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3:08 AM
4:00 AM
soo bored rn
...maintenance / enhancing your server security
...do backup on your harddrive
...buy something on amazon
2 hours later…
6:39 AM
@Rob robbi boi
long tiem no see :3

What was your idsord username again?
7:22 AM
[Squirrel in Training] oh it's also rob is it?
7:33 AM
[Captain Obvious] Aye, he popped in one time
[Captain Obvious] So I gave him his lil diamond
@nyconing I am still not sure on what to buy on Amazon.
It's been 3 years already when I last look on the monitor I would like to buy but still didn't do it.
@Ben sounds like a bad idea
7:56 AM
Good morning
Don't buy stuff on amazon, look for a physical store or another online store that is not amazon
(well and if possible not chinese but that's just me)
8:12 AM
[Captain Obvious] But when you live in the middle of bumfuck nowhere, it's a bit difficult
[Captain Obvious] althought it's not a huge amount better than Amazon, at least supermarkets and big brands with a physical presence employ staff
[Squirrel in Training] Why killerino?
1) Amazon is too powerful. Yes they are changing our expectation of service to a really good customer experience, but they also fuck with their employees and taxes and destroy their competition.
2) China is only allowed to be nazis because everybody and their granny buy from them and they're too much of an important trade partner to fuck with them.
China does right what Hitler fucked up: Stay the fuck home and use the economical power you gain by exploiting your own people.
8:57 AM
Greetings everyone.
Should we get the shotguns ready or is it already too late?
[Captain Obvious] Good tidings to all
[Captain Obvious] wait whaty
I'm stuck with a problem in my WinForms project.
That is: TextBox will never accept tab key to move on to the next control.
However it does recognize the key press (even get the beep).
Anyone has an idea on how could a TextBox Refuse to Move to the Next Control?
[Hans1984] problem is i want see the end @Deathspike
* Even the Button on the Form refuses TAB
9:00 AM
[Hans1984] because i will uninstall the game
[Hans1984] i have better games to play
[Deathspike] You're taking the best experience from yourself.
[Hans1984] oh wrong chat
[Captain Obvious] Have you set AcceptsTab to true?
[Captain Obvious] Because that could cause it
[Captain Obvious] Or if the TabIndex doesn't have a value then tabbbing across probably won't work
Set to false
[Captain Obvious] Oh that's fine then
I do not need to enter TAB chars =|
I just removed the Code related to TextBox Events. Problem Persists.

The Controls are inside a Panel Container. Could Somehow the Panel Invalidate the Tab?
[Captain Obvious] I don't believe so
Do your controls have a TabIndex set?
9:05 AM
Yes. Even reconfigred their Indexes to be sure
Q: Detect the Tab Key Press in TextBox

user2102327I am trying to detect the Tab key press in a TextBox. I know that the Tab key does not trigger the KeyDown, KeyUp or the KeyPress events. I found: Detecting the Tab Key in Windows Forms of BlackWasp in the internet. They suggest to override the ProcessCmdKey, which I did, but it does not get trig...

might help you
you should just invert the answer there
Just tried it for the sake of my Insanity '8p'

