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12:00 AM
If graphics hackers are so smart, why can't they get the bugs out of fresh paint? (source)
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8:16 AM
Madara Uchiha completed part 1 of day 6! \o/
8:31 AM
Madara Uchiha completed part 2 of day 6! \o/
8:49 AM
Matthieu Honel completed parts 1 and 2 of day 6! \o/
Good morning
9:04 AM
Good morning.
@mr5 even if it's strictly sequential: Multiple calls will use multiple threads. If you await something, the thread may be assigned to do other work, i.e. service another call.
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10:21 AM
Everyone out doing AoC or what?
Yesterday I re-watched Blade Runner
man what a great movie, somehow I didnt appreciate it as much when I wacthed it years ago
Philip K. Dick was realy a visionary(although he did too many drugs)
so many things in that movie that later became reality
Nice. Yeah you notice new things every time. Although at the number of times I've seen Die Hard I'm not sure anymore.
10:35 AM
also a great job by ridley scott to make a movie out of that difficult book
Blade Runner is definitely one of those movies you need to see multiple times.
I've read two books by Dick "A scanner darkly" and "The Man in the High Castle"
Blade Runner is based on "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?"
Right I have to re-watch a scanner darkly, I forgot half of it and probably only got half of it when I watched it in the first place.
never watched it
but the book was interesting
Rotoscoped in 2006, it's certainly an interesting look.
10:41 AM
now hold on i think i ve actually watched it too
its in this "comic" look right ?
so its called "rotoscope"
I see
Yeah it's what Star Wars did for the lightsabers before they could use computers
Oh, okay
Doing it to the whole movie, it sometimes seems inaccurate, but I'm really not sure if they did that on purpose as it really fits the whole mood.
10:44 AM
probably on purpose
since he has been on LSD most of the time
11:04 AM
@Hans1984 I have the book and it's nowhere near like the movie
so why are they saying the movie is based on the book then ?
i would have to read the book to decide if i agree with you or not
because it's "based" on the book, like Lynch Dune...
thats a very vague definition
based can mean anything
I have "The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch" from Philip K. Dick. That was the most LSD trip I read from him
it was bad
most of his books are not very good
there are strong parts in them though
hes kind of overrated
11:08 AM
yeah. Like David Lynch version of Dune is based on the book Dune. They have nothing in common...
but we all know thats what americans humans love to do
overrate ppl
Yeah. Ready player one is way overrated for example
lynch is also somewhat overrated in my book
Hello friends!
Hi, Botler.
11:10 AM
he made some great movies though
but Sergei Vasilyevich Lukyanenko is underrated
I love Mulholland drive
lost highway is also great
Night watch was great
I have nothing wrong about Philip K Dick but The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch was very bad compared to other books he wrote
Only russian author I've read so far is Dostojewski
conflictin himself all the places
11:12 AM
I need to catch up in that apartment ;)
but im still busy with Nietzsche right now
imdb.com/title/tt0403358 Night watch was great in movie too
Oh i actually watched that movie
yeah it was great
it was actually on TV years ago
yeah. I saw the movies first, than read the rest
i prefer reading the book first
otherwise you already have those pictures in your head once you read it
it harms your imagination
well anyhow I was impressed how well Blade Runner has aged
although its over 40 years now
yeah. I think the same (not letting my kids watching Harry Potter for same reason before reading the books), but I wouldn't read Night watch before I see it in TV. I wouldn't meet with it
11:17 AM
it doesnt have this feel of watching an outdated movie
which most movies that old have
@ntohl Fair enough.
but obviously the role of women in society has changed significant. You can really see the difference in movies like this one
oh. Yes. The masculine rape of the android part...
yes,for example
but who wouldn't do that? :D
its just a robot right
11:22 AM
yeah japan is very advanced in this sector
kinda creepy though
/will robots enslave us eventually ?
do you know who think it through? That aspect. Ghost in the shell
of course THE ROBOT doesnt answer
@OakBot would you enslave us?
more precisely Ghost in the Shell 2 : Innocence
ah ghost in the shell. I havent watched a lot of it
but its very famouse
11:24 AM
I apologize if my previous responses seemed off context. It looks like there was some confusion. Let's address your concerns.

