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1:23 AM
Do you guys know if ngrok can expose local router to the public internet?
3 hours later…
Good morning
5:47 AM
I am a little confused. How do I get all the assets from DatabaseContext class using Reflection?:
public T Populate<T>(string collectionName) where T: ReadOnlyCollection<T>, IReadOnlyList<T>
    string tName = typeof(T).ToString();
    var list = typeof(DatabaseContext).GetProperty(collectionName);
    list.GetValue(); //umm... okay, now I am hopelessly stuck
    return null;
6:07 AM
Ah the actual properties
6:41 AM
we are close yet so far
life is weird
I am afraid we are just going to be seen as data
@Botler typeof(DatabaseContext).GetProperties(), then you can get or set actual data with those properties
^How do you remember all this?
@Shad But we are data
6:43 AM
you make many personal projects?
@Shad It's the only way. Want properties of a type? GetProperties.
Now to use the returned objects I'd need IntelliSense
Because you do something like props[0].setValue(actualObject, valueToSet)
I basically just have one personal project, which is the teambuilder
Otherwise currently there's quite a few projects for the different lectures I have to attend
And teambuilder isn't getting much advancment lately as I'm in the process of writing tests for it
I'm at 30% coverage now I think
6:55 AM
it's in blazor, right?
Heard about bUnit to test the frontend, will try that when I'm done testing the backend
do you know how to long work hours in dev.azure
I couldn't parse that sentence
me bad language
*log work hours
7:10 AM
it sounds like trading jargon lol
and work hours is the name of stock/coins
dev.azure would the the name of exchange :D
in multiple rooms of chat.so, I'm the last guy who made the comment.
everyone is busy atm
is dev.azure "Azure DevOps"? I thought that's just a git hoster?
1 hour later…
8:19 AM
8:49 AM
@Squirrelkiller u friggn confucius
don't you feel life is passing by?
I miss avner
9:15 AM
yeah, avnir got told by google to never interact with us
[Squirrel in Training] i dont shadi
[Squirrel in Training] why not come to discord
[Squirrel in Training] he often hangs here ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
[Kid25] it's me 🙂
[Captain Obvious] "often"
[Captain Obvious] Haven't seen him in ages
9:34 AM
[Squirrel in Training] hey allis fair in advertisement lee
10:15 AM
[Captain Obvious] I guess so
1 hour later…
11:31 AM
something I published to the site works on Safari and every other browser, but not edge chromium -- which still behaves as if the old CSS is still there?? :|
ctrl+f5 to the rescue I guess
12:01 PM
legends say that avnir is still lurking in this room in an incognito browser
12:16 PM
who's that, and what is the website?
12:27 PM
How dare you not know Avner
2 hours later…
2:07 PM
avnir or avner?
2:50 PM
the wise turtle
Aug 20 '20 at 8:52, by Squirrelkiller
Avner, source of the Avnerium, beholder of wisdom
3:33 PM
I miss Avner actually, hope he is doing well
3:44 PM
[Squirrel in Training] he is thats why he isn'T here
2 hours later…
5:34 PM
Hi all
The StackExchange iOS app has been broken ever since 14.5. It's not on the app store, I don't think. Just found this: meta.stackexchange.com/a/348076/154138
Adios, SE app. You worked well while there was (partial) support. Strangely, it's still pinging me on my phone when someone sends me a direct message or there's an answer to a question. But the app won't open
Thinking Avner was in the WPF chat too
wait, they legit abandoned the app on iOS?
On both iOS and Android. No more mobile app
Site's responsive, they say, and supports mobile. So one experience for all
5:53 PM
meanwhile I'm so close to getting these videos to stream, yet they're still freaking out
<video> just spins forever
In the past, I used JW Player for video. Beta tested their HTML 5 player back in the day
6:22 PM
hmmm interesting...
codeproject.com/Articles/820146/… here's something I've tried out; have made it asynchronous, but still working hte same
@Alex is this just something I can get as a nuget package in an asp.net webforms page?
6:40 PM
@Freerey Yup, to my surprise, it is: nuget.org/packages/jwplayer.js
Scratch that. That's an old version from 6 yrs ago
To get the latest, you'd have to download it from their website and it's a paid product. The older version on nuget is open source
I'm gonna use it anyway
Go for it
or at least see what happens
I'm desperate for anything at this point
Commit your code and play with it. Roll back if it's not good
dat be the plan
this stupid video player should've been finished 11 days ago
6:44 PM
You can also try the paid version for a 30-day trial from their site
They offer streaming: jwplayer.com/live-streaming
@Alex here's what I'm trying to do, in case you missed it
Q: ASP.NET attempting to load streamed video source into HTML5

FreereyOver the last few weeks I have been working on an ASP.NET WebAPI that was designed to stream video from one of the company servers and play it on an HTML5 <video> element. Following a guide on C# Corner, we got the API published and now when the link for one of our videos is pasted into a browser...

