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3:40 AM
2 hours later…
6:16 AM
[Squirrel in Training] GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' neglecterinos!
6:56 AM
@nyconing hapy cakeday!
7:08 AM
Below my room lives a 60+ yo guy with poor hearing, and his hearing has gotten worse recently, so for the last couple of weeks I can hear Putin's war propaganda now and then, blasting at top level from his TV set.
Just want to point out that Putin is also 60+yo.
7:46 AM
[Captain Obvious] Morning 😄
[Captain Obvious] @Copper are you in Russia or something?
where do I sign up?
[Captain Obvious] Sounds like there is always food available 😂
8:24 AM
> No product here the barren hills afford,
But man and steel, the soldier and his sword.
2 hours later…
9:58 AM
[Captain Obvious] ITS REGEX TIME
Technically, it's always regex time
[Captain Obvious] Yeah but I mean it's time for me to write new regex patterns
[Captain Obvious] which I really enjoy
new regex patterns?
[Captain Obvious] ^[^A-Za-z]*([A-Za-z]{2})[-_ ?.\\/]([A-Za-z]{2})(?:[^A-Za-z]+.*)?$
We all know the best pattern is (x+)+y you should use it everywhere
10:11 AM
is that just to provide a headache to the engine?
its basically equivalent to x+y
it's only a problem if there is no y
but you can wrap the x+ by a repeating group, which would increase the complexity exponentially
@CaptainObvious 00az-az00a?
(also, it is a wrong regex, as you forgot to unescape your string)
Nah: &%@*%ab-ab
[Captain Obvious] I didn't forget to escape?
[Captain Obvious] And that's a valid input for this expression
[Captain Obvious] We've got the issue that we have a string in the DB which was previously unvalidated which we're trying to parse something that looks like a culture string out of it
> \\/
10:22 AM
new Regex("\\/") is fine
[Captain Obvious] It's double backslash
but that is regex \/
[Captain Obvious] Yes because I'm escaping the /
or my website is not happy about it
you forgot to unescape
10:23 AM
[Captain Obvious] Luckily SO caht doesn't parse regex so it doesn't matter
on the other hand, iirc, in C#, you dont need to escape /
[Captain Obvious] Well in that case then it captures backslash as well
[Captain Obvious] Which I guess is also fine
escaping is optional
but not necessariy
\\/ would result in only an escaped forward slash (/) being part of the pattern. However, that's superfluous, since the unescaped forward slash has the same meaning.
if you want backslash as well, you'd need new Regex("\\\\/")
10:24 AM
That's what Wietlol is saying.
[Captain Obvious] I was intending for just the /
[Captain Obvious] I didn't think unescaped / was a problem but regexr seems to think it is
then new Regex("\\/") and new Regex("/") are equivalent
\\/ == /
regexr prolly uses php or pcre dialect
ah, or js
[Captain Obvious] It uses JS or PCRE
10:26 AM
in which case, escaping forward slash is pretty mandatory
considering their "quotes" are forward slashes
but whatever
(i'd consider regex101 because it has a few more dialects)
[Captain Obvious] Apparently the only characters in .net regex taht need escaping are `. $ ^ { [ ( | ) * + ? `
[Captain Obvious] And yes you are seeing the unmatched pairs for curly and square brackets
@Wietlol In JS - only if you're trying to do a regex literal. However, if you're dynmically generating regex, you'd use new RegExp(str) and it's not necessary to escape forward slashes there.
@CaptainObvious you forgot the \ ?
SO chat's shitty markdown strikes again
Did it escape the backtick?
10:33 AM
It did
Works on discord
Backticks do not need escaping
except if you want to use a literal backtick inside the backticks.
[Captain Obvious] I mean in regex
Nope, that doesn't work
[Captain Obvious] In the chat then yeah if you want to show literal backtick then it needs to be escaped
10:35 AM
The first cmae through as 5, but that one came through as 3
ah, botler's shitty markdown passthrough strikes again :p
First one was 5 backticks. Second is backtick-backslash-backtick-backtick (escaped backtick inside backticks)
Final one is backtick-backslash-backslash-backtick. I was aiming for an escaped backslash but apparently it just escapes the final backtick.
[Captain Obvious] So then it came through correct, but wasn't formatted
10:37 AM
yeah, in SO chat it's just backtick-backslash-backtick when rendered
[Captain Obvious] There's a combination of Discord,s MD, SO's MD and Botler's miserable attempt to translate between the two that's really making this difficult
backslash doesnt need to be escaped
10:38 AM
on it's own no
Yep. But you cannot have it at the end of an inline code markup
But if it's before something that can be escaped, seemingly yes
looks like a bug
I would have said shitty parser rules
Both platforms have a really shitty implementation (SO's is much worse)
But trying to translate between the two is also not fun, which is what botler is attempting to do
10:41 AM
Wietbot didn't even attempt, he just did it
but Wietbot cheated
[Captain Obvious] wietbot was useless
say that to his face
and get eaten
[Captain Obvious] I would if he existed
by a majestic flaming blue lion
[Captain Obvious] ayyylmao
10:43 AM
Wietbot's approach worked though
[Captain Obvious] oh yeah
[Captain Obvious] and hwat was that
basically, construct a data model for messages
[Captain Obvious] oh I remmeber
[Captain Obvious] it didn't work
it is much easier to convert from either formats to the data model and from the data model to each format
it worked though...
[Captain Obvious] it didn't tho
10:44 AM
[Captain Obvious] I don't think you ever actually finished ut
might be right about that on datcord
I definitely finished it for SO and for my own website, which I gave a made-up format just to see if it would work
but I dont remember tinkering a lot with datcord
[Captain Obvious] Yeah that rings a bell
in principle, it should work
so if you want to fix it for botler, that might be the way to go
and you could probably copy my models
as their definitions are platform independent and my C# code generator can poop out the C# models
but if you want really good integration, you'd have to keep a database of the messages and accounts in different platforms to handle the replies and mentions
[Captain Obvious] ye I know
[Captain Obvious] but thats effort
[Captain Obvious] he needs updating anyway though
[Captain Obvious] Because he hasn't been updated since discord got replies
10:54 AM
I paused project Wietbot when I made a ticket about the Kotlin-Native http client being redonkulous
but didnt really check for updates :D
on the other hand, I could use a workaround for now...
11:37 AM
weitbot? never heard of em
that is because you spelled it wrong
12:00 PM
Hi all,
anyone knows a quick way to get a free (unused) port number, everytime I run the app it gives a port permission error
Q: Find the next TCP port in .NET

