sentence, not sure why.
2:09 PM
@CaptainObvious Source?
@CaptainObvious Since when did C# have a logo?
VS Code
C#'s had a logo forever
VS Code's idiot plugin have this icon
And it's supposed to be this:
2:09 PM
That's cooler looking
The other is like a baby version of this one
@Squirrelkiller Yeah this is the previous "official" one
It's basically the C++ logo but with a garbage collector
2:50 PM
posted on September 25, 2023 by Nik Karpinsky

In Visual Studio 17.8 Preview 2 we have updated unit test profiling, allowing you to use any of the available tools in the performance profiler – not just the instrumentation tool. With this change, it’s easy to quickly profile small units of work in isolation, The post A unit of profiling makes the allocations go away appeared first on Visual Studio Blog.

Java and C# are getting closer and closer every year
currently, I think the only real differences is Java has better libraries and C# has better syntax
Well, that and Oracles seem to be doing dumb stuff with licenses.
but iirc, that is only if you want to use OracleJDK
3:06 PM
It's even dumber than that. You can use some of the OracleJDK. The cutoff point is somewhere during Java 8. After some update, the license changes. At work I used to have OracleJDK installed (for the Java project I maintain) and IT asked me to remove the installation. The license for it did allow usage for develoment, however I really didn't want to have to explain this to IT over and over
we just use AWS JDK :D
I ended up getting one of the open ones. Can't remember. Those seem to have fractured and shifted, too.
Not sure what they did for the actual servers hosting the Java application. Nobody contacted me about those ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Although, technically I'm not maintaining the server. I just happen to have full access privileges...
Because that's what I was handed for deployment purposes.
3:27 PM
Oracle sent us a massive bill after the licensing changes
To which we basically went hahahhaah fuck off and now we use one of the other JDKs
4:22 PM
@Squirrelkiller [ntohl (MR.TaNk)] Here
Ha nice, love the bows on the sides
@VLAZ I mean, oracle has always done dumb stuff with licenses, that's basically their business model.
5:02 PM
OpenJDK works just fine
posted on September 25, 2023 by Richard Lander

The .NET platform provides convenient solutions to many tasks, for developers looking for a straightforward utility function or a high degree of control crafting an algorithm. The post The convenience of .NET appeared first on .NET Blog.

5:44 PM
yeah. There was a 3 event competition, which I could only attend 2. There must be 5 or more competitiors to have this kind of trophy, but we were only 3 or 4 in the category.
There was a smaller practise target makett with a nice golden arrow for the whole competition winner. I shot the absolute first score but I didn't get the makett because I would have to participate all 3 events.
so I made a deal and demanded the second girl trophy for the cumulative first place
2 hours later…
7:47 PM
Haha very nice :D

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