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12:58 AM
posted on September 14, 2021 by Scott Hanselman

I got a tweet from Stevö John who said he found my existing light theme for my blog to be jarring as he lives in Dark Mode. I had never really thought about it before, but once he said it, it was obvious. Not only should I support dark mode, but I should detect the user's preference and switch seamlessly. I should also support changing modes if the browser or OS changes as well. Stevö was kind

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5:57 AM
Good morning
@Hypersapien scoped means scoped to one request, I assume @juanvan's .PerRequest does the same but in another DI framework.
You have to inject the service into each controller separately and pass it to the base ctor.
I need some help with my applicaition
is anyone there?
For such a gorgeusDev, always
Aug 28 '17 at 15:53, by mikeTheLiar
Don't ask if you can ask, it creates an infinite recursive loop. Just ask your question. If someone is around who can help, they will.
6:31 AM
Anyone know how I can host my .NET5 worker application on heroku? It seems to quit after a minute or so, I'm assuming because it's "idle" as it doesn't get any web requests.
7:13 AM
[Squirrel in Training] @Hans1984 ๐Ÿ˜
7:41 AM
[Captain Obvious] Big F for the discord users
[Captain Obvious] stack users*
[Captain Obvious] Lemme check the sprint, I'll see if there's anything small to take where I can make attachments go to stack
for any y'all slack users, do you know how to add an emoji without it being surrounded by colons?
as far as I can see, it will require colons around it
7:54 AM
[Captain Obvious] That's because discord is stupid
Morning all
Survived Covid :D
8:18 AM
Hi, I'm trying to only copy the content of a folder in my build like this:
<Content Include="MyFolder\\**\*.*"> <CopyToOutputDirectory>PreserveNewest</CopyToOutputDirectory> </Content>
How can I only copy the files inside and not MyFolder too?
8:36 AM
@CaptainObvious "slack"
8:54 AM
@AzeExMachina I think you need the Copy AfterBuild target stackoverflow.com/a/60414232/1859959
[Captain Obvious] @wiet I knew what you meant don't worry hun
9:32 AM
botler, shutdown
I'll be back... (but in the sandbox so you'll have to invite me back here in a minute)
Hello friends!
[Captain Obvious] Are ya ready kids
[Captain Obvious] ah fuck
Well at least that works
botler, shutdown
I'll be back... (but in the sandbox so you'll have to invite me back here in a minute)
oh bollocks it might not be rebuilt yet
10:30 AM
public interface IDataStore<T>
    Task<bool> AddItemAsync(T item);
    Task<bool> UpdateItemAsync(T item);
    Task<bool> DeleteItemAsync(string id);
    Task<T> GetItemAsync(string id);
    Task<IEnumerable<T>> GetItemsAsync(bool forceRefresh = false);
What is T?
Found something
T is anything
whatever you specify
Hello friends!
Yeah it's whatever you want it to be
[Captain Obvious] Now we can send pitcures from discord
does Datcord support inline images?
10:40 AM
What do you mean
text <imageUrl> text
oh nah
it would just as attachment or something?
The image will show underneath though
10:42 AM
But the bot now sends attachments seperately
And without the user prefix so they're boxed accordingly
what happened to the better chat engines?
[Captain Obvious] Like this
and here I thought the relay in Datcord actually showed the messages as if they were from me
didnt realize you are here in chat
[Captain Obvious] I am both#
10:44 AM
[Captain Obvious] just to test that though really, now I'm just discord again
I wonder why these chat applications all have such strict limitations on the chat messages themselves
the tools that can do all the cool stuff existed for decades
[Captain Obvious] Like what
[Captain Obvious] And the answer is almost definitely "security"
@Wietlol Ok thanks
primarily the ability to have inline images
I could then put avatars in chat for example
for the relay bot, that would be a huge benefit
SO chat is also a big chunk behind in not being able to just have any styling for multiline messages (with the exception of monospace text)
[Captain Obvious] But neither stack nor discord support it
[Captain Obvious] But I can't think of any chat client that does which doesn't support full rich text formatting
11:00 AM