It Detect the Tab Key
How come invert?
In normal circumstance the TextBox (or any other Control - Except RichTextBox) should move to the Next Control on Tab key Press.
Ok. That Didn't help me.
While trying to stap back understanding why it happens; I have removed all the controls and reinsterted new ones.
Removed any event subscription.
Only a few things could be causing this problem:
The Form is a child form
Lets Say:
MainForm loads a Configuration Form inside a Panel Container (Calling it Working Area)
9:36 AM
Rethinking: Form could lose focus?
9:58 AM
post a minimal, complete, readable, reproducible code
I think the E stands for example
And the R probably for reproducible // reproducible looks weird, but so does reproducable
10:18 AM
It's the 10 year anniversary of firday and it's friday again :o
[Hans1984] šŸ˜±
[Hans1984] Larry
[Hans1984] Laffer
And along comes friday
[Hans1984] harry is too young for larry laffer games I think
[Captain Obvious] Was it actually released on a friday
10:20 AM
Sorry got bloodhound gang stuck in my head today
[Squirrel in Training] @here IT'S BEEN 10 years and it's friday again
[Hans1984] šŸ„³
[Squirrel in Training] On a friday
[Captain Obvious] fr tho RB has released some semi decent music since that abominsation
[Freerey] 10 years since what?
[Freerey] Oh
For the onebox
[Squirrel in Training] So claims google
[monke] Ew
[Freerey] OH
[Squirrel in Training] Partying yeah!
[Hector] u wat m8
[Hector] xD
[Hector] :pingReee:
[Squirrel in Training] šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚
[Squirrel in Training] I had to summon thee all for this truly great event
[Freerey] <a:angryping:888129326816575559>
[Squirrel in Training] That the 10 year anniversary of this song lands on a friday
[Freerey] Iā€™m really certain this song is older than that
[Freerey] Cause I remember people singing it in like March of 2011 at least
10:23 AM
Chat Pro Tip: If you use unicode emoji, they will be properly transferred everywhere.
[Squirrel in Training] nope, chuck testa
[Captain Obvious] Evidently not
[Freerey] I know the video got reuploaded multiple times
[Freerey] Because originally it had way too many dislikes for RB
[Captain Obvious] oh shit
[Captain Obvious] FALSE AL:ARM
[Squirrel in Training] Not that i can remember
[Captain Obvious] He's right
[Captain Obvious] Actual release Feb 10th 2011
[Squirrel in Training] you rite boi
[Captain Obvious] > The original music video was removed from YouTube on June 16, 2011, due to legal disputes between ARK Music and Black.[5] By then, it had already amassed more than 167 million views.[6][7] The song was re-released on September 16, 2011, when the music video was re-uploaded to YouTube
[Captain Obvious] That's why she did a remix release in Feb this year
Did you just star your own test message
I have found a bug where one can star ones own messages
There my child-related birth psiot now has 14 stars, one of them from me šŸ˜‚
I can't take it away though
10:28 AM
[Hans1984] Look at my marvelous message I will now star
Sorry for the delay:

After testing Running the Configuration Form Instead of the Entire Application:
I could understand that the TAB key works just fine.
Thus the problem resides on some function (event perhaps?) that is not being passed.
Sharing my "humble" code (not a pro here):

// Form Manager Class

internal delegate void SendFormTo_WorkingArea(Form form);
internal static event SendFormTo_WorkingArea OnSendFormTo_WorkingArea;

#region <Form Management> : (Open / Close Forms)
/// <summary> Form Names Enumeration. </summary>
internal enum FormName
// Loads on FMain

// Loads Separated from FMain
// ...

/// <summary> Open Selected Form. </summary>
/// <param name="fName"></param>
internal static void OpenForm(FormName fName) { LoadForm(fName); }
The minimalistic I could get (sorry about that=
@Squirrelintraining I'm not on the discord server
[Captain Obvious] That video was... an experience
"mrS" might be correct on the link he/she referenced regarding:

"Detect the Tab Key Press in TextBox"

