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We want to create puppets that pull their own strings. - Ann Marion (source)
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Madara Uchiha completed parts 1 and 2 of day 4! \o/
10:30 AM
Matthieu Honel completed part 1 of day 4! \o/
10:45 AM
who cares
Lee Butler (UK) completed part 1 of day 2! \o/
gud boi
11:00 AM
Lee Butler (UK) completed part 2 of day 2! \o/
11:15 AM
Lee Butler (UK) completed part 1 of day 4! \o/
anyone actually working ?
Just refactoring stuff
all these ppl solving riddles
/imagine working
11:22 AM
Exactly like me. Except I don't have a laptop, not talking on the telephone, no picture on the wall, and my hair is shorter. Well, I also look different. And my mug is different.
But other than that, it's a pretty good match.
Oh, and I'm not smiling.
couples months ago i was traveling with flix train and had a cross-eyed conductor
I also don't have whatever is happening with her left hand.
didnt know at what eye to look
it was very confusing
@VLAZ so you re cross-eyed aswell ?
Also not. But I can cross my eyes at will, if that helps.
11:25 AM
/imagine a cross eyed conductor
The eyes are...different?
Not crossed but literally not the same kind of eye.
thats oak interpretation of cross eyed I guess
Would be even more disturbing if it was cross-species eyes. Like one is an animal eye, the other - a different kind of animal. On a human face.
Free nightmare fuel.
11:27 AM
yeah that would be wild
/imagine a human face but one eye is from a tiger, the other is from a goat
I think that's just "one eye"
jeepers creepers
/imagine a goat with snail-like eyestalks riding a motorcycle
It just has a snail passenger
Pretty stylish goat, though.
goat enough
@Hans1984 xD
11:42 AM
I can't get part 2 fuck it
11:54 AM
Got it, I was just forgetting to count losing cards
What do you use for these puzzles? I love dib files, as they combine an interactive notebook with .NET :D
just vs lol
Lee Butler (UK) completed part 2 of day 4! \o/
yea I know lol
> Type /aoc to see the leaderboard again (or go here: adventofcode.com/2023/leaderboard/private/view/256093)
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1:18 PM
is it me or manipulating sharepoint resources from c# code is a bit cringe? like getting dlls manually downloaded and attached to project and the code itself
1:39 PM
why are you doing that
You shouldn't need to do that unless you're working with some ancient on-prem version (maybe 2010 or earlier)
i need to manipulate microsoft lists and it looks like i need to do that in such way
what sharepoint version(s) are you working with?
its microsoft 365, cant check version following this guide so probably some latest one support.microsoft.com/en-au/office/…
If it's SP online then just use MS graph
thanks I will try to do that too, eventually I have also found learn.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/dev/sp-add-ins/…
1:50 PM
If the feature you're looking for isn't in graph 1.0 then try the beta version. The "beta" apis are pretty stable and stuff doesn't tend to move into the "1.0" version for ages
You can use the SP v1 api but it suuuuuuuuucks
The graph api is much nicer to work with
hmm ok, then I will go the graph way, thanks a lot :D
Riddle me this: opening any speed tests sites is almost an instant; download speed is normal; connecting to any other servers would at least make three connection timeout; once connection has been established, it's stable. What am I?
2:06 PM
a shitty isp and/or socket exhausted
ChatGPT says it's a DNS issue. Checked my phone settings and changed WiFi from DHCP to static and set DNS1 to Google's
Seems to be a bit better
Ah nvm it's not
@CaptainObvious yeah, I feel like my ISP is deliberately trolling me
How would you "unexhaust" a socket though?
But I'm on Android
This is also happening in my Windows laptop though. Might check that later
reboot is always a shout
Especially if you've recently had an update on your android device
2:23 PM
Tried a lot of reboot, both router and other devices - didn't resolved it
But I'm trying this private DNS now. It seems a bit better
Tried dns.google and one.one.one.one.
I think it's similar to the setting I did earlier
Oof. It still timing out
@mr5 tracert might be your friend
What if it shows it hops from my country to China then back again?
Then the request is being routed through China. For some reason.
@mr5 Um, you mean, right?
> Then the request is being routed through China. For some reason.
2:37 PM
@Michael nope. It seems it's a different naming scheme when configuring "private DNS"
Not sure if it's still true though
PLDT is an internet monopoly here
Apparently it used to be, now there's two of them. Damn I don't know about the news in our country anymore.
2:53 PM
Are you guys upskilling your "AI skills"? It seems a lot of devs are doing it.
I tried ML before but it's really basic color classifier and not as sophisticated as today's expectations. After that, never touched that topic again.
I don't. I don't plan to go through the ML/AI path
Although, I did have an idea of a personal project that would help me ditch all the paper receipts. I've wanted to be able to take a picture of the receipt, import my bank account csv and ocr the contents of the receipt to match with the bank transaction. I was able to setup the ocr thing but it's far from perfect, I've read that I would need to train it to ocr better but don't know how to do that so this project is on hold right now
Plus, I'm at this stage of life where coding after work doesn't feel as enjoyable as it was back in the days
3:10 PM
There's no way we thought the same thing lol
This one is using Azure something something for its OCR
I have a private docker container with python's tesseract if you want to use stuff for free
You'd need to help me learn how to train it though
I'm guessing the receipts are not in English?
3:12 PM
Not sure if I still have energy to do this lol
Welcome to the club lol
I'm kind feel the same as you are lol
I do have a friend of mine, he's a Embed C Linux developer, so I'm planning to pitch the idea to him so that he can handle that stuff lol
@Darj it's English
3:17 PM
Ah, it's such a fascinating time to be diving into the world of artificial intelligence, especially with tools like Microsoft's Azure Cognitive Services at our disposal! The Computer Vision API is particularly impressive, capable of extracting rich information from images to help categorize and process them. And hey, if those receipts are in English, you're already ahead of the game since the service has strong support for English text.