Regarding the role of women in society and how it's depicted in movies, it certainly has changed significantly over time. Movies often reflect societal values of their eras and can influence public perception.

When it comes to the portrayal of androids or robots and their interactions with humans, it's important to differentiate between fictional narratives and real-life ethics. The treatment of robots in movies or any form of media, especially in ways that suggest
/imagine Oakbot enslaving mankind
okay, that looks rather peaceful
im not concerned
lol. That's some biological AI warfare
Seems mankind is ground up into a brown paste at Oak's heels
11:26 AM
Oak is turning us into vegetables
I don't need Oak's help, I'm already naturally converting myself to potato.
/imagine potato with glasses
OK, I don't have a tiny bowtie. That's adorable, though.
/imagine a cartoon potato wearing glasses
Way too cool to be me.
And a lot more handsome.
/imagine Hans1984 turning into a potato
lol alright
looks rather painful
11:31 AM
"I have no mouth, for I am some sort of vegetable(?), but I must eat brains."
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12:50 PM
I have an arm, for I can grab things(?). Sais the pitbull on the playground
I was able to use a webclient in C# and NTLM to get the Sharepoint-stored picture to display the way I wanted! :D
now the only problem is SSRS sucks and is acting like it can't see the picture when I go to publish
anonymous user #377076 completed part 1 of day 1! \o/
1:16 PM
anonymous user #377076 completed part 2 of day 1! \o/
1:41 PM
Zombie banana maybe?
anonymous user #377076 completed parts 1 and 2 of day 2! \o/
/imagine a zombie banana
"I'm a banana and I cannot scream"
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3:42 PM
Damn recuiters quit the conversation really fast when I say I want 80k€.
Honestly, seems like they'd probably want a piece of that. They're paid some portion of your salary when you're hired.
1 hour later…
4:43 PM
Suitcase only $49.99, good boi included
very compact
5:10 PM
posted on December 06, 2023 by Katie Savage

New to .NET? We know there is a lot to explore – so join our Technical Program managers as they cover all of .NET 8 through this brand new beginners video series and take .NET one step at a time. The post Learn .NET 8 with New Beginner Videos appeared first on .NET Blog.

5:35 PM
Okay, I'm feeling like an idiot, but if I have a statement like this: var name = name1 = name 2; How do the assignments work? I'm reviewing something old and the people who wrote it ain't around
@CBredlow Hi reviewing something old, I'm Oak!
2 hours later…
7:34 PM
A: Why do assignment statements return a value?

Eric Lippert To my understanding, assignment s = "Hello"; should only cause "Hello" to be assigned to s, but the operation shouldn’t return any value. Your understanding is 100% incorrect. Can you explain why you believe this false thing? What is the reasoning behind allowing assignment statements to...

assignment expression does return the value of the assigned value
Gotcha, so the last one, so if name2 = "bob", and then do name = name1 = name2, name will equal "bob" as well?
Just trying to make sure I got it straight
cool, thanks
8:28 PM
9:16 PM
Michael Angstadt completed part 1 of day 6! \o/
Part 2 went better than I expected. Was totally expecting one of those "your program is hanging because your solution is naive"
aka day 5 part 2 lol
9:31 PM
Michael Angstadt completed part 2 of day 6! \o/
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11:13 PM
@Feeds XKCD #2864 Explained: This comic is another one of Randall's Tips. In it, he tells graphic designers to use hue and label in their graphs to represent data from the start, rather than first using standard x and y axes and then using hue and label to represent additional dimensions (such as the z-axis). An example of hue being used to ...

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