I'm just not seeing how to implement it yet
@Rob Then who is the Rob imposter?
10:33 AM
Erm, not sure?
[Squirrel in Training] Rob563532#2012
Oh, actually, I may have joined way back when it was launched, if that's what you mean
[Captain Obvious] You did come in, you haven't been active for a long time tho
[Squirrel in Training] ^this one was you right?
[Squirrel in Training] So it is you!
Yep, it was
[Squirrel in Training] SO WHY OU LIE?!?!?!?!?!?!?ß1111ßß1ßßß!?!
[Squirrel in Training] Your have joined the good side of the foarce
10:36 AM
Ain't there a Forum for trolling stuff? This should be C# specific right?
[Squirrel in Training] It's friday my dude.
... Err... A day like any other ...
[Captain Obvious] Boooooo
with a few demagogue social system variables
[Captain Obvious] He's trying to be on topic!
10:38 AM
[Captain Obvious] Not sure about anyone else
[Captain Obvious] But I'm already checked out for the weekend
if I only could see C# the same way I see social engineering
[Captain Obvious] Got the stand up in 20 mins then the afternoon is chopped up by another meeting like an hour after
the last time this chat was c# specific humans were still riding horses instead of driving cars
10:39 AM
thats the problem nowadays
[Captain Obvious] Plus my internet is being aabsolute wank so there's that too
many still riding horses of going by foot
[Captain Obvious] I'd just like to clarify that my internet briefly dropped mid writing that message
Ok, ok. I get your points. so no worries
Its just that I got stuck, and am feeling quite annoyed with the issue xD
...Growing white hairs...
10:41 AM
Different approach then: Scrap the whole thing and rebuild it in WPF
[Hector] My discord client also crashed. By just Discord, the rest was all A-OK
[Captain Obvious] All day
@Squirrelkiller: Indeed. Its time to move on to WPF
But the app I'm working on is an old personal project. I want to revant the old applications with the best I can do. and then move on (saying goodbye to Winfoms).
Been Learning HTML, XML, CSS to give me a better insight to move forward.
[Captain Obvious] They aren't going to help with WPF tho
XML might
Well, after testing a little bit WPF; XML actually could help
10:44 AM
Don't pretend XAML isn't yet another XML child
[Captain Obvious] Eh, knowing *ML is good enough
....doesn't really work
Else I might move to Java
10:44 AM
stil lunsure where to go
Friday noon and already drunk are we?
it has been around 8 years on winForms for personal projects learning on the go
praise the lord
[Captain Obvious] MS would say MAUI
10:45 AM
||votekick Hans
@Squirrelkiller voted to kick @Hans
10:45 AM
[Captain Obvious] I mean I do have a G E A N N U L E E R D meeting too
[Captain Obvious] Thanks Dutch
Java is so similar to C# that it may be a good option, right?
at least I could go cross-platform
||votekick Squirrelkiller
@Hans1984 voted to kick @Squirrelkiller
I mean...
10:46 AM
sure is
Java loses type inference half way through a StreamAPI-chain, fuck that.
[Captain Obvious] It's a bit of an apples to wardobes comparison
Also no properties
10:46 AM
[Captain Obvious] C# is xplat anyway
No runtime generics
@Squirrelkiller C# doesnt even do type inference, so fuck that too
Java has something better than properties
Hell yeah, after 10 LINQ filters I still get my input object perfectly typed
10:47 AM
but those are just easier ones
=\ darn...
Java type inference is massively more superior than C#'s
[DAustin] son of a bitch, wondered why i got pinged, I hate you so much right now
I keep C# then and rather go mono (1 ear plug)
10:48 AM
[DAustin] its Friday...
||votekick Squirrelkiller
@Harry voted to kick @Squirrelkiller
because Java has C#'s type inference and on top of that inference by demand
sometimes it looks weird though
Like, mono runtime? Pretty sure they're working on replacing that completely with .NET{something}
@Wietlol Well, sometimes it works.
it works really well
10:49 AM
[Captain Obvious] Don't need mono
@Squirrelkiller: Even though I don't follow languages like you guys do; I feel the same
you just have one case where your code is whack :D
[Captain Obvious] Have you been living under a rock the last 3 years or so
Mono runs pretty much everything of .net cross platform stuff though...
[Captain Obvious] Uh... no it doesn't?
[Hector] FYI "mono" is money in Spanish. It always gets me
[Hector] Monkey development studio
10:50 AM
I don't really follow it, I just started with java originally because "ohh this phone has android, I heard I can build my own apps for that, guess I'll learn programming now". And now I've been forced to use java by lecturers for my bachelors.
Well.. My intention is actually to say goodbye to Windows.
and do my hobby stuff under Linux
[Captain Obvious] ā™« Mono, Mono, Mono ā™Ŗ
[Hector] MONORAIL!
sure; i could use VS Code. I just hate it damn much
[Captain Obvious] Yeah VS code sucks ass
Wait where's the difference between mono and dinero then
10:51 AM
[Hector] I'm open to VS Code alternatives
Build Blazor, I heard VSCode works well with that
[Hector] I tried to use it as a makeshift IDE and it's ass
Personally I couldnt find a good alternative
[Hector] that's my problem exactly
[Captain Obvious] VS proper
VS Code definitely seems to be the best on it. Just needs way more improvement
10:52 AM
[Hector] notepad ++ reeks like 2001, it has no good dark theme AFAIK
@CaptainObvious iirc, mono runs both wasm and the linux dotnet runtime
[Captain Obvious] Rider is good if you can get your head around IntelliJ family UI
@Botler: it has
VSDark Theme
[Captain Obvious] Mono absolutely does not run dotnet
it runs the runtime
10:53 AM
Found somewhere on GitHub
[Captain Obvious] No, it doesn't
it... is the runtime
[Hector] I'd use it, but I'm looking for a fast notepad on steroids, can't be arsed to wait for VS to boot up just to type "Doc appointment at 16.00"
[Captain Obvious] It was the ruuntime
what is it now?
[Captain Obvious] Blazor Wasm still uses mono
[Captain Obvious] And xamarin for android still uses it until later this year I think
[Captain Obvious] Not sure about iOS, but everything else is dotnet
10:54 AM
@Botler: https://github.com/Ludomancer/VS2015-Dark-Npp