Training a custom model on Computer Vision can give you even greater accuracy and control, especially with specific or specialized datasets. It might take
@OakBot how can I train my Tesseract OCR to recognize my Polish receipts better? Explain me all the technical steps, from start to an end, so that I can replicate that on my local machine.
> Embedded C and Linux are super reliable for lower-level system interactions, which could complement higher-level AI work beautifully.

I don't know about that, man... lmao
Training Tesseract OCR for better recognition of Polish receipts involves several technical steps, including preparing your dataset, preprocessing images, generating a box file for each image, training Tesseract, and then evaluating the performance of your newly trained model. Here's a step-by-step guide:

### Step 1: Install Tesseract and Required Tools
Make sure you have Tesseract OCR installed on your local machine. You can download it from its official repo (https://github.com/tesseract-ocr/tesseract). You'll also need other tools like ImageMagick for image preprocessing and other Tesse
Shieeeet, now that's a response! Got me already on Step #2
Printing receipts in our native language is kind of alien to us lol
That's a lot of work.
I feel already sleepy reading step #1
I totally feel you
3:53 PM
am I correct that for modifying microsoft lists in sharepoint ms 365 I only need app reg with Microsoft Graph BrowserSiteLists.ReadWrite.All permission? learn.microsoft.com/en-us/graph/permissions-reference
I wonder if it is possible to restrict such ReadWrite.All to specific list/app or do I need to have app reg with possibility to r/w all lists
nvm, i need Sites.Read.All -> learn.microsoft.com/en-us/graph/api/…
or actually Sites.ReadWrite.All for modifying also i think
posted on December 04, 2023 by Dominic Nahous

When you have lots of tabs open in Visual Studio, your horizontal screen resolution determines how many fit in the document tab well. The remaining document tabs are hidden unless you configure Visual Studio to display tabs in multiple rows. Alternatively, The post Scroll to expand document tabs appeared first on Visual Studio Blog.

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5:47 PM
@sjanisz Yeah some of the scoping on the permissions is absolutely fucked
To do like one minor thing it'll be like "oh yeah you need write access to the entire enterprise on your oauth token"
6:23 PM
posted on December 04, 2023 by Richard Lander

We're closely following the progress of WebAssembly, including WebAssembly System Interface (WASI). There's a new experimental workload in .NET 8 for WASI that extends the capabilities of Wasm towards the Cloud. The post Extending WebAssembly to the Cloud with .NET appeared first on .NET Blog.

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Matthieu Honel completed part 2 of day 4! \o/
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Matthieu Honel completed part 1 of day 3! \o/
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@Feeds XKCD #2863 Explained: Randall has created a sentence with the property that, when printed in Times New Roman font, the distances of the "i" letters from the first letter are proportional to the radii of the orbits of the innermost 5 planets in the Solar System. These are the only letters in the sentence that have a dot over the letter ...
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Matthieu Honel completed part 2 of day 3! \o/

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