TheSeekerI want to create a new net.tcp://localhost:x/Service endpoint for a WCF service call, with a dynamically assigned new open TCP port. I know that TcpClient will assign a new client side port when I open a connection to a given server. Is there a simple way to find the next open TCP port in .NET?...

I mean like a cmd command
again, google?
this one is very easy to google
netstat –ao|find /I “listening”?
@Freerey just reached this in my second try, already tried one before posting here
12:16 PM
[Captain Obvious] Good news lads
[Captain Obvious] I've got my new glasses
Caps new glasses:
I got a new laptop the other day and it's a different shade of gold than my workplace iPad, booo
[Captain Obvious] ew gold
I have enough silver laptops
12:36 PM
[Captain Obvious] woo bonus refinment
1:11 PM
@mshwf you need to trace where it's leaking. Port suffocation is bad
[Captain Obvious] Maybe they're just looking in a congested bit of port space
[Captain Obvious] Never said it was their app stealing all the ports
2:13 PM
2:32 PM
[SoFastLikeTurtle] Hello guys
[SoFastLikeTurtle] I m curious how one would keep multiple socket connections to multiple servers (hundreds) open all time to receive data ? is Background service the best approach for it ? 🤔
3:04 PM
posted on May 17, 2022 by Denizhan Yigitbas

Since we first previewed a brand new way to search your code called the All-In-One Search with Visual Studio 17.2, we’ve been making updates to the UI to make it feel slicker and help you search your code faster! In 17.3, The post All-In-One Search Is Getting Slicker appeared first on Visual Studio Blog.

1 hour later…
4:38 PM
posted on May 17, 2022 by Luis Quintanilla

Check out what's new with ML.NET Automated ML (AutoML), tooling, and notebooks! The post What’s new with ML.NET Automated ML (AutoML) and tooling appeared first on .NET Blog.

5:27 PM
I had a question. Honestly, I do not know why hackers do not use C # and look for Python?
2 hours later…
7:01 PM
Hi guys, how to convert un array into a 2darray, ex:
Double[] firstArray = new double[] {1,2,3};
Double [,] secondArray = new double[,] { firstArray };
don't work :(

but if I do:
Double single = 1.0;
Double[,] secondArray = new Double[,] { { single } };
That work perfectly ... so how to convert my array to a 2darray ?
arff I can't find a simple way to do it :(

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