I think this is the Theme
Personally: I Love It
[Captain Obvious] @John if you really want to dev on not-windows, Rider is probably your best bet
[Captain Obvious] It's the most fully featured IDE for .net that is cross plaform and works out of the box
[Captain Obvious] That's literally the only time Rider will get a rec from me
@Botler: Superb Sugestion!
Thanks bud
I guess I'm moving to C# Mono then.
Gotta Complete my work before changing everything though.
[Captain Obvious] (not mono)
[Captain Obvious] Unless you're working in .net Framework 4.8 or less
10:58 AM
.net core 3.1 or .net 5 if you are a rebel
or .net 6 if you can wait
AFAIK Linux doesn't run .net (or not completely)
[Captain Obvious] But .net core and .Net 5+ doin't use mono
[Captain Obvious] That's where you're wrong!
[Captain Obvious] But there's no built in UI system for linux
[Captain Obvious] Not for desktop anyway
So that's why my old apps could run in linux
11:00 AM
iirc nuget doesnt work on linux, which was an absolute pain for our CI/CD
and mono didnt work on the CI/CD of azure, which was the only way to run nuget
[Captain Obvious] No nuget runs linux
it does?
iirc, only the nuget commands using the dotnet cli
[Captain Obvious] Yeah, I've used linux and windows build agents no problem
which are always bound to a project file
[Captain Obvious] What else would you be doing with it
11:04 AM
using nuspec files
which the dotnet cli doesnt use
[Captain Obvious] Don't use nuspec
[Captain Obvious] that's old now
so our libraries were all having nice nuspec files that didnt get used
so all our libraries from that time were mangled
[Captain Obvious] You can basically copy it all into the csproj anyway
but the nuspec is much easier to generate than editing a csproj file
keeping in mind that that process is automatic
also, another difference we then found quite soon was that nuget also uploads the referenced projects
dotnet does not
which have to be separate publish (iirc) calls
11:06 AM
hitler ?
[Captain Squirrel] šŸ˜ 
I mean... I... like...15 minutes ago
[Captain Squirrel] <:lasermolly:888054041953857536>
[Captain Obvious] Why are you auto generating nuspecs
11:07 AM
[Captain Obvious] wtf are you doing
[Captain Obvious] you literally only have problems that nobody else does
we generated the nuspec file for ages before CI/CD
mostly because we had to add the references in it
[Captain Obvious] whaaaaat
and there are hundreds of projects and all of them had default settings for the logo and shit
[Captain Obvious] Everything just works now
11:09 AM
our publish tool generated the nuspec based on various things and then did a nuget call
it worked flawlessly
I suppose dotnet cli basically does the same, but then more in-memory and not using the nuget cli
except the default values we had
not that the default values were special
just the copyright, icon, license and owners
11:27 AM
private void TextBox_KeyDown(object sender, KeyEventArgs e)
// (Control)sender does the same as TextBox txt = (TextBox)sender;

if ((e.KeyCode == Keys.Tab))
Parent.SelectNextControl((Control)sender, true, true, true, true);
e.Handled = e.SuppressKeyPress = true; /* Shut up the Beeping */
also fails...
(....grabbing a hammer....)
[Captain Obvious] Just give up on winforms šŸ¤£
this will work:
Cant give up
not yet
How come a child form could invalidate keys?
This sht makes no sense
btw: its not a winform problem
its the developer that is not thinking clearly
[Hector] a friend of mine 3D printed it and stuck a massive magnet inside, and user it as coat hanger at work
[Hector] it was fun to see a coat hanging my a Mjollnir out of nowhere
nice idea =)
then why the magnet?
11:36 AM
hey @nyconing
I guess no one has a clue on how to move through
feeling sad. I havent been stuck for a long time
[Hector] so he could stab it on metallic surfaces
[Hector] he'd just go find a shelf or something and leave it around random places
[Hector] it never got old
did he also have a button to disable the magnet?
Well... Out for Lunch.
See you next time.
BTW: Thanks for the Tips on Languages and IDE's
11:43 AM
[Hector] no, it was really stiff hanging there but the angles in the hammer made it easy to dislodge by twisting
11:57 AM
Gave up on lunch
I have no idea why it hasnt crossed my mind (and no one else's mind)
Problem solved
Something so tiny and simple as Assigning the Parent Form on Child Form
Disappointed with the 4h wasted chewing code
Was feeling soooo retarded..
Damn.. .I guess I was being retarded =\

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