That should be doable w/ that player
Not sure if you guys have a budget but I'd pay for it. I bought it last time out of my own pocket b/c the boss was too cheap
lmao dam
only three scripts? niceee
@Alex if you're able to provide an example of a JW Player as an answer on my question, I'll upvote it
Thanks. I've not worked with it for about 10+ yrs :D
7:43 PM
@Freerey that doesn't seem right. You are assigning a text-encoded binary stream into the src, which I assume should be a plain text with url format.
do you have the docs for the vid.src property and see what it expects?
I don't have any docs, no
<!DOCTYPE html>
        <script type="text/javascript">

            function onLoad() {
                var sec = parseInt(document.location.search.substr(1));

                if (!isNaN(sec))
                    mainPlayer.currentTime = sec;

        <title>Partial Content Demonstration</title>
        <h3>Partial Content Demonstration</h3>
        <hr />
        <video id="mainPlayer" width="640" height="360"
            autoplay="autoplay" controls="controls" onloadeddata="onLoad()">
plus if you look here, you can see someone putting a stream into the src
ctrl+left click on the srcVid.Src, it should give you an idea what type it is expecting.
they then take praise-our-lord.mp4 and put it into a stream by first getting the file into (FileInfo fileInfo = new FileInfo(Path.Combine(InitialDirectory, f));) and later opening an inputstream on it
no, it's a string, not a stream
so yea I see the string for srcVid.Src
7:47 PM
srcVid.Src = "http://mobileAPI.website.com/Vid/GetVid/whatever_id_it_is"
try that
I have done that
most of video player has a built-in httpclient and they auto manage the requests.
yeah right sorry...the questio needs to be updated
are you returning a proper content-type also?
srcVid.Src = "https://localhost:44347/Vid/GetVid?id=" + vidId.ToString();
there's how I've beend oing it for testing
@mr5 and wdym?
7:49 PM
check the recent postman you have made under its response headers.
and look for Content-Type
it says video/mp4
{StatusCode: 206, ReasonPhrase: 'Partial Content', Version: 1.1, Content: System.Net.Http.PushStreamContent, Headers:
  Accept-Ranges: bytes
  Content-Type: video/mp4
  Content-Length: 45566737
  Content-Range: bytes 0-45566736/45566737
then that should work
but now all it does is that once the page is up, the video indicates that it's loading, and it does this forever
how are you assigning the content-length?
same way as Robert Huang in that codeproject link I posted
2 hours ago, by Freerey
https://www.codeproject.com/Articles/820146/HTTP-Partial-Content-In-ASP-NET-Web-API-Video here's something I've tried out; have made it asynchronous, but still working hte same
8:00 PM
but the code you posted is different from that though
public HttpResponseMessage GetVidContent(int vId)
    var httpResponse = new HttpResponseMessage(HttpStatusCode.OK)
        Content = new PushStreamContent(async
          (outputStream, httpContext, transportContext) =>
            await WriteVidTask(outputStream, httpContext, transportContext);
    return httpResponse;
you didn't assign any content-length here
    if (rangeHeader == null || !rangeHeader.Ranges.Any())
        response.StatusCode = HttpStatusCode.OK;
        response.Content = new PushStreamContent((outputStream, httpContent, transpContext)
                using (outputStream) // Copy the file to output stream straightforward.
                using (Stream inputStream = fileInfo.OpenRead())
                        inputStream.CopyTo(outputStream, ReadStreamBufferSize);
this is how it was on the tutorial link you also posted.
14 mins ago, by Freerey
yeah right sorry...the questio needs to be updated
@mr5 again,
I'm gonna try that JW player tomorrow
should I maybe just make a new question on Stack, since now my code is so different?
8:18 PM
I'll look into that later.... not sure how feasible it is to use that on asp.net webforms
I need to go; here's a cute thing for now
are those the characters from Infiltration?
[Freerey] She's from the main series

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