what would be the requirement for full rich text formatting?
[Squirrel in Training] thixx nice
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12:30 PM
WTF is going on
Then I get shit like this
you got maybe network problems towards nuget?
first one seems like a dotnet restore could solve
Yeah, few sources mention restore.
Is it a simple process to restore?
[Captain Obvious] Yeah basically just restart anddelete the packages folder in your solution
> dotnet restore
@ntohl Tried that, showed errors.
12:41 PM
^ but that error is from IDE. I mean from the terminal
I know 1 sec
@Botler And I can't find this folder in the repos.
Oh is it here? C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\NuGetPackages
Updating Visual Studio.
Hope this fixes this shite
1:00 PM
What about Update-Package -reinstall
Update-Package : The feed 'nuget.org [api.nuget.org/v3/index.json]'; lists package 'NETStandard.Library.2.0.3' but multiple attempts to download the nupkg have failed. The feed is either invalid or required packages were removed
while the current operation was in progress. Verify the package exists on the feed and try again.
  Unable to find package 'NETStandard.Library.2.0.3'.
At line:1 char:1
+ Update-Package -reinstall
+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo          : NotSpecified: (:) [Update-Package], Exception
1:15 PM
Reboot I guess?
yeah I suppose
Meanwhile, I asked a question on SO 10 minutes ago and have gotten zero close votes so far๐Ÿคž
which is normal?
Unless you just...don't find the answer you're looking for because there's just too many that are just adjacent enough to fall into your search.
here is a vote
1:24 PM
Re-Installing Visual Studio
Hope this fixes the damn issue
Damn now come the big guns
All out attack
2:03 PM
2:26 PM
Didn't work
Oh my life
Yes hello IT need new PC plz
nuget update -self?
I did this
Then all these issues started
Can you visit nuget.org in a browser? Maybe VPN decided nuget doesn't exist now?
Cleared caches?
Yeah, still works.
@Squirrelkiller Yeah
Can't even uninstall anything.
Make a new project and copy over your shit
2:33 PM
Got an idea
I have DevExpress installed. It's showing the same error when I try to delete their package. Going to ask them.
Haha not bad^^
So our codebase
function gets a parameter, lets go with (contacts: any[])
function proceeds to do
var filledContracts = contracts.filter((contract: any) => { contract });
@Squirrelkiller Is this an easy process?
Depends on how big a project you have
2:42 PM
I could simply copy the files.
Created a new project..
same errors
nuget sources or something?
Not sure what command it is for the nuget powershell
to do what?
Show sources. I don't know where I wanted to go with that.
Just like you know...next thing is make sure nuget is even installed or whatever.
2:49 PM
this is f'd up
A: Nuget fails to restore NetStandard.Libary for netstandard1.2 in Build Agent build for VS Team Services

Eddie Chen - MSFTI managed to reproduce your issue after clear the nuget cache in my build agent. And the solution to fix this issue is either not specifying the nuget.config file in nuget restore task or adding the nuget package source in nuget.config file. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <configuration>

Is yours same as mine?
Just some additional internal stuff and some offline packages that MS probably added there because magic or whatever.
Wait how is yours partitioned? I just got this one window with all the sources.
All four of them^^
3:04 PM
I can't see your image again -_- but answer to your question...
My image shows the same api.nuget.org source as yours, plus the MS VS offline package source is in the first window too instead of an extra "machine wide sources" window.
1 hour later…
4:38 PM
[Squirrel.98] Sorry got pulled away ..
[Squirrel.98] Interesting..
[Squirrel.98] Mines actually different compared to the answers on stack overflow.
[Squirrel.98] Is your VS on latest version?
5:00 PM
[Hypersapien] I have an attribute class attached to my Controller base class and I'm using it to add a response header on OnActionExecuted. I have a breakpoint on the line where I'm adding the header and I can see it getting hit, but I don't see the header in the dev console.

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