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8:25 AM
|| welcome-c# samayo
@samayo Welcome to the C# chat! Please review the room guidelines and tips. If you have a question, just post it, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
@mr5 Thanks very much, glad I've got some search terms.
8:52 AM
Good moaning
1 hour later…
9:52 AM
I've read somewhere that .netcore+ have built in dependency injection mechanism. Does this mean that there's no need to add Autofac anymore because of those built in mechanisms?
4 hours later…
1:23 PM
the built-in IOC container works... but that is about it
it is the minimum viable product for an IOC container
Oh, so resolving/instantiating objects still Autofac is needed?
usually it is sufficient, but as soon as you need a single more advanced feature, the built-in servicecollection/serviceprovider becomes useless
@Darj no, that it can still do
but for example, it doesnt have a named registry
you cannot easily create 2 services of the same type and register them with different names
What would be a use case for that?
Oh, gotcha
.AddTransient("reader", CreateMongoDbClient)
.AddTransient("writer", CreateMutationMongoDbClient)
for example
still, the built-in IOC container will suffice for most applications
I'll need to learn that asap then
1:30 PM
depending on the application, you might not even need an IOC container
2 hours later…
3:09 PM
Ryan Donovan on December 05, 2022
Suddenly losing a job can be personally destabilizing. But lots of us have been there and gotten through it.
3:28 PM
how difficult would it be for C# developers to learn monads?
@Wietlol Dunno. Probably depends on how much they actually understand anything about FP.
I tried to explain monads/functors to a friend of mine who knows Java. I gave him Optional as an illustration. Not sure he fully got it, though.
if they understand LINQ, shouldnt that be sufficient?
Technically - yes.
I introduced some stuff and my colleagues keep saying they dont understand any of it
however, I am not sure if they dont understand it because it is simply too difficult or if they dont understand it because of a lack of effort
Some people are really bad at being able to think more generally about code. They can bash out classes, constructors, factories all the time but it's just formulaic.
@Wietlol My guess: little bit of column A / little bit of column B
It's not really hard. But it does require thinking about the problem from a different perspective. That perspective shift can be hard if people aren't used to it.
Also, as I said, some just don't really seem to be able to comprehend code well.
3:41 PM
I thought that, considering they do use linq quite a bit, they would already have that different perspective
I found the hardest thing to put across is that FP is about "series of operations". Once you get that, it's easier to talk about functors/monads. They are just ways to apply operations.
So, it requires some background to fully appreciate why those are there. But it's hard to break into that, since if you just say "functors help with chaining the same operation" you'd get quizzical looks about why you'd even do that instead of X existing feature. But talking about the operations themselves gets people going "But why would I use that - seems less convenient"...which is what a functor would be for.
It's kind of a chicken and egg problem. Although if people do a perspective shift, it becomes quite clear.
so perhaps it is more about that they dont understand the why rather than the how?
3:59 PM
Yes, at least in my experience it seems to help.
posted on December 05, 2022 by Mads Kristensen

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4:21 PM
Hey ther
Is it working :)
5:01 PM
Hi all,
is there an open-source project that demonstrates most (if not all) of the async/await and multi-threading features in C#, like the console apps we create all the time to test and investigate async/await behavior..
5:16 PM
posted on December 05, 2022 by Klaus Loeffelmann

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8:16 PM
8:49 PM
[Darj] I've recently watched Tim Corey's video on that. You might want to take a look at it
posted on December 05, 2022 by Phil Haack

There are cases where recovery from an Entity Framework Core (EF Core) DbUpdateException is possible if you play your cards right. Play them wrong and the result is heartbreak and tears as every call to SaveChangesAsync rethrows the same